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Chapter Eight

Cody bent his knees slightly, to enable him to thrust his hips. He held TJ's pecs as his cock slid in and out of his friend. Both of them made noises of pure ecstacy. Muscles went taut and the breathing got heavier as Cody increased his movement. He went as deep as he could, feeling his tight balls up against TJ's crack.

Matt sat eating the burger that Sarkis had brought in for them. There were four of them in the shed at the back of the barn. Their feet and hands were chained.

One of the boys looked like he wasn't much older than 12 or maybe 13. The other two looked like they could be about 17. All of them were scared and not sure what whas happening.

Matt looked at one of the older boys who was staring at him, "What the fuck are you staring at?"

"Fuck you."

Matt carried on eating. The younger boy spoke next.

"What are we doing here? I thought this was like a wrestling camp or something."

"It is." one of the other boys said, "Except that you might die."

Everything went quiet for a while and then Matt heard the young boy's soft sobbing.

"What's your name?"


"I'm Matt. How did you guys get involved with this thing?"

The boy who had told Matt to fuck off told him that they were all street kids, ready to turn anything for a buck. Someone had told them about a wrestling camp where they made videos and sold them and they would be paid.

"What's your names?"

Mark was the dark haired one of the older boys and he was 17. Even with his jeans and T-shirt, Matt could see that he was powerful. He had well-developed arms and legs and his chest was muscular.

Chris was the blonde one and he was 16. He had a good body but not that muscular. Matt found out that Michael was 14 years old and ran away from home when he was 12.

All of them had been picked up in LA.

"If they picked you up in LA, why did they bring you guys out here? I thought they would've taken you to the Ranch."

Chris spoke up, "Apparently there was some shit there and it was swarming with cops. They've set up shop on this old farm for a while."

Matt asked the question, "You guys gay?"

"Just because we do a trick or two with guys doesn't mean we're fucking queens." Mark said.

"That's not what I meant." said Matt, getting angry with Mark's aggro attitude.

TJ exploded into his friend, thrusting harder with each jet of juice that left his tender cock. Cody's legs tightened around him. He wanted his friend to stay inside of him forever. TJ lay down on top of his friend, his cock still buried deep.

After the daylight had totally disappeared, the two of them made their way to where they could still see the bright lights that they had seen earlier. It took them an hour and a half to get to the outskirts of the small encampment.

"Come on Butch, for fuck sake it's freezing."

Cody and TJ stealthily moved closer to see where the sound was coming from. 

Their eyes shot out of their heads as they saw a naked guy who looked like he could've been a teenager. He had the body of a Greek god and a huge cock hung down between his legs. 

They looked around and other people were moving flood lights into position. A bearded guy with a camera walked across to the hunk.

"I've got a half roll of film and I intend shooting it now so I can develop the thing by tomorrow morning."

Cody looked at TJ, "Is that who I think it is?"

TJ nodded his head in disbelief.

Even though he was cold, the heat from the floodlights made the perspiration run in rivers off of Chance's muscular chest and down his stomach.

"Fuck it Butch, how much longer. Lukas is just as fucking cold."

Then Cody saw another naked guy, who looked like he could've walked out of a Mr. Universe contest. He recognised the Lukas that they were talking about. It was Lukas Ridgestone, one of the Belami boys. He was hung like Chance, with a cock that would make a horse cry and a body which every man and woman on the planet would've liked to touch.

"I've died and gone to heaven," Cody whispered.

"Come," TJ grabbed Cody's arm and they moved around the closest motorhome to get a better look.

Lukas walked over to where Chance and Butch were standing. It was like a scene out of a Heavenly Body mag, if there was one. 

"Come guys, what do you say, can we finish this roll of film?"

"Let's just be quick okay." Chance was not happy. Lukas just nodded his agreement.

Cody watched as the various floodlights were put in place around a small grove of trees. Butch set up his echo flashes and took light readings while Chance and Lukas stood talking to each other.

"How do the two of them manage to stop gettin boners?" Cody asked TJ.

"I see you don't have that problem." TJ said, looking down at Cody's pants which were pointing out away from his friend, marked by a clear wet patch which was spreading.

"I want you to blow me right here," Cody smiled.

"Fuck off and go wank somewhere."

The two teens watched as Butch directed the two hunks. He started snapping away. Chance was standing behind Lukas with his hands on the Belami boy's chest. Lukas had his head back with an expression of pure pleasure on his face. The hands moved down his muscled stomach, fingers tracing the valley in the middle of his hard abs. 

"That's it!" shouted Butch.

Lukas turned to Chance and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, "I'm going to get dressed." 

"Me too," said Chance, "I'm fucking freezing my buns off here."

TJ looked at Cody, "Matt's not here Code. I can't believe that these guys have got anything to do with what's happening."

"I guess you're right," Cody agreed.

"What are you doing here?" It was Butch. He saw the boys as he was walking towards his mobile studio. He looked mad as hell.




Lukas Ridgestone



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