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Chapter Five

Cody wanted to scream but he was too scared that TJ and Matt would come running in there.

After he was drained, he collapsed on top of her.

Cody woke up an hour later. He was still on the bed where he screwed Mrs. Bullard. He looked around and saw his shorts and T-shirt. He dressed and then went downstairs.

TJ, Matt, Shelly and Dee were lying naked on the carpet, enjoying drinks. Mrs. Bullard walked in, "Oh hello ex-virgin, have a good sleep?"

TJ looked at Cody and mouthed the words "Ex Virgin?"

Cody gave him a sheepish smile. He thought TJ was going to burst out laughing. If he did he would've lost some teeth.

"Yeah, had a nice sleep thanks ma'am," said Cody.

Cody looked across at Matt. He was on his back and Dee was leaning over him, they were deep-throating each other. Cody watched as Matt's ab muscles stretched as he was laying down and felt his cock start getting hard again. Both TJ and Matt were limp, they'd probably been fucking these girls for hours.

"You don't need these," said Mrs. Bullard, and promptly pulled Cody's shorts off.

The girls looked at Cody. "Hey, nice one." said Dee, as Cody's cock pointed outwards.

Cody felt himself going red again.

"Go and sit down there with the girls and boys," said Mrs. Bullard. She led Cody to between Matt and Shelley. "There," she said, "Now you've got a chance to pitch for both sides." She laughed as she walked back into the kitchen.

Matt patted Cody on the stomach, "Enough exercise for you Cody?"

Cody's cock reacted almost instantly to Matt's touch and started getting harder. Cody hoped that Matt wouldn't notice.

"How long are we gonna stay here for?" asked Cody.

"Why, do you want to leave already?" Shelley asked.

"Nope, it's just that we've still got a helluva way to go."

She smiled, "Well, one night shouldn't make too much difference. I guess you guys were planning to spend the night in Vegas anyway."

Mrs. Bullard brought Cody a beer. When he'd finished it he felt really tired and just fell asleep on his back between Shelley and Matt.

TJ looked in the mirror as he brushed his teeth. Matt walked into the bathroom. He had an incredible piss boner. It was pointing up at 45 degrees. TJ's own piss boner was splitting its skin. He looked at the muscle running on the under side of Matt's cock. It was thick and hard.

"Looks like you're ready to burst," TJ smiled through the toothpaste.

"I am," Matt smiled back, "You don't look too bad yourself."

TJ looked down at his cock which was just a little bit away from his gut. "Well, it's pretty damn hard and I don't feel like breaking its neck." TJ turned to face Matt, "Here, feel the thing."

Matt hesitated, "You mean touch it?"

"Shit why not, we're all guys right?"

Matt's hand reached out and two fingers pressed lightly on TJ's boner.

"Fuck, that is rock solid," said Matt as he pulled his hand away. "Want to feel this?"

Matt bounced his cock in front of TJ. TJ's hand went out and his fist closed around Matt's cock. Without being too obvious he stroked it once. TJ noticed Matt's eyes close slightly. This fucker's enjoying this, thought TJ.

"Pretty damn hard," said TJ, pulling his hand away. He thought he could see a sign of disappointment on Matt's face.

Matt blushed slightly, "Yeah, I guess I'll just piss in the shower, rather than break the thing."

TJ laughed. Matt turned on the shower and stepped back. He bumped into TJ, "Sorry TJ."

"Hey, it's cool." TJ carried on brushing his teeth.

TJ watched in the mirror as Matt got into the shower. His butt muscles were tight and his hamstring muscles were well-defined. Through the smoke glass doors, TJ could see him washing his hair.

"Hey TJ, you want to just wash my back for me?" Matt shouted.

"Sure," said TJ. He walked to the shower door and opened it. The water ran in rivers across Matt's chest and then traced paths through his ab muscles.

Matt passed the soap to TJ. TJ soaped up his hands and then started to massage the soap into Matt's back. He could feel the tightness and strength of each muscle as he rubbed the soap in. Matt lifted his arms and TJ soaped down his lats. He let his hands drift around Matt's waist and follow the two lines from his hips. He stopped short when he felt Matt's pubes.

He then soaped up Matt's buns. His finger drifted casually to Matt's crack. Matt pulled away and faced him.

"Not that," his face was serious, "Not that TJ."

TJ thought that he could see tears in his eyes but he couldn't be sure because of the shower water.

Matt grabbed TJ's hands and pulled him into the shower. TJ shivered as Matt's hands gently moved down his stomach. He felt his boner being taken into the two strong hands. Gently, Matt stroked from the head to the base, and back again. Matt was looking down. He didn't want to look TJ in the eyes.

TJ cupped Matt's balls in his one hand and gently stroked his cock with the other. He felt the cock bounce and the balls tighten at his touch.

"Oh fuck, this isn't happening," Matt whispered and then he let TJ's cock go.

"What's the matter buddy?"

"I can't do this TJ. It's just not right, you know?"

TJ nodded his head, "I know how you feel. Hey, it's cool."

Matt looked into TJ's eyes, tears were welling out of them and running down his cheeks, "Two days ago I beat up your best friend for doing this."

"Hey, don't beat yourself up about this okay. We can talk about it sometime."

TJ got out of the shower and dried himself. He left before Matt got out.

Cody was still asleep on the floor. TJ flat-handed him against the stomach, "Wake up, wake up. Rise and shine - well you've already risen - so just shine."

Cody opened his eyes. The head of his boner was sticking out of his shorts. He put his arms above his head and stretched, arching his back. This just sent more of his boner out of his shorts.

"Hey Code, put that damn thing away before I rape you," TJ said.

Cody laughed and stretched more, "Come on baby, do your worst."

"Fuck Cody, you've got precum. You're doing your rabbit trick again." TJ laughed.

Mrs. Bullard walked into the den and took a look at Cody. "My my my, looks like you're definitely ready to start your day."

Cody blushed and pulled his shorts up, but he couldn't hide the straight rod shape in them.

Mrs. Bullard laughed at his embarrasment.

He waited until she left the room and then stood up. TJ gave him a smack in the stomach. "Better go and shower hunk."

Cody passed Matt on the way to the shower. "Hiya."

Matt smiled at Cody, "Looks like you had a good dream."

Cody put one hand in front of his bulging shorts, "Yeah, it was pretty damn neat."

Mrs. Bullard prepared a huge breakfast for the boys. Shelley and Dee had left for work already.

"Now, you make sure and come back to visit, you hear?" she patted Cody's crotch.

"Me Ma'am? Or just my family jewels?" Cody laughed.

"Oh most definitely both of you," she smiled.

TJ reversed the truck out of the driveway. They waved to Mrs. Bullard as they drove off.

"Where to now?" asked Matt.

TJ looked at the clock on the dashboard, "Well, we need to skirt around the city. We don't know if Andy's still around. If he's not around then the chances are he's gone ahead of us and could be waiting."

"So, what do we do?"

"Get on to the smaller roads, off the highway."

TJ stopped at the first gas station they came to. He bought a map detailing the routes bypassing the highway.

"Shit shit shit," said TJ.

"What's up?" Matt asked.

"The best route for us is to Flagstaff. Problem is it's highway 40 and it's open territory. There's a town called Kingman on the way. I reckon if we can make it there without any problems then we should be in the clear."

"Where's Flagstaff?" Cody questioned.

"The Lone Star State Codeman."

"Way damn cool, cowboys."

TJ shook his head and laughed, "You've been watching too much American TV Cody."

TJ turned the truck on to highway 40.

The boys enjoyed the magnificent countryside as TJ drove south. Cody could feel TJ and Matt's smooth muscular legs up against his own, on either side of him.

"Damn," he thought, "hope I can control my boner."




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