Cody used to point a lot of his buds in the direction of cool sites.  This is one that I thought rocked.... cos it had so many pics of me hahahahaha.  Okay okay ... me and the Codeman.   Just click on the pic to go to Joe Phillips' totally cool art site.

Cody News Number 24 - September 2002

OK, so you made it thru the first issue and you're back for more.  Damn you're a glutton for punishment.  So what have I got in store for you in this issue? Check out the vibe at Long Beach, the Teen Combat School and read about a special birthday. What else? Let me check the vault and pull out the goodies.  No, not MY goodies you damn perv.

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Quite a huge event happening end of August.  Actually it's on August 29.  It's Mr.B's birthday.  Gary is gonna be 158 or somewhere around there.  He was born under the sign of the virgin but as you can guess, it's a helluva OLD sign hahahahaha!!!!  Anyway that's one of the reasons that this news is early.  You guys (and gals) need to flood his email addy with your best wishes. 

So what can I say about the old dude? Well for one, he is pretty damn sharp. Mind like a knife edge. You wouldn't say so if you walked around him shirtless though. Then his brain just fries one time. His hands start shaking a bit and he has to reach for his wine to calm down. Don't think of giving him a hug cos then his knees turn to jelly and you have to hold him up. Him and Cody were great buds and he probably knew more about the Codeman than most of his buds. Cody trusted Gary enough to basically let loose on his life story and each and every day was emailed to him in every detail.

Hey, he never knew me from a bar of soap but has helped me through quite a difficult time. I'm not sure whether he followed in Cody's footsteps in helping people and giving them time or whether it was the other way around. 

In any event, I know that, if the Codeman was still here he would have wanted the old fossil's birthday to be special, so let's see what we can do for him okay.

He is also an awesome storyteller. You can check his website out by clicking on the banner below. Don't forget to send him the emails.

What's up? Well we're getting ready for our mock exams to test our ability for the end of year exams. We've got a Valedictory Service coming up and then I'm going to be studying my ass off, but I promise it will still be there at the end, my ass that is.

I've been going to drug counselling once a week with Cody's ex, Steph and it's going okay. Hey don't get me wrong, it's hard.  Really hard.  But I'm really sick and tired of the downers and often not knowing what time of day it is or even what day it is. What fucking fun is that?

I couldn't get into Eudoramail for about three weeks from near end July into August and I want to say thanks to all the dudes who've sent me mail encouraging me and saying howzit. Things at home seem to be going a bit better. Me and my dad a rapping each other while we're knocking each other's blocks off with gloves and that's really different for me and it's actually kinda cool.  I think Steph and me are connecting and that's a total plus. We're just taking it easy with each other, one step at a time. I'm not likely to step into Cody's shoes. I don't think anybody can. 

I sent a story to Mr.B for his birthday and it's probably up on his site by now for everyone to read. I used to help Cody when he was writing the Adventures of Cody and TJ, so it's not like I've never written before, but this was definitely different. Trying to think like the Codeman. 

Surf has been on the up as well and I've had some really good sessions with Winger. Steph hasn't got on her board since November last year and I won't say anything to her. She needs to tuck that one under her arm all on her own.

Tired of being bullied and would like to stand up for yourself? Then it's definitely time to join Dio's Combat Training School for Teen Boys.  Master Dio can be pretty cranky sometimes but as long as you listen to him it's cool.  He gives you these cute diapers to wear while you're training, so you don't have your clothing hassling you.  Then he rubs you down with oil and it is so damn hot. Here you have yourself and another oiled up dude starting to sweat and your two bodies shining like bright stars under the lights.  That pic is of me wearing one of the school diapers and it feels pretty comfortable and it comes off pretty easily. You can learn all the cool fighting techniques like sword fighting, wrestling, boxing, tai chi, kung fu and a stack of others as well. After the training Master Dio joins you in a huge communal bath and you bathe each other. Want to know what Master Dio looks like, then click on the pic for a bigger version of the pic. 

So I took a walk in the woods and decided that maybe everyone would like to see what I'd look like as Tarzan or something. YEAH RIGHT STEVE! PULL THE OTHER ONE. Yeah well anyway. I've used a Cody trick with the loincloth, which I will call Cody's loincloth for now cos he used it so damn often. Just enjoy the damn  pic okay and stop reading this drivel. 

One of the probs of coming home totally stoned is that you might find someone like this waiting for you and you won't know what the fuck to do with it. I mean, with him. And I'm telling you now, it's not like riding a bicycle cos if you come home trashed the chances are that the tyres are gonna be flat.

Now just imagine climbing into bed and cuddling up behind this smooth dude, with your arm over him and caressing those smooth abs.

Codeman's Room

Well, it's a graphic makeup of his room anyway. 


Last news I had the various Christmas Wrappings. This is another cool wrapping which I thought you would like and the package doesn't look too bad either. 

Cool thing about summer is sitting at the pool and rubbing yourself full of oil and if you're lucky and the situation is private, then you can just get totally nekkid. Be sure to put lots of suntan lotion in all the right places. Or at least get someone sexy to do it for you.

Remember Cody's anatomy assessment of Egor? Well the hunk is back!

Cody and I often hitched through to Long Beach in Kommetjie.  Hitching with a board sucks ass though.

Long Beach with the right wind and the right waves can be pretty damn sick. If the banks are good with a light south-westerly it gets even sicker. Long Beach just about always has a break and it is just about always packed with hordes of groms!  Always enough surf for everyone but there's always the pumped up grom shouting "My wave.. my wave!"  

Piss off asshole!

Doesn't matter if you're goofy or natural, there will be a wave there for you.  Wingnut's first surf at LB he went over the falls and into the deck.  When the wave hollows out and you see nothing but sand underneath you, then pray...quickly. He was lucky enough to have Cody watching him and sending him back out again.

The vibe at Long Beach can be pretty cool specially if it's been good and the guys have had good sessions. You pick up on the convos and it's really cool.  Then you put your stick under your arm and head for the main road for a ride, tired and stuffed but a good tired and stuffed if you get my drift.

Just to the right of Long Beach is a shorebreak called Crons which hollows out with a heavy shallow bank that breaks at supernova speed. Another sick pit break !!

I would wash this guy's broad tapered v-shape any day. He's one of the hotties in Hot-Guyz.


Tarzan of the Month.

There are some lucky dudes who don't have to do 25 hours  in the gym ten days a week cos they have these natural bumps all over.  Beda, from Eastboys, is one of them. Here he is in all his glory, well not ALL his glory but you'll get my drift.  There are a coupla cool free pics of him at Eastboys for everyone to gawk over. 

How's this for a cool idea. A picture series of Beda from Eastboys and Egor from RSC. That would be the best series ever. 

Here's a challenge for RSC and Hot-Guyz. Send me a pic (obviously everything must be showing, Don't be silly... I wanna see that willy) of the teen they think would make a great jungle boy and I will turn them into tarzan nominees. Actually I just wanna run the cursor over their tools :) 

This is a hot pic of Beto Fernandes from Brazil.  He won the big SA Surf comp, the Mr. Price Pro. Is he a hot surfer or what?

You can see my local surfing sites by going to the Links Page on Cody's Pad.

That's me spent for the month. I hope that you enjoyed this page and the graphics. I'm going to be busy with end of year exams but will try and get a page up for October, even if it's just a short page to let you know if RSC or Hot-Guyz accepted my challenge :)  Till the next set .... see you on the backline


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