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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



The guys looked pretty smart, even though they were dressed in a mixture of jeans, chinos, T-shirts and unbuttoned shirts. Brad was wearing an open shirt and white chinos. The gold chain around his neck looked pretty hot against his smooth tanned skin. TJ wore jeans with a loose hanging T-shirt and an open shirt over that. Cody wore jeans and a loose hanging black T-shirt.

They climbed into the limo waiting outside. It was a bit of a tight squeeze but they were too excited to complain.

"So, where we goin?" asked Brat.

"Wait and see," smiled Brad.

JTT was wearing a floral shirt, which was open. His smooth tanned skin looked great. His chest muscles were nicely defined. He was wearing baggie smart, white shorts with a belt.

The limousine drove into downtown LA. The guys were staring out of the window, amazed at the flash of lights and the never-ending lines of traffic. Brad and JTT were watching the faces of the boys.

After a half-hour drive, the limo stopped in a semi-lit alleyway. At the end of each alley there were police cordons.

"This way," Bruce indicated a door going into the building. He opened it and everyone walked in.

The boys were in a long passageway. They all followed Brad and JTT. "Where are we?" JC asked.

JTT smiled, "You'll know in one minute."

They turned down another passageway. At the end of it they could see a lot of people running around.

They walked through a crowd of people and stopped at a door. A big guy stopped in front of them.

"Brad Renfro," said Brad, "And this is Jonathan Taylor Thomas."

The burly guy recognised them, "And the others?"

"Our agents and advertising people," said Brad.

The guy looked confused but he stepped aside and opened the door.

They walked into a dressing room.

A guy the height of Brad came up to them. He had long straight blonde hair. He smiled, "Hi there."

Brat came up to the guy and shook grabbed his hand in both of his. He held on and shook it like he would never let go.

"Taylor Hanson, I've died and gone to heaven."

The Hansons all came to greet the boys. They were good friends of Brad and JTT.

Cody and TJ felt like they were up in the clouds, everything felt so unreal. Brad, JTT and The Hansons - all in one room. They were all backstage at the auditorium where The Hansons were giving a concert.

They watched the concert from the side of the stage. The huge auditorium was packed to capacity. The boys jumped and danced as the group went from one well-known hit, to another.

Paul came up to TJ, "People back home are never ever going to believe this, not in a million years."

TJ felt Paul's boner in his side, "I can feel that you're enjoying this."

Paul's hand stroked TJ's crotch, "Hmmm, yeah, along with some other people."

They were all going crazy, dancing along with each new song played.

After the show there was a party and there were about a hundred people there. TJ was standing watching everyone. He wanted to see who else he could recognise. He felt a hand on his arm.

"Hey Taylor, hi. That was a really great show. You guys are fantastic."

"Thanks TJ. Listen, this is going to sound weird but, all the other guys are busy. I need to get out of this stage suit. Want to give me a hand?"

TJ's stomach did a double somersault, "Yeah sure."

TJ walked behind Taylor to the dressing room, watching his tight buns. What stage suit? He was wearing slacks and a shirt.

Taylor closed the door behind them and turned the key. He turned to face TJ. "Want to help me with this shirt?"

TJ's hands were shaking as he started to undo the buttons. He could feel the warmth of Taylor's skin against his hand. His skin felt like silk. Taylor had a nice tan and a neat bod. It wasn't muscular but it had a nice shape. His pecs were nicely developed and his stomach was flat and there was a trace of some muscle in his stomach. What TJ did notice though, were the two lines running from his hips towards his pubes.

As TJ got to the bottom button he felt Taylor's stomach pull inwards. It was hard but his skin was so, so soft.

Taylor took the shirt off. "That was damn cool, want to carry on?"

TJ smiled at him and giggled slightly, as he started to undo Taylor belt buckle. TJ could see the bulge growing in Taylor's slacks. He undid the top button and then slid the zip down. The zip rode over Taylor's bulge. He was wearing tight fitting boxers. TJ could clearly see the outline of his cock, which was hard.

As TJ looked, he felt Taylor's hands on his own jeans and he closed his eyes. He felt as his jeans came down and his cock lifted to get some air. He felt the hands stroke up his cock. Then his briefs came down. His cock was at full attention.

"Hey TJ, do you mind if I blow you?"

Mind? Yeah, of course I mind - just what kind of slut do you think I am? "No," TJ stammered. He couldn't believe his luck.

"Let's go through to the next room, there's a bed there."

TJ followed Taylor. His butt looked cute in the boxers and he had a good shaped bod and legs. TJ's cock just bounced behind him and pointed the way.

TJ sat on the bed and Taylor sat next to him. Taylor pushed TJ down on his back. Then he turned around so they were laying head to toe. TJ felt as Taylor's tongue started to explore his balls and his cock. He felt the tip of the tongue running around his ridge.

He turned his head and could see the perfect bulge in Taylor's boxers. He moved his hands up and grabbed the waistband. Taylor's cock bounced out of there as the boxers were slid down. TJ grabbed the rock star's cock in his fist and admired it. It was very pale, straight and smooth. The cut head was just a little wider than the shaft.

He felt Taylor go down on his boner. Jeez, thought TJ, this guy is fucking hot. He felt the mouth take him all in. His cock jerked as it entered Taylor's mouth. His stomach muscles were doing a jive.

He moved his mouth and took Taylor's cockhead into it. He just let his tongue run around the head for a while. Taylor's precum tasted salty.

TJ rolled over so that he was on top of Taylor, on his hands and knees. He felt Taylor's hands move across his stomach and chest. He sucked the rock star's rocking hard cock all the way into his mouth. It was jerking as he got it in. Then he started to suck like there was no tomorrow.

He felt the tugging on his own cock as Taylor sucked him. He felt as Taylor tried to push his cock even further into his mouth. Then it jerked a couple of times and TJ felt the rush of boy juice in his mouth. He tasted it first, before swallowing it. It jetted own in long jets of thick, salty juice.

TJ felt his own cock jerk. Then he felt a finger go into his crack. It drove him crazy and he offloaded in a series of jerks and jets of cum. Taylor pulled him closer and TJ could feel his nose up against his balls. He felt his cock thicken inside Taylor's mouth, with each shot.

TJ was even hornier after he and Taylor had offloaded. He turned around and pulled Taylor close to him. He wanted to feel that body for a long time. He ran his hands through the long blonde hair. Then his fingers played in Taylor's neck, before going down the pecs and stomach.

Cody smiled as TJ came back into the room, followed by Taylor. "So, tell me. How good is he?"

TJ laughed, "Pretty damn good."

Cody shook his head, "I can't believe he chose you though. Why not me? I mean if he really wanted a hot bod."

TJ slapped Cody in the stomach. Cody laughed. He choked on the juice he was drinking and some shot out of his nose as he coughed.

"Hey TJ, when do the other guys leave?"

"Who, Paul and Brat and those guys?"

Cody nodded.

"I'm not sure. Pretty soon I should think. We've got to think about getting back as well."

"We gonna drive back."

TJ nodded and smiled.

"Fuck, hope it's not quite as exciting as the trip from Miami to Bowling Green." said Cody

"Hey Cody, with you around, the trip is always damn exciting. 'Cos you're always getting into shit."

"So, what was Taylor like?"

TJ held his chin, like he was thinking, "Wellllll, he is pretty good-looking, nice hair, really smooth silky skin covering hard muscle, nice legs....."

"Tell me about his fucking cock TJ." Cody almost screamed.

"Oh that," TJ laughed, "Well, it's got a really nice bush of blonde pubes."

Cody shook his head and laughed. "You're fuckin unbelievable."

It was in the early hours of the morning that they all got back to Brad's house. Cody walked out of the shower and lay down next to TJ. He put his head on TJ's chest. It felt great when TJ put his arms around him.

"I loveya Teej." Cody whispered.

"I love you too Taylor."

Cody's hard fist landed in TJ's stomach. "Oooofff! Fuck Cody, only kidding. I loveya buddy. G'night"

"G'night TJ."

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