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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



The helicopter flew low as it travelled towards the Nevada border. The boys sat staring out of the chopper but could see nothing through the darkness. After what seemed hours, the helicopter slowed and landed on a flat rock.

The boys jumped out and the co-pilot helped them offload their kit.

"JT, what the hell are you guys planning to do here in the middle of nowhere?" the co-pilot asked.

"It's just a camping and hiking trip for a few days. Don't hassle. We'll contact you when we need to be picked up."

The helicopter took off, raising a cloud of dust.

The air was cold and the boys quickly picked up their bags and put them on their shoulders. "OK, we need to get moving pretty damn quick. We need to cover as much ground as possible while it's dark."

Stian groaned, "Whey couldn't the chopper just land us on the damn mountain. Then all we'd have to do is climb down."

Paul pulled the waist strap tight on his rucksack, "Yeah but they'd probably shoot the damn thing out of the sky. From what I've been able to make out, this is a pretty damn slick operation. There's a lot of money at stake and they're not likely to just allow anyone to walk in."

They were all wearing dark military style cargo trousers and T-shirts. They had bush jackets on, to keep them warm.

Paul pulled out the compass and put the map down on the ground. After a few minutes he stood up and pointed, "Well, that's the direction we need to move in. We are still a long way from those mountains."

Asato watched as his two teens trained. The older boy, wearing only a sumo thong, was standing with his hands on his head. The younger boy had taken a boxing stance and was hitting him in the stomach. One shot after the other. The older boy just stood - not feeling any pain through his well-developed ab muscles. The young boy stopped at a signal from Asato. The perspiration ran down his face. Then he took up the position with the hands on his head as the older boy pummelled him. He grimaced as he felt the fists ride into his stomach like sledgehammers. He didn't dare show any sign of weakness.

Cody, JC and Bruce were in another gym in the complex. One of Sarkis' special combat trainers was busy with them. They were doing sit-ups. Cody felt like his stomach was on fire as his muscles screamed. "Thought this was supposed to be fun," he grimaced as he sat up.

Bruce seemed to be handling the sit-ups much easier. Cody looked as Bruce's ab muscles relaxed and contracted with each sit-up. Each one perfectly defined.

JC also seemed to be pretty fit and was going up and down like a piston. JC was getting mad. They were all wearing leather thong pouches. The leather tie on the side kept on coming loose. Eventually he put his aside and worked out naked - much to the delight of the instructor who got a boner - well as much of a boner as he could get in the pouch that seemed to be choking his cock.

TJ looked up at Brad's butt as he lifted his foot to get a grip on the next crevice. They had all changed into Lycra bodysuits, which were a combination of tank top and shorts. TJ smiled as the Lycra crept into Brad's crack. The thick rubber soled boots took a grip and he moved higher.

Paul was the first to climb and took the head and the main anchor point. He had anchored the rope into the mountainside just above a ledge, where they would stop to rest. He looked anxiously over at the group. They were making their way slowly up the steep mountain. JTT had some mountaineering experience and he was taking the tail. Stian was behind TJ.

Brad blinked as sweat ran into his eyes. The sweat band he was wearing was soaked. His muscles strained as he pulled himself up higher.

TJ's fingers found a small crack in the rock face. He pulled himself up. His biceps bulged. The muscles cramped in his forearm.

Suddenly, he felt himself being pulled away from the rock face.

Paul, looking down, saw what was happening. Without thinking, he pulled out two more anchors and hammered them into the rock and secured the line to them.

TJ was free falling down the rock face. As he was turning, he saw Brad following him. They fell past JTT, who had also seen what was happening and he had released the tail line and secured it to another anchor point in the rock face.

TJ felt that his back had almost broken as he came to a sudden stop. Had the rope not been elasticised he would have broken his back for sure. Brad stopped a little bit away from him. To the other side he saw Stian.

"What happened?" Brad asked.

"The rock gave way under my foot and I wasn't holding on to anything." said Stian. He was trying to stop himself from spinning.

TJ looked up at JTT. He saw that Brad was being pulled up slowly. Brad got to the rock face and got a grip and settled down.

TJ got to the rock face and managed to steady himself. He looked up at the mountain. "Fuck, here we go again." He pulled himself up.

Paul looked down. He saw that all the guys were okay. They didn't need to have an accident on this mountain. He was too well aware of how dangerous this was, especially for Brad, Stian and TJ, who had never climbed before. He released the two safety anchors and looked up. The next stretch was going to be more difficult. It was a flat face, he would have to search hard for handholds. He took the radio off of his shoulder.

Although they had decided to maintain radio silence in case they were being monitored, he had to speak to JT.

"JTT, come in."

"Yeah." JT sounded exhausted.

"Clean face up ahead. I need you to anchor a safety for each meter, okay?"

"Okay, gotcha."

Paul found a hold, just enough for his fingertips. Then a foothold. He slowly hoisted himself up against the bare face.

Asato's two boys were on the massage table. He himself was doing the massage. He and the boys were naked. He was busy with the older boy first. He rubbed the oil gently into the boy's shoulders. His cock was fully erect. His hands moved gently down the boy's lats. They were hard and tight - firm. His hands gently caressed the buns. His finger gently went into the crack. He felt the boy react under his touch. His finger fucked the boy's ass while his other hand moved along the strong muscles at the back of the legs. The boy's eyes were closed but Asato knew he was enjoying the massage.

The other boy was watching. He lifted himself slightly to enable his boner to stretch out under his gut. He had to wait his turn.

Cody and Bruce were wrestling on the mat. Bruce was good - he had done this before - for one of Sarkis' videos. He got behind Cody and put his arms around Cody's chest. He threw himself backwards, pulling Cody back with him. Cody landed hard on his back. He tried to get out of Bruce's grip and then he felt Bruce's legs tighten around his waist. He slapped the mat hard as the pain became too much.

The instructor was busy with JC. JC was standing with his ab muscles tight. The instructor was punching him in the stomach. He started off gently, but the punches were becoming more and more powerful. JC's stomach was red.

Ryan and the other boys were in a separate gym area of the stadium. They were in a boxing ring. They wore pads and were going through kicking motions. Ryan was good and he was fast. As much as the other boys tried to block, his feet kept on finding their mark - in the chest or stomach.

The young boy rolled over on to his back. Asato gently stroked his hard boner. It was a bright red colour. The boy's balls were tight in his crotch. He had his arms stretched out above his head and his eyes closed. He felt as Asato went down on his cock. He felt the mouth engulf him. The finger gently fucked his crack. He knew the rules, he was not to shoot his load until Asato had had enough play time. He was going wild. Seeing the older boy erupt into Asato's mouth had not helped him. He tried to control the rush he felt in his stomach. He could not. He stiffened and his juices erupted into his master's mouth. Asato swallowed.

When the boy had finished, Asato looked up. He nodded for the boy to stand up. The boy stood and bowed to Asato. As he bowed, Asato's leg shot out. The boy was thrown back, sliding, by the force of the kick. The wind was knocked out of him. He slowly got to his feet. He dare not show any pain. The older boy just stared and glared at the younger boy.

Paul had reached the summit of the mountain. He looked down. The others were still far behind and had a long way to climb. There seemed to be a change in the sounds around him. He concentrated carefully and then he recognised it. He looked around and saw it. It was a helicopter.

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