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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



The camera clicked. Cody had his back to George. His arms were up at his head. The lighting threw the correct shadows to capture the strong back muscles, as they contracted. The Speedo's hugged Cody's butt, going slightly into the crack. Cody stood side on to the camera. George made sure that Cody's bulge was a feature of the pics. After an hour, George stopped. He asked the bodyguard to fetch Bruce.

The two oriental boys were sleeping, each on their own bed. They were on their backs and naked. Sarkis looked at the room monitor. He was worried. The way that the boy had taken one of his fitness instructors apart was frightening. He watched, even while sleeping, the boys' muscles were prominent. Sarkis shook his head, these two boys were like two powerful muscle machines - he hadn't seen anything like this before. He would like to see Bruce take the older boy down. But he had his doubts.

Ryan had decided to put on a show for the cameras in their room. He was on his back. One boy was at his head, fucking his face and the other was up his crack. The boy fucking Ryan's crack had his fist around Ryan's rock hard cock and was stroking him like a piston.

The security guard watching the video had his hand inside his pants. He was watching the camera, which was directly above the bed. The sight of Ryan's muscular bod being fucked in two directions was too much for him. He hoped desperately that Ryan would lose the fight he would be in. The security guards put in bids for the losing fighters and then had their own fun. The guard's mind went back to the day three years ago when he took part in one of the last snuff movies made at the ranch.

The boy he had, was about 15 years old. He had the boy on his knees and shoved his full length into the boy's crack. Then he put his arms around the boy's chest and lifted him up. He still enjoyed watching the video. His hard cock was up the boys crack and his thick arms around the boys chest. He tightened his grip around the boys chest and squeezed. The camera angle was great as it caught the boy writhing to free himself, his screams being choked off by the lack of air. The boy had arched back against him and the sight of his stretched abdominal muscles contracting, drove him crazy. The sound of the boys ribs cracking as he squeezed and the sight of the boy's cock going rigid, then the eruption of the boy's juice from his cock. The guard remembered shooting his own juice into the boy at about the same time. The excitement gave him even more strength and he squeezed harder. The boy's muscular legs kicked and then slowed and his life was squeezed out of him. He was then dropped on to the floor. His body giving its last twitches before it stopped forever, his juice still leaking out of his cockhead. The guard sighed - why couldn't they make more movies like that. The sale of that video had made millions of dollars for Ranch.

The guard concentrated on the video as the two boys offloaded into Ryan, while Ryan's juice erupted all over his chest and stomach.

Cody and Bruce were going through the actions for the camera. One shot had Bruce standing behind him, his flat hands sliding into Cody's Speedo's. The close up shots picked up the texture of Cody's skin and the small trace of pubes out of the top of the Speedo's. Cody felt himself get hard as Bruce's hands gently went over his body. He felt Bruce's boner at the back of him.

One shot had Bruce holding Cody, bent backwards over a pool lounger. He was holding Cody's arms up above his head, while his cock rode the ridge in Cody's stomach.

Paul had finished checking the anchor lines. There were three anchor lines from the top of the mountain. Each of them had their own lines as well. Paul and JTT had given them instruction for an hour on how to use the abseiling brake mechanism. Their harnesses were firmly in place. They each checked each other's rig to make sure that they were secured safely.

The bag with their gear had already been lowered.

"Okay, it's a long way down, about twelve hundred yards, judging by the gear line." Everyone listened carefully as Paul spoke, "It's dark as pitch down there. Watch out for any rocks jutting out of the mountain face. Make sure your ropes don't ride any sharp edges."

Everyone nodded as they listened to him.

"JTT, you're the smallest, I need you to go first. We'll go in intervals of about one minute. That way, we shouldn't have guys swinging into each other. Just one thing."

They listened carefully.

"You guys aren't in a Rambo movie. Remember the brake and take it slowly, but not too slowly."

TJ and Brad held the line as JTT leaned back off the edge of the cliff face. Slowly he started to walk down the mountain. The looked over the edge and saw him disappear into the darkness.

"Okay Stian, you're next."

Stian bent over forward as he got to the edge.

Paul tugged on his harness. "Stian, keep your body straight and lean backwards. Use your feet to walk down."

Stian leaned back nervously, his body suspended in mid-air, except for the contact his feet made with the edge. TJ giggled as he heard Stian mumbling in Norwegian. Paul just shook his head and smiled, "We should've had fucking wings if we were meant to do this."

JTT was about a third of the way down. He got to a small ledge and stepped on to it. His legs were cramping slightly from the pressure. He looked up. He could see nothing against the dark sky. He adjusted his harness and continued down.

Brad followed Stian down the face. TJ turned to Paul, "You gonna be okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I wish we could've used the radios. I'd like to know that everyone is down before I start."

There was a whirring sound next to them. Paul jumped to the line that was running free, "Fuck, someone's free-falling."

TJ watched as Paul activated the secondary brake on the line. Paul looked at the line set-up. "It's JTT's line. He must have lost the control line. Fuck!"

JTT had stepped on to a loose piece of shale. His footing gave way and he swung into the mountain. He used his one hand to protect himself and lost the control line. He started to free-fall. The harness dug into his crotch as the secondary brake was activated - damn!

After a few minutes they saw the secondary line being tugged. Paul released the brake, "Okay, he's got it back."

TJ looked at Paul as he stepped back, off the mountain, "Good luck Paul. Seeya at the bottom."

Brad had caught up with Stian and the two of them stayed next to each other as they slowly made their way to the bottom. There was no moon and all they could see was the shadow of the mountain in front of them.

JTT felt his feet touch the sandy bottom and the line went slack. He tugged his secondary line. He felt the answering tug from Paul.

TJ felt lonely as he slowly made his way down the cliff face. The air was cool but the perspiration was running off of him in rivers. He was concentrating on every downward inch.

Paul waited until he had the signal from each person at the bottom. Then he double-checked his own rig. He released the secondary brake and slowly stepped off the edge. He had to take it very slow. There was nobody up there to activate the second brake if he started to free-fall.

Cody and Bruce were in the shower, the photo session finished.

Bruce rubbed the soap into himself. "I'm surprised that George never had us fucking or sucking each other."

"Yeah - I was surprised too. I got so fucking hard with that one pic with your boner dripping precum on my gut." Cody watched as Bruce's boner bounced while he soaped himself.

Cody reached out and gently grabbed Bruce's boner. His hand started to rub the soapy muscle.

Bruce moved closer and grabbed Cody's boner. The two of them stroked each other. Cody felt Bruce's finger find his crack and was the soap into it. The finger slid in smoothly. Cody's boner danced in Bruce's hand, from excitement.

Cody let his other hand move up and down across Bruce's pecs and his stomach. Although not big, Bruce's body was in good shape. His pecs were just the right size for his body and his legs had good shape as well. His black pubes were in contrast to his pale skin. The skin texture was like hard silk.

Cody felt Bruce's boner jump in his hand. he felt the thick boy juice hit his stomach and his hand. He went down and put his mouth around the cum coated head. His tongue cleaned the hard muscle.

The feeling of Cody's tongue around his ridge sent excitement through Bruce's body. He felt as Cody's expert hands cradled his nuts.

When Cody had finished, he went down and took Cody's shining boner into his mouth and sucked.

The gear was stowed behind some rocks. TJ took one of the bags and hoisted it on to his back. They had swapped the lycra body suits for their military style trousers and tank tops.

Paul looked at his watch, "I reckon that we've got twenty four hours to get there and get set up. If what the guys said on the net is true, the competition is going to be in about thirty six hours. You guys up to running a bit?"

They weren't, but they knew that Paul was right. They had to move quickly.

They started on a quick jog. After a few minutes, their leg muscles loosened up and they moved faster. They were all pretty fit.

Ryan and the two boys stood in the bathroom, the taps were running to create a noise.

Ryan looked at the younger boy, "Brat, we've got one day left to find out where Cody is. I've got an idea."

Brat, or Bratman as he was known on the net, listened intently as Ryan spoke.

His real name was John but preferred the name of Bratman. He had volunteered for the competition when Ecosys had explained what had happened with Cody. He didn't know Cody all that well, but knew that Cody was a good friend of TJ. The Ranch people had paid for his air ticket and had given him a fake name.

It was like something out of 'Mission Impossible'. "You sure this is gonna work?" Brat asked Ryan.

"Fuck, can you think of anything else? You're also the smallest guy here and you have the best chance."

"What about the cameras?"

"We'll take care of those, you must just be ready to go as soon as I tell you. One mistake and we could all be dead."

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