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Chapter Eleven

Casey scowled at Cody, "Who's dumb huh?" He gave Cody a push.

"You are man, you don't know anythin."

"You're the dumb one for fucking with me bro." Casey pulled his arm back and let fly with a fist. Cody moved his head back just in time.

Cody dive tackled Casey and the two of them went rolling in the dirt, wrestling, fists flying. Cody's sarong came off and he was naked. Butch came running towards them and pulled Casey off of Cody by his hair.

"Fuck off." Casey shouted, he didn't realise that it was Butch.

"What's that?"

"Uh .. er .. mm .. sorry Butch."

"What's going on here?"

"This moron called me dumb." Casey turned to Cody, "Hey put some clothes on before you scare the gophers."

"Fuck you." Cody snarled.

Casey charged towards Cody but Butch caught him around the waist.

"Hey, hey, fucking hey. You guys shake hands now."

"Not until he covers that miniature dick of his." Casey said.

Cody tied the sarong around his waist.

"Shake on it." Butch said.

The two boys glared at each other.

"SHAKE I SAID!" Butch shouted. When Butch shouted, you listened.

The two boys briefly grabbed each others hand and then let go.

"The two of you go to my studio."

Cody walked behind Casey as they walked towards the studio. Cody sized the other teen up as they walked. Casey had strong broad shoulders with a muscled back which tapered to a narrow waist. His legs were strong and his arm muscles well developed.

Casey had already sized Cody up and wished he hadn't fucked up their meeting like that. He liked what he saw and he liked it that Cody stood up to him. "He's a strong dude," Casey thought.

TJ and Chance watched the whole fight from outside of Chance's motorhome.

"Cody must be careful, Casey's a tough fucker and he hits for real."

TJ smiled, "Cody can look after himself, he's been in a few scrapes."

Matt, Mark, Michael and Chris were standing on the side of the barn. They were dressed in tight lycra shorts. All of the boys, including Michael were very well-built and looked strong. Bright floodlights lit up the centre of the barn, which looked like a circus ring, except it was sand rather than sawdust. Sarkis and Asato stood in the shadows behind the bright lights.

Perspiration ran down their bodies. Even without the hot, bright lights, the barn was stifling hot. Thin rays of light shone through the small holes in the roof and cast wierd shadows against the unlit part of the barn.

"The boys are going to wrestle first," Sarkis said, "I want them to relax and think that's what they're here for."

"We're wasting time," Asato said angrily, "I want to see them naked."

"We'll get there."

Matt was put up against Michael, the youngest. He protested about wrestling against him because he didn't want to hurt the young teen.

They stood in the centre of the ring and Matt moved to grab Michael. The young boy was fast and all too soon he had his arms under Matt's armpits and his hands behind his head, forcing it forward. Matt fell to the ground hoping to release the grip but he underestimated the young boy's strength. He felt Michael's legs wrap around his waist and start squeezing. He screamed out in pain as the legs squeezed tightly. He slapped the ground with a flat hand and Michael let go.

They stood up and faced Sarkis. Michael smiled at Matt. Matt wiped the sweat from his forehead, he was furious with himself - he should have beaten the younger boy easily.

"So Matt, Michael was too weak for you?"

Matt said nothing. His chest and stomach heaved.

"OK, you're going to wrestle again. I want you to remove the shorts and we're going to tape it on film."

Michael removed his shorts. It wasn't the first time he'd been asked to do something wierd for money. He was well hung for his age and a bush of dark curls highlighted his cut cock, which hung over his oversized nads. Matt dropped his shorts as well and the two boys stood facing each other. This time Matt wasn't going to underestimate him.

As the two boys grabbed each other Matt quickly engulfed Michael with his arms and threw him to the ground. He jumped on the younger boy and lifted up one of his legs and held his shoulders to the ground. Again he underestimated Michael's strength and the youngster pushed Matt away using all his strength.

Michael jumped to his feet quickly. As Matt came towards him, he took a flying kick and connected Matt on the chest with both feet, knocking the wind out of him. Michael flew on to him as quick as lightning and won the pin. Matt lay dazed on the ground.

Asato smiled out of the shadows. "That is going to be an easy one for my boys, even the youngest." he thought. He felt his hard erection pushing against his pants and the precum run down his length. 

Matt stood up and dusted the sand off of himself. 

Then it was Chris and Mark's turn. Matt noticed that Chris had a huge boner and it showed prominently through the thin lycra shorts. He felt himself getting hard and quickly grabbed for his shorts.

Cody rapped his fingers on the table, staring out of the motorhome window. Casey was staring at him. Cody turned his head.

"What the fuck you starin at?"

"You, fuckwit."

"When Butch releases us from this jail, I'm gonna take you down blondie."

Casey laughed, "Yeah? Better get your buddy to stand by to help."

"Screw you." Cody stood up and walked to the bar. He grabbed a beer and came back to the table.

"You've got a fucking boner. Is that what the sight of a beer bottle does?" Casey laughed at his joke.

"Only the sight of it goin up your ass." Cody was pissed off that his boner had been noticed.

Casey just laughed and shook his head. He stood up and got himself a beer.

TJ was watching the photo shoot with Chance and Lukas. Lukas was lying on his back, resting on his elbows. Chance was on all fours between his legs. His tongue was slowly sliding up and down Lukas' giant hard cock, licking the new drop of precum with each up stroke. Lukas put his head back, he didn't need to act, he was enjoying each and every stroke of Chance's tongue.

TJ put his hand into his shorts and rearranged his growing cock. He couldn't believe that these two muscled gods were in front of him, every muscle rippling with each move they made.

Lukas' muscles tensed as Chance grabbed the base of his cock and put his mouth of the Czech's cockhead. Chance's eyes were open and he was looking up Lukas' abs and chest.

"Aaah, oohh, fuuck." Lukas moaned as Chance swallowed half of his erection.

"That's it. Break." Butch shouted, as he started to rewind the film in his camera.

"Oh my fuck," thought TJ, "I would never be able to break from that at the drop of a hat."

The two hunks stood up. Lukas had a huge string of precum hanging from his cockhead. He scooped it with one finger and then put it in his mouth. Chance came over to TJ, his own cock hanging away from his low nads.

"Enjoy that?"

"How the fuck do you guys do that? Just stop."

"Sometimes it's hard, but we do this for a living. You get used to it. The worst is when you're just about on the point of no return and the fucker says 'Break'. Then you have to use everything in your power not to shoot your load."

"I'd never be able to do that."

"Hey TJ."


"How do you feel about doing a shoot with me."

"Not a fuck man, I'll be killed by my folks, brothers and friends if they saw that."

"Butch can cut off your head - your other head. You don't have any tats or anything do you?"

TJ said that he didn't have any tattoos or any other marks that could identify him. His excitement was rising at the thought.

Chris lay on his back. Blood coming from his mouth. Mark bent down next to him, "Chris, Chris - fuck it bro, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to connect you like that."

Chris sat up, wiping the blood from his mouth. A tooth had cut the inside of his lip.

"It's nothing, just a small cut."

"That was good," Sarkis said, coming out of the shadows.

The two teens stood up. Their sweat had turned the sand almost into mud. Mark tried to take some off of his stomach, his sixpack prominent through the muddy layer.

Sarkis put his hand on Chris' powerful shoulder, "Now we'll break for something to eat and then the real action can begin."

The four boys sat in a huddle in the corner of the barn.

"Well, if that's all there is to this, then we've made ourselves some easy money here."

"Don't bet on it," Matt said, "we need to make a plan to get out of here tonight."

Butch opened the door of his caravan. Cody and Casey were laughing stupidly at each other. Casey was holding his stomach, it was hurting so much. On the table were six empty beer bottles and a half bottle of whisky.




Lukas Ridgestone



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