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Chapter Four

  "Next stop Las Vegas," TJ shouted.

"Way fuckin cool. Always wanted to see it," said Cody.

The day was hotter than the day before and the boys sat without their tops on, perspiration running down their chests and stomachs. Cody watched as a pool of perspiration formed in his belly button.

TJ concentrated on the road ahead. It was a straight blacktop. His mind went back to the night before. What the fuck had Cody been thinking when he started to feel Matt. He felt sorry for his friend. He looked to his side. Cody's face was pretty beaten up. His eye was swollen badly and the bruise on his cheek was bad. What would Cody's folks say if he arrived back from the States looking like he'd been hit by a truck.

It was early evening when they arrived in the outskirts of Las Vegas. The lights were all on and the boys' eyes were like huge plates as they stared at the flashing neon. All the places they had seen on travel posters were right there. The Golden Nugget, Caesars, Sands Hotel.  There was an energy about Las Vegas that you'd never find anywhere else.  It was like a Disneyland for adults.  Thousands of people walked the streets and the traffic moved slowly passed all the casinos.

"Where we stayin for the night?" Cody asked.

"There must be a boarding type place that has rooms, just keep your eyes peeled." said TJ.

"Hey," said Matt, "I know a place we can stay. It's a friend of my school buddy. She's sharing a house with some friends. Just find a phone booth."

They found a phone booth and Matt went and telephoned his friend. Cody felt TJ's hand rub his leg, "You okay buddy?"

Cody smiled at TJ, "Yeah, I'm doin okay. This place is totally damn unreal."

TJ removed his hand as Matt came back.

He jumped into the truck, "Okay, it's sorted. She's given me directions on how to get there."

"Cool," said TJ, "But first, let's park and walk around a bit."

TJ parked the Ram and the three teens walked down the main street in Las Vegas. The lights, sounds and feeling of excitement were overwhelming. There were people everywhere. Large flashy cars drove by, the neon lights reflecting on the highly polished metal. Cody felt like he was on a different planet.

Two ladies of the night came up to the three of them, "Hi boys, want us to show you a good time?"

Matt hugged the one, "I wish you could, but I don't have any money."

She shrugged him off and said something under her breath about kids on the street at night. The boys laughed as they carried on walking.

The evening was warm but everyone was dressed up. Everyone except the boys who were dressed in T-shirts, shorts and sneakers. They stuck out like sore thumbs.

They walked into a burger joint and sat down in a window booth. They watched the people outside while they ate burgers and drank sodas.

Matt turned away from the window, "Shit! It's Andy."

Cody and TJ looked out of the window and they saw Andy driving slowly in his car. He had someone with him.

Andy saw the boys and did a sharp U-turn in the road. TJ, Cody and Matt got up and ran towards the entrance. They got to the sidewalk as Andy's car came to a stop.

The two men jumped out of the car. They both ran towards Matt. Cody and TJ watched in amazement as Matt jumped and somersaulted over the top of their heads and landed on the roof of their car.

The men turned. Matt's foot shot out and caught Andy's friend on the jaw, sending him flying backwards. Andy ducked as the foot came a second time. He tried to grab it.

Andy's friend recovered and then made a grab for Cody. He caused Cody to trip and then stood over him. "Get up you little cunt." the man growled to Cody.

"Yeah right," said Cody as he headbutted the man in the crotch. He grabbed his balls and sank to the ground, in total pain. Andy was still trying to get Matt off of the roof of the car. Matt bent his knees and jumped, somersaulting over Andy and landing perfectly on his feet, behind him.

As Andy tried to run towards Matt, TJ put his foot out, sending Andy sprawling across the sidewalk.

Cody tugged at TJ's T-shirt, "Hey Teej."


"How come people aren't even stopping to see what's going on? It's like we're invisible."

TJ laughed, "This is America buddy."

Matt, TJ and Cody were out of breath when they got to the Ram. They jumped in the cab and TJ started it. "Where to?" he shouted.

Matt directed TJ out of downtown Las Vegas and they headed into the suburbs.

They turned into the driveway of a double storey house. TJ drove right up the driveway and made sure the Ram couldn't be seen by a casual driver passing by.

Matt rang the doorbell. A pretty, no, beautiful, young girl opened the door.

"Hi Matty," she smiled.

Matt kissed her on the mouth, "Hi Shelley, who's here?"

"Just myself, Dee and oh, Dee's mom is here."


"Hey, she's pretty cool. Come on in."

Shelley led the way into the den. Dee and her mom were chatting.

"Hi." Matt lifted his hand in a short of a wave.

"MATTY!" Dee screamed. She jumped up and gave Matt a huge hug. She stopped and saw Cody and TJ. "Who're your friends?"

"Oh, this is TJ and Cody."

Dee looked at Cody, "Jeez Cody, what happened to you? Slip on a bar of soap or somethin?"

Cody smiled.

Dee's mom walked over to the group. "Hi Matt."

"Hi Mrs. Bullard." said Matt

"Jane, Matt, my name is Jane. And you know it." Mrs. Bullard smiled.

She looked at Cody, "Mmmm, I think I need to look at those scratches and that cut on your cheek."

Cody followed Mrs. Bullard up the stairs.

Dee came close up to Matt, rubbing her crotch against his. "So, how are you big boy?"

TJ watched as Matt's cock grew in his shorts.

Shelley came up to TJ and grabbed his hand. "Hey, come and sit here. Any friend of Matt is a friend of mine."

TJ watched as Matt and Dee started kissing on the couch. Matt's hand was up her blouse, massaging her tits. Dee's hand was in his shorts, stroking him.

Shelley grabbed TJ's hand and put it on her leg. TJ felt his cock coming to life. He slowly moved his hand up towards her crotch. He felt as her hand moved up his leg and into his shorts. He could feel her nails gently tickling his cock.

"Take off your shirt." Mrs. Bullard instructed Cody.

Cody pulled his T-shirt over his head. Mrs. Bullard smiled, "Mmmm nice."

She opened up the medicine cabinet and got out some antiseptic and poured it into a bowl of water. Then she took a swab and gently wiped the cut on his cheek. Cody got a fright when he felt her hand on his crotch. "Fuck TJ, I need you here," Cody thought.

"Hey TJ, want to come up to the room?" Matt asked.

"Er... yeah, sure." TJ said.

The four of them went up to Dee's bedroom. "Okay Matt, on your back."

TJ watched as Matt lay on his back. Dee pulled off his T-shirt and then his shorts, which were wet with precum. Then she undressed herself. Shelley let TJ watch what was happening. Her hand stroked over the hard bulge in his shorts.

TJ got excited as Dee took Matt's solid hard cock into her mouth and almost swallowed the whole thing. Damn she was good.

After a few minutes she straddled him. She held the cock in her one hand and slowly lowered herself down on to it. TJ watched as the wet muscle slid in and out of Dee's slippery wet pussy.

"You want to try some of that?" Shelley asked, excitedly.

"Yeah, sure." said TJ. He was ready to burst.

TJ lay down on the other bed. Shelly undressed him. She ran her finger nails down his chest and stomach and then wrapped her hand around his rock hard cock. She went down on it with her mouth. TJ thought he was going to shoot his load right there and then.

After a few minutes Shelley straddled him and he could feel his cock slide into her tight pussy, as she slid down on to him.

She started to ride him. Her eyes were closed, "Fuck, you are huge," she said.

TJ felt as her tight cunt closed around his cock. It felt good as it slid into her. He felt his balls hit her crotch and she lifted herself.

TJ looked across at Matt. His muscled body arched as he pushed his cock deep into Dee. "Aaaagghhh!" he screamed as he shot his load into her. His body was convulsing as wave after wave of juice left him.

This got TJ's juice rising and he felt his stomach muscles tighten as it shot up out of his cock into Shelley.

Mrs. Bullard had finished treating the wound on Cody's cheek. She slowly ran her fingernails over his chest. "You're a pretty well-muscled boy Cody. You ever had sex before?"

"N-n-no m-m-ma'am," stammered Cody.

"Well well well, a virgin boy."

She slowly slipped Cody's shorts down. His cock jumped up and slapped him in the stomach. Her two hands slid down the side of his boner and her nails tickled his balls.

"Come through here," she said.

Cody followed her through to the bedroom.

She slowly got undressed. For an older woman she still had a good body on her. "Lie down here." She patted the bed next to her.

Cody lay down. A swarm of butterflies attacked his stomach. He closed his eyes as he felt her go down on his hard boner. She was good, she was very good. He felt as she grabbed his hand.   Fuck was this it - first time with a woman and she has to be a hundred years old?

She took his one finger and slowly inserted it into her pussy. "Now, slowly, just work your finger in and out of there."

Cody could feel the wet spongy feeling inside her pussy.

A few minutes later she laid down on her back. "Okay, now come over here and lay between my legs."

She had her legs apart and her knees bent. She grabbed Cody's boner, "Okay, now push it in, slowly. SLOWLY BIG BOY."

Cody was too enthusiastic and his cock was pushed all the way in, in an instant.

"Okay, now slowly, move in and out."

Cody started to fuck her. He felt her tighten her muscles around his cock. It felt different to anything he had felt before. He felt his balls hit her crotch.

After a while, he felt the tightness around his cock and his muscles tensed. He pushed himself in as far as he could go and then he erupted inside of her.

She cried out as he came and she came at the same time. Cody wanted to scream but he was too scared that TJ and Matt would come running in there.

After he was drained, he collapsed on top of her.




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