Well this is one dude I wouldn't mind going surfing with. Hey, body surfing would be just as cool, if not better. You can click on the pic to get the full size graphic but if you want to get a better look at Egor then click on the banner below and check the full package.

Cody News Number 25 - October 2002

So.  You're back. That's cool I guess. It means that I must've done something right in the last two news pages. Hey Cody would've given me shit if I didn't put everything into it so you'd better be digging the scene. In between studying for finals I've had a rave putting the graphics together and I hope you enjoy the special on Egor.  Also tried my hand at Flash for the first time and I'm pretty chuffed with myself :)

It's best to view this page full screen 600x800 or the tables don't line up properly

I've had a load of mail telling me how cool it was to send the package of "Cody Goodies" to Gary for his birthday.  It was actually nothing to do that and I couldn't think of anyone who deserved to get that more than him.  The plan has been in the pipeline since January and I could never bring myself to get to the post office but then those of you who know me, will also know why. Cos I couldn't fuck walk straight hahahahahaha. Anyway the response I got from everyone was pretty overwhelming. Its not what I expected, so thanks. I know a lot of you who have read the Steve stories on Mr.B probably hated my fucking guts at one stage or the other. Not much I can do about that. I am trying. Some guys say I'm just too fucking trying hahahaha. Yeah well no fine.  
I know that Gary had a load of e-mail for his birthday and that was totally tight. I think it was a good one. On to the next 158 Gary.

Going into my last year as a teenager is very different. It's hard to believe that next year I'm gonna be a nobody. Not a teenager and not an adult. I started this year off on a total busted trip. Those who have been reading MrB will know what I'm on about. But the stuff that I got for my 19th birthday will be something that I will always think of as very special and although a very important aspect of my birthday was missing, that I had had for the last coupla years,it will be a birthday that I will remember. I got a few emails from net friends which were really cool and I got a few graphics and I couldnt believe that you guys would actually take that kinda time and do that sorta thing. I got a song from Clint which totally blew me away and I got a hug from my folks which I will remember forever. Below this text are the graphics that I got and I just want to say thanks to all the people who wrote and did this stuff. It meant a lot to me. 

Studying for finals a second time around? I need my fucking head read or something. If anything, it's more stressful than the first time.  It's going okay though. It's not like the end of the world or anything like that, yet. 

A small report about a break called Dangers on this page. The graphic of Egor who I taught how to surf by using him as a board:) Report back on Mr.B's birthday and the Tarzan vote. I sent the Tarzan challenge to a few more webmasters, so let us see who took up the challenge or who thought their guys were maybe just a little "chicken".  There's a voting section on the page, just click on who you think you would like to see in the next Teen Tarzan movie. In all fairness though, it depends on how good the graphic is, so I hope that I've been fair to the dudes.  For any webmasters that do bother to read any of the stuff on this page I'm gonna run another competition for the best looker in terms of his face. Eyes, nose, mouth whatever. I'll come up with an idea. In the meantime, search amongst your models for the "Best Pecs" competition cos that's the next one I'm gonna run. Send me your best pec model pic and let's get it on.

What's Steve been up to, besides studying. Well Steph and me are still going out and it looks like it's just about permanent. She's a very special lady. She has to be, she was Cody's lady.  Went and had dinner with Cody's folks and they're doing okay. They're very special people. Cody's room? Well it's still like he left it last year and it's still a very special place for all this friends who shared his laughter and his joked in his pad. 

The Winger? I've had a good feedback about what people think of his bod. He's also studying for end of year exams and it's going well with him. I think the Codeman instilled a sense of hard work into that little dude. He's not getting his own way when the two of us spar with the gloves any more. I'm sure it's got a lot to do with what Mark taught me in Johannesburg but also a bit to do about my new found fitness level. He turned 15 in mid August, the same age Code was when I first met him. So, officially the Winger's age is now 15 going on 16. 

This is like a bumper issue, with more pics than normal, cos I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to put the next page up, so enjoy the page. 

When it comes to hot, then I think whoever decided that it was a description of what's great, cool, hunky, beautiful, and the top of anyone's wish list, then they must've had this dude in mind. CK knows how to pick them but this must be the pick of the bunch.  Besides having a totally cut and defined torso, he has got a mean piece of jewellery hidden in those pure white CK's.  I saw an article in one of the mags where the guys in Europe can't help staring at his package along with their girlfriends and wives and now a lot of the guys are getting jealous and asking for the sidewalk posters to be taken down. Cos they can't compare.. hahahaha!

Think he would make a good Tarzan?


When it comes to Tarzan, then I think Chance must definitely be up there with a lot of the guys. He just oozes power and strength. Everywhere :)  Chance features in the Cody and TJ Adventure "Teen Thrillway"

Summer time is when you get to laze at the pool and wait for friends to rock up so you can have wrestling games in the clear blue water and just take the opportunity to touch each other and know that every touch is a special moment and every memory is to be cherished. Soak up the sun and let the UV's cure the skin problems that the cold of winter brought on.

You can lay like this dude and just wait for that special friend to come up behind you and rub their hands over you pecs and down your abs and before you know it, both of you are in the pool having a rave.


Cody used to enjoy clubbing but always seemed to have his priorities in order. Put in the effort first and then go out and enjoy the well-deserved break. He could also down it with the best of them but there were a few times that Mark would either have Cody draped over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes or have Cody under the arm to help him home or to wherever to try and sober up first.   One of his favourite drinks was Vodka and Red Bull and then he would party with the best. That boy had rhythm.  

Here's a Cody's World graphic 800x600 wallpaper for you guys and gals to put up on your desktop. Thought it might help you to concentrate on what you're doing.

Cody and the Outdoors

One of the things that Cody really loved, was being in the outdoors. I guess that had a lot to do with his passion for the sea. His favourite activities besides surfing were hiking and camping. And if Cody went hiking or camping and there was a river or a lake nearby then you knew that there were gonna be naked teens around. If you read Cody's Summer Hike Diary on his Cody/TJ page then you'll get an idea of what it was like to hike with him.  We're pretty lucky here in Cape Town cos we have the mountain right on our doorstep. We're not allowed to camp on it, but that didn't stop the Codeman from spending a night here or a night there up on the mountain. 

He used to enjoy hiking up on the west coast though. Theres a mountain range there called the Cedarberg and it is totally awesome. During winter the snow falls right on top but that didn't stop the Codeman from losing his clothing and rolling in the damn stuff and shout to everyone else that they're wussies, while he's turning bluish purple. 

Sometimes there might be a dude who is all shy about getting undressed in front of the other guys. Maybe cos he reckons his tool doesn't measure up or something. Cody would make the guy feel as if he was hung like a horse and there was nothing to be shy about. Just become one with nature and enjoy the feeling of being free.  For Cody, being naked in the outdoors was the most natural thing in the world and he couldn't understand why anyone would make a big deal out of guys being naked together. Especially when they were out doing guy things.

The one thing though, about guys being naked together and the effect of the fresh air in the groin area, is that it could very easily lead to other healthy activities to keep the mind and body active. What is that thing I read somewhere about being active stops guys from getting into all kinds of shit. And then when you're active your folks want to know what they did wrong for you to be the way you are. It's like a no win situation. Well, not always :)

Sometimes when you're walking around you see these dudes who almost demand that you give them a second glance. This is definitely one of them. Kinda makes your day.


There's just something about a guy with specs, and an open shirt and an interesting look on his face, or is that 'interested'.

Among the things you'll always remember is when you were teens and you and your best bud could sit around naked and laugh your tits off at the most stupid things and capture the moment forever.

Danger Beach is between the suburbs of St.James and Kalk Bay in Cape Town.  Well, it's closer to St.James railway station, for those taking the train.  It has a left and right reef break and the right can be pretty damn graunchy when it's working.  Can also get a bit packed sometimes. 

I've updated the Surf Linx on Cody's Universe Surf site. I've got a coupla links there to some totally hot surf pic sites around Cape Town, so you can see where Cody used to surf and where Winger and I still hit the lip.   The pics I use for this report are "borrowed" from those sites, so pay them a visit okay.  You don't need to mention you came from Cody's World and in fact it would probably be better if you didn't, if you catch my drift.

I want one of these. But I want the one with the dude inside it :)

Another Egor graphic to drool over. Enjoy


Hey Steve, come here and check this out. There's this dude jacking off in the hotel swimming pool. Jizz in case you want to know that before you go diving in there. 

Sport's Package Tours.



Wingnut's latest craze is collecting Dragonball cards from packets of Doritos. He's been buying packets for us and making sure we give him the DZ cards. 

The Tarzan of the Net - Voting

This is the banner award that the Webmaster will get if his guy is elected as the best young Tarzan voted for by readers of Cody's World News. He can display the award on the model's page on his web not only that but I will design a banner that he can use to ad his page and it will be put on the Cody Links page as well.  I think Cody would've been a top contender for this one.  In the meantime cast your vote for one of the dudes below: Joshua from Hot-Guyz, Egor from RSC or Jens from Boy Festival.  Next news I'm gonna start a reader's Tarzan competition and you submit a pic of the dude you think would be the best Tarzan.

That's it guys (and gals). Until the next time, keep your stick wet. 

"Peace, Love, Respect"



Dont miss the results - in the next Cody News



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