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Chapter Two

  Matt had hidden himself in the corner of the truck and packed the bags around himself.

He jumped out of the back, "Hey it's cool. I just wanted to get away from that fucker, that's all."


"It's a long story. But we were on our way to LA. The dude is a pimp. I was supposed to excite some ladies and earn some big cash."

"Doing what?"

"Oh, anything. Fuck them, strip for them, massage them, let them play with me - whatever."

"Look, get in the cab. That old dude is gonna come looking to see if you snuck away in the truck. We better put a lotta miles between us."

The three boys sat in the cab. TJ was driving and Cody was sitting in the middle. Matt was right up against him. Cody felt the hard muscular leg against his. Matt's whole body was well-defined. His biceps, even when his arm was relaxed, were perfect.  The thing that struck Cody most was how good looking he was, and his skin looked perfectly smooth - not a fucking zit in sight.

Cody's eyes drifted down to Matt's crotch. There was a perfect set of family jewels down there. The soft flannel of the Nike gym shorts seemed to flow over them like a gentle wave.

Matt was staring out of the window and then turned to TJ. Cody quickly looked away and ahead, to the road.

"Where you guys coming from anyway?"

"LA," said TJ.

"Never been there."

"So, what made you duck out. Reckon you couldn't shape up to the challenge."

"Challenge! Fuck. I've fucked more women than I can remember. Just never did it for money before. Anyway, the deal was changing all the damn time. They wanted me to work the street. I told the dude, fuck that - I'm no damn male slut."

TJ nodded, "It's probably fucking dangerous too."

"Yeah, that's why I ducked outta it. Anyway that dude's pissed cos they paid me ten big ones up front."

"TEN GRAND?" TJ asked, staring at Matt.


"That's a lot of fuckin money.  Sounds like they had a lot more in mind than what they toldya.   They're gonna hunt you down. How old are you anyway?"


"How did they get in contact with you?"

"Oh, some dude asked me if I would pose nude for some pics. Offered me five hundred bucks. I thought what the fuck - easy money. They saw the pics and contacted me."

"What about your folks?"

"Don't have any. I was stuffed up in boarding school for the holidays anyway. It seemed like a good way to get out for a while."

"Why didn't you just give them their money back and back out."

Matt giggled, "I tried. They told me that a deal is a deal. I had to keep my part of the bargain."

Cody joined in the conversation, "What made you pose for nude pics anyway?"

"I needed the cash. Anyway, it wasn't so bad. Only about two of the pics were nude. The rest of them were of me in different stages of getting undressed."

Cody looked at Matt. It wasn't surprising that people wanted pics of him. He was damn good looking. "You got copies of the pics?"

"Yep, in my bag in the back."

"I'd like to see them."

Matt laughed, "I'll sell them to you. Yeah, you can see them."

"So, what did you do with the cash?" TJ asked.

"It's in my bag, well - about half of it anyway. I gave half to a friend."

Cody's heart sank. "Girlfriend?"

"A friend back home. Same school as me."

"Where do you stay?" TJ asked.

"Massachusetts - Andover."

They drove on for a while. It was hot and all of them were perspiring.
"So, where you guys gonna stop? Or are you just gonna ride all the way."

"There's a motel just outside Las Vegas." TJ said.

"Mind if I bunk with you guys?"

"Nope, it'll be cool."

They drove through a small canyon. After crossing a small bridge, TJ stopped the Ram. He looked across at Cody and Matt.

"You guys want to swim?"

"Excellent idea." said Matt and he climbed out of the cab.

Cody followed him.

They walked down to the bank of a small river. Cody stripped down and dived into the icy mountain water.

TJ watched as Matt stripped off his tank top and gym shorts. He wasn't wearing any briefs.

He had no body hair except for small patches under the arms and a small patch of black pubes. His cock was bigger than TJ's. It was about 8 or 9 inches, and thick. It was cut, the head perfectly round. Between his legs were his low hanging nads, like a boxing ball, perfect and smooth.

As he walked towards the river, TJ watched his finely muscled back. The strong, broad shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist. His buns were firm balls of muscle and his legs were well shaped.

Cody stood in the water and watched Matt. His stomach was a perfect flat six-pack. He watched as the muscles stretched as Matt dived into the river. He came up close to Cody.

"You a body builder?"

Matt shook his head, "No, not really. I do some weight-lifting but it's more from gymnastics."

"You a gymnast?"

Matt smiled, "Yeah, love it."

Cody's cock fought off the effect of the cold water and he felt himself going hard.

TJ dived in and swam to them. "This feels so damn good after the heat."

"Damn right," said Matt. He floated on his back. Both TJ and Cody watched him. His cock was above the water line, lying across his stomach.

They swam around for ages, enjoying the refreshing water after the hot trip in the truck.

"We better get going." said TJ. He swam towards the bank. Cody watched his friend get out of the water. Damn TJ, you are still the hottest thing on two legs, Cody was thinking. He watched TJ's tight buns as he walked up the bank.

They drove for a short while before coming to a motel. The motel was surrounded by trees and had flowing lawns, with benches and tables for travellers stopping for lunch. TJ asked for a lock-up garage for the night.

"Why the lock-up?" Cody asked.

"Just in case Matt's friend comes looking for us."

They walked into their room. There were two beds.

"Reckon I'll just sleep on the floor," said Matt

"No, you take one of the beds," said TJ.

"Nope it's okay, I'm not sharing a bed with anyone dude."

"Hey, Cody and I can share a bed, it's cool."

Matt thought about it and then said, "Hey look, maybe I'm just being selfish. You're driving and all, maybe you should have a bed on your own. What the hell, I'll share with Cody."

TJ looked at Cody, "Yeah okay."

They went to the diner next to the motel and ordered some dinner. Matt was at the salad counter.

"Why didn't you just leave it that you and me slept together TJ?"


"Because what? Damn, are we gonna go through this shit where we're never gonna be able to be alone?"

TJ looked at Cody, "Hey Cody. Matt's not like that, that's all."

"Not like what?"

Their conversation was cut short as Matt arrived with a big plate, piled high with salads.

They chatted through their dinner. Cody spoke about South Africa and surfing. TJ spoke about quid-racing, something which Matt showed a lot of interest in, and snowmobiling. Matt told some stories about gymnastic tours and the shit that the team used to get up to.

It was late when they got to the room.

"I'm gonna shower," said Cody.

"I'll shower in the morning," said Matt, "I'm totally bushed now. Seeya later Cody."

"I'll also wait till morning," said TJ.

When Cody came out of the shower both Matt and TJ were fast asleep.

Cody stripped off and climbed into bed, next to Matt. Matt was wearing shorts and he was sleeping on his back. Cody could feel the heat from his body in the bed. He lay on his side. He could hear Matt breathing deeply. His fingers gently rubbed against Matt's leg. He could feel the hard muscle under the skin. He gently put his flat hand on to the top of Matt's thigh. He let it move gently up into the leg of the shorts.

Cody's heart skipped a beat as his fingers brushed up against Matt's balls.

He took his hand out and then gently put it on to Matt's stomach, just above the waistband of his shorts. Slowly he let his hand slip in under the waist band. His finger gently touched the pubes. Then he felt Matt's cock. It was thick and lying across his stomach. Cody let his fingers run over it. He felt it stiffen.

Slowly, Cody put his fingers around Matt's hardening cock. He felt it pulsate in his hand. Then he started to stroke it, slowly. Cody felt his own boner bursting with excitement as he felt the strong thick muscle vibrate in his hand.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Matt woke up. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" he screamed. He jumped out of bed.

Cody sat up. Matt came around and grabbed Cody by the neck with his one hand and lifted him out of the bed. He right arm moved back and his fist caught Cody on the side of the face, sending him flying over the bed.

"YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!" Matt screamed.

"I'm sorry," shouted Cody.

TJ woke up, "What the fuck is going on."

He watched as Matt dived over the bed and hit Cody against the wall. His fist hit Cody in the stomach. Cody slid down the wall winded. Then Matt started to kick him.

"You're a fucking little faggot." Matt kept on screaming at him.

TJ grabbed Matt from behind and held his arms.

"What is going on?"

Matt was so mad that he was crying, "Your little faggot friend was jacking me off in bed. You little fucker," Matt kicked out at Cody.

Cody's face was red from embarrasment. "I was sleepin, my hand must've just gone over on top of you."

TJ was struggling to control Matt, "You're a fucking little liar, I'm gonna kill you."

"Hey Matt, calm down, just fucking calm down okay."

Matt relaxed slightly and sat on the bed when TJ let him go. He put his hands on his head.

"Cody, what's going on?" TJ asked.

"My hand musta gone on to him while I was sleepin."


"Matt," TJ knelt down next to him, "Cody might be telling the truth. And I know he always sleeps in the buff. Besides, you said it was okay for him to share the bed with you, remember?"

Matt buried his face in his hands, "Oh fuck, maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I'm sorry."

TJ put his hand on Matt's shoulder. He felt Matt tense. "Hey it's okay. What the fuck you so paranoid about anyway?"

Matt shook his head, "I can't tell you guys."

Cody hadn't said anything. His face was bleeding from a cut on his lip and his eye was swelling up. He stood up and walked to the bathroom. Matt looked up at him.

"Cody, I'm sorry."

"Yeah, right."

Cody went into the bathroom...





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