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Chapter Fourteen

Sarkis' face went red with rage, "What the fuck was that for?"

A thin smile spread across Asato's face, "That my dear friend was just the beginning. It has come to my attention that this young runaway was with two other boys. From your man Alan's description it sounded like my champion's previous adversary at the Ranch."

"That Cody kid?"

"Precisely. Him and one of his rescuers. By the time I have finished with this one we will know exactly where to find them and then I will have great pleasure in watching my champion kill this one so he can be fed to the vultures. And this time, the young Cody will not live to run away again."

Two of Sarkis' men walked into the sandpit and each grabbed one of Matt's ankles and dragged him towards the shed. His face was a mess of blood.

Sarkis sent for one of his other men who was an expert in medical matters, to see to Matt and Chris. He needed them to be ready for the next day.

Cody sat holding an icepack on his head. He had changed from his sarong to a pair of light khaki cargo shorts with the side pockets, that came down to his knees, highlighting his calf muscles. The shorts hung low on his hips and his briefs showed above the waist. He was slowly starting to feel better.

He was smiling as he watched Butch directing TJ in the photo shoot. TJ was lying down on his back on a smooth rock. Chance was at his head, leaning over his muscular friend while TJ sucked his cock. Chance had his hips pushed forward and one hand behind his back. TJ's body was arched on the rock and this highlighted his flat, muscular stomach, his chest and his strong legs, oh fuck he had good legs. Lukas was between the legs, his tongue riding up and down TJ's hard, muscular cock. Every now and again, on a signal from Butch, Lukas would absorb TJ's length into his mouth.

"Hey Cody."

Cody looked around, it was Casey.

"Hehehehe, hey buddy. I felt like shit when I woke up."

Casey sat down on his haunches next to Cody, "Yep, me too. I see you dropped the dress."

"Yeah, too much hassle each time I want to piss."

Casey looked across at the shoot and nodded, "Looks like your friend is getting into it."

"Yeah, totally."

"He's fucking hot. He ever thought about going into this full time. There's a lotta green to be made."

"No fuck, he's pretty much closeted. His face won't be on any of these pics."

"That's a pity cos TJ is pretty damn good-looking."

"Every damn thing about him is great. Cept when he gets mad."

"Doesn't seem like he can get mad at anything."

Cody smiled, "Wait till I drive his truck. Hehehehehe."

"So, you into any of this?"

"What? Like into guys?"


"Yeah, pretty much. You?"

"Yep, had a boyfriend at school. But my mom and dad were killed and I hadta travel with Cal, so I've not been with anyone for ages."

"You into some one on one?"

"What you getting at?"

"Well, I think you're pretty fucking hot yourself and I was just wonderin .... maybe ...."

"You're not so bad yourself and the thought did cross my mind. Cal said we could use the motorhome cos he's going into town with Jed tonight."

"That's it. Take a break for an hour or so." Butch shouted and started to rewind the film in his camera. 

Chance give TJ a hand to lift himself off of the rock.

Chance gave him a slap on the back, "Fuck TJ, that was pretty damn hot. And you've got a lotta control. A few pros woulda shot their buckets under those conditions."

TJ stretched his arms up above his head, accenuating every muscle in his body, "I came close. You and Lukas make it easy for a guy to feel at ease tho."

Lukas looked down at TJ's crotch and laughed, "Doesn't look that at ease. You're dripping."

TJ laughed along with the two of them. He reached for a waist wrap that was hanging over the floodlight arm and put it around himself.

"TJ!" Butch called from the studio.

TJ sat on the lounger. Butch was at his desk. 

"I've just had some news that may be good or bad. Sarkis, the guy who managed the Ranch, has set up some sort of studio in this area. It appears that they're in a hurry to get stuff in the can so they're not gonna hang around. We still haven't found out where though, but my people are still investigating. We're trying all the real estate people in the area."

TJ's face was grim, "How long before we find out something?"

"Don't hold your breath. This is a huge area with hundreds of farms, big and small."

TJ pulled Cody aside and told him what Butch had said.

"Hey TJ," it was Cal, "listen, could I use your truck tonight? Jed and me are going into town and it's a damn hassle to get our trucks out from behind the set."

"Just be damn careful, it's a rental."

Cal smiled, "Don't worry. I'll be driving. If it was Jed, then I'd worry."

That night, the staff that were still in the camp lit a huge fire and everyone sat around it. Butch had centre stage and was telling everyone about some of the funny incidents he had had during photo shoots. Like the time that Chance came on to the set so damn drunk that he couldn't get an erection and the person he was shooting with was supposed to get fucked by him and Chance was battling to get his floppy dick into the guys crack. He was trying to force it in using his thumb.

Everyone was in hysterics, not so much by the story, but by the way that Butch was telling it and laughing himself.

Beers were doing the rounds and as the night wore on, so more and more of the guys were getting totally trashed. Then Jake, a black teen who was one of the electricians suggested that they have a competition to see who had the biggest dick.

"Ah fuck off Jake. You beat us every damn time." Butch roared.

But Jake persisted and soon everyone was standing in a circle facing each other, stark naked. Everyone had to stroke their cock until they had full erections, then it was Butch's job to go with a tape measure and measure everyone's dick.

Both Cody and Casey's eyes popped out of their heads at the sight of Jake's huge cock. He was only about 18 years old but his cock went way above his belly button and it was thick. 

Everyone pulled their pants up again and Butch stood in the centre of the circle.

"And the winner is," he paused for effect, "Jake! Stand up Jake and take a bow."

Jake was funny as hell as he jived and swayed to the centre of the circle. Before he took a bow he threw himself on to the ground and did a bit of a breakdance. Everyone was clapping and cheering him on.

"Hey Cody," Casey pulled his T-shirt off over his head, "if you want, you can share my bed bro."

"You sure?"

"I'd like that."

"Yeah, me too."

Both boys undressed and looked like two teen gods from a mythical movie. Casey climbed into his bunk first and Cody followed. They lay on their backs, the cover covering their waists.

Cody slowly let his hand move on to Casey's leg. He felt the thigh muscle contract under his hand. His hand slid to the inside of Casey's thigh and he slowly slid it up until he felt Casey's balls, which were slowly but surely lifting and tightening.

Cody turned on to his side, "You okay?"

"Shut up and don't stop. Damn, your hands are like magic bro."

Cody's hand slid up Casey's long smooth cock. He moved his hips up against Casey so that the boy could feel his own erection up against him. 

Casey put his head back and enjoyed every sensation going through his body. Cody pulled the covers back so he could get a good look at Casey's furniture. He put his mouth over Casey's ripe, light brown nipples and let his tongue play on them. Then he moved his face down and slowly took Casey's cockhead into his mouth.

"Aaaaghhh oh fuck, oh jeez, aaaggghhhh!"

Cody rhythmically sucked his new found friend, taking in as much of his cock as he could. His one hand played with the blonde teen's balls, massaging them gently.

"Oh fuck Cody, stop. I don't want to shoot right now."

"Do you kiss?" Cody asked.

"Haven't ever kissed a guy before." Casey said, smiling.

Cody put his firm lips over Casey's. His tongue explored the other boy's mouth and he gently pushed it in. He felt Casey's tongue come into his mouth. His hands played with the thick blonde hair as he tasted his friend, savouring the sweetness of his saliva in his mouth.

"Lie on me Code."

Cody moved to lie on Casey, their two boners being squashed between them. Casey's arms enveloped Cody and they made passionate love. Cody's hands moved behind Casey's leg and he found the rosebud. Gently he put his finger in and massaged it. Casey did the same. Cody spread he legs apart to make it easier for him. Their heavy breathing and the sounds of their tongues were the only noises in the motorhome.

Casey moved his face away and buried it in Cody's neck, "I've never been fucked Cody, fuck me please."

Cody lifted himself slightly and smiled, "Aren't ya gonna taste it first?"

Cody lifted himself so he was straddling Casey, with his buns resting gently on the wide, muscled chest. Casey put his fist around the base of Cody's hard boner and lifted his head. Cody leaned forward and then he felt Casey take him in. The sensations were incredible through his body. He knew that Casey had done this before. His tongue was incredible.

Then Cody moved down and lifted Casey's legs. "Here, put your hands at the back of your thighs, behind your knees and pull your legs back."

Casey did what Cody told him and then Cody went down to explore his friend's rosebud. His tongue intruded into the round pink hold. The musty smell aroused Cody even more. Cody massaged his dick as his tongue did it's work. Then he lifted himself and pushed his boner down with one hand until his cockhead was resting at the entrance to Casey's crack.

"Tell me if I hurtya," Cody said.

"Yeah, okay," Casey's voice was quavering and he was nervous.

Slowly Cody pushed his hips forward. Casey was as tight as hell and Cody had to push a little harder. He didn't want to hurt his friend though. Slowly, he felt his cockhead disappear into the hold and then he slid his shaft all the way in, until he felt his nads up against Casey.

"How does that feel Case?"

Casey smiled at Cody, "This is the most incredible feeling that I've ever had in my life. Just start slowly though."

Slowly Cody pulled his cock out until his cut-line showed and then slowly pushed it back in. Eventually he built up a rhythm and he was snorting and breathing heavily as he fucked his friend. Casey had his eyes closed and he was moaning little moans.

Cody felt the build up in his groin and he let out a gasp as the first jet of boyjuice left his cock.

Casey felt the warm rush inside his body. After Cody was spent, he tightened his butt muscles slightly. He wanted Cody to stay inside of him forever. Cody leaned over him and they kissed once more, "Your turn buddy."

TJ felt his cock slowly soften inside Chance's mouth. The perspiration was soaking both of their bodies. Then they heard the truck come into the camp.




Lukas Ridgestone



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