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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



Paul saw it in the distance, coming up from the valley. He didn't dare use the radio to warn JT or the others. The helicopter pilot would almost surely pick up the transmission.

He leaned over the edge of the face and threw a few small pebbles down. He saw one hit TJ on the head.

TJ looked up just as another pebble came down and hit him on the forehead. "Fuck Brad, what are you doing?"

Brad held his finger to his lips and gave the signal to remain dead still. TJ passed the signal down.

Within a few seconds, they all heard it.

Paul had moved next to a rock and lay in its shadow. He hoped that he wouldn't be seen. Why the fuck had they worn black lycra.

The helicopter passed overhead and didn't even hesitate. Paul gave a sigh of relief.

Stian hugged the face of the mountain. He felt his foot sliding at the same moment the helicopter passed over. He clung with all his strength.

Cody sat in the sauna. Bruce and JC were in the shower. Cody was feeling more and more like a spare wheel. He hated it. "I shoulda fuckin stayed with TJ," he thought to himself. He felt his eyes filling with tears. The tears got lost in the perspiration running down his body. He watched as it ran down his chest and stomach and collected in his pubes, then run down his cock and drip off of the end.

He bent his elbow and pumped up his biceps. They were looking good. He did the same with the other arm. He rubbed the perspiration across his chest and down towards his pubes. His body felt hard and he felt fit. He moved both hands to his crotch. He gently stroked under his nuts with his one hand. His other hand massaged his hardening cock.

The sweat that was coating his boner made it feel fantastic as his hand slid up and down. He quickly grabbed the scoop and threw some more water on to the stones. The rush of steam made the perspiration soak his skin even more.

He moved his butt so he was sitting on the edge of the bench. He leaned back slightly, tightening his stomach muscles. His hands ran over the hard balls of muscle, to his pubes. He closed both hands around his boner and stroked it - slowly.

The two oriental boys were writhing on the bed. They were in a sixty-nine position but it was furious as they wrestled and sucked at the same time. Groans came from both of them as they each tackled the other's boner. Asato watched, mesmerised as his two muscled, oriental gods, made love. He would give Cody to the older boy. he would teach the American a trick or two. Asato had no idea that Cody was not American.

Asato stroked himself as the older boy went down and buried his cock deep down the younger boy's throat. He saw the younger boy squirm to try and get air. Every muscle in his body tightened as the older boy erupted into him. The older boy had left the younger boys boner and the juice from the young cock shot out in spurts into the older boy's face.

Asato felt his own juice erupt into his briefs. Yes, his two boy gods would definitely teach the Americans a lesson.

The young instructor stroked himself as he watched Cody through the glass of the sauna. Cody's tan lines were fast disappearing. His entire body was taking on a light brown complexion. His chest and stomach muscles were tight. His head was back as his two hands moved up and down his boner. The instructor stroked faster as he saw the jets of boyjuice leave Cody's stiff erect cock. It shot on to his chest and his stomach.

"What are you doing?" A bodyguard had come up behind the instructor.

The instructor let his cock go and it stood upright almost against his gut.

The bodyguard looked through the glass of the sauna and saw Cody. He felt a stirring in his own trousers.

"Come with me." he said to the instructor.

"I didn't do anything," the instructor pleaded, "I was only looking at the boy."

"Follow me now, or do I drag you with me."

The instructor followed the bodyguard.

Cody was breathing heavily. He watched as the cum mixed with his sweat and slowly moved down his chest and his stomach. He rubbed the cum into the sweat on his abs and into his pubes. He rubbed some on to his still erect boner. It felt good. It would have been better if TJ was here though.

TJ was on his haunches, looking out over the valley below. "Fuck there is nothing down there. How far away is this ranch anyway?"

Paul looked through small binoculars. "It must still be damn far away. We can't climb down until nightfall though."

JTT was eating a chocolate bar and offered it around, "Abseiling down at night is going to be pretty dangerous."

Paul turned to him, "Would you rather climb down?"

"Not a fuck."

Brad walked over to the edge and looked down. He pulled his cock out of his trousers. A long stream of piss flew over the edge of the mountain. The others joined him.

Stian sighed, "I never knew that a piss could feel so damn good."

Paul looked at the group, "We need to find a place to rest until tonight. There is some shade at the rock outcrop over there." He pointed to a group of rocks about a hundred yards away.

Ryan lifted the barbells. His arm muscles bulged. The instructor assigned to the three new boys watched. Ryan's ab muscles tightened each time he lifted the weights. He was strong. The other two boys were helping each other as they took turns doing bench presses.

Sarkis walked around the table. He lifted his hand to hit the instructor. Asato grabbed his hand, "Wait."

Sarkis looked at Asato. "This man knows that he is not to become too familiar with the contestants here. He could have been seen by the boy."

Asato smiled, "He will be a good test for my boy."

Sarkis shook his head, "I cannot risk that your competitor is going to get hurt."

An evil grin crept across Asato's face, "Oh, but he wont."

Paul and TJ sat next to each other, against a rock. TJ turned to him, "Why are you doing this?"

"I thought about that. I would like to think that if I ever had a problem that you guys would come running to help me."

TJ looked down and smiled, "It wouldn't happen. You know how the guys feel about meeting up with each other."

"Yes, I know. But the thought of meeting you and Cody was too damn much. I had to get over here."

TJ didn't answer.

"You're worried about him huh?"

TJ nodded, "Yeah. Cody doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Also I don't know what this is all about. I have this really horrible feeling in my gut."

"Hey TJ, After what you've told me about what you and Cody have been through, this is probably a trip in the park for him. He sounds like he can handle himself."

"I really hope so - this time." TJ sighed.

Paul looked around, the others were all sleeping. "TJ, I know this isn't the right time or anything."

TJ smiled at him. "Yeah, but we've got time to kill right. And I'm also curious about you."

Paul's hand gently went on to TJ's crotch. The outline of his cock was clear through he Lycra. He felt as TJ hardened under his touch. TJ put his hand on Paul and got the same reaction.

Paul moved to face him and slowly took the tank top straps off of TJ's shoulders. He let out a breath of air as TJ's muscular chest was exposed. TJ stood up and Paul pulled the Lycra suit off of him. TJ's briefs were soaked with perspiration, making them transparent.

TJ slowly undressed Paul. They went down on TJ's bedroll.

The bodyguards surrounded the dusty arena. The oriental teen and the instructor faced each other. They were dressed in nothing but thongs. Their muscular bodies were bathed in perspiration.

Sarkis sounded the gong. The instructor's fist shot out like a snake, catching the boy on the mouth. His lip split and his mouth bled. Asato cursed under his breath. No one was to speak to the competitors.

The boy wiped his hand across his mouth and saw the blood.

The instructor came forward again. The boys arm shot out like it was from a cannon. It caught the instructor on the chin. His head cracked back. As he took a step backwards, the boy turned and lifted his leg. The kick caught the instructor in the face. He felt as his nose crumbled. Blood poured from his nose and mouth.

The boy came forward again. His leg shot out and caught the instructor in the stomach. He flew backwards and landed on his back in the dust.

The boy waited as the instructor stood up. The instructor was in a daze, his face a mass of blood.

The boy's fist flew out, hitting the instructor once, then twice. The blood spurted from his mouth. The boy's fists flew into the instructor's ribs like cannon balls. The instructor was about to fall when the boy wound himself up. His leg shot out, catching the instructor on the chest. He landed on his back. Blood poured from his mouth and nose.

His body twitched on the ground. The boy walked up to him. He removed the instructor's thong. Then his foot came down on the instructor's balls. The scream sounded like it was from some animal, caught in a trap. Then the boy walked away, leaving the instructor's body twitching on the ground.

Two bodyguards each grabbed a leg and dragged the instructor out of the arena. He would live to work at the ranch again - he had been punished for his indiscretion.

"Oh fuck TJ." Paul arched as his juice erupted into TJ's mouth. TJ was enjoying the feel of Paul's cock in his mouth. It was thick and muscular and smooth. His one hand rested on Paul's stomach. He sucked as fast and as hard as he could. He felt Paul's muscles tighten under his touch. He kept his mouth moving on Paul's hard cock until the last drops of juice had been swallowed.

Paul lay back breathing heavily. TJ looked up towards his chest, still with his cock in his mouth. He watched as the chest rose and fell and the stomach muscles started to relax.

"Cody," It was one of the bodyguards.


"George wants you to do a photo shoot at the pool."

"What sort of photo shoot?"

George felt his cock stir as Cody arrived at the indoor pool area, wearing a pair of narrow waist Speedo's. He had his cock tucked under his crotch.

"Okay Cody, we just want to take some sexy pics of you in the pool and on the side of it. We'll start off with you in Speedo's and then move on. You into it?"

"Yeah sure," Cody felt relaxed after his gym work out.

Asato was on the other side of the mirror glass, watching.

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