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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



TJ ran across the hall but was stopped before he could get anyway near the young superstar. He was busy signing autographs. TJ waited when he saw that he was slowly moving in his direction.

Cody and Stian were shoving behind him. "Fuck, we've only just arrived and here's Brad fuckin Renfro right before our eyes."

He stopped in front of TJ and stared at him. "Hi," TJ stammered.

Brad smiled, "Hey dude, whatsyername?"

"Tommy. Tommy Elliott."

"So, you want my autograph or somethin?"

TJ gave him the airline-boarding pass. Brad wrote on it and gave it back to him. He winked at TJ as he left.

"Teej." Cody pulled TJ's sleeve

"TEEJ!" Cody shouted.

TJ came out of his trance, "He actually spoke to me. I can't believe it."

"So what did he write?" Cody grabbed the boarding pass from TJ. His left hand shot up to his forehead. "Fuck TJ, you're not gonna believe this."

"Why?" TJ grabbed the boarding pass from Cody and read what had been written.

Stian grabbed it from TJ.

Brad had written the number of a cell phone on the back of the boarding pass, with the message 'Call me' signed Brad.

Cody felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned around, it was Bruce.

"Hey Cody. Seeya, listen here's a number to contact me. When you're able to okay?"

"Sure - and thanks. It was cool chattin to you on the plane."

"Likewise dude, likewise." Bruce waved and walked off with his back over his shoulder.

TJ got a hired car from Avis and the boys went down to the rent-a-car parking lot.

"So what didya hire TJ?"

"Wait and see."

TJ had hired a brand new Mazda 626.

Cody smiled, "A Jap car? TJ hired a Jap car? I don't believe it."

"Shut up and get in."

They drove on to the Pacific Coast Highway and headed south towards Newport.

"Hey Stian, do your folks know you're coming back today?"

Stian was sitting on the back seat, very quiet.

"Hey Stian," TJ looked in his rear view mirror. "Whatsup?"

"I'm going to miss you two." His eyes were starting to water.

TJ felt a lump in his throat. The three of them had been through a lot together. It was going to seem strange without Stian.

"Hey Stian, maybe we can spend some time with you before we go back to Kentucky huh?" said Cody

Stian was holding back his tears. That would be really neat. He tried to smile.

Cody looked out at the Pacific Ocean. The water looked great. Every now and again they would pass a group of guys surfing the waves. Cody longed for his surfboard.

They arrived in Newport. The ferry to Balboa Island was leaving in a short while and they decided to catch it, rather than go across the bridge.

Stian was still pretty quiet. All the boys were. Lost in their own thoughts about the adventures that they had shared perhaps, or the friend that they were going to leave behind.

Balboa Island is impressive. It is only about a mile long with very attractive homes. Cody watched the guys surfing. "Hey Stian, should we catch a wave before the day's over?"

Stian's face lit up, "That would be totally cool. I just need to make sure that the bunks are set up for you guys tonight."

Stian's home was beautiful. Only the housekeeper was at home. His dad was in LA.

"Hey TJ, I've got a third stick, you want to come out with us?"

TJ smiled, he had never surfed in his life, "Er - okay."

They each put on a pair of surfer baggies and then headed for the beach. Cody was the first in the water. Hey lay down on the surfboard and started paddling through the small, but strong break of waves. TJ watched as he duck-dived under the waves and shoot out the other side. Stian followed him. TJ lay on the board and promptly turned upside down. "Fuck." he said.

Cody and Stian were at the back of the break in a short time. They watched as TJ came up to a wave. He tried to push his board under, like he had seen Cody and Stian do. The wave knocked him off the board and sent him back a few meters.

Cody and Stian laughed as he slapped the board. They couldn't hear what he was saying, but he was shouting at his board.

It was a half hour before he eventually joined them at the back. "My arms feels like damn lead."

Cody and Stian laughed. "I remember it was the same for me," said Cody, "The first time I surfed it took me ages to get through the break."

"Hey Cody, a wave." said Stian

Cody looked behind him and saw the swell building up. He started paddling, to pick up speed before the swell reached him. Stian and TJ watched as the swell picked up his board and pushed it forward. Cody pushed down hard on the rails and jumped to his feet.

"He's a natural," said Stian

"Yeah, he's pretty good," agreed TJ

"No, I mean he surfs with his left foot forward. I'm a goofy-footer, so I have my left foot forward and prefer to ride a left handed break."

"Fuck, whatever." said TJ, "It sounds like Greek to me."

TJ smiled as he watched Cody ride the wave. It was like Cody had been born a fish. He was a good swimmer and now this too.

Cody felt the rush of adrenaline as he took off on his first wave in America. He dropped and turned quickly. The waves were small, but powerful.

Cody and Stian had a great time, enjoying the surf. TJ fell off the board with almost every wave he took. The last wave for the afternoon, he stood up and they heard him scream his head off, he was so happy. Then they saw him fly through the air as the board was kicked out from under him by the wave.

They sat on the beach, tired. They watched the other guys surfing. "It must be a really nice sport once you get into it." said TJ

Cody just smiled, "It's the best! Back home, during the winter hols we normally go up to Jeffrey's Bay on our East Coast. It is so damn awesome."

"You homesick Code?" TJ asked, worried.

"Nah, not at all, how can I be homesick? I'm here with my best friend and I'm raving."

For dinner they went into Newport and had pizza.

Back home, they each showered separately. Stian slept in a huge bed. Cody looked at the bunks that were put out for him and TJ.

"Hey Stian, I think that bed of yours is too damn big for one person."

Stian smiled, "The bunks are for show."

TJ came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him. His body was looking good, hard and tanned. His stomach had got flatter since Cody arrived and his six-pack was taking on a great shape. He stood in front of Stian. Stian traced the line from his hips down into his pubes.

Stian took the towel off of him and traced the line down to his cock. "These lines are like a giant arrow pointing to the prize." he said.

TJ's cock started going hard. Cody jumped on the bed and then pushed Stian down on his back. TJ jumped on the two of them. Three sets of hard muscled teens just lay there.

"Why couldn't we just stay together forever, huh?" Cody asked.

TJ rolled off and on to his back. "Okay, so who is gonna take me then?"

Both Cody and Stian had the same idea. "He's all yours Stian." said Cody.

Stian straddled TJ's face and then dropped his mouth to explore TJ's pubes with his tongue. TJ took Stian's nuts into his mouth and played with them. His hands played with Stian's stomach and his boner. He enjoyed pulling the foreskin backwards and forwards. It wasn't long before the precum was glistening on Stian's cockhead.

Cody went behind Stian. He slowly separated Stian's buns and exposed his pink hole. His tongue started to explore it. He used his tongue and his finger.

TJ felt Stian's stomach tighten and convulse as the sensations he was experiencing. He felt TJ's mouth close around his cockhead and slowly he felt his boner being sucked in. He opened his mouth and took in TJ's prize.

Cody stood behind Stian and aimed his cockhead for Stian's pink hole. He put it in gently. He put both his hands on Stian's hips and slowly let his hard six slide into the Viking. Cody arched back and looked at his boner as it slid into Stian slowly. It was smooth, hard and muscular. He was pretty proud of it. He felt his nuts hit Stian's crotch.

TJ looked at and Stian's nuts as it pulled up tight. He could see Cody's boner sliding in and out of Stian's crack, hard and shiny.

TJ enjoyed the taste of Stian's precum, it was salty and it mixed with his spit. He played with the ridge and foreskin with his tongue.

Stian arched and pushed his butt out further for Cody. He felt TJ's nose on his balls each time his boner was sucked in.

He still could not get TJ's whole six and a half in his mouth. TJ's hard cock was thick and muscular. There was a thick hard ridge which ran underneath it. Stian let his tongue ride the rest of the way. He felt TJ convulse and the cock got thicker in his mouth and lifted - he knew that his mouth was about to be filled with TJ's boy juice.

Cody was enjoyed the sensation as Stian's butt tightened around the base of his cock each time he slid all the way in. He felt the rise in his balls as they tightened. "Oh damn, I'm gonna shoot." Cody said.

He felt the rise in his groin and there was a massive feeling of being on another planet as he let his juice explode inside of Stian.

Stian's own load left him and entered TJ's mouth, TJ swallowed for all he was worth. His tongue continued to work on Stian's boner, making sure that every drop of juice came out of there.

After a short while the three of them collapsed in a heap.

Stian smiled up at the ceiling, "That was so damn awesome. I am never going to forget you guys, ever."

TJ looked at him, "We'll meet again you know,"

"Yeah, I guess."

The next morning the boys were up early.

Stian and Cody went out for an early morning surf. TJ decided the he would hang around and explore Balboa Island.

They surfed for about two hours and then showered.

They stood at the car. Nobody knew what to say.

TJ put his hand out to Stian, "I'm gonna miss you buddy."

The tears flowed freely. Stian grabbed TJ and hugged him tight, "I'm going to miss you too." Cody watched as Stian's body shook as he was hugging TJ. He was crying openly now. TJ held him away. TJ's eyes were brimming with tears.

"Hey guys," said Cody, "What the hell you cryin for? This isn't a funeral." He went up to Stian and gave him a huge hug. His eyes were wet with tears.

TJ and Cody climbed into the car.

They shouted to Stian as they drove off.

Stian lifted his hand and waved until the car was out of sight. His heart sank as it disappeared over the bridge.

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