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Chapter Seventeen

Chris and Mark were looking down at the ground, to avoid falling. They hadn't noticed that Michael had stopped dead in his tracks and almost ran into him. Michael put his hands up in the air. The two boys let Matt stand on his own feet and put their hands up as well.

Two of Sarkis men were holding pistols, aiming them at the boys. The one spoke into a two way radio and then waved for the boys to sit down. Silent tears ran down Michael's cheeks. They had got so damn far. If they didn't have to carry Matt they might have got away. Then they heard the distant sound of an approaching truck.

"I can't take you Code. Butch will kill me."

"Hey TJ, we've been through this whole thing together. Besides you need me to watch your back."

The sun had disappeared behind the distant hills and darkness was descending fast.

TJ grabbed Cody's shoulders, "I think maybe Butch is right Cody. There enough of us to handle anything that might happen."

Cody smiled, "You goin like that?"

TJ was naked.


"Your white ass is gonna reflect in the moonlight."

Cody pushed TJ back on to the bed and went down on his knees, between TJ's legs. His hands moved up TJ's flat stomach and on to his chest. Then he took his one hand and lifted TJ's nads. He opened his mouth and took them in, his tongue gently massaging them.

"Oh fuck Code, I've gotta get ready bro."

"Just a sec." Cody mumbled as his tongue rode up TJ's hard, thick shaft. 

TJ took a breath as he felt his cockhead disappear into Cody's mouth. Cody's mouth took in as much of his cock as possible and then the magic started as he felt himself being sucked into Cody heaven.

The four boys were naked and tied to one of the upright post in the barn. Their arms were stretched up above them, their toes barely touching the floor. Their ankles were tied to the post as well. They were stretched to the limit, their arms and legs feeling like they were being pulled off of their bodies. All the while, two video cameras had filmed the boys being stripped and tied up. 

"Tomorrow morning we'll film you all fucking the hell out of each other," Sarkis smirked, "then Mr. Asato can do with you what the hell he likes. We've already dug your graves behind the barn. Have a pleasant night." Then he left. This time Jensen and another guard stayed in the barn. No chances were going to be taken. In any event, Jensen didn't want to die like Patrick. As hard as he was, it was a sickening sight to watch.

Jensen smiled at the other guard, "I've always wondered what it would be like to suck some teen cock." He walked and stood in front of young Michael. The boy had tears streaming down his face. The dirt and sweat ran down his muscled body. 

Jensen knelt down in front of him and opened his mouth. He swallowed Michael's limp, cut cock and started to suck it gently. 

Oh fuck, thought Michael, please don't get hard. But his thoughts went to no avail as his cock reacted to the sensations of Jensen's tongue riding his boycock.

"C'mon Casey, move your ass boy,"

"Fuck off, I'm not your boy."

"Well you don't look like a girl, hunk!"

Casey shook his head and smiled. He was enjoying the attention that Cody was giving him.

The two teens had waited for the others to leave in the trucks. They then dressed in dark blue jeans and black T-shirts. Casey had lent Cody one of his T-shirts to wear and it fitted like a glove. Then Casey had taken some black make up out of Butch's studio van and they were wiping it over their exposed arms and their faces. Casey pulled a black, woollen cap over his head to hide his blonde hair. 

Cody looked out of the motorhome to make sure that the coast was clear. There were still two other people left in the camp and the boys didn't want the whistle blown on them. Casey came out and Cody followed him as he ran to where two offroad motorbikes were standing.

They pushed the bikes as far as possible down the dirt road. They came to a hill and freewheeled. They kickstarted the power machines and went like bats out of hell towards the main road.

Michael cried out as his juice left his stiff cock and entered Jensen's mouth. He felt the sucking on his cock increase with each jet of juice. Then Jensen stood up and put his hand behind Michael's head and kissed him. The boy tried to keep his mouth closed but Jensen's tongue forced its way inside.

Christopher's cock had got hard as a result of what he had just witnessed, precum dripping freely off of his cockhead.

"Hey," Jensen smiled to the other guard, "here's one just waiting for you."

The other guard smiled and walked over to Christopher. Chris closed his eyes as he felt the guard's fingers trace a line between his pecs and down the centre of his abs, to his pubes. Then he felt the fist close around his throbbing hard cock and it being pulled down, level with the man's mouth. Even through his pain he couldn't help but enjoy the thrill of the man sucking his teen meat.

Cody and Casey rode without the headlights on, using only the light from the bright moon to guide them across the rough countryside. They had to try and find which way the others had gone. They rode for about a half hour before Casey pulled up, on a hill overlooking the town. 

"I don't know Cody, we should have caught up with them by now."

"Let's got into the town and see if they're there." 

The town was pretty quiet as the two boys rode down the main street. They pulled up in front of one of the many bars, the one which looked like it had the most traffic outside. They got off of the bikes.

"Now?" Casey shrugged.

"Let's check it out inside."

"They won't let us in, we're under age."

"We're also covered in fuckin gook. Let's try the back way."

They walked around the back of the building and, sure enough, there was a window open. Casey held his hands together while Cody climbed up to look through the window.

"It's the john," Cody whispered.

"Canya get in?"

"I think so. You gonna wait for me?"

"I'll wait here, come out the same way."


Cody pulled himself up through the window. He dropped down on to the floor and then heard some voices. He went into one of the cubicles and closed the door. The door opened and two men came in.

"We better get going back. I'm feeling pretty tired and we've got a huge day ahead of us tomorrow." 

Cody opened the door slightly and saw the two men at the urinal. He quickly closed the door when he recognised the one as Andy, the man who had nabbed Matt. His breathing got heavy and he had to control himself. He waited until he heard the door close. He gave it another minute and then slowly opened the door and looked around. He walked across to the window and grabbed and pulled himself up. He looked out and saw Casey standing at the corner of the building. He gave a low whistle to signal Casey that he was coming out.

He dropped lightly on to the ground.

"One of the guys that took Matt was just in the john. They're gonna be leavin, so we can follow them."

The boys made their way to their bikes and rode them into an alley on the opposite side of the road. They watched the door of the bar. They didn't have to wait long before Andy and two other men came out. Cody could feel his heart beating loudly in his chest.

"That's them."

"Fuck Cal, we've been riding up and down one dirt fucking road after the next. Isn't it better just to get into town and check if any of them are there?" TJ was getting impatient with the total lack of fucking planning. Cal radioed Butch in the front truck.

"Hey Butch, we're gonna go and check in the town. You comin?"

"Might as well, we're wasting our time like this." Butch sounded tired.

TJ rolled his eyes, like fuck he's been telling them since they left to go into town first. The front truck turned and Cal followed. It took ten minutes to get back to the blacktop into town.

Cody kept a safe distance, making sure he didn't lose sight of the tail lights ahead of him. He looked back every now and again and saw the dark silhouette of Casey following him. They were travelling about 60 miles an hour. Their bike headlights were still switched off. They didn't want the driver of the car to see that he was being followed.

Just then two trucks passed them going in the direction of town.

Butch slammed on his brakes. "CAL - CAL COME THE FUCK IN."

"Yeah Butch, we saw them."

"Oh so I'm not going fucking blind. That was Casey and Cody following that car?"

"Looked like it Butch."

"Well between you and TJ. You have got some really fucked up boys hanging around you. Didn't I say that they must stay behind. STAY BEHIND !!! HUH????? DIDN'T I - HUH - HUH CAL? DIDN'T I?"

Cal sighed, "Yep, that you did Butch."




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