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Chapter Six

TJ turned the truck on to Interstate 40.

The boys enjoyed the magnificent countryside as TJ drove south. Cody could feel TJ and Matt's smooth muscular legs up against his own  on either side of him.

"Damn," he thought, "hope I can control my boner."

The countryside soon changed from being flat to mountainous, the beautiful forests straddling either side of the road.    TJ drove the Ram like a pro, his muscular arms tensing with each turn of the wheel.

The slow moving countryside and the movement of the truck soon sent Cody into a slumber.    His head drooped and ended up on TJ's shoulder.

"Hey Matt,  do me a fav huh and take Cody's head on to your shoulder.   It's a real hassle to drive like this."

Matt grabbed Cody's arm and changed his balance and his head rolled over on to his shoulder.  Cody's arm moved across and rested on the top of Matt's leg.

"Fuck,"  Matt cursed.

TJ laughed, "Careful, he doesn't know what he's doin' in his sleep.  Anyway, doesn't look like you're mindin' too much.

Matt blushed as he realised he was getting an erection because of the location of Cody's hand.  

"Fuck this."  He shoved Cody hard.

"Huh?  Where are we?"  Cody shook his head to wake up properly.

TJ was bursting with laughter at what had happened.

"It's not fucking funny TJ."   Matt cursed angrily.

"Am I missin' somethin' here?"  Cody looked bewildered from one to the other.

"Yeah, you missed Matt's cock by inches."  TJ was collapsing with laughter.


Matt glared at TJ, "Hey fuckwit, I don't think that's funny."

It was TJ's turn to get angry.  "Fuck you.   If you've got a hangup about somethin so fucking stupid then it's your prob.  You didn't seem to mind this mornin in the shower."

"Huh?"  Cody was totally bewildered and had no idea what was going on.

TJ realised what he had said, "Oh fuck, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that."

Matt glared out of the window as the Ram carried on down the blacktop.

"I need a piss."  Cody was holding his crotch.

"Yeah, me too."  TJ acknowledged.   He pulled the Ram over at a clearing under some trees.

"So what happened in the shower this mornin.?"    Cody watched as the yellow stream made an arc from his cock.

"It was nothin."

"It was nothin that got me fucked up.  What happened?"

"Drop it Cody."

"You screw him?"

TJ stared at Cody," No, my fuckin name's not Cody Taronto that screws everything in sight."

"We need to lose him TJ.   We've always got a fuckin passenger with us.   I wanta spend some time alone with ya."

"Don't sweat it, we'll have plenty of time."

"So, what happened this mornin?"

TJ turned around and let the last of his piss loose on Cody's legs.     Cody jumped out of the way, but not without getting his leg soaked.

"Fuck TJ, you're lucky I'm empty."    He ran after TJ and tackled him hard on to the ground.   He moved his leg up and down against TJ's T-shirt.

"Damn Cody,"  TJ laughed as he pushed Cody off of him.  "Hey, wanna drive?"

"Fuck, yeah."

Matt was shocked, "Cody's driving?"

"Yeah, it's cool, don't worry.   As long as he drives in the middle of the road it's great."

"The MIDDLE of the road?"

TJ and Matt were thrown backwards as Cody pulled away from the shoulder.  Matt put a hand over his eyes.

The scenery along the highway was magnificent.     Matt had dozed off.    Cody enjoyed driving.    He loved the feeling of power as he took the Ram around some of the sharp bends.

TJ was thinking about Matt.    Something wasn't quite what it seemed but then again it was none of his business and he and Cody and got into enough adventures to last a lifetime.    He smiled, what was it about this South African that attracted trouble like shit attracted flies.

"Are you still gonna be around for a few days in Bowling Green before you go home?"

"I'd forgotten all about how quickly my holiday was comin to an end."   A sad quietness took over the cab.    TJ checked to see that Matt was still sleeping, he moved his hand across to Cody's leg.

"I'm gonna missya - fuck I'm gonna missya Cody."

"Me too TJ."   Cody took TJ's hand and put it on his crotch, he wanted TJ to feel the erection building up in his shorts.

"Grand Canyon, hey TJ there's a turnoff to the Grand fuckin Canyon.   How far is it?"

TJ had forgotten that their route would take them to the main road to Grand Canyon.  "Hey Cody, take the next left.  I'm gonna show you the biggest crack you'll ever see."

"Whoohoo,"  Cody screamed as he turned the Ram on to the exit.

Matt woke up as they were going into the main gate into the park.    "Where the fuck are we?"

"Grand Canyon.   I wanted Cody to see it before he goes home."

"Neat." Matt sat up in the seat and looked around him.

The park was pretty quiet and the boys found a viewsite where there were no visitors. 

TJ took his cock out of his pants, "I need a piss."

Cody and Matt watched as the yellow stream arched over the edge to disappear into fresh air below.

"I've got a better idea,"  said Cody.   He pulled his shorts down and started to stroke his hard six.

"What the fuck are you doing?  TJ what the fuck is Cody doing?"

TJ smiled, "I think it's called jacking."  Then TJ took his cock out again and started to stroke it as well.

"You guys are fucking crazy.   You're gonna get us locked up."

Cody couldn't help notice the bulge growing in Matt's shorts as well.   He felt the surge in his groin and his cock went tender as he released his juice into the canyon, some of it falling on to the ledge where they were standing.     He carried on stroking until he had released his load.     He watched as TJ's juice took off in a long lazy arc, like a dyslexic alien, and disappeared into the nothingness below them.

Matt had left the two and gone back to sit in the Ram.    He was furious.

Cody and TJ sat overlooking the canyon.

"Never thought I'd ever see this."

"Awesome huh?"  TJ smiled, knowing that they had done the right thing to come here.

Cody never replied, he didn't need to.   The expression on his face told TJ that he was enjoying what he was seeing.

"Hey, can I drive for a while?"  Matt asked casually, as the two got to the truck.

"Yeah, sure.   Cody give Matt the keys."

Matt pulled away from the curb and they headed back to the interstate.

After a further hour of driving, just as it was getting dark, they came into a small town.

"Guess we should hole up for the night."  said TJ pointing to a small dingy looking hotel.

They got a single room with two beds.

"Cody can sleep with you tonight TJ."  Matt fell down on one of the beds and put his hands up behind his head.

"Yeah, Matt's scared I'm gonna rape him."  piped Cody.

"Go rape your fucking hand.   I'm getting sick of you farting everytime I say something."

TJ got mad, "Will the two of you just fucking shut up.    One minute you're big buddies and the next minute you're dissing each other all the damn time."

TJ and Cody climbed into the bed naked.   Matt kept his pair of boxers on as he climbed into the other bed.  

They lay, waiting to hear Matt's steady breathing as he fell asleep.

Cody turned on this his side, ensureing that his aching hard cock rested in TJ's hand.   Then he slowly moved his hand on to TJ's chest.    He felt the muscles contract as he moved them gently across his stomach.




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