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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



"Hey TJ, look at this."

TJ grabbed the small book out of Brad's hand, "What is it?"

Brad looked over TJ's shoulder as he paged through it, "I've seen that before many times. It's a movie script."

"Movie script?"

"Yeah, but read it. It's for a porn movie TJ."

TJ looked at the cover of the manuscript, the title said, 'Boy Slaves of LA'.

"That doesn't tell us where Cody is though."

"TJ, if Cody is involved with the porn guys here in LA, he could be in some very heavy shit."

"So how do we find out who the hell is making these things."

Brad took the manuscript from TJ, "These things are underground cos they use guys and girls that are under age. It's going to be hard to find them."

"We're gonna have to stay here and wait for them then." said TJ, sitting down on the bed. He picked up one of Cody's T-shirts, lying on the bed.

"If they left in a hurry TJ, they might not be back. We're gonna need to do something quicker than that."

Cody felt his muscles cramping. Every muscle felt like it was on fire. He looked in the mirror and saw that his ab muscles were tight and his biceps were more defined that he had ever seen them. He looked down at his cock and it was fighting to crawl out of its skin. It was harder than ever. His nuts felt like someone had kicked them, they were so tight. He didn't know what was happening to himself. He walked back into the studio. Bruce was lying on the bed on his stomach. He wasn't allowed to wipe the cum off of his crack.

"Looking fantastic Cody." George said to him.

"I don't feel so good," said Cody.

George got up and walked over and put an arm over Cody's shoulder. He felt the teen's muscles ripple under his touch. "You're gonna be alright Cody. Now here is what I want you to do."

Stian picked up the telephone, "Hi."

"Stian, hey! Listen, it's TJ here. I need a favour from you."

TJ explain to Stian what had happened and what they suspected.

"You and fuckin Brad Renfro spent the night together? Fuckin hell TJ." Stian sounded like he was jumping up and down with the telephone in his hand and jerking off with his other hand.


"Er - yeah sure TJ, I'll get on to it right away."

TJ gave Stian the cellphone number.

Brad looked over at him, "Reckon he can help?"

"It's a long shot. But yeah, I think he can."

Cody had massaged the cum into Bruce's crack. His head was spinning. Every muscle in his body was cramping and burning. He pushed his boner down. He had to force it down hard because it was so hard and tight. He put the cockhead into Bruce's crack. Then he held Bruce's hips and pushed his own hips forward. His hard cock slid into Bruce's tight ass.

"Aaagghh! Fuck Cody, be fucking gentle." Bruce screamed out, as Cody's cock tore into him.

"Shut the fuck up Bruce." shouted George, the camera was running.

Sartis watched as Cody's cock slid in and out of Bruce's crack. Bruce was feeling the pain. Cody was like a machine - his cock sliding in and out of Bruce's crack. His nuts were hitting Bruce's crotch.

"Fuck George, its painful man." Bruce was shouting.

George smiled, he was enjoying what he was watching. He looked and saw Sartis stroking his crotch.

Cody started going slower and slower. He felt a shooting pain in his stomach. A projectile of puke left his mouth and went all over Bruce's back.

Bruce swore and pulled away from Cody. Cody collapsed on the bed, groaning and clutching his stomach. His back arched and he cramped. He turned his head and the puke shot out of his mouth.

Bruce jumped from the bed, "What the fuck is going on here. First JC and now Cody."

George walked over to Cody and looked down at him. "Shut the fuck up Bruce. Get dressed, we're leaving."

"That stuff you gave them was old shit, wasn't it. Cheap street stuff. You're a fuckin prick. They can die."

George backhanded Bruce and sent him reeling backwards. "I told you to shut up, you little cunt. Now get dressed."

Bruce wiped the blood from his lips, "Where are we going?"

"To the ranch."

"You can't take Cody to the ranch. You have to let him go George." Bruce turned to Sartis. "Mr. Sartis, throw Cody in the street and let someone find him, please. Don't take him to the ranch."

Sartis stood up. His crotch was wet with precum. "Brucie boy. You panic too much. When you panic you make me nervous. Don't make me nervous, okay."

The computer screen was alive. Stian looked at the last message.

ECOSYS: you mean codyswim?

BOYVIKING: yes he's in trouble

ECOSYS: what kinda trouble

BOYVIKING: can we get into a private room?

ECOSYS: make a room. im bringing a few people in as well tho - if codys in shit we need to help him.

BOYVIKING: sec brb

Stian setup the private room in the chat. His fingers moved faster than normal and he swore every time he made a mistake.

BOYVIKING: room helpcody ready

ECOSYS: cool seeya there now

TJ took Cody's tog bag out of the car and walked into the house.

"Hey TJ. I'm going to make a few calls and see if I can get some people to help okay?"

TJ nodded. He sat down with Cody's bag on his lap and stared at it.

ECOSYS: ill use my mailing list to fish for info


All the other responses came back on the screen. The search was on. Arrangements were made for everyone to be back online in four hours.

TJ was lying on the bed. It was hot and his shirt was off. Brad walked into the room and looked across at the PC.

"Crap. Waitin for things to happen."

"Yeah, but we don't have any other choice. Thought you had to be at the studio."

"Told them I had a crisis." Brad sat down on the bed next to TJ. His fingers stroked down between TJ's pecs and across the flat stomach.

"You know somethin TJ. I've met so many people since I've become famous. You must be the nicest person I've ever known."

TJ giggled, "You don't really know me. Are you gay Brad?"

Brad smiled, "Nope, I do enjoy guys though. They give the best blowjobs. But nothing beats fucking a nice tight pussy. You gay?"

TJ shook his head, "Very much like you I think, except I prefer a guys giving me a blowjob to a tight wet pussy any day."

Brad's eyes moved across TJ's bod, "You're pretty damn hot TJ. You can't have too many problems finding friends."

"Yeah well, a lotta guys are not real friends. I have a coupla really good friends."

"Cody is one of them huh."

TJ's eyes started to swell with tears, "Cody is the best friend I've ever had. If something happens to him I don't know what I'd do."

Brads hands rested on TJ's stomach and he moved them down. His fingers slowly undid TJ's jeans. He pulled the CKs down. TJ's cock lay up towards his stomach. Brad's hands gently stroked it.

"I er..."

"Shhh TJ, just relax buddy."

TJ closed his eyes. He felt as gentle hands pulled his jeans and his CKs down. A moist tongue caressed his balls. His cock came to life and stretched and hardened. The feeling of his hard cock being sucked into Brad Renfro's mouth caused his stomach muscles to ripple. Gentle hands caressed his balls as the mouth absorbed him.

"Fuck fuck fuck," Stian swore at the computer screen, "Come on guys."

Brad's hand felt TJ's boner pulsate in his hand as the boyjuice erupted into the back of his mouth. He sucked harder, his tongue playing on the ridge of TJ's cock.

Cody's body was covered in his own puke as he was carried to the van, by one of the bodyguards. JC walked unsteadily helped by Bruce.

Sarkis and his bodyguards left in the limousine. The van followed shortly afterwards.


Stian jumped up and started typing.

BOYVIKING: find anything?

ECOSYS: yep. the movie you mentioned was made by a crowd who call themselves ranch productions. it starred two young dudes called bruce and jc. hehehe heard that it was totally hot.

BOYVIKING: how do we find the dudes?

ECOSYS: guys are still trying to find out more info.

BOYVIKING: shit - thats not good enough.

ECOSYS: stian - theres another problem.


ECOSYS: ranch productions have made three snuff movies

BOYVIKING: whats a fucking snuff movie?

ECOSYS: thats where they kill the guys for real.

Stian stared at the computer screen. He felt his blood run cold.

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