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Chapter Ten

Chance pulled off TJ's briefs.  Then TJ stood up and started undressing him. TJ had seen the pics on the net but in real life, this hunk was a million times better. 

Chance looked into TJ's eyes, which were as blue as his. He put his arms around the Kentucky hunk and pulled his closer. Gently he put his tongue inside TJ's mouth and TJ did the same. Their two hard bodies were up close, their erections being squashed between them. They moved across to the bed and lay down.

Lukas passed Cody a tall glass of orange juice.

"Well, if you're going to share my motorhome, I just need to warn you that I sleep naked, and there's only one bed. I hope you don't mind."

Cody almost choked on his orange juice, "No .. er .. it's cool."

"I'm also gay, but don't worry. I won't touch you."

"Touch me, please touch me," Cody thought.

"Is it okay if I sleep naked as well?" Cody asked, nervously.

Lukas laughed, "If that is what you want?"

Cody could not keep his eyes off of Lukas' naked chest and abs. He watched as Lukas pulled off his cut-off denim shorts. He wasn't wearing any briefs and his huge cock hung down between his legs. He sat on the edge of the bed to take off his sneakers and his abs contracted as he bent down. His lats stretched like steel rods from his armpits to his waist.

Cody pulled his T-shirt off over his head.

"You have a nice body." Lukas said.


Lukas climbed under the covers. Cody slipped his shorts off with his briefs. His stiff cock bounced up against his stomach with a slap. Lukas never said a word but Cody knew that he was being given the once over. Lukas moved to the other side of the bed and Cody climbed in next to him.

"You're shaking," Lukas smiled.

"Just cold I guess." Cody stammered.

Cody felt the warm muscled body against his and was waiting for his cock to offload any second. Then he felt Lukas' hand on his chest.

"Do you mind if I feel it? Your body I mean. It is cute and you have much muscle."

Cody enjoyed listening to his Czech accent. It wasn't that heavy but it sounded sexy as all hell.

"Can I feel yours?" Cody asked.

"Why don't you sit on my stomach and then I can get a good look."

Cody didn't need a second invitation. He moved his leg over and straddled Lukas. He felt the hard sixpack under his butt. He closed his eyes and as the strong hands explored his pecs, pinching his nipples slightly. His precum was dripping on to Lukas' stomach. 

He gasped as he felt his rockhard cock being taken in the strong fist. He had stopped his own exploring because of the sensations running through his body. Then he came out of his trance and he moved his hands behind him and leaned back slightly. His felt his abs tighten and one hand go over them. He reached back and felt Lukas' enormous hard cock. It was huge and hard as silk covered steel. He watched as Lukas closed his eyes.

"You can taste it if you want." the hunk told Cody.

Cody got off and then went into a 69 position with himself on top. He pulled the foreskin back and his tongue explored the huge cockhead in front of his face. Then his body almost went into shock as he felt his butt cheeks being pulled apart and a strong wet tongue enter his rosebud.

He opened his mouth as wide as he could and he went down on the huge cock. He sensations going through his body were driving him wild. He felt the tongue enter his rosebud and a finger go in and apply pressure to his prostate. He couldn't control himself anymore and he offloaded on to Lukas' chest and stomach. His body went into spasm as each jet of boyjuice left his body.

"Aaagghhh fuck," he said.

"It is fine," Lukas assured him, "Move back a bit."

Cody slid a bit further back and he felt his still jetting cock being taken into Lukas' mouth. His whole cock disappeared into the chasm and he felt his nads up against his new friend's face.

The sun was still hidden by the high hills when TJ heard the first noises of the camp. He had a pressing piss boner. Chance's arm was laying across his chest and he could feel the piss boner pressing up against his leg. Gently he moved the arm and slid out of the bed. He went to the toilet inside the motor home. It was larger than he expected. He almost had to bend double to aim properly. 

When he got back to the bedroom Chance was awake. He had kicked the covers off and his hands were behind his head. TJ had to stop to admire the star.

"Last night was good. I'm almost hoping that you will be with us tonight as well."

TJ nodded in agreement. His mind raced and he remembered every minute of the night before. Chance had fucked him and he could feel that huge cock almost tearing his ass apart, the feelings of pain and total pleasure. Then the lovemaking after that, through the night.

Chance sat up in the bed. He grabbed a sarong that was hanging on his cupboard and wrapped it around his waist. "I better get a move on before Butch has a baby." 

The sarong did nothing to hide his massive endowment.

"There's a shower behind the motorhome TJ. The water's cold but it's refreshing as hell."

"Thanks," TJ smiled at him.

"Here, wear this." Chance threw another sarong at TJ. He tried to wrap it but had some trouble. Chance came behind him and helped him with it.

The soft silky cloth felt good.

Cody and Lukas were already showering when TJ arrived there. His boner just got more erect as he watched the two muscled bodies soaping each other. Cody's body compared well with those around the camp, even without his defined sixpack that every fucking person in the camp seem to have. Butch obviously chose his crew as well as his models.

"Hey Teej," Cody waved, his stiff cock bouncing in the open air.

"Hey buddy," TJ waved back.

"Nice dress," Cody smiled.

"It's not a dress moron."

"Looks sexy."

TJ had his eyes on Lukas. 

Cody got out from under the cold running water and started to dry himself. He felt a pair of eyes staring at him and he looked towards the camp kitchen. A head disappeared behind the hot water boiler.

"What's up Cody?" Lukas asked.

"Dunno, I swear I saw someone starin at me from the kitchen."

"Probably Casey. He's Cal's younger brother."


"One of the lighting crew. Come I'll introduce you to him."

Cal was busy fixing a wire on one of the big floodlights. He was 22 years old, blonde and had a surfer's build. His shirt was off and he had a bronze tan. His long blonde hair hung down to his well-developed shoulders. As he bent over, his boxers stuck out of his cut-off Levi's, which looked like they were falling off. His muscles tensed as he turned the screwdriver on the light connection.

"Hello Cal."

"Hey Luke, howzit going boyo?"

"Coolio man, this is Cody."

"Yeah, I guessed. The whole camp is talking about him and TJ."

Cody put his hand out. Cal's grip was firm and strong. 

"Hiya Cody."


"Cody wants to meet your little brother."

"Casey? He's around somewhere. CASE...HEY CASE!"

A young teen came walking from the kitchen area. Casey had the same build and hair as his older brother. 

Cal smiled at his brother, "Hey little bro, someone wants to meet you. This is Cody."

"Hey." Casey stuck his hand out.


"Funny accent dude."

"I'm from South Africa."

"Don't crap me man, you're white."

"You're pretty dumb huh?"

Cal and Lukas made tracks and left the two boys alone. They wanted no part of their argument.

Casey scowled at Cody, "Who's dumb huh?" He gave Cody a push.

"You are man, you don't know anythin."

"You're the dumb one for fucking with me bro." Casey pulled his arm back and let fly with a fist. Cody moved his head back just in time.





Lukas Ridgestone





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