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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



Cody lay on his left side. His right arm and leg draped over TJ. He could hear by TJ's breathing that he was in a deep sleep. For some reason he couldn't sleep. He slowly got out of bed, he didn't want to wake his friend. He walked over to the window and looked down. He could see that there was someone sitting in the lounger at the pool.

He pulled on a pair of gym shorts and went downstairs. The surrounding lights dimly lighted the pool area. The air was hot and humid. Cody could feel drops of perspiration on his forehead.

"Hi Cody, couldn't you sleep either?" It was JTT. He was sitting in the lounger wearing a Speedo, he had obviously been for a swim.

Cody smiled and sat down next to him, "Nope. Dunno why though. Maybe its just cos it's so damn hot."

JTT grinned, "Yep, same here. Too damn hot. That's why I went for a swim."

Cody looked at JTT. His eyes moved down his body. It was in perfect proportion. Nice pecs and then the slope down to his well developed, flat stomach. The Speedo's showed off a nice sized package. Just a trace of his pubes was showing out of the top of the Speedo's. He had perfect legs. His whole body was an olive tan colour.

"Hey you've got an inny," Cody said


"An inny," Cody got up and sat down on the edge of JTT's lounger, "Here let me show ya."

Cody's finger went to JTT's belly button. Cody could feel the silky skin and the hard muscle underneath. His finger went inside JTT's belly button and moved around it.

JTT laughed, "Yeah it is an inny."

Cody's finger didn't move, it just circled around. He could see JTT's bulge growing.


"Yeah?" JTT was aware of the strange feeling he was getting in his gut and his crotch.

"I know you and Brad have jacked off together."

JTT smiled, "Hehehe, if you say anythin, I'll deny it."

Cody laughed, "A guy ever blow you before?"

JTT shook his head, "Never. Listen Cody, I don't have a problem with it okay. It's just never happened. I don't go looking for it."

"Just wondered," Cody's finger was now tracing lines around the bulges of muscle on JTT's six-pack. "You've got a pretty hot bod. How come we never see it on telly or in the movies."

"Well, in Wild America you could. For just a second. Don't really like showing my bod too much though. I didn't think it was that good."

Cody's fingers were playing with JTT's nipples. They went hard as he rubbed them.

Cody felt JTT's fingers nervously rubbing the side of his leg. "Hey JT, it's okay if you wanna explore me too, hey what the fuck, I don't mind at all."

JTT relaxed a bit. His hand went on the inside of Cody's thigh and he gently rubbed it. Cody already had a raging boner.

"Cody, it's weird. I would never do this with a guy normally. I mean, Brad and I jack off together, but we don't go and explore each other like this."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." said Cody.

JTT's fingers went into the leg of Cody's shorts. He could feel Cody's nuts, pulled up tight into his crotch. He stroked them.

"Hey Cody. I don't wantya getting any crazy ideas. But could I jack you off?"

No fucking way - what sorta guy do you think I am - hehehe. "Fuck yeah! You really wanna do that?"

"Yeah pretty much."

Cody pulled his shorts off and sat down again. He felt as JTT's hand wrapped around his hard six. His own fingers moved down JTT's stomach. He found the string tie for the Speedo's and slowly loosened them.

Feeling JTT's fist around his boner was sending shivers through his body. He grabbed the waistband of JTT's Speedo's and started to slide them down. JTT lifted his butt so that they would just slide off.

Cody looked down, JTT's cockhead was shining with precum. His straight, hard, muscular cock was about the same length as Codys. Cody's fingers went down into JTT's crotch and then they gently caressed up, over his nuts and up his length. There was a whole lot of precum now and Cody started to rub it into JTT's length.

"Hey Cody."


"That question you asked me just now. About any guy blowing me. Do you wanna do it?"

No, not really. Cody couldn't believe his luck, "Are you sure you wanna let me do that?"

JTT's eyes were closed and he was leaning back, "About as sure as anything."

As Cody put his mouth over JTT's cockhead, he felt JTT's body stiffen. All the muscles in his body tensed. His hand stood still on Cody's cock.

Slowly, Cody's tongue massaged JTT's cockhead. It slid slowly around the ridge. His fingers were tickling the underside of JTT's nuts. Cody sucked him in, slowly. He was savouring every inch of JTT's beautiful hard muscle.

JTT's hand wasn't moving on his own cock but he didn't mind too much. He was enjoying himself. He moved his head up and down on the superstar cock. It was shiny with precum and spit. Cody's fingers gently squeezed the base.

Cody felt the cock start to jump in his mouth. He sucked harder. JTT arched back and then he screamed - loudly. Cody tasted the rush of juice as JTT erupted into his mouth. It tasted fantastic. JTT screamed with each shot.

The lights started going on in the house.

Cody sucked as hard as he could. He felt JTT's hands push his head into his crotch for the last shot.

Cody lifted his head, "The whole fuckin neighbourhood is awake."

JTT turned around and saw the lights, "Oh fuck!"

He dived into the pool. Cody followed him.

A bodyguard came running into the pool area, out of breath, with his gun drawn. "Everything okay here?"

JTT's face was red, "Yeah, just practising for the new Tarzan movie."

The bodyguard looked surprised, "Tarzan movie?"

Cody could see all the guys looking out of their windows. TJ gave him a thumbs up. Cody could see TJ shaking his head.

The two swam around until the last light had been switched off and the bodyguard had gone.

JTT came up behind Cody. Cody could feel that he still had a boner and it rode in his crack. JTT's hands around his chest felt fantastic. His nipples went hard under the gentle fingers.

"Hey Code," JTT whispered, "I've never felt anything so fantastic before. You are so fuckin awesome."

Cody turned around and faced him. He ran his hands across JTT's smooth chest and down his hard stomach. His hand enclosed the still-hard boner. "Thanks, JTT. I promise to keep this our secret."

When TJ woke up, Cody was asleep next to him, lying on his stomach. TJ rubbed his hands across Cody's firm butt. His fingers gently went between Cody's legs and tickled his balls. Cody was sleeping so soundly he didn't even feel it.

He leaned back against the top of his bed and looked down at his sleeping friend. He grabbed his piss boner and started to massage it gently, with his left hand. His right hand massaged Cody's strong back and shoulders.

With all the action that the boys had seen, TJ's body had gone hard and his muscles were prominent. He looked down at his stomach, which had developed a flat six-pack. He smiled and he felt good about himself.

"What time is it?"

TJ looked down, Cody was awake. His eyes still looked like he was fast asleep though.

"You have a good sleep?"

Cody's hand rubbed TJ's leg, "I had a great sleep, thanks. You?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

Cody rolled over and lay on top of TJ. Their boners were touching. "TJ, I've had such an amazing time. I'm gonna hate goin home after all this."

"I'm gonna hate for you to go home too."

It looked like a nudist colony. All the boys were lazing around the pool naked.

"Hey Bruce, that pale skin of yours is gonna burn under this sun." Cody shouted.

Bruce half sat up, his six-pack contracting as he did. "Yeah I know, but this sun feels so damn good."

"So what are you and JC going to do now?" asked Paul.

"I'm not sure. We've got some money stashed from our photo sessions. Quite a bit actually. I think I'm gonna take JC home and then maybe go back to school or something."

"That sounds like the right thing to do. Your money going to be enough?"

Bruce smiled at Paul, "Yep, we made quite a bit of money from those vids. Wouldn't go back to doing that again though. Welllll, maybe not."

Brad looked across at Bruce, "Hey, when you finished school. Why don't you give me a call. Maybe my agent can set up some tests for you."

Bruce smiled, "Fuck Brad, I wish it could be that easy."

"Hey, it's not that hard, believe me. Just give me a call."

"Yup, okay." Bruce looked happy.

Brat walked over to Cody. "Hey Cody, check this out."

He started to do some bodybuilding poses for Cody. Cody felt his cock come to life. Brat had a good muscular body. His legs were well-developed from all the ice-hockey that he played.

"Piss off Brat, you're makin me horny." Cody shouted.

"Yeah right," said Ryan, "A fucking melting ice cream cone makes you horny."

Everyone laughed. Cody blushed but his cock stood to attention as Brat continued to do his poses. Cody watched as Brat's cock got hard.

In a flash, TJ had dived through the air, tackled Brat, and the two of them went flying into the swimming pool.

The two of them wrestled. TJ's arm went between Brat's legs and he lifted him high out of the water and then threw him down. Brat grabbed a handful of TJ's balls.

Paul came up to Cody. "Hey Cody, you ever think of coming to England, you give me a call okay."

Paul's cock was at head height and Cody was staring at it. "You can bet on it," smiled Cody.

After lunch the group decided to go down to Malibu.

"Hey Cody, I hear you surf. You and Stian."

"Yep, can you get us some boards?"

In no time Brad had organised boards for everyone. Brad and JTT were good surfers and they went to the back of the surf with Cody and Stian.

The rest of the guys stayed closer to the beach. Brat was a real clown on the board, trying to do headstands and almost killing himself in the process. "Hey Brat, they use the long boards for that," shouted Ryan.

Bruce and JC were not too bad. They had done some surfing before.

Back on the beach, the eyes were on the group. Some people must have recognised Brad and JTT but were just not sure. One of the girls came up to TJ and asked him if they were Brad and JTT.

"Nope, they're out of the sanatorium just for the day," said TJ, seriously.

The girl walked away disappointed. TJ kept an eye on her swinging bikini-covered ass.

Brad said, "Okay, we better get going back. I've still got some things to do for this evening."

"What's happening this evening?" asked Ryan.

"Surprise." smiled Brad

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