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Chapter Eighteen

"Oh, so I'm not going fucking blind. That was Casey and Cody following that car?"

"Looked like it Butch."

"Well between you and TJ. You have got some really fucked up boys hanging around you. Didn't I say that they must stay behind. STAY BEHIND !!! HUH????? DIDN'T I - HUH - HUH CAL? DIDN'T I?"

Cal sighed, "Yep, that you did Butch."

TJ smiled, Cody fucked up? Hehehehe Butch didn't know the best of it. Again the two trucks turned around and headed in the same direction that the car and bikes were travelling in.

Casey turned around and saw the headlights turn in the road. He accelerated up to Cody and pointed behind them. Cody nodded and the two of them powered their bikes  and turned into the scrub bush. They rode for about a half mile before turning their power machines parallel to the road. Cody hoped that they wouldn't lose Andy. Casey muscled his bike around some scrub. In the moonlight he watched as Cody's broad shoulders pushed the bike faster and faster across the wild terrain.   At one stage he almost lost control as he flew over a small sandhill, landing hard and his hands momentarily losing contact with the handle bars.

Even with the moonlight, it was dark as hell.   Cody tried to avoid the bushes as best he could, but ended up going through a few of the smaller ones.

Butch's voice came over the radio, "I don't believe this. I've lost them."

Cal got worried, "There was a car that passed us before they came by Butch. Is it possible they were following it?"

Butch sighed, he was worried as well. "It's possible, did anyone see where it went or turned off?"


"Well I don't remember passing any roads. Keep your eyes peeled for a farm road guys."

Cody stopped his bike and Casey pulled up next to him. "What's up Code?"

Cody was out of breath, "We've lost the fuckin car."

Casey was breathing just as hard, "Hey, it hasn't turned off or we woulda seen it. Wouldn't we?"

"Yeah - if it turned off this way.   I think it may have turned off in the opposite direction - fuck."

"OK, so let's cross the highway and look for a farm."

Cody gunned the bike and sped off towards the highway, with Casey hot on his heels. Cody stopped and looked in both directions. Two sets of tail lights were disappearing in the distance.

"Those must be the dudes that turned and followed us."

"Hey, could that have been Butch and the others?"

"Maybe - then it's just lucky that they didn't see us. Okay, so which way?"

Casey looked back down the road, "Let's backtrack for a while and see if we can see a road turn off on the other side."

"Okay, let's go."

The two teens sped off down the highway, their eyes searching for a farm road.

The two trucks were stopped. Butch walked over to Cal's truck, "This is no fucking good. Is it possible we missed a turning?"

"It's possible, I don't see how though. Not with all of us looking out."

Cody braked hard and Casey had to swerve to avoid riding up his ass. 

"What the fuck are you doing? I almost hit you."

"I found it. Follow me."

Cody turned his bike and rode slowly up the road. Then he turned towards a line of low bushes. He stopped and got off the bike and walked towards the bushes. Casey followed him. Cody pulled one of the bushes away.

"Check this out, the bushes are covering the road access."

"This must be the place. Why would they cover the access to the farm?"

"Toldya - these guys are into total illegal shit. That's why."

"What about my brother and the others? Shouldn't we wait for them?"

"We could wait forever. Let's move these bushes out of the way. If they come back then they can find the road. Have you got something to leave here - like a sign or somethin?"

Casey pulled his hat off of his head and put it down on one of the bushes. "Cal will recognise this. It's his."

The boys got on to their bikes and started them. They proceeded slowly down the road, their machines at low revs, to avoid any noise. They travelled side by side, their eyes watching the road ahead and looking around for lights of some kind.

They came to a rise in the road and stopped at the top.

"There it is," Cody said, pointing to a group of lit buildings about two miles down the road.

"We should leave the bikes here Cody."

"Okay, but we're gonna have to move quickly. There's a helluva way to go still."

They moved the bikes into the bushes and covered them with branches, as best they could. 

"Casey, you okay about this?"

"What do you mean?"

"I know these people. This isn't just a game. They play for keeps."

"Okay, so I guess you're planning to die then."

"Hell no. It's just that .... well.... I would hate for anythin to happen to you. It's ...."

Casey came up to Cody and gave him a hug. They felt the strength of each other as strong arms wrapped around their two bodies. Casey put his mouth on Cody's and they kissed.

"I'm withya all the fucking way Code. And you're not gonna stop me."

There were lights inside the barn and the boys headed straight for it. Cody put his face around the open door and he caught his breath as he saw the four teens tied up to the poles. He saw Matt. Matt appeared to be unconscious, his face and body badly beaten. Just their fucking style, thought Cody. 

"Oh my fuck," Casey whispered when he saw the boys.

Michael was the first to see the two teens. He nodded his head in the direction of the two guards, who were sleeping against a bale of hay on the side of the barn.

Cody peered around the door and saw them. They looked fucking strong and powerful. The had to immobilise them somehow. If they woke up while they were freeing the other boys all hell would break loose.

"I know what you're thinking Cody. And I know how to do it. There's a pile of metal here on the side of the barn. Find a coupla heavy pieces."

Each boy stood next to a guard. Cody waited for the signal from Casey. He hoped he didn't kill the dude by hitting in the wrong place. Casey nodded and they both let the iron bars come down at the same time. Casey had told Cody where to hit them, on the top, towards the back of the head. It would knock them unconscious and give the boys time to get away. The guards didn't budge, just a slight twitch as they were hit. Cody put his face down next to Jensen's mouth, to make sure he was still breathing.

Both boys went to Matt first. Casey took a pocket knife and cut through the ropes holding him. Matt opened his eyes.

"Cody?" he whispered.

"Yeah, it's me. Now shuddup so we can get you out of here." 

Matt collapsed on the ground, his legs unable to hold him up.

Then they untied the other boys. Matt managed to get to his feet and struggled to get dressed. Cody couldn't help notice the hunk - please stay naked - please stay naked. 

They tied the two guards to the posts. They undid the men's pants and Casey cut their briefs off of them with the pocket knife and shoved it into their mouths as a gag. 

Michael threw some water over Jensen, to wake him up.

"What the fuck are you doin?" Cody asked him.

"I owe this fucker something." 

Jensen slowly opened his eyes and realised that he was tied up and the boys were free.

"Hi." Michael smiled at him.

Jensen felt the boy's fist close around his nuts. Michael squeezed them as hard as he could. He felt the man's nuts explode in his hand.

Cody watched as Jensen's face went red. He tried to scream. His eyes glazed over and he passed out.

"You finished playin your fuckin games now? Let's get out of here."

The boys moved quickly to the barn door.

"I've been waiting for you." Asato had an evil grin on his face.




Lukas Ridgestone



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