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We have a whole language of our own and this page is to helpya understand what the hell we're talkin about. When we talk about swell, we're not talkin about the tent in your boardshorts.

I also want to put up stories here about your best surfin experience, so write to me and I'll post it - like the way you felt when you went into the Green Room for the first time.

Bottom Turn - No, not the bird swingin her backside in front of ya. It's actually the turn made when you get to the bottom of a wave at the start of your ride, normally just after the take off.

Cutback - Nope, its not some guys deformed furniture. This is a quick turn that makes ya change direction back towards the oncoming wave.

Down the line - What you see when you look down the side of a wave after completin' the bottom turn. Down the line surfin' is fast and excitin'.

Fish - This is a fish-tail design surfboard. Guys would call it their fish.

Floater - When the surfer rides the top part of the wave that is breakin'.

Green Room - Also called the tube. When you get covered inside the tunnel of the wave and you can see the light of the end that you're ridin towards.

Grommet - A young surfer.

Offshore - Winds that blow towards the sea creatin' ideal surf conditions. Offshore winds often hold up the waves and smoothes or "glasses off" the ocean surface.

Onshore - Winds that blow toward the shore, affectin' the back of breakin' ocean waves. Most times they cause crappy surfin' conditions.

Off-the-lip - Reboundin' the surfboard off the breakin' part of the waves and into the face of the wave. Also called "off-the-top" and "snaps" by announcers.

Over the Falls - OUCH! This is when ya get nailed as you go over with the breakin' peak and theres only a little water above the sand bank as the wave hollows out.

Peak - The central point on the wave where the wave pitches forward and breaks in both directions. This is where you haveta be when the damn wave breaks.

Radical - Extreme. Normally to a maneuvre on the wave that is extreme.

Rails - These are the side edges of your board. You grab these to push yourself up into a standin position.

Re-entry - A complete direction change. After a surfer has ridden to the wave's breaking point. then turns the board back into the wave and continues his ride. Very similar to off-the-lips. but a more vertical ride up the face of the wave.

Section - When the wave breaks into two or more parts separated by white water. Surfers will either maneuver through the sections, perform "floaters", or finish their rides.

Stick - Another name for your surfboard.

Stoked - That awesomely good feelin' you get after a great wave ride.

Surfing - Riding the wave, not the internet.

Swell - NO, NOT THAT! This is a long unbroken wave caused by an ocean disturbance. Swells come from all directions.

Take-off - When a surfer paddles for a wave, grabs the rails of his/her board and assumes a standing position.

Tube Ride - There's nothin' like it. Bein' inside the Green Room. When the surfer rides inside the pocket of a wave. From the shore, the surfer is completely hidden. Hopefully (hehehehe) he'll emerge from the barrel of cascading water. From the surfer's perspective, it is like being covered by a tunnel of water with the light of day present at the other end.

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