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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



Brad stretched his arms out above him. His legs were off the bed, his feet touching the floor. TJ was kneeling between them. He had his fist around the base of Brad's boner and was licking it like an ice cream cone. Brad's eyes were closed and he was moaning. TJ's eyes looked up. He could see Brad's chest heaving and his stomach muscles were pulled tight, his belly button almost forming a line.

TJ felt as Brad lifted his crotch. He went down further on Brad's boner. His lips were tight as he sucked him in further.

The cellphone rang.

Brad lay back, "Fuck fuck fuck. FUCK THAT THING."

He reached over for the phone. TJ watched has his stomach muscles stretched. Brad's cock was still hard in his hand and he was still stroking it gently. Every now and then he would feel it jump in his hand.

Brad passed the phone to TJ, "It's for you TJ."


"TJ, its Stian. Listen I've been on the net with Paul. He says the news about these dudes is not good."

Stian explained to TJ what he had found out about Ranch Productions.

"TJ listen. Paul says, from what he can find out, these dudes haven't made one of those snuff movie things in about three years. So, maybe Cody is gonna be okay. But we've still got guys on the net searching for info. I'll keep in touch."

"Thanks buddy, give Paul a kiss for me huh."

Stian giggled, "Yeah sure. Listen, do you want me to come up there to you?"

"Nope, not at the moment. You're of more use to me where you are."

"Damn." Stian sighed, "I wanted to meet Renfro."

TJ laughed, "I know that."

TJ put the phone down. Brad was still lying there on the bed, his hands behind his head. His cock was still hard, precum was dripping off of the head. TJ wasn't in the mood.

He told Brad what Stian had told him about the snuff movies.

"I remember hearing about those," said Brad, "Then the guys went underground and the movies stopped."

The phone rang again. Brad picked it up. "Yo, BR here."

TJ walked to the window and stared out. He could hear Brad talking to someone on the phone.


TJ turned around. Brad was smiling. "There's a buddy of mine coming around here. He has found out about Ranch. He says they have a place, called The Ranch. It is out towards Las Vegas, in the desert. Damn difficult to get to. But he has a friend on the street who can help."

"This guy a good friend of yours?"


"Who you've just been speaking to."

"JTT, yeah we've been friends for a few years."

"JTT? Not THE JTT - right?"

"The one and only."

TJ's eyes were huge, "He's coming here?"

Cody was starting to feel better. His stomach was still cramping, but the sick feeling was disappearing. He sat up slowly in the back of the van. George and the driver were in the front and Bruce and JC were in the seat in front of him.

They were travelling through some dry rocky countryside.

Cody looked down. He was still naked. He was covered in dried puke and he stank. His cock was still rock hard. "I need a piss," he said to George.

"So, do I." said Bruce, waking up from a doze.

"Just another ten minutes." said George, "We're going to stop at a river crossing. You guys can clean yourselves up."

ECOSYS: stian - we may be in luck


ECOSYS: theres a dude in the gay chat. he says hes looking for strong, good looking guys for a vid, are there any takers.

BOYVIKING: so whats that got to do with us?

ECOSYS: says theyre making the vid out at a ranch near the nevada border of california

BOYVIKING: paul can you trace the dude?

ECOSYS: :) already have

BOYVIKING: so what now?

ECOSYS: stian i need to contact tommy - ive got an idea

BOYVIKING: if youre gonna contact tj i want in on anything you guys are going to do

ECOSYS: :) ive already thought of that too

BOYVIKING: you can contact him at this number

TJ and Brad went down to the driveway. The red sports car stopped where they were standing. TJ stared as Jonathan Taylor Thomas climbed out of the sports car. He was a lot better in person than on TV. He had a mischievous smile and a really great body. He was wearing a pair of oversized shorts and his short-sleeved summer shirt was open. He had well-developed pecs and a flat muscular stomach.

He walked over and bowed in front of Brad and TJ, "Mr. Renfro, sir. I am at your service."

Brad laughed, "You are so fulla shit JT. Let's go around to the pool and talk."

JT smiled and held out his hand at TJ, "Hi, I'm.."

TJ smiled back, "I know who you are. Fuck I can't believe it."

JT laughed, "Yeah a lotta people can't."

Brad's telephone rang. "Here TJ, it's for you."

TJ grabbed the phone, "Yeah?"

"TJ, its Paul."

"Paul? Paul who?"

"Paul fuckin Ecosys that's who."

TJ screamed into the phone, "Eco? Fuckin hell, I can't believe it. Listen, you are not gonna believe who's here with me."

"Let me guess. Brad Renfro and Jonathan Taylor fucking Thomas."

"How didya know?"

"WHAT? You mean JTT is there with you as well. I knew about Brad, Stian told me."

TJ laughed, "You took a good guess. He arrived about ten minutes ago."

Paul gave a long panting sound on the phone, TJ laughed. "Paul, you're a maniac. So, what's up?"

"Okay, listen up, I am flying to LA. I have spoken to my folks and they're giving me the ticket and some cash. I told them that I was invited by Brad Renfro. So......"

TJ smiled, "Yeah, so?"

"TJ I need for Brad to phone my dad. He needs some proof because he laughed at me when I told him. He said that if it's true he will give me the ticket."

"So, you want to speak to Brad?"

TJ heard Paul breathing heavily into the phone, "Yes yes yes yes yes YES!!!!"

TJ laughed, "Okay, hang on a sec."

He spoke to Brad and handed him the phone. TJ laughed when he heard Paul's loud voice on the receiver, "BRAD RENFRO, IM TALKING TO BRAD FUCKING RENFRO?"

Brad laughed as well, he covered the mouthpiece, "This friend of yours is crazy and you want him to help us?"

The van turned and stopped under some trees. They had travelled along the dirt road for about ten minutes before getting to the river.

Cody and JC were still naked and filthy. They were feeling a lot better and walked to the river edge. They both still had hard boners which pointed skywards.

Bruce took off his clothes and followed them. He felt his cock stiffening at the sight of the two pairs of buns in front of him.

George felt his crotch get wet at the sight of the three teenage hunks in the river.

The ranch was like something out of the Alamo. It was a huge Mexican style property. The main house was enormous and there were many smaller guest cottages around the perimeter. About a half mile away, there was a huge building which looked like a small bullfighting ring.

Sarkis stood up as the Oriental guy walked into the room. He held out his hand, "Mr. Asato. It is such a pleasure to meet you again."

Asato gave a small bow, "The pleasure is mine Mr. Sarkis. I look forward to a good competition."

"It will be good. I am scouting for competitors at this moment."

Asato gave a small smile, "I have brought with me the two champions from my country. The one is a 16-year-old god and the other boy is 18 years old. They are both very powerful and have beaten all their opponents in the past two months."

"I would like to see them."

Asato clicked his fingers and a bodyguard walked ahead of two young oriental teens. They were wearing tight jeans, which showed off athletic, muscular legs. They wore martial arts tops, tied by a loose belt. Their chests and stomachs were open. They sported muscular pecs and flat muscular six-packs. Sarkis could see that they had powerful shoulders and arms as well. The American boys were going to be seriously hurt by these two, he thought to himself.

Cody's head surfaced from the water, "So, why do they call you JC."

JC smiled at him, "Juicy Cock."

Cody laughed, "You serious?"

Bruce came up behind JC and his hands moved down JC's stomach to his crotch. "Yeah, he is serious and he's right. The juiciest."

The three boys swam to the middle of the river. Cody looked at Bruce, "So, what's going to happen now? This doesn't look like a vacation trip."

Bruce's face looked serious, "They have a competition at the ranch every few months. It gets pretty damn brutal. A lotta guys end up in hospital. Sometimes a guy can be killed if the fight isn't stopped in time."

"Fight? Is that the competition? Who fights?"

"It depends, sometimes it's just a challenge from someone or a coupla people. They put a lot of money on it. Millions of dollars in fact."

"Who do they use for the fights?"

"Well, they normally pick up runaways and sometimes if there's something that comes up in a hurry, they search the net."

"Where do we fit into this?"

"Well, Me and Bruce are runaways. George has been paying my rent and keeping us in food and stuff. They pay us for making movies and for pics. No one knows where we are or anything."

"And me?"

Bruce turned to JC, "JC, you feeling better now?"

Cody grabbed Bruce's arm, "And me? I asked what about me."

Bruce looked away, "You're marked by them as a runaway Cody. You have no family here who's gonna come looking for you. If you disappeared it couldn't be traced to them."

TJ sat on the edge of the pool next to Brad. The three of them had been swimming naked. TJ watched as JT walked out at the steps. His tan and the water running off of him showed off the muscles in his back. He had a narrow waist and a tight butt. The tan lines showed that he normally wore a narrow waist Speedo to tan in. He walked over to where they were sitting, his stomach muscles heaving after the heavy swim workout.

JT grabbed a towel and stood next to TJ. TJ could almost smell his scent. He looked at the smooth muscled cock that hung between JT's legs. He had a semi. The water was dripping off the end.

JT sat down next to TJ, "So what do we do now?"

TJ looked at the shimmering water in the pool, "Well, Paul arrives tonight from London. He says he has put together all the info he needs from the web, and there are still guys looking for more. He will have most of it with him. Stian will gather the other stuff and bring it with him tonight, from Newport."

JT smiled, "Cool, so we have the whole day together. You guys jack off yet?"

Brad was lying on his back now with his hands behind his head, "Fuck JT you are so bad. How do you know TJ would do something like that?"

TJ got a helluva fright as JT grabbed his cock. "Hey TJ, you jack off dontya?" JT giggled.

TJ leaned back on his elbows to give JT an easier access to his cock. He felt himself going hard in JT's fist.

Brad giggled, "Hey JT, get him to blow you. Best one I've ever had."

JT looked at TJ's cock stiffening in his hand. "I'll need to do him first though. Can we go up to your room and lock the damn door. You always have these fuckin bodyguards around the place."

Paul sat on the plane. He was going through the papers that he had put together about Ranch Productions. He was excited about meeting Tommy and his cock seemed to be in a permanent semi state, dripping with precum. The toilet paper that he had shoved in his jeans was soaked.

Stian typed at the PC.

BOYVIKING: so how many do we have?

BRATMAN: ive managed to get three of them accepted by this dude. he doesnt suspect a thing. they have arranged to meet him in la

BOYVIKING: do they know how dangerous this could be?

BRATMAN: that is also taken care of - dont worry stian. have you heard from tommy?

BOYVKING: no but eco is on his way to la

BRATMAN: eco? paul? why is he going?

BOYVIKING: he reckons that they need his brains to plan this thing :)

JT lay down on the bed. TJ's mouth was over his boner, sucking him in and tasting every drop of this muscled superstar.

Brad was at JT's head. JT was doing a good job of almost taking in all of Brad's cock.

TJ had a boner like he had never had before. He was watching Brad's boner sliding in and out of JT's mouth.

Stian got into the old VW Beetle bug and started the engine. Old faithful roared to life. He went over the bridge from Balboa Island to Newport. In no time he was on the highway to LA.

Asato watched as his two teenage warriors wrestled with each other. They were dressed in sumo type loincloths. They pulled no punches as they hit each other and threw each other to the ground.

Asato smiled, "The American kids didn't know what was coming."

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