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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



Brad caught the guard as he fell. He grabbed the rifle and threw it to Stian.

Only Paul didn't have a rifle with him but it was fine. They were running out of time. They split up. Stian, Brad and JTT ran around the perimeter and up the rows of seats.

TJ was getting closer to Sarkis. He had seen Cody run into the other boy's foot and end up on his hands and knees.

Cody coughed. He was trying to get air into his lungs. He stood up slowly. As he came to his full height he felt the boy's other fist hit him in the stomach. He was quick. As Cody turned away he went around him. His foot lashed out against the side of Cody's head, snappy it sideways. Cody tasted the blood in his mouth. He was in a daze.

Asato had an enormous erection. He was getting excited as his hero was injuring Cody.

Cody saw the heel of the hand through dazed eyes. It caught him on the chin. His bottom teeth felt like they were going through the roof of his mouth.

Then he felt the fists in his ribs. He tried to lift his arms but they felt like lead.

He saw the boy fly through the air. As he came down, his straightened leg landed on Cody's upper thigh. Cody felt the muscle cramp. It felt like his leg was broken. He fell backwards.

He tried to stand, but couldn't. He rolled over as the boy tried to kick him. The boy waited as Cody slowly got to his feet. He wanted Cody to stay standing as long as possible. He got excited as blood fell from Cody's nose and mouth on to his chest and rolled down, with the perspiration. A pool of blood gathered in the exposed pubes above the leather thong.

The boy's arm shot out and hit Cody in the mouth again. The other fist came up under Cody's ribs - sending a racking pain through his whole body.

The boy turned to Asato. Asato nodded to him.

TJ felt like he was walking in molasses. He couldn't get to Sarkis quick enough.

Cody stood swaying on his feet. The boy took a flying jump. The straight leg kick connected Cody in the chest and he fell over backwards in a somersault. He was having trouble trying to breathe.

TJ watched helplessly as he watched Cody get on to his knees. He was trying to stand. TJ saw that he was crying, tears running and mixing with the blood on his face. "Stay down you little fucker," TJ wanted to scream at him.

Cody managed to get to his feet. The foot caught him again. A spray of blood shot out of his mouth. The other foot spun around, kicking him in the chest. He flew back again.

Asato felt the juice erupt from his hard cock and soak his briefs and trousers. He had never seen anything like this.

Cody was on his back, he was arching from the pain.

TJ came up behind Sarkis and bent down, "I've got a semi-automatic rifle against the back of your head. Stop this fucking fight now, or I blow you fucking head to New York."

Sarkis felt the piss run down his leg as the cold steel touched the back of his head. He stood up.

Sarkis shouted loudly across the arena, "Okay, that's enough."

The oriental boy looked across to Asato. Asato made a cutting signal across his throat. The boy understood. He ran to take a dive at Cody, his elbow ready to dig into Cody's chest, at the heart.

TJ saw it and quickly threw the stun pod that he had in his belt.

The oriental boy lifted from the ground, the pod hit him when he was three feet above Cody. He went limp in mid-air. TJ watched as his body landed on top of Cody.

"Tell them to get Cody to the dressing room." whispered TJ into Sarkis' ear. "Then tell everyone that the fights are over."

Sarkis spoke to the guards to take Cody and the oriental boy. Brat looked around - was he the only one left. Cool, a whole lotta cash.

Sarkis made the announcement that the fights were over. Everyone was to remain seated and wait for refreshments.

"Now," said TJ, "I want you to walk in front of me, to the changing room area. Any call for help and you're dead."

Sarkis walked towards the dressing rooms, followed by TJ. Brat was already there when they arrived.

"You can never leave here." Sarkis smiled. "You will all die."

All the boys seemed to be in a state of recovery and they could walk. Cody was totally unconscious, covered in his own blood.

TJ turned to Sarkis. "We wired this place last night. If anyone leaves the arena within an hour of us leaving, it will be blown to hell."

"You can't fool me, how do I know you're not bluffing?"

"Easy, call my bluff and find out." TJ smiled at the hoodlum.

Asato was furious at what had happened. What was Sarkis up to and what had happened to cause his fighter to fall like that?

"Ready?" Paul ran into the change room.

"Just about," said Brad who was making sure that Ryan, Brat, Bruce, JC and the other boy were able to walk. "Cody's a problem though. His lights are out."

"Fuck that," said TJ, "I'll carry him. Here." he passed the rifle to Stian.

Stian took pleasure in digging the rifle into Sarkis' ribs.

TJ lifted Cody over, on to his shoulder. Fucking hell Cody, what have you been eating? He turned to Sarkis. "Just remember what I said."

The boys ran through the perimeter passage towards the exit. TJ was at the back, carrying Cody.

There were eleven horses tied up at the entrance. "Where the fuck did these come from?" asked JTT.

Paul smiled, "While you guys were playing inside, I went to get them."

"I've never ridden bareback before." said JTT, as he hoisted himself on to the back of one of the horses.

TJ threw Cody over the horse, "Just don't fall buddy," he said as he pulled himself up.

The horses raised a cloud of dust as the teenagers made their way towards the box canyon.

Except for the rescuers, all the other boys were still dressed in nothing but their leather thongs. They looked like a barbaric horde riding across the barren, dry landscape.

Asato faced up to Sarkis, "What? You and your fancy security were overrun by a bunch of Yankee teenagers?"

"They had guns." said Sarkis

Asato was furious, "Yes, the guns from your own guards."

The guests at the ranch had been taken to their luxury apartments at the main house. They were unaware of the drama that had taken place.

Asato looked down at his two fighters. The younger one was sitting up, the other was still unconscious. He banged his fist down on the table.

Sarkis smiled, "They can't get too far. They're on horseback. My men will intercept them at the canyon."

Brad stopped, the others pulled up behind him. He was taking the lead because he was the most experienced rider.

"What's up?" Paul asked.

"They'll be waiting for us. The canyon is the only way out."

"Well fuckit then. We'll climb out. The same way we came in."

TJ rode up to them. "It's gonna take too fuckin long. I need to get Cody to a doctor."

Brad agreed with Paul, "There's no other way out TJ, we have to climb outta here."

"Cody can't fuckin climb outta here. Look at him."

Cody's unconscious body was draped over TJ's horse.

"Then we'll carry him out." said Paul.

Brad turned the horse and headed for the mountain wall, where they had come down during the night.

Asato looked through the binoculars. He was expecting to see some dust from the horses. There was nothing.

Sarkis looked at his frustration, "They have to come this way, be patient."

Paul smiled, "How come we didn't hear the waterfall when we came down?"

"Because there's not a helluva lotta water coming from it." said JTT

They dismounted. TJ lifted Cody's body off of the horse. He carried him to some shade, where a small pool of water from the falls had formed.

He gently put him down on his back. TJ grabbed the first aid kit out of Paul's bag. He took some swabs and the water bottle. He started to clean the blood off of Cody's face. Blood had caked on his teeth as well. TJ opened his mouth to clean it. Small drops of water ran down into Cody's throat.

"We'll have to wait until dark." said Paul, "When we don't arrive at the canyon, they're gonna send the helicopters out after us. We'll be sitting ducks on the mountain."

Stian knelt down next to TJ, "Is he going to be okay?"

"Cody's a fighter, he's gonna be fine."

"You and him are good friends huh."

"The best," TJ smiled.

TJ gently ran his fingers down between Cody's pecs and his stomach. He untied the strap holding the leather thong. It fell away. Cody's cock stretched out and lay on his stomach.

TJ smiled, "Well, at least the family jewels are still intact." He ran his fingers down the length of Cody's cock, gently cupping this balls in his hand.

He felt Stian's hand between his legs. His cock reacted and started to get hard. Stian loosened TJ's belt and brought his trousers down. He put his mouth over TJ's sweat coated briefs, his tongue tracing the outline of TJ's boner. His hands carefully pulled the briefs away and TJ's boner sprang up. Stian took off his clothes and TJ did the same. They lay down next to Cody. Stian's tongue worked its way down TJ's chest and stomach. He buried his face in his friend's pubes. It smelt of stale sweat but it was still sweet.

Stian's mouth engulfed TJ's boner. TJ closed his eyes. He felt his cock get rock hard inside of Stian's mouth. He felt the fingers cupping his balls and playing in his crotch. He leaned over and took Stian's boner in his hand and stroked it.

Bruce sat next to Paul, "You're from England."


"So what the fuck are you doing here?"

Paul smiled, "It's a long story, but a friend was in trouble."


Paul nodded.

"He's a pretty lucky dude, to have so many friends."

Paul smiled, "Yep, but dudes are pretty lucky to have him and TJ as friends as well."

"Is TJ Cody's boyfriend?"

"Let's just say that TJ and Cody are the best of friends"

JC slept in the shade of the rocks, his body bruised.

Stian sat with Cody's head in his lap. TJ was washing him from head to toe. The boys from the ranch were given spare clothes that were in the bags that had been hidden.

TJ gently dressed Cody.

It was starting to get dark.

Asato was fuming, "They should have been here already."

Sarkis was just as frustrated, "It's possible that they have stopped somewhere for the night."

"Is it possible that they will try and climb out?" George asked.

Sarkis shook his head, "Even an experienced mountain climber would have a problem climbing out of here. Let's wait until morning. My men have got the canyon blocked, they cannot get through in the night."

Cody's body was strapped to a makeshift stretcher.

Paul was already on his way up. The going was not good. The surface of the mountain was loose shale and grips were few and far between. But it was their only chance. He knocked anchors in wherever he couldn't find a grip.

TJ was going last. He would make sure that Cody's stretcher went up smoothly.

During the day, the climb had been difficult. In the dark, it was almost impossible. Stian and JTT lost their footing once, causing a panic.

At last, TJ saw the stretcher start to move up. It had taken all night for them to get up. The sky was starting to lighten. Fuck, he hoped that the sun would stay down for a while longer.

He climbed slowly, slower than the stretcher was moving. He found the grips and the anchor points that Paul had knocked in, including the safety that JTT had knocked in earlier.

Brad was the last one over the ridge before TJ. The others were slowly pulling the stretcher up. He joined them.

An hour later, TJ had covered a third of the distance. The sky was light and he could see the sheer face above and below him. The stretcher with Cody was way above him. He heard the helicopter from a distance away.

Paul heard the unmistakable beat of the helicopter blades. "We're in shit. Anchor the ropes with the stretcher. Get yourselves some cover, QUICK!"

Asato looked through the binoculars, "Nothing, they've disappeared into thin air. Is there another way out of here?"

Sarkis was scanning the mountain tops, "No, only the box canyon. You can see from the sheer cliffs that they cannot climb up."

TJ clung to the cliff face. He had hooked into one of the safety pins knocked into the rock. He looked up. The stretcher was stationary.

On the top of the mountain, Paul and the others lay flat in the shelter of rocks. They watched as the helicopter got closer.

The helicopter went past them. Paul slowly stood up, "That was too damn close. Let's get Cody and TJ up quickly." The boys got on to the rope and started to pull the stretcher up.

TJ released the safety hook and started to climb. He watched as the helicopter went further away from them.

"Something's wrong," said Paul, "The helicopter is hovering. Anchor the stretcher again. Take some cover until the fucking thing disappears."

"What did you see?" asked Sarkis.

Asato smiled, "The horses, down in the valley. We'll need to turn around and land. Radio your men Sarkis."

The helicopter turned around. TJ heard the sound and saw it coming back. "Fuck!" he shouted. He looked up, the next safety point was about ten yards away. "Don't panic, inch by inch, just get to the damn safety."

The others watched as the chopper came closer.

"Over there," Asato pointed. "They would have taken cover somewhere. Land near the waterfall."

TJ could feel the draft from the chopper blades as it came into land at the base of the mountain. He slowly inched his way towards the safety point.

The others were looking over the edge of the mountain. "JT, get my bag," shouted Paul.

JT brought Paul's bag to him, Paul took out the grappling hooks and the attached ropes. He put them next to him.

"What are you gonna do?" asked Brad.

"I'm not sure, yet." said Paul, "Let's get Cody and TJ up as fast as possible. Is TJ high enough to get a rope to him?"

Stian looked down, "I'm not sure, he still looks like an ant down there."

"Well drop one of the abseil lines, with the harness. It will reach him."

TJ watched as the stretcher made its way to the top. Fuck, he still had a long way to climb and his arms felt like lead.

"Mr. Sarkis, come look." George was holding the binoculars for Sarkis. "Up there."

Sarkis looked through the binoculars, "I don't believe it."

Asato grabbed the binoculars from Sarkis, "But there's only one boy."

"The others must be up already."

They ran towards the helicopter.

TJ tried to reach for the abseil line as it came down but it swung away from him.

Paul watched as the men ran towards the chopper, "Game's up. They know where we are. Okay, let's play."

The boys pulled the stretcher over the edge, to safety. They quickly carried it to the shelter of the rocks.

TJ looked down when he heard the chopper blades turn faster.

Inside the helicopter, Asato cocked the automatic rifle.

The helicopter lifted and swung away from the mountain.

"Fucking hell," said Paul, "They're going to come from the top." He watched as the helicopter gained height and then turned towards them.

"Get to cover," Brad shouted.

The spray of rifle fire kicked up stones around them. They kept their heads down. Paul heard the rifle fire against the mountain face. He ran out of cover and looked over the edge. TJ was a sitting duck.

He shouted for someone to help him. All the boys came out and ran to the edge. They could see the danger that TJ was in.

TJ clung on to the rock face. Stone chips were flying around him.

Paul grabbed the grappling hook. He told Brad to grab the other one. He waited as he saw the helicopter turn and come back.

Asato took careful aim. He could see TJ clearly in his sights, "I need to get closer," he shouted to the pilot.

"NOW!" Paul shouted. He and Brad swung the grappling hooks over the edge of the cliff.

The pilot looked up and saw the hooks coming down towards the chopper. He turned the chopper away. Asato swore.

Paul watched as the chopper slowly turned and started going down. The hooks hit the blades at exactly the same time.

TJ heard the pitch of the chopper engine change. He watched as it started to turn in wild circles, heading for the ground. He saw people jump out just before it hit the valley floor. Then he saw the flash.

The heat current erupted from the exploding helicopter and went up the cliff face. TJ felt himself being lifted away from the mountain and being thrown into the air. As he somersaulted he caught the abseil line which was swinging as well. Without thinking, he tied the line around his waist. As he started to fall, he felt the rope catch. He swung against the mountain. He hit it hard with his body.

Asato and Sarkis watched as the helicopter burnt. They could see TJ being beaten against the rocky cliff face.

"PULL!" Paul shouted. They all pulled the abseil line.

TJ used his feet to keep him away from the face. Slowly he edged his way upwards.

Sarkis smiled, "Those kids are good."

Asato was scowling, "Next time, get some kids that aren't that good."

Stian and Brad helped TJ over the edge. His arm was bleeding, where it had hit the cliff face.

"Where's Cody?"

"Over there, behind the rocks."

TJ went over to where Cody was, in the stretcher. Cody's eyes were starting to open.

TJ looked down at his friend, "Hi buddy."

Cody's face was covered in dust, "Hi Teej," he smiled. "Where are we?"

"On top of the world Code, on top of the world." He started to laugh and cry at the same time.

Paul walked over, "We might as well stay here and rest for a few hours. I doubt the Ranch people are going to try and follow us now."

Cody looked at TJ, "Who's the Limey?"

TJ smiled, "Cody let me introduce you to Paul. You know him better as Ecosys."

"Holy shit." Cody shouted, "THAT PAUL?"

"Hi Cody. Not too much of that limey shit, okay." Paul put his hand out and Cody grabbed it. "When you've finished resting, maybe you can come and join us. We're going to party on this mountain."

"Sure." Cody smiled.

Cody was feeling a lot better. His face was bruised and sore but at least he could walk.

He joined the guys who were sitting in a circle. Cody's eyes went huge, "JTT? JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS?"

JTT laughed, "Yeah, the one and only. What can I say? You wouldn't be up here if not for me? Yeah right! Hi Cody, heard a lot about you bud."

Cody shook JTT's hand like he was never going to let it go.

TJ introduced the other guys, "And this is John, better known as Bratman."

Cody walked up to Brat, "Yeah, we met." Cody put his arms around Brat and gave him a hug, "Thanks Brat, for everythin you did."

"It was a pleasure Cody, got a chance to touch your bod. Hehehe." Brat laughed.

It was a relaxed group that spoke until sunrise the next morning.

The going down was long and hard.

When the group arrived at the first small town, they looked like something out of a Mad Max futuristic movie. All the townspeople stared at them.

Brad walked up to TJ, "Okay, there's a helicopter transporter coming up from LA to fetch us."

The helicopter caused as much of a stir as the boys' arrival.

They climbed in, sat back and relaxed. The helicopter took off and headed towards LA.

"Hey TJ," Cody turned to his friend.


"Thanks for everythin you did. Thanks a whole stack."

TJ squeezed Cody's hand.

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