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Chapter Sixteen

Patrick looked across at Sarkis, perspiration breaking out on his face, "Mr. Sarkis, please."

Sarkis walked away and left the barn.

Asato nodded to the young boy. The boy charged across the sandpit and lifted his leg to give Patrick a roundhouse kick. Patrick was expecting it and he grabbed the boy and backhanded him across his chest. The boy was sent sprawling on his back in the sand. The boy got on to his knees and turned to look at Patrick, his face showing the fury that he felt. Every muscle in his young body tensed.

Asato, grinning, walked to Patrick and, before Patrick knew what has coming, Asato hit him with the side of his hand in the throat. He collapsed, unconscious. Jensen and another guard undressed him, taking off every bit of clothing. Then they tied his hands to the ropes and lifted him, until his feet were off of the ground.

Sarkis was fussy about the men working for him and it was obvious that Patrick was no exception. He had a bodybuilder's body with powerful arms, legs and chest and every muscle of his flat sixpack clearly defined. Jensen and the other guard secured the two ropes holding Patrick's wrists. The other guard got a bucket of water and threw it over the powerfully built Patrick. He shook his head and slowly opened his eyes.

Asato put his hands under Patrick's huge nads and slowly stroked them. He saw the huge meat come to life. Patrick tried to wish his cock down but he couldn't. The sight of the young, oiled, muscled oriental boy was too much for him.

Asato turned to the young boy and nodded. The boy smiled at his master and gave a slight bow. He too had a throbbing erection which was clearly outlined through his thin leather thong. He took up a karate stance and his first punch hit Patrick in the nads, sending a sharp, inscrutiable pain through his body. He tried not to scream and a painful whimper came out of his mouth. The boy hit him again, in the same place and this time the pain was too much and his scream echoed in the barn.

Then the boy started to hit him all over his body. Even the thick powerful muscle did not do too much to cushion the powerful punches. Patrick felt his ribs crack as the punches connected. First on one side and then the other. Then his stomach, each punch going up under his rib cage. Then his nads again, the pain was fucking unbearable and he could only scream for the boy to stop, to no avail. The boy enjoyed each scream coming from the hunks mouth, his erection getting impossibly harder, and he put more and more power into each punch. 

A trickle of blood came out of Patrick's mouth. 

"Just keep on moving, for fuck sake," shouted Mark, who was struggling with the weight of Matt's body over his shoulders. 

They came to a small stream running through the farm and Mark let Matt's body fall into the water. Matt's eyes slowly opened. He had no idea where he was or what was happening. The boys all spoke to him at once and amongst all the jumble he understood that they were on the run.

Patrick's body was a pulpy mess. His ribs were broken and the blood ran from his broken mouth and down his chest. He was still conscious, a trick that Asato had learnt a long time ago and passed on to his young warriors - keep your victim conscious so that he knows when he is going to die.

The young boy, perspiration running down his muscled body, turned to Asato for the signal. Asato gave the boy a nod, admiring the boy's loincloth, soaked with precum - or had the boy ejaculated with all the excitement. Then the boy stood back and, with all the power he could muster, hit Patrick in the middle of the chest. Patrick felt his heart explode, his eyes grew wide and his mouth opened to scream but it was soundless, a spew of blood projectiled out of his mouth, on to the boy. Then he died.

Cody walked out from under the shower and grabbed his towel and started to dry himself. He watched as Cal and Casey seemed to go through a series of karate routines. He wrapped the towel around himself and joined TJ, who was also watching.

"Fuck, they're good," TJ remarked.

Cody smiled and put his hand on his friend's thigh, letting it drift up to his crotch, "Well, I don't know about Cal, but I know that Casey is."

TJ enjoyed the feeling of his friends touch and didn't both to try and stop his cock from coming to life, "And you've got first hand knowledge huh?"

"A little more than hand."

They watched as the two brothers sparred with each other. Muscles taut, Casey was every bit as good as his older brother. Cody watched as the the young teen's lats went taut with each punch. 

"TJ!", Butch called from the studio. Cody moved his hand away and TJ got up and walked across to the studio and followed Butch inside.

"These images are totally amazing. You're a total natural boy."

Butch had the proof photographs that he had taken, spread across the table. TJ felt his cock react as he saw himself, Chance and Lukas come to life through the lens of Butch's expert photography. TJ still couldn't believe that he had experienced both of those hunks at once.

"My damn face is showing in a few of them," TJ said with some concern in his voice.

"I've still got to crop them, thought you'd like to see them first though. Oh, and I've got some news."


"Yeah, it appears that there's a farm that's been rented on short notice by some guys who aren't your normal everyday farmers. And Cal and Jed tell me that the town had quite a few extra people around, including ..... some guys who say they're also involved in some film work."

"Did you find out the name of the farm?"

"It could be one of two, about five miles away."

"So, are we going to check them out?"

"Well, if it is the Ranch, then they are going to have guards for miles around. We're going to need to take it easy and go in at night."

"What about getting the police?"

"Not until we're sure of our facts."

Matt hung over Chris and Mark's shoulders as they continued their run to the farm boundary. Their powerful legs felt like they were going to give up at any moment. Matt tried to keep his legs moving but more often than not, they just dragged along.

Michael ran up front, "Come on, shit we're going too damn slow."

The boys had scratches over their arms and legs as they charged through the scrub bush. They knew that the pain of their escape would be nothing compared to the pain of their capture.

"So now you know why I'm with my brother," Casey chewed on a blade of grass. He was laying on his back, looking up into the three above them. Cody was sitting next to him with his back up against the tree trunk.

"That's a bummer, I'm sorry."

"Hey, don't be. Living with my bro is pretty cool. During school I go to a boarding school in LA which can be pretty damn shitty. So, what's it like in South Africa? I hear the surf is pretty hot."

Once on the subject of surfing, Cody burnt Casey's ear about his trips to the various hot spots around Cape Town and up the coast to Jeffrey's Bay, home of the famous Super Tubes. Casey, a surfer himself, absorbed every one of Cody's words.

Cody stood up, "I need a piss, just a sec."

Casey got on to his elbows and watched as Cody went and stood at a small bush and took a leak. He watched his new friend's piss flow in a long arc and splash on the ground.

Cody sighed as he shook the last drops off the end of his dick and then he flew to the ground as Casey dive tackled him. In no time he was on his back, with Casey sitting on his chest.

"Ouch - fuck Case, what's that for?"

"Just for the hell of it. Don't you guys in Africa fight, or wrestle?"

"Oh, it's a fight you want?"

Cody lifted his legs and got his feet around Casey's arms and pulled him backwards. Then the two of them started wrestling and rolling on the ground, with the odd punch being thrown, each being careful not to punch the other in the mouth. 

Eventually the two of them lay, exhausted, on the ground next to each other.

"Hey Case, Hi Cody. You guys been fighting again?"

"Just a friendly fight Cal." Casey smiled.

"Listen Case, Butch wants us to go on a night hike tonite to look for some farm or something. You guys are going to be alone in the camp, is that okay?"

Cody's ears pricked up, "What farm?"

"We're trying to find your friend Cody. Butch doesn't want you or Casey on this trip. He thinks it could turn nasty."

Cody's ears went red, "Fuck that, I'm goin. I know what those fuckers can do and I owe that fuckin slit eye a favour."

"If Cody goes, then I go too." Casey said.

"No," Cal was adamant, "No, you're not going Case. I can't stop Cody from doing what he likes, but you're not going."


"No Case."

Butch stood up at his desk. Cody thought he was going to hit him.

"You are not going with us tonight. I don't care if you're familiar with them. That is all the more reason. You might get recognised."

"And TJ? What about TJ?"

"We might need the extra muscle if we get into trouble."

"Casey and me can provide some extra muscle too." Cody was almost shouting.

"You are two kids and you're not going. Give me any more lip and I'll tie the two of you to a tree."

Chris and Mark were looking down at the ground, to avoid falling. They hadn't noticed that Michael had stopped dead in his tracks and almost ran into him. Michael put his hands up in the air. The two boys let Matt stand on his own feet and put their hands up as well.

Two of Sarkis men were holding pistols, aiming them at the boys. The one spoke into a two way radio and then waved for the boys to sit down. Silent tears ran down Michael's cheeks. They had got so damn far. If they didn't have to carry Matt they might have got away. Then they heard the distant sound of an approaching truck.




Lukas Ridgestone



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