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Chapter Twelve

Butch opened the door of his caravan. Cody and Casey were laughing stupidly at each other. Casey was holding his stomach, it was hurting so much. On the table were six empty beer bottles and a half bottle of whisky.

"Are you boys drunk?"

Casey stopped laughing for a second and contemplated the question and then burst out hysterically again. Cody found the laughter contagious and couldn't control himself and then he puked. The projectile of puke flew across the table and on to Casey, running down his chest and stomach and into his shorts. He just laughed even more.

Cody turned to puke out the door and puked all over Butch's legs and boots.

"Get the fuck out of here." Butch screamed at them.

Casey held his stomach, laughing as he almost fell out of the motorhome. Cody collapsed outside and puked into the ground until his stomach was empty and just painful. He looked down at a pair of boots and slowly followed the legs and looked up. It was TJ.

"Hiya Teej," he hiccupped.

"Yeah - hiya Teej," Casey echoed, still laughing.

"You guys okay?" TJ asked. He had never seen Cody this trashed before.

"Yeah, we're fine," laughed Casey and helped Cody to his feet.

TJ shook his head as the two young teens fell and walked this way and then that, towards the kitchen area.

Butch stuck his head out of his studio, "JOSH - COME OVER HERE."

Josh, a guy in his late teens, ran across.

"Get a bucket or some fucking thing and clean up my van. Those kids have puked all over the fucking thing."

After the meal break, Matt, Mark and Michael were herded back to the shed at the back of the barn. Chris was asked to wait at the pit.

"We want to film some bondage scenes with you. Nothing painful, just stuff for the camera. You gonna be okay with that?"

"Fuck yeah," said Chris, on a false sense of security after the easy going in the morning.

"Okay then."

Asato had arranged that he wanted to do this scene with Chris. He had got dressed in tight black leather, with a leather hood.

Chris smiled as the hooded figure came towards him. The person looked like he was well built and this turned Chris on, his cock slowly becoming erect. Two ropes were lowered from the rafters and the hooded figure tied one to each of Chris' wrists. Chris was smiling. The hooded figure moved to the side of the pit and grabbed the other ends of the ropes and slowly pulled. Chris' arms lifted above his head and he felt the tension in his shoulders. Then he felt his toes lifting off the floor. 

"Hey, this is starting to hurt bro, let me down just a bit."

"Shut the fuck up," the voice came through the black leather mask, in a strong oriental accent.

The smile disappeared from Chris' face. Something was seriously wrong.

"I'm finished with this, let me the fuck down."

The boys in the shed started listening to the sounds coming from the barn.

Asato traced his finger down the underside of the boy's arm and across his chest to the groove between his stretched pecs. His finger moved down to the boy's muscled stomach, the muscles stretched flat as he was pulled. Asato followed the perspiration as he ran down the groove in the centre of the boy's abs down to his pubes, to his semi-erect cock. He cupped the boys nads in his hands and gently squeezed, then tighter and tighter.

"Aaaaaghhh fuck." Chris screamed as the pain from his nads shot into his stomach. His scream was stifled by the leather fist hitting him with force in the stomach.

Sarkis walked over to Asato. "Cover the boy's mouth with tape."

Sarkis could almost see the evil smile through the leather mask, "Oh no Sarkis, the screams are the best part."

Then Asato took out a thin strip of leather. He turned the leather around the base of Chris' semi-erection and tied it tightly. Then he bent down in front of the boy and took the boy's cock into his mouth. His tongue moved down the length of the boy's shaft. He felt the veins stand out like ropes as the boy's cock stiffened. Then he sucked it rhythmically.

Chris was sobbing. The pain in his stomach and the pain from his cock was becoming unbearable. Then he felt himself climax. He wanted to cum but couldn't. The tight leather thong was preventing him from shooting his load. Dribbles of boyjuice ran out of his cockhead and Asato continued to suck. 

"Aaaagghhhh. No - oh fuck - please - please stop," Chris screamed as he felt his juice building up inside of him, wanting to leave his body.

Asato continued to lick and suck the boy's tender cock. Every now and then he would remove his mouth to look at the bluish red swollen boycock. The veins were standing out, looking like they were ready to burst. He sucked harder and harder.

The boy screamed and struggled against the ropes.

Asato tasted blood in his mouth as the skin wore away on the underside of Chris' cock. He continued sucking as his hands slowly undid the leather thong. Chris' screams echoed around the barn as the blood ran back into his tender cock. Asato sucked for another five minutes and then the boy offloaded. His cum projectiled down Asato's throat as the sadist swallowed every last drop. Then he waited until he felt the boymeat go soft in his mouth before he let it go.

He stood up and faced Chris. He put his hand behind the boys head and put his face up against his. He had a mouthful of boyjuice that he forced into Chris' mouth. Tears, perspiration and blood mixed on the boys face as he was forced to swallow.

Then Asato stood back and pulled his arm back. Chris tried to harden his abs but the powerful punch into the upper part of his stomach sent the pain right down to his nads and he fainted.

Asato undid the ropes and the boy fell to the ground unconcious. Asato pulled off his mask and turned to face Sarkis, "Did you get all that on video?"

"Yes, yes. You could have killed him."

Asato smiled at Sarkis, "That will come later."

Sarkis bent down next to the naked teen and took a bandage out of his pocket. He slowly bandaged the boy's bleeding wrists.

"TJ," Butch called.

TJ came running over to Butch, his muscular torso rippling with each step.


"I might have some news. Some friends think that the owner of the Ranch and some oriental dude have set up a studio in this area somewhere. They're not sure where yet, but they've put more feelers out."


"Not so cool. You've seen what goes on at the Ranch. I've got a feeling that they're desperate to fulfill some contract and your friend might be in deadly danger."

"Can't we go and look ourselves?"

"This area is huge. It would be pointless. Let's give my friends a chance and they'll get back to me. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

Butch put his hand on TJ's muscular shoulder, "We'll do everything we can to help you. Promise. How's your friend?"

"Cody? He'll be okay. Gonna have a helluva headache when he wakes up though."

"Hehehehe yeah. Serves them both right. Where is he?"

"Him and Casey are sleeping in Cal's van."

"He seems like a nice kid."

"Yeah, he is."

The shed door opened and Chris' unconcious body was thrown in by someone the boys couldn't see. 

Michael started to cry again.

"Stop that shit," Matt shouted at him, "I told you. Huh? Didn't I? We need to have a fucking plan."

Matt stared at Chris' swollen red cock. There was a bruise on his upper stomach where he had been hit. He took some water from a bucket that was in the corner of the shed and poured it slowly over Chris' face. Slowly the boy stirred.

Casey woke up first and stared across at the other bunk. Cody was lying on his stomach with his left hand and left foot on the floor. His head was hanging off of the bunk. He looked a sorry sight. Casey fell back holding his head, "Oh my fuck, I'm dying."

Cody stirred and rolled over, on to his back. His arms were lying lifeless at his side. His sarong had pulled up so it looked like he had a mini skirt on. Casey stared across at him and watched how his well shaped chest suddenly fell down to a flat stomach. He watched as the stomach rose gently with Cody's breathing. Casey could see the clear shape of Cody's limp cock through the soft cloth of the sarong. "Not bad," he thought.

He sat up, holding his head with one hand and steadying himself on the bunk with the other. He stumbled across to the other bunk and sat down next to Cody's legs. Cody never stirred. Casey put his hand gently on Cody's stomach and felt it lift and fall. Even through the soft skin he could feel the muscle of Cody's abs.

He gently undid the knot of the sarong and pulled it away. Cody's cock was lying like a sleeping snake across his stomach. Casey let his hand go down between Cody's legs. His nads were hanging down between them, almost touching the bunk. They felt full and heavy. He lifted them slightly and then saw Cody's cock twitch and start to straighten up towards his belly button. Casey smiled and then stroked the underside of the nads. Cody's cock stiffened and lifted away from his stomach. 

"Neat job," Casey thought, as he traced his finger around Cody's cut line. He slowly let his hand close around the thick muscle. It pulsated in his hand. A drop of precum appeared at the piss hole. He lifted it off with his finger and tasted it. "Deeeelicious."




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