Cody's first website was a free page on wbs. This is the pic he used as his trademark. That was in October 1997.  He didn't have a Cody News, just a monthly page featuring his fav pics.  The page was trashed by wbs after two months.

Cody News Number 23 - August 2002

Who the fuck is Steve? I can hear it now. I was one of Cody's friends and I have been lucky enough to meet many of his online friends through funtb chat and also via email. I don't know whether this excuse for Cody's News will be that regular but it gives me a chance to lay it on and massage my ego. The pics up there are about the only pics you're gonna see of me, so don't write and ask for pics okay.  Enjoy this page. If you don't like what I say - TUFF!  

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Wingnut - Cody's Little Bro

Wingnut was Cody's next door neighbour. I got to meet him one day when I was joining Cody for a surf. The little grommet was waiting outside the house with a towel and a paira boardies. Cody was going to teach him to surf. He was 11 years old, okay okay he was "going on 12". 

Cute and cheeky with a bod belonging to a teen way older than he was. He would give Cody and me a lot of lip but he always looked up to Cody like his older bro and probably spent more of his free time in Cody's room than his own. Cody not only taught him to surf. He used to pick up Cody's dog's crap on the lawn before Sox passed on. 

The pic below is the real Winger with his face not showing for obvious reasons. He'll be 15 this year, the same age that Cody was when he became my best friend and I was 14.

It was in 1997 that Cody received a Merry Christmas e-mail from someone in Aussie called Gary.  Cody responded to the mail like he did to so many and it started a friendship that is really hard to fathom.  Gary was OLD! I mean, like even archeologists were past taking interest already. But for some wierd reason the emails flowed and the friendship grew and Gary started to write stories based on Cody's mail and published them as "Daniel's Diary".  Daniel became his own person eventually and started to give Cody advice whenever my bud had problems.  His biggest problem was the leaving to the UK of his lifelong bud, Paul. The two of them decided they could not do without each other and formed a suicide pact. It was through an email from Daniel that this idea was plugged and Cody went on to... Well, we all know how Cody changed and what he did for anybody who cared to write to him or ask him the right question.  Gary went on to create his own website Mr.B Stories and the friendship between him and Cody grew into something as unique as could be found on this planet. They ended up giving each other advice and just sharing problems and good times. Cody called Gary "The Fossil" but his admiration for his Aussie "Obi Wan" was clear in everything he did.  As for me, I only really got to know Gary after Cody left the planet, typical. But he has helped me through a myriad of problems since Cody's death, not the least of which is my drug and drinking habit which sometimes gets out of hand. Daniel is Cody continued. Click on this article banner for a bigger pic of Mr.B's Daniel or click on Mr.B's link to go to Mr.B Stories and enjoy the fantastic real life stories of real teens in today's world.

I think one of the things that Cody wanted from his friends was that we all appreciate each other. Look for the good things in each of our friends and we will find something special. That is what he said and wanted. We could easily, without any effort, find the things that are wrong. Friendship is hard work and needs to  be worked on. I guess I could've tried a little harder to appreciate what a great friend he was to me.


From one day to the next Cody's attitude towards drugs changed completely. He was never into anything heavy and he still would take a drag from the occassional joint, depending on where or with you. He was given some really hard stuff when he was on a swim tour. He spent a weekend with a "friend" and only he knew what he was given, or maybe he didn't. But the result was that he was raped by an older guy and his friend on a farm out of town. He never spoke about it to anyone. The only person who knew was Mr.B, from Cody's mail. He had to tell someone. He was ashamed and swore that it would never happen again. The story of the rape was included in Daniel's Diary and is there for anyone to read, if they're interested.  After I've been on a trip I get told how out of control I get and make myself vulnerable. I've been beaten up twice while tripping and I still cannot tell you exactly what happened. That is the problem. So hopefully you understand Cody's stand on the whole issue.


It is probably one of the most incredible experiences, no matter how many times you do it. To sit on your stick in the water, gentle rolling swells lifting and dropping you and the golden ball of the sun rises over the mountains (or the horizon if you're not near a mountain). Cody and his dad shared these moments together as their special time together. 

The sport of surfing is the most incredibly self satisfying activity that anyone can ever take part in.  The feeling of paddling for a building peak and then feeling the power of the ocean as it lifts and pushes you forward.  That exhileration as you power down the face of a wave and the quick bottom turn.  If I do carry on with these pages, then I will feature some of the spots the Cody and I surfed at. 

Cody and I loved to go to Dunes. It is a cool spot on the long beach between Noordhoek and Long Beach, Kommetjie in Cape Town. Drop off at the parking lot and put your stick under your arm and then take the long walk. Once you're there and the surf is working (you would checked it out first from Chapman's Peak anyway) then the walk is worth it. One evening we went out in quite stormy surf which was totally stupid. Cody took off on a hectic break and ended up snapping his leash and his board buggered off without him. There was a rip from the beach towards the sea of about 20 meters and if it wasn't for Code being a strong swimmer he would've had to ride the rip and hoped it dropped him off further down the beach. But after the swim he was stuffed and it was the end of that little trip. Cody was really pissed off about the whole thing and turned his board over and over to check if there was any damage, but there wasn't. 


I thought I'd put my buds head on to this picture of this drawing with a cool sixpack hahahahaha. Just my evil head. Cody battled to get a sixpack and it didn't matter how many damn situps he did. His stomach was muscular and hard but had no sixpack definition poor bugger. I used to stand in front of him and put my hands on his hips and lift his T up, letting my hands cruise up his hard tight lats. The first sight of his flat stomach and pecs was instant hardon material. His skin was smooth and you could feel the hard muscle underneath. 

He had a cute butt as well :)



Every year in June there is a competition held in Cape Town called Big Wave Africa, sponsored by Red Bull.

Around 20 big wave surfers from all over the world come to tame the Dungeons 5 meter monster.  Sometimes, like this year, the competition is called off if the wave doesn't get big enough for the comp.

This pic shows you what the guys look forward to.  The wave is at Dungeons, Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Not for the feint hearted. 





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