Maybe it's his attitude, or maybe it's his abs, or the open top button of his jeans or his arms.  Maybe it's the pecs. Or maybe it's what we cannot see at the bottom of those hip lines :)

I'd like to rub my hands down his flat gut, just tracing that thin line of hair to the Treasure Chest of fun!!

This dude's bod is just soft enough to be totally fucking sensual and edible.

Cody News Number 28 - January 2003

I have had a load of mail from hundreds of people wishing me a great Christmas and New Year.  A couple of you have sent emails, worrying that I was getting myself trashed on H or coke or something else that's nasty.  Well, I've been clean now for long enough for me to be unable to work out the exact number of days but it's been at least six weeks.  Pretty cool huh?  Spent most of Christmas Day with Cody's folks.  We had a barbecue and lazed around Cody's pool.  Me, Steph, Winger and his girlfriend, Mark and his girlfriend, Darren, who used to be the captain of Cody's school swim team and his girlfriend.  Cody's folks are doing really well.  I'm sure that you all want to know that.  His dad had us in stitches with his stories about the little Cody and the tricks he used to play on him.  Like they had chores.  When it was his turn to do the garbage he would play stricks on Cody and he would get Cody to do all the chores against his name.  Pretty cool.  Wingnut asked him for a few pointers.  So he pointed out to Wingnut that he would have to always be the victim cos dads stick together.   

So, with Mark and his bird in Cape Town, my idea of a trip to Joburg kinda disappeared into the cracks.  Damn and I had some good ideas for that old hunk that he works for as well.  

A little apprehensive about starting varsity.  Being the new kid in school all over again sucks ass.   And the books are like fucking encyclopedias. 

Two more of the original Cody News pages have been found, numbers 19 and 20.   Thanks to Joao for digging around for me. I mean us.

More news around the page.  Enjoy and have an ass-kicking 2003.

"Is it New Year yet?"
"So I can still have a wank?"
"Yep. But I still think it's a stupid resolution."

I went to see a one-man play called "Defending the Caveman" at the Artscape Theatre and it was a total fucking hoot.  Tim Plewman, the actor, held everyone is the palm of his hand and it was a hose from beginning to end.  Every guy and gal needs to see it.  The women can walk away from the play having a better understanding of what does or doesn't make a guy tick, like when two guys are together they enjoy the silence and just sharing some space, while the girls want to fucking talk and talk and talk. 

Mr. B has started to write the Cody story, based on the original emails that Cody sent him.  It is going to be a total brilliant story about the best person to ever walk on this planet.  You can it at 
Mr.B Stories

I dig it when I see guys with mirror sunglasses checking me out and not just old guys either :)   I play this little game and pull my boardies down so that my pubes start to show and watch them adjust their glasses to get a better view or else they're cursing cos the tint is too fucking dark hahahahaha.   Got myself a pair of Black Flys and they work just fucking dandy.  They're not mirrored but there is enuf reflection so that the hunky dudes have got no fucking idea.  This dude below has got Mark's attitude.

Christmas Trees and Boneys

This is my special Christmas tree that I kinda put together for all my friends out there.  My gifts are all inserted into my magical tree balls.  Listen up ... I said TREE balls.  Just find them and click.  There are nine of them lurking in the branches.  Enjoy.  There is one in particular that I really dig and I wish I was any one of those two... to enjoy the other.  Bet their Christmas sucked :)

I can totally understand why they used to call bikes boneys.  Especially if this dude had to rock up and shout outside my front door, "Hey Steve, wanna hit the road.  Just put your arms around me and hand on tight."  Yeah. And then the two of us would cruise to a secluded spot and I could get rid of those tight jeans while he laid back across the saddle.  Get a better view.  Just click on each of the four heads for the four pics :)

When you know that your friend's tongue is gonna go all the way, and 
you feel that stirring in your pants and you get a boner that hurts,
you know that you are about to go on one helluva friendship tour.

That's it guys (and gals). Until the next time, keep your stick wet. 

"Peace, Love, Respect"




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