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Chapter Seven

TJ's stomach flattened even more as Cody's hand slid down to his bush of pubes. Cody felt the patch of precum that had dripped from TJ's cockhead.

TJ drew a breath as Cody's hand started to magically transport him to a world that only the two of them understood at that moment.

Cody's fist closed around TJ's thick cock and started to gently stroke it. The two of them moved closer and their lips met. TJ's tongue forced an opening into Cody's mouth. He tasted his friend.

They both moved their hips in unison with each other's hands. Almost simultaneously they felt the warm rush of each other's juice as they exploded over each other. Their mouths were still locked, savouring each other.

Matt felt his own cock just about to explode. He rolled on to his stomach, closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

Cody woke up with the shower running. He looked across to the other bed and Matt was staring at him.

"Hi Matt."

"Hi Cody, sounded like you and TJ had some fun last nite."


"Stop bullshitting me okay. I know that TJ's into guys and I'm fucking sure now that what happened the other day wasn't just a mistake."

"Yeah, whatever."

"So, did you like it?"

"Like what?"

"The feeling of my cock in your hand."

"Is this convo headin for a fight?"

Matt looked across to the bathroom and the shower was still running. He pulled the covers off of himself. He had a massive erection. 

"No, I lied to you as well. I actually enjoyed it. Want some more?"

"So, what the fuck did you fuck me up for?"

"I wasn't sure about TJ, but I am now."

"So, what is your story then?"

"Well, the guys that hired me are from a place called The Ranch and they are all looking for me cos of the money I've taken - that's true. I wanted to go there because of the physical contact with guys and shit like that. Then I got wind that teen guys were being offed for snuff movies and I got cold feet."

TJ came out of the shower, drying his hair.

Matt was too slow in pulling the covers back over himself.

"Hey Matt, nice cock. You and Cody comparing sizes or something?"

"Matt's into guys." Cody said to TJ.

TJ smiled, "I knew that, since we showered together."

Matt started to frown, "Hey, can we drop this convo?"

"Anyway," Cody said as he pulled the covers off of himself and headed for a piss, "I owe you a fuckin hidin. You beat me up for nothin."

Matt just smiled, "Take your fucking chance anytime bud, just be prepared for more of the same if you do though."

TJ dried under his crotch, his hard cock bouncing as he did. "I think you need to lay off of Cody for a while okay. He didn't deserve that hiding you gave him and now that you're out with us I think you can be a little cooler with him."

"Anyway, I'm gonna leave you guys today. Andy and his goons have your damn truck taped and I need to jet out."

"Why don't you make a plan to give their money back."

"Fuck that. They weren't planning to give me the money anyway. They would've taken it back once they'd thrown me into a shallow grave."

TJ pulled his boxers on. "Those dudes don't play games. Cody can tell you all about it."

"Yeah, I'm sure he can. But hey, I'll be gone like the fucking wind and out of your lives by this morning."

TJ heard the shower start and imagined the rivers of water running down Cody's body and wished that he'd delayed his shower till now.

Matt finished dressing and grabbed his bag.

"Just tell Cody that I'm sorry for what happened. We won't meet again anyway."

"You going to be okay?"

"Yeah, hey I've managed so far. And TJ...."

TJ looked up, "Yeah?"

"Thanks, for everything, I appreciate it. Tell Cody that I hope he enjoys the rest of his trip. He's okay."

TJ smiled, "He's better than that."

Cody's eyes were closed as his fist slid up and down on his thick cut erection. He enjoyed the feeling of the hard, solid muscle sliding in his hand. His knees bent as his boyjuice flew against the shower tiles. He let the water run over his cockhead as he cleaned the last of his cum off of the head. His head was full of thoughts of Matt's erection as he was laying on the bed and Cody pictured his lips sliding up and down the teen monster.

TJ packed the few things that were still out of the bags, including Codys. He heard tires outside and walked to the window. Matt was standing against a car, his feet spread apart. Andy and two other guys were standing behind him. Matt looked back towards the motel room as Andy's pistol came down on the back of his head. His knees buckled and he collapsed in a heap next to the car. The two goons picked him up and threw him into the back of the car.

"CODY!" TJ shouted. He sprinted across the room and opened the bathroom door. Cody was just coming out of the shower.

"What's up?"

"They've got Matt. We've gotta get our asses moving to go and help him."

"Who's got Matt? What the fuck are you talkin about?"

"Andy and his fucking goons. C'mon, let's move. Put some fucking clothes on first."

Cody closed the door, realising that he was about to go outside stark naked.

Matt woke up with an incredible headache.

Sarkis was speaking to Andy, "What about the other boys? Who were they?"

"I don't know who they were, but nobody saw us get this kid."

Sarkis smiled down at Matt, "He's got a healthy body. Maybe now I can get Asato off of my fucking back."

"Where am I?" Matt asked groggily.

"Where you were paid to be," Sarkis snarled at him, "well not quite, but this old farm will do in place of the Ranch for a while."

"I'll get your money back for you." Matt said.

A voice came out of the shadows of the old barn, "Well done Sarkis. You have redeemed yourself with a couple of beauties."

"Just want to give you your money's worth Asato, so you can get out of here and leave me alone."

"Tut tut Sarkis, have my boys not given you some pleasure as well?"

Sarkis felt his cock harden at the memory of his night with the two Asian teens. They were good, very good, artists in fact. 

"Yes, but your appetite for blood nearly got us killed."

"By those teenage hoodlums? You Americans are weak."

Asato walked across to where Matt was lying and knelt down next to him. He tore Matt's shirt open and put his hand on the well-developed pecs. He slowly ran his hand down Matt's abs and then grabbed his balls and gave them a squeeze.

Matt let out a shout.

"Not yet, not yet ... those are going to be crushed very slowly."

Matt felt the perspiration run down his back.

Cody scoured the countryside as TJ drove the Ram down the dusty road.

"Nothin Teej. This is like the hundredth off-road that we've taken and we've seen nothin."

"They couldn't have just disappeared. They must be around here somewhere."

"Maybe they just hit it down the highway to LA."

"Maybe, but I doubt it. They would've made some plans to be closer to here."

"THERE!" shouted Cody, "slow down, they'll fuckin see us."

TJ pulled the truck to a stop and got out. All they could see were a few motor homes and bright lights. TJ went into deep thought.

"Is it possible that they're gonna make a fuckin snuff movie out here?" Cody asked.

"We'll have to wait until dark and then sneak up on that place."

TJ drove the ram slowly, to avoid making a dust cloud. He drove it for a half mile into an area surrounded by trees.

"Wouldn't they have seen our dust when we first rode up?" Cody asked.

"Well, it's been an hour and there's no sign of anyone coming, so probably not."

"How long?"

"About another two hours. Hey, how the fuck do we end up in these situations?"

"Luck," Cody smiled, but he was as scared as hell.

They sat outside the truck, their shirts off. TJ walked away from the truck to have a piss and Cody stared at him. Who else on this planet had a hunk of a friend like TJ? Probably no one. TJ fastened his buttons and then turned around.

"What the fuck you staring at?" 

"I was just thinkin."

Oh shit, thought TJ, more trouble.

"Thinking what?"

"Maybe I need a protein injection before the action."

"Well, we've got the time, want to get into the back of the truck?"

The two teens got naked, both of them shining with perspiration. Cody lay at the bottom. He liked it because his hands could be free to explore his friend's muscular body. He felt TJ's thighs up against his waist. Then TJ's face came closer and they kissed, both tongues going deep into the other's mouth. 

Cody held his hard cock while TJ slowly slid down on to it. There was no need to lube because the perspiration was covering both of their dicks. TJ gasped as he felt his friends thick muscle slide into him.

Cody bent his knees slightly, to enable him to thrust his hips. He held TJ's pecs as his cock slid in and out of his friend. Both of them made noises of pure ecstacy. Muscles went taut and the breathing got heavier as Cody increased his movement. He went as deep as he could, feeling his tight balls up against TJ's crack.




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