I've always thought that I'm pretty lucky 'cos of all the friends that I have.   One thing that is findin' out that what might be cool with one friend is not so cool with another. 

Now this dude looks a helluva lot like my friend Steve.   Now, Steve and me enjoy just layin down next to each other and maybe just feelin' each other's bods real close.  Sometimes we would talk a stack about anythin'  and at other times we will just lie there and my hands would explore ever inch of him, while his hands are doin' the same.   It might go a bit further than that, or it might not, it depends on the magic of the moment.   Sometimes just bein' together can be the most special thing ever.

This guy looks a lot like my friend Mark.   Mark is also on the swim team and the boxin' team at school.   He can be a pretty moody shit and it took me a long time to try and suss him out.   I still haven't - but when Mark does his sparrin'  and trainin'  session, we both enjoy it when I join him.   I've learnt a lot from him, like don't push with too many questions.   I think he enjoys beatin'  the crap outta me when we're sparrin.   But he's a special friend who is always there whenya need him.    A total straight and surprisingly shy, but very special.  He's a pretty tough customer and has had his share of bein' beaten up cos of his short fuse.   For one, don't mess with his girlfriend.    I got to know Mark 'cos he dissed me in the school quad one day and I flattened him - only 'cos he wasn't expectin' it.   He got his own back pretty quickly, but we also became very good friends.   He's a loner and I think the reason he started the fight was to actually make friends, the only way he knew how.

Steph, my girlfriend - is pretty special too.   She places no pressure on our relationship and we get on pretty damn well - she surfs and she's pretty good.    I met her one nite when Mark organised her as my blind date.   She is a friend of his girlfriend.

My thoughts on friendship

Friends can understand each other, without a word ever bein' spoken.
Friends know that they have a shoulder they can lean on without fear of bein' turned away.
Friends do not place pressure on each other.
Friends enjoy the differences in each other - it's those differences that brought them together,
Friends are not afraid of bein' close or touched, by the other.   Their friendship allows that.
Friends are close, even when they aren't around for the moment.
Friends understand when it is time to back off, at least for a little while, so as not to smother each other and their friendship.
Friends share each other's triumphs and disappoints, and those special moments that will live forever.
Friends are forever - even when the distance dictates that they will always be far apart.

So, on Thanksgivin' Day - say a Thank You, for your friends.

Until next time....




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