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Chapter Nine

"What are you doing here?" It was Butch. He saw the boys as he was walking towards his mobile studio. He looked mad as hell.

"We, er ......" TJ didn't know where to start.

"How long have you been here?"

"About an hour," TJ said.

"So, what are you doing here? How did you get here?" Butch looked behind the boys to see if he could see any transport.

TJ explained about the truck being left down the road and that it was a long story.

"I've got the time, follow me." Butch looked at Cody, "You've cum in your shorts son."

Cody went scarlet, "Had a bit of an accident."

Butch laughed, "Looks more like a train wreck boy."

Butch's mobile studio was big. To the one side there was a dark room, with a red light outside the door. There was a bedroom with a big double bed and a bathroom with a shower and toilet. A kitchen, bar and lounge with TV and hifi took up the centre of the huge vehicle.

TJ and Cody took turns in telling Butch the long story about the Ranch and about Matt. Butch listened to every detail, drinking his scotch. The boys each had a beer.

"I've heard about the Ranch. It's bad news. So - you thought that this was where your friend was being brought. It's going to be hard to find them, but I do have some underground contacts. I hope your friend is okay. I've heard of a few teens going there and not ever coming out."

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Butch shouted.

Chance came through the door, having to duck because of his height. His wide shoulders filled the doorway.

"Hey Butch, just wanted to find out if the proofs are ready. Oh, am I interrupting something?" He looked across at Cody and TJ, walked over to them and extended his hand.

His handshake was firm. He was dressed in Levi jeans which hugged his muscular legs and an open neck button-up shirt, which highlighted the smooth muscles of his pecs and his strong shoulders.

"This is Chance," Butch said.

"I know," Cody said, eagerly.

Chance smiled, "You know me?"

"Yeah sure, fuckin hell. Everybody knows you."

TJ laughed, "You're boning again Cody."

Everyone laughed. Cody's shorts were pushing air.

Butch briefly related the boys' story to Chance.

"Look," Butch said, "there's not a lot we can do tonite. I suggest you boys bunk here tonite and we can try and sort something out in the morning. In the meantime I'll make some calls. Chance, can TJ sleep in your van, on the spare bunk?"

"Yeah, sure."

"I'll see if Cody can sleep in Lukas' van, or maybe with one of the lighting boys."

"It would be cool if I could share with Lukas," Cody said, too eagerly.

Matt and the boys were asleep. Sarkis was in his office, across the table from him was Asato.

Asato was fidgety, "How secure is this farm?"

"Secure enough. Stop worrying, your two boys can have their fun and we'll catch all the action on video and you can make your fortune."

"I worry because of what happened. Don't tell me to stop worrying. When a bunch of yankee teenagers can stop an entire operation of this calibre, I worry."

"It won't happen again Asato, calm down."

Asato got up and left. He walked across to the farm house. He looked into the room where his two young athletes were fast asleep. He sat on the older one's bed and gently pulled down the covers. His erection was instant. The sight of the oriental boy's golden, muscled skin was too much. Asato gently put his hand on the boy's cock, which was lying flacid across his stomach. He felt it gently come to life. The boy's eyes opened, "Hello Mr. Asato."

"Hello my golden god," Asato smiled and he kissed the boy. He moved his head down to the boy's hardening cock and opened his mouth to accept it.

The boy arched back at the sensation of his master taking in his boyhood. He felt the firm lips and tongue wrap around his cock and his breathing got heavy.

Asato undid his pants and pulled them off. The boy turned around and slowly sucked his master's hard meat, gently, as he liked it. Asato drifted into heaven as he felt his boygod take him in. His hands explored the boy's muscular torso. 

"So TJ, where are you from?"


"Want a beer?"

"Yeah, sure."

Chance threw a beer across to TJ and then took his shirt off. Him and TJ had the same build, well-defined pecs alonside strong shoulders, flattening to a hard firm sixpack and narrow waist.

TJ felt his cock hardening as Chance sat next to him.

Chance smiled, "I see Cody's not the only one."

TJ just smiled back, "Fuck, the sight of you would make any guy hard."

"Think so?" Chance's one hand undid the buttons of TJ's shirt and he slipped his hand inside, feeling the hard muscular body. He slowly moved down to TJ's belt and undid the buckle and then the buttons, one by one. TJ's CK briefs were struggling to contain his hard cock. Chance lightly let his fingers trace the outline. TJ closed his eyes.

"Want to share my bed tonight?" he asked TJ.

"I'd like that a stack." TJ said.

"Stack? What sort of word is that?"

TJ laughed, "It's one of Cody's favourites. It means 'a lot'."

TJ told Chance about Cody and how they had become friends.

Chance pulled off TJ's briefs and then TJ stood up and started undressing him. TJ had seen the pics on the net but in real life, this hunk was a million times better. 




Lukas Ridgestone


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