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Chapter One

  15-year-old Cody and 16-year-old TJ have shared some strange and exciting adventures together. Now, after having spent some time in California, in the company of friends as well as Brad Renfro and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, they are on their way back to Bowling Green.

TJ had hired a Dodge Ram, similar to his own, for the drive across the USA.

As they left the outskirts of Los Angeles, with its towering skyline and smog-filled sky, TJ settled down behind the wheel and headed the vehicle East. It was a trip that was going to take a long time. The road stretched ahead of them.

Cody, his black hair hanging over his forehead, looked across at his friend, "Hey TJ?"


"Could I take your shirt off and just sorta rub my hands over your chest."

TJ giggled, "Why? So you can get all fuckin horny before we have our first stop?"

Cody helped TJ out of his T-shirt. He ran his eyes over his friend. Fuck he was lucky. TJ was a total hunk as well as being a lot of fun to be around and a good friend. Cody looked at the hard tanned muscles of TJ's well-defined pecs, with it's slope down to his flat, muscular stomach. The definition of his arm muscles was perfect has he drove the big truck, his eyes concentrating on the road ahead - well, trying to.

Cody sat up close to TJ and put his head on his friend's shoulder. His right hand moved softly across TJ's muscled arms and then to his chest. As they moved across the pecs, Cody felt the nipples harden. His hands moved down TJ's stomach. Tiny rolls of skin formed around his ab muscles.

"Don't poke a fucking hole in it Cody."

Cody's finger was poking around TJ's inny belly button. Cody could feel the skin, like silk, yet hard with underlying muscle.

"How come you're not wearing boxers." Cody asked.

"I AM wearing boxers."

"Then how come your precum is leakin right through?"

TJ laughed, "It's because you're driving me fucking crazy rubbing your hands all over me."

Cody smiled as his hand went to explore the source of the precum on TJ's shorts. He could feel his friend's rock-hard six-and-a-half under his shorts and boxers.

"Mmmm, nice." Cody smiled.

"Fuck Cody, you must be the horniest fucker I know."

"Yeah, and it's all your fault."

Cody fell asleep with his head on TJ's shoulder and his hand resting on his leg, the fingers just inside the leg of TJ's shorts.

TJ was enjoying the drive. The road was good and there was not a lot of traffic. The countryside was pretty dry as they headed towards Las Vegas.

After a few hours driving, TJ pulled off the road at a motel that had a diner attached. He shook his shoulder, "Hey Cody, wake up buddy."

Cody opened his eyes slowly, to get used to the bright sunlight. "Where are we?"

"Lunch stop."

The diner was like a small cabin, attached to the motel. A bar counter ran along the length of it inside. It was small, but pretty clean. Red and white check table cloths covered the tables.

Cody and TJ found a booth and slid in opposite each other.

A young girl came out to serve them. Her long brown hair hung below her shoulders. She wasn't wearing a bra and made a point of rubbing her tits against TJ's upper arm as she arrived at the table.

"Hi, can I help you?"

TJ smiled at her, "Yeah, you want to do that again?"

"What's that?"

"Er.. never mind. Can me and my friend have breakfast and some Pepsi."

"Coffee for me please," said Cody, just a little too loud.

The girl looked down at Cody, "Does your mama allow you to drink coffee?"

Cody could feel himself going red around the neck, "Does you mama allow you to walk around without a bra?" It was all he could think of saying.

"Fuck you!" She turned quickly and walked away from the table.

"Jeez Cody, what the fuck made you say something like that?"

Cody smiled, "First thing that came into my head. Nice tits tho huh?"

TJ laughed and shook his head.

As they waited for breakfast, another car drove up. A young boy, about Cody and TJ's age, got out of the vehicle. He was wearing a pair of Nike training shorts and a tank top. He was athletically built and good looking. His dark was short and neatly styled.

Both TJ and Cody watched him as he walked, on good muscular legs. An older man got out of the car and followed the boy into the diner.

The boy saw Cody and TJ and sat down in the booth next to theirs. The man came in and touched the boy on his shoulder and signalled for him to move. Cody watched the boy's butt as he moved with the man. The Nike gym-shorts clung to his muscular buns. They found another booth, on the other side of the diner.

Cody watched as the boy and the man got down to a serious conversation. Their voices could be heard as they seemed to argue over something.

The girl went over to their table and started to take their order. She couldn't keep her eyes off of the dark-haired boy.

"Hey Cody, want to listen to some music?"

"Yeah, why not?"

TJ got up and went across to the juke box, which was next to the booth where the boy and the man were sitting. Their conversation died as TJ got closer. As he looked at the music selection, he looked at the boy out of the corner of his eyes. His skin was lightly tanned and smooth. His eyes were dark and they seemed to laugh all the time. similar to Cody's.

TJ thought he saw something in the boy's eyes. Almost like a signal. Fuck off TJ, your brain is playing games with you. Don't start imagining things.

There it was again. It was a definite signal. TJ nodded his head slightly, to indicate to the boy that he was going to the men's room.

TJ stopped at the table, "Hey Cody, I'm just going to take a piss okay?"

"Yeah sure," Cody was busy reading the diner menu, while watching the teen over the top. Fuck he was randy.

TJ went through to the bathroom. He walked over to the wash basin and turned the faucet.    Within a few seconds, the boy came into the room.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," said TJ, leaning over the wash basin.

"Where you guys headed?"

"Kentucky," said TJ.

"That your truck outside, the black one?"


"Pretty neat wheels."

"Yep, it's hired. I've got a white one back home."

"It's a Ram right?"


"Listen I ..."

The door opened and the man came in. The boy quickly moved across to the urinals and started to piss.

"You gonna be all day? Our breakfast is on the table."

"Yeah yeah, I'm coming now."

The man waited at the door. TJ dried his hands and walked out.

"Your food's gonna get cold." Cody had a mouthful of toast and egg.

TJ started to eat. "Cody, something's up with that young dude."

"Huh? Why?"

"I'm not sure. He wanted to speak to me in the bathroom, but the old dude came in."

"I think your brain is playin games Teej."

"No, there's definitely something wrong."

TJ kept his eye on the boy and the man. They were busy eating. TJ thought he saw the boy turning to stare every few seconds.

Suddenly TJ felt a jab in his crotch. "Fuckin hell Cody, not here."

Cody had lifted his foot and was playing with TJ's crotch under the table with his toes. "Grief, you're still hard."

TJ giggled, "Cody, you can't do that here, dammit."

"Who says?"

TJ was being driven crazy by Cody's toes rubbing up and down his boner. TJ finished eating and dropped his knife and fork.

"Fuck this, let's go to the bathroom."

They went into a cubicle. Cody pulled down TJ's shorts and he got this really good, warm feeling when he saw TJ's muscle shoot out and point straight up. The top was glistening with precum.

Cody bent down and took it in his hand. His tongue slowly circled TJ's cockhead, then the ridge. He closed his mouth over the cockhead and started to suck. He felt as TJ swelled inside his mouth, the precum mixing with his spit. Cody loved that salty taste, and the smell of TJ's pubes as he went down on his friend.

TJ's cock bounced in his mouth and then Cody felt the eruption of TJ's juice into the back of his throat. Cody swallowed the thick sticky juice as fast as he could, as wave after wave of it kept on coming. TJ's whole body was tensed up tight as he offloaded.

Cody licked TJ clean and then pulled his boxers and shorts back up.

As they washed their hands, their door opened, the man poked his head in, "Matt, you in here?"

No reply.

"You boys seen that boy that was with me?"

They both just shook their heads. The door closed as the man disappeared.

"I'm telling you Cody, there's something going on with that guy and that young dude."

"No more adventures TJ. All I want is a nice peaceful drive back to Kentucky, and see some of the country."

TJ paid for the breakfast and they headed out for the truck. They saw the man walk around the motel, obviously looking for Matt.

TJ accelerated out of the parking lot and back on to the road.

It was getting hot and both of them had taken their shirts off.

"What the fuck?" TJ put his foot on the brake and pulled over to the curb.

He got out of the cab and went to the back of the truck. "What the fuck are you up to?"

Matt had hidden himself in the corner of the truck and packed the bags around himself.

He jumped out of the back, "Hey it's cool. I just wanted to get away from that fucker, that's all."


"It's a long story. But we were on our way to LA. The dude is a pimp. I was supposed to excite some ladies and earn some big cash."

"Doing what?"

"Oh, anything. Fuck them, strip for them, massage them, let them play with me - whatever."

"Look, get in the cab. That old dude is gonna come looking to see if you snuck away in the truck. We better put a lotta miles between us."






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