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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



TJ woke up. Cody was out of the bed. He walked across the room, to the window. He looked down. Cody was swimming laps in the pool. TJ stroked his piss boner as he saw Cody's tanned body glide through the water. He smiled.

One day back in LA and he was swimming. He was a fucking fish.

His body felt surprisingly relaxed after the ordeal that he, Cody and the other boys had been through.

Cody felt the soothing effects of the water on his muscles as he stroked through the water.

He became aware of someone in the pool with him and stopped at the wall. He saw Paul. Paul swam up to him.

"Morning Cody."

"Hi Paul, howzit goin?"

"Pretty good, considering."

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

"So how're you feeling? Your face is still a bit of mess."

Cody's put his hand up to the bruise on his cheek, "Yeah, but I'll live. It was so damn good to see you up on that mountain. Never thought that we'd ever meet."

"Me neither. You're better in person."

Paul came close up to Cody. His hand glided down Cody's stomach, sliding into the top of his Speedo's. He felt Cody getting hard.

Cody closed his eyes, "Fuck that feels so good." He put his hands on Paul's chest and moved them down. "Hehehe. This is better than cyberin huh?"

"You bet."

They both climbed out of their Speedo's. Paul and Cody swam under water, feeling and touching each other with their hands and their mouths. They both had roaring boners. The trail of precum followed them in the water.

They treaded water and stroked each other. Paul closed his eyes, "I'm going to shoot."

Cody went down under the water. He took Paul's boner in his mouth and sucked. Within seconds he felt Paul's body jerk in the water. Paul's warm juice flooded into Cody's mouth. He sucked until there was no more.

As Cody surfaced, Paul started to stroke him again. He felt Cody's boner jerk in his hand and he went down to it. He felt the eruption of Cody's juice as his mouth closed over the boner. It tasted salty and fresh and he swallowed.

They sat down on the edge of the pool, not bothering to put their Speedo's back on. They just soaked up the sun.

Brad Renfro walked out to the pool area. "Hi guys."

He was wearing a towel around his waist. At the pool's edge, he dropped the towel. He was naked. Paul and Cody watched as he dived into the clear water.

Cody shook his head, "A coupla days ago - if someone had said I was gonna be in the same house as him, I would never have believed it."

Paul smiled, "A couple of days ago I wouldn't have believed that I would ever meet you and TJ."

A little while later, JTT came out. He was wearing narrow waist, USA flag Speedo's. The Speedo's showed off his tan, his flat muscular stomach and his legs. He came and sat down next to Cody and Paul.

"He's a good swimmer." JTT was looking at Brad in the pool.

"Yep, he is." said Cody, keeping his eyes focused on the bulge in JTT's Speedo's.

"Hey JT, how come Brad and you got so involved with this thing?"

JTT smiled, "Well, we get to do this shit in the movies and we always get told that we have to have a stunt person. That's a buncha crap. So when this came up, we wanted to do it. Just to prove that we could."

The shower doors opened. TJ's eyes were full of soap and he couldn't see who came in. "Who is it?" he asked.

Stian took the soap out of TJ's hand. He put a lot on to his hands. Then he soaped up his semi. He went up close behind TJ and let his semi rest in TJ's crack. It started going rock hard almost immediately. He put his arms under TJ's and his hands moved over TJ's pecs, playing with the nipples.

Slowly he felt each muscle in TJ's abs and then slid his hands down to the pubes. He could feel that TJ was rock hard by the time he got to his cock. He slowly stroked it. He rubbed himself up and down the crack. TJ leaned forward slightly and opened his legs.

Stian bent his legs slightly and came forward. His boner lined up with TJ's crack and he slowly lifted. He felt as the head slowly entered. TJ took a quick breath as he felt the head going into him.

Stian used his hands on TJ's flat belly to pull him back a bit. His boner went all the way in. He felt as TJ's ass muscles tightened around it. It felt so damn good. He pulled out slowly and then pushed again. His hands were stroking TJ's rock hard monster at the same time.

TJ heard Stian take a quick breath and then he felt the surge of warm boy juice inside him. Stian's breathing quickened as he fucked faster and his juice offloaded into TJ. When he was done he hugged TJ tightly from behind. He wanted to stay in there forever.

Brad swam up to JTT. "Hey JT, what the fuck you wearing Speedo's for?"

"I've got respect for my body," laughed JTT.

"Hey Cody, wanta give me a hand here?" Brad shouted.

Cody quick sat down behind JTT and grabbed him under the arms and around the chest. JTT's body felt like a bundle of muscle filled dynamite.

Brad quickly grabbed the sides of his Speedo's and slid them off of JTT's struggling legs.

Cody's boner was right up against JTT's back. Cody looked over JTT's chest and saw that he also had a boner. He had a perfect straight, thick cock. The mass of pubes tapered off to smooth balls.

JTT leaned forward and dived into the pool, dragging Cody with him. He grabbed Cody between the legs and lifted him up, "Hmmm nice," JTT smiled.

Cody's hands went down to JTT's boner and held on to it. They smiled at each other.

Stian sucked hard as he felt TJ's boner lift in his mouth. It was such a huge rush that TJ's juice shot right down his throat. TJ held his head tight up against his crotch.

Breakfast was served on the pool deck. The boys all had shorts on, but no tops.

"Tonight I've got plans for us," said JTT, "All arranged."

"What are we gonna do today?" asked Cody.

"Wellllll," said Brad, "You ever been to Universal Studios?"

All the faces lit up around the table.

Brad and JTT were wearing their hair in a different style and wore caps and sunglasses. The whole group had heads turning. All the boys were good looking and hunky. Girls were getting wet panties and even some guys got bulges in the pants as they looked.

"Let's do Jurassic Park first." said JTT.

The boys climbed into the car that would take them through the Lost World. It slowly meandered through stone-age landscape and forests. The car started to climb towards to gigantic gate up on a hill. Brad and JTT smiled at each other.

The gates opened and the car fell in a free-fall towards the ground, down a steep embankment.

As the car hit the water, the spray washed over the whole group, soaking them. As they left the car, someone stood there handing them towels to dry themselves.

Cody was beaming, "That was fuckin awesome."

Paul laughed, "Hey Cody, didn't you put any fucking briefs on this morning?"

Cody looked down. His wet shorts were almost see-through and his cock and pubes were clearly visible through the wet material.

TJ smiled and put his hand over Cody's crotch, "Here I'll cover it for you."

Cody pushed his hand away, "Hey, stop that, you want me to get a boner as well?" He laughed.

Brat came up to Cody and put his hand on Cody's crotch as well, "I don't mind if you get a boner."

Bruce laughed, "Hey look, it's happening." He pointed at Cody's crotch.

The guys cracked as they watched Cody get hard. Cody's face went red as a beet.

Cody fell in behind the group, careful to make sure that no one saw his boner through his shorts. TJ was giggling next to him.

"Hey Teej, if you don't shut up, I'm gonna shove this down your throat."

TJ made a sucking noise with his mouth, "Yes please."

They got to the Jaws ride. Cody stood next to the open-mouth shark at the entrance. He put his head inside the shark's mouth, "Imagine this guy givin you a blowjob huh?"

The guys laughed.

They found the Jaws ride as exciting as the others.

The boys all felt relaxed as the day progressed. Late in the afternoon they stopped for ice cream cones.

"This must be the hottest day of Summer," said Bruce. He grabbed the waistband of his shorts and waved it to try and fan some air into his shorts.

JC came up to him. "Hey, there's a better way to keep cool buddy." With that he pulled back the waistband of Bruce's shorts and turned his ice cream upside down inside it. Bruce gave a gasp. He pulled his stomach right in, as if that was going to get him further away from the ice cream, which was now melting all over his cock and balls.

The guys cracked laughing as the ice cream dribbled out of the legs of his shorts.

Back at Brad's place, Brad had told everyone to be ready by 9pm to go out. They had three hours.

TJ had collapsed on his back on the bed. He had just got undressed to go shower. Cody walked into the room carrying a small bowl.

"What's that Cody?"

"Ice cream. Want some?"

"Nope, had plenty at the park."

Cody sat down next to TJ. He picked up some ice cream on the spoon and slowly let it drip on to TJ's cock. TJ just lay back and let him do it. TJ's cock and balls looked like a perfect ice cream sculpture of a beautiful boner.

Then Cody let the ice cream drip on to TJ's pubes. He made an ice cream line up to TJ's chest and around the nipples.

"Well," said Cody, "If you don't want any, do you mind if I have some."

TJ just lay back. He was enjoying this. He felt Cody's tongue lick the ice cream off of his nipples. His nipples felt like small stones under Cody's tongue.

Then he felt Cody's tongue licking the ice cream line down to his pubes.

He bent his knees and lifted his legs. He felt the tongue slide up his crotch to the underside of his balls. Cody took the balls in his mouth and sucked the ice cream off of them.

Slowly, Cody's tongue licked the ice cream off of his stiff, rock-hard boner. It felt fantastic.

Cody looked up at TJ. TJ laughed at the ice cream on Cody's chin and the end of his nose.

Then Cody went down and put his mouth around TJ's boner. He sucked it in as far as possible. Then his tongue extended to the base.

TJ's muscles contracted as Cody sucked him. He felt his cock bounce once in Cody's mouth and then he erupted. Cody loved the taste of TJ's juice, mixed with his own spit and the ice cream taste.

Afterwards, Cody straddled TJ. His boner rested on TJ's indented stomach. His face went down and their mouths met, and they kissed.

Cody felt TJ's tongue push deep into his mouth. He loved the taste. He slowly moved his boner backwards and forwards on TJ's gut.

As they kissed, the warm flood of Cody's juice spread out between them.

They lay like that for a long time, until they had to get ready to go out with Brad.

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