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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



"There it is." Paul handed the binoculars to Brad. "We're going to have to get in while it's still dark. There's nothing but dust and sand around so we don't have any cover."

TJ took the binoculars from Brad. "Somewhere in there Cody. If you're somewhere in there I'm gonna find you," TJ thought.

Paul ran across the opening first. He stayed against the wall as the other ran over in a crouched position.

Brat followed George into a large room. In the centre of the room was a wrestling ring. Cody was standing in the center of it.

"Hey Cody," George gestured at Cody to come to the ringside, "The fight competition is today and I thought that you need some practice."

"What fight competition?"

George smiled, "Oh, didn't I tell you. What a sad oversight. There are a group of you who are going to fight each other. You'll be paid, of course."

Cody looked at the naked teen standing with George. He looked pretty damn strong. "Fuck, I'm tired of being hurt," thought Cody.

"Why in the middle of the night?" asked Cody.

"It's just that we're running out of time. I've brought in a special instructor to help you boys."

A huge giant of a man walked in. He reminded Cody of the Russian fighter in Rocky 4.

"What the fuck is this place?" asked JTT.

"Looks like a bullfight ring." Stian said, looking up at the wall.

"Hey, are you guys going to discuss the fucking architecture or get moving?" Paul took two grappling hooks with ropes out of his bag. He handed one to Brad. "Here, hold this."

They watched as he swung the hook in a smooth motion. It left his hand and seemed to float up to the top of the wall. There was a dull thud as the hook landed. Paul pulled and it seemed to slide a few feet before locking. He put all his weight on to it.

"Okay, who wants to go first?"

TJ grabbed the rope from him, "I'll go."

TJ started to walk up the wall, pulling himself hand over hand up the rope.

Paul threw the second hook over the wall. It came loose and dropped down, missing TJ by a few inches. He looked down and glared at Paul. He heard Paul whisper sorry.

Paul took the hook again. This time it seemed to hook successfully. TJ looked down as Stian started to climb up.

TJ climbed over the top parapet of the wall. He looked over and saw JTT climbing up. Stian joined him and Brad climbed up the second line.

When they were all on the wall, Paul pulled the ropes up and packed the gear back into his bag.

"It is a fucking bullring," said Stian. "But there's a smaller ring marked out in the center."

In the darkness the boys could see what Stian was talking about. In the centre of the ring was a smaller, roped off area.

"I wish I knew where Ryan and the others were," said Stian.

"It doesn't look like there's anyone here at all," said Brad, "The place looks deserted."

Paul looked at his watch, "We still have about a half hour before sunrise. Let's go and find a place to stow our gear and wait."

Cody stared at the strong-looking guy in front of him.


Cody recognised the voice, "Brat, what's going on?"

"I think they found out about me in the shaft." Brat whispered.

"Russ, you ready up there?"

The tall blonde just nodded.

"Okay who wants to go first?" George looked at Cody and Brat.

"I'll go," said Brat.

He climbed into the ring. He stood and looked up at Russ. He was like a giant.

"Okay," George said, "What I want you to do first is to try and hit Russ over there. He will show you the best defence to use against an attack like that. Cody you need to concentrate."

Brat charged into Russ. Russ grabbed him by the neck and then Brat felt the vice grip on his nuts. The two teens were still naked. Brat cried out in pain as Russ lifted him by the neck and balls. Then Russ threw him down on to the mat. He landed on his back. He felt like a train had hit him. The pain from his balls shot up into his stomach.

Russ stood to one side. George looked at Cody, "Okay Cody, did you see that?"

Cody nodded, fuck was it his turn now. Russ was a fuckin ox.

"Right, I want the two of you to wrestle. The idea is to inflict pain without killing each other." George laughed. "If you don't fight, I can get Russ here to give you some more instruction."

Cody climbed into the ring and faced Brat. Brat charged into him. Cody fell backwards and Brat jumped on to him. Cody felt the wind getting knocked out of him, "I'm sorry Cody, let's just do this thing okay. Then they can let us go. Just fight me okay."

"I can't," said Cody.

"You better or they are gonna hurt us Cody."

"Okay, stand up. Cody you lose the first round. Russ show Cody what happens if he loses in the competition."

Russ walked up to Cody. He lifted Cody by his hair. Cody held on to his wrists. With the other hand Russ hit Cody in the stomach. Cody let his wrists go and felt like his hair was being pulled out by the roots. Then Russ let him go. He fell on to the floor.

"Stand up Cody." George said.

Cody stood up on unsteady feet.

"Right, round two - FIGHT!"

Brat came up to Cody. Cody swung at him and missed. Brat's fist caught him in the stomach, just under the rib cage. He fell backwards. Brat jumped on to him, pinning him on his back.

"For fuck sake Cody, fight me."

Cody's knee came up and caught Brat in the crotch. He rolled over and clutched his balls. They were still tender from Russ having grabbed them. Cody jumped on to him but missed. Brat rolled out of the way. The two boys stood up.

Brat's hand shot out. Cody felt a fist connect him on the cheek. He quickly responded, his fist finding Brat's ribs - his hand hurt like fuck. A sweep of the legs and Brat had Cody back on the floor. He jumped on to him. Cody felt the ball of muscle as Brat landed on him. Fuck this dude was strong.

Cody pushed for all he was worth and managed to roll Brat off of him.

"Right, do you know how to use these?" Paul held up the small rods.

They all shook their heads.

"They're miniature stun rods. Similar to those used by divers to get rid of sharks. If you push it hard against someone, the shock will knock them unconscious for a long time."

He passed two to each of them. "Okay, give the second one to the other guys if you meet up with them, or just use the damn thing if you need it. Be careful that it doesn't get used on you though."

"Look, we best split up into pairs. JTT can come with Stian and me," said TJ.

"Okay, just be careful." said Paul. He and Brad left them and went towards the other end of the bullring.

"Oof!" Brat got Cody's fist in his stomach and went down on his knees. Cody jumped on top of him. He felt Cody's cock at his crack - damn if this had been a different time and place.

Brat threw his elbow back, throwing Cody off balance. They both realised to not hit each other in the face. They tried to fake it as much as possible but they were still hurting each other. Cody wished he was wearing something just to keep his nuts out of the way. They kept connecting with Brat's knee or his fist.

TJ, Stian and JTT found a passageway. It was dimly lit. They quickly and carefully made their way through it. They came to a door. TJ looked through the keyhole. He could make out a bank of video monitors. A guard was watching them. He had his back to the door.

Slowly, TJ turned the door handle. It was silent. The heavy door opened slightly. JTT bent down and crawled as low as possible through the opening. TJ kept the door open just enough to keep on eye on what was happening.

JTT came up behind the guard. He lifted the rod and pushed it into the guard's neck. The guard's hand came halfway up to his neck and then he slumped forward.

TJ and Stian came into the room. They looked at the monitors.

"Look at this," said TJ.

TJ pointed at a monitor. Two boys were fighting. "That's Cody and John fighting."


"Bratman." said TJ

George was fuming. He wanted the two boys to hurt each other badly. He stood up, "Okay, enough."

Brat and Cody were on their knees. The perspiration was running off of them. Cody had a cut on his cheek and Brat was starting to get a blue shiner.

George turned to the guard, "Take them to the preparation room. The fights will start in a little while."

TJ watched as the group left the room. "Preparation room? Where the fuck would that be?"

Bruce and JC were dressed in only the short dressing robes. They waited to be taken to the fights. Ryan and the other boy were dressed the same and they were also waiting.

Asato was putting the finishing touches to his two fighters. His finger was dipped in gold body paint. He drew the line down the center of the pecs of the older boy. He outlined each ab muscle with the paint. Then he drew a line across the cheeks and nose of the boy.

He did the same to the younger boy. The paint gave them a warrior look and it made their muscles look even more defined.

Then, Asato took the soft cotton cloth. He put it between the legs of the older boy. He made sure that the boys cock and balls were nicely cradled in the cloth. Then he brought the two ends around from the front and tied them at the back. He put the cloth on the younger boy as well. The two boys did not smile or say anything during this ceremony.

TJ was channel surfing on the different monitor screens. "It doesn't fuckin help to see these place because we don't know where they are."

He stopped on one picture. He could see Ryan and another boy being led down a long passage. He watched.

Ryan and the boy were led into a change room. They were each given a leather pouch thong to put on.

In another room, Cody and Brat were having a shower to clean themselves after the fight. Cody looked at Brat. "What the fuck did you volunteer to fight for?"

"I didn't volunteer to fight. Ecosys and Boyviking put a call out about you being in trouble. There was this dude looking for young teens and we guessed right that it was the same guys that had you."

"Do you know where TJ is?"

Brat shook his head, "I think he's in LA. He's waiting to hear from us."

Brat's hand went down to Cody's cock. Cody stiffened slightly as he felt the hand wrap around it. He moved closer to Brat. He put his soapy hands on Brat's buns. He massaged the soap into Brat's crack, his finger going in easily. Brat's soapy hands moved up and down Cody's boner and down under his nuts. They massaged the soap into each other's pecs and abs. Cody went down and soaped up Brat's strong legs, then Brat did the same. They stood close together, their boners touching.

Asato led the two oriental boys into the bullring. There were about a hundred men sitting in seats around the smaller arena in the center. They were high-powered businessmen and gang lords who got their kicks out of watching teen boys fighting. The videos that were made of the fights went on to the black market, bringing in millions for Ranch Productions.

The boys were paid for their services and allowed to leave. They knew that if they spoke about it, the gang bosses would find them and they would disappear.

An instructor led in Bruce and JC. Ryan and the other boy by yet another. Each group had their own section at the ring in which to sit.

Brat and Cody came into the arena, accompanied by George.

Asato smiled as he saw Cody walk in. He had special plans for him. He was going to make a fortune.

Paul and Brad were at the top row of seats of the ring. "Now what the fuck do we do?" Paul was worried.

Brad looked around, "There are armed guards around the perimeter. We can't just walk in there."

"We could wait for the fights to end and see what happens."

TJ, Stian and JTT came up the stairs and found themselves looking down into the arena. "There's Paul and Brad." JTT pointed to the other side of the arena.

The boys looked down from the opposite sides of the arena.

Sarkis stepped into the fight area. "Gentlemen, and fighters. You will fight to the last man standing. Those that succeed through the first round will continue into the second against different opponents. The prize for the winner of each fight is one thousand dollars. The loser gets five hundred dollars. The last boy standing will get a bonus of ten thousand dollars. In addition, bonuses will be paid for the most aggressive fights - both fighters will get these bonuses. Any fighter refusing to fight, will be punished, here in the ring."

Sarkis climbed out of the ring and George climbed in. He pointed to the young boy next to Ryan and the young Oriental boy. The two boys entered the ring. The trainers had oiled their bodies and their muscles shone in the sunlight.

The boys faced up to each other and the gong sounded. The oriental boy twisted on his one foot. His other foot caught the other boy against the face. A spray of blood flew out of the others boy's mouth and he fell, face first, into the dust. His body twitched a couple of times and then he was still.

Ryan cursed under his breath.

Two guards came into the ring and picked the boy up by his arms and dragged him out of the arena.

The spectators were disappointed. Asato smiled. But he wanted his hero to punish the other boy more. As the boy sat down next to him he told him he needed to make the fight last longer. The boy nodded.

The next two to fight were JC and Bruce. It was what Bruce was hoping for. He didn't want to see JC hurt too badly. The two boys faced up to each other. Cody was surprised to see the determination on Bruce's face.

Bruce lashed out and caught JC in the stomach. JC went down on his knees. Bruce's foot came up and caught JC in the stomach again. JC collapsed on to the ground. Bruce stepped back. JC slowly stood up. "Fuck JC, stay down." Bruce whispered.

JC came towards Bruce and Bruce sent a straight leg kick into his stomach. JC's arms fell to his side but he stayed standing. Bruce walked up to him and sent a flying fist into his stomach. JC went down on his knees and then collapsed on to his face.

"TJ, we're gonna have to try and get into a better position than this if we need to move in a hurry." JTT whispered.

"I know," said TJ, "Can we get a signal to Ryan?"

"He's seen us already. Him and Brad are moving down."

The boys started moving down the rows of seats, hoping that they wouldn't be seen.

JC was removed from the ring. The next fight was between Cody and Ryan. Ryan recognised Cody. He whispered to him, "I'm gonna knock your lights out. For fuck sake, stay down."

Cody smiled at him, "I know what you guys are trying to do. But I'm not gonna play dead for you."

"Yes you are," said Ryan and his fist shot out, catching Cody just about the groin. Cody doubled over. He saw the foot coming through the air. He grabbed it and lifted Ryan up and on to his back. Cody kicked out at him as he rolled away.

Ryan got up and charged Cody. He knocked Cody over and pinned him to the ground, "Cody for fuck sake, we're gonna get hurt. Let's end this quickly." The men watching got excited, seeing Ryan's oiled buns as he lay pinning Cody down. His strong muscular back tensed. They could see the two leather pouches of the boys touching.

A guard pulled Ryan off of Cody. Cody stood up. Ryan tried to hit Cody again. Cody twisted out of the way and hit Ryan in the kidneys. He passed out from the pain.

Asato smiled as the guard removed Ryan from the ring. It was going well, he thought.

Next was Bruce against Asato's champion. The oriental boy was slightly taller than Bruce, his muscles more defined - made even more so by the gold body paint. He bowed slightly. As Bruce bowed, the boy grabbed his head and lifted his knee. Bruce went flying backwards. He rolled out of the way and the other boys foot came down where his crotch had been. Bruce quickly stood up. He saw the foot too late as it landed on the side of his jaw. Then another foot, from the other side. Within seconds, Bruce's face was a bloody, pulpy mess. He couldn't see because of the blood running into his eyes. He hit out and missed. He felt the sledgehammer come into his ribs. Then a fist in his stomach finished him. He felt backwards on to his back.

The spectators went wild. It was the best fight they had seen.

The next fight was between Brat and the young Oriental boy. Brat was a quick learner. He had concentrated on the tactics being used by the two Eastern boys.

As the fight started, the young Oriental did exactly what Brat had expected him to do. He shot out his leg in a kick. Brat's arm shot out and he gripped the boys leg. He used his other arm to pummel his fist into the boys groin, over and over again, until the boy collapsed in a heap. The fight was short, but the spectators enjoyed it. The screams from the oriental boy were entertaining, as well as watching Brat's tensed muscles as he held the boy's leg.

Asato was furious as his young star was dragged out of the arena.

TJ came up behind the guard, who was concentrating on the fight between the two boys. The rod touched his neck and he collapsed. TJ grabbed the automatic rifle before it landed on the ground.

He threw it to JTT, who checked the ammunition. TJ looked across to the next doorway.

"Oh fuck," he whispered.

"What?" Stian came up to him.


Brad and Paul were standing with their hands in the air. A guard was in front of them, pointing his automatic at Paul's stomach.

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