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I want to put up links to some surfin' homepages so if you think your page link belongs here, then click on the mail link and send me the URL. I've updated Cody's links with local sites with pics of places that Code and I used to surf together and where Winger and I still go.

Pierre Marqua's Hot Surf Images
Pierre takes you to all the hot spots around Cape Town

Greg Chapman's Cool Surf Site
Chappy has a similar page to Pierre with his own views on Cape Town surfing venues

Up to date surf reports and stax of linx and up to date competition and other news

Top surf photography of the ASP by South Africa's top surf photographer

Zig Zag Surf Mag
Online version of South Africa's surf mag

SA Bodyboarding
e-Zine for bodyboarders - needs Flash



Live Action, videos and cool desktop wallpaper.

Nev Surfboards

stacks of way cool surfing links
design your own surfboard, world weather report

Surfer Mag


Gorilla Grip

Hang Ten