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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



TJ turned the car on to the Pacific Coast Highway. They headed back to LA. It seemed a lot further than just thirty miles.

"Hey Cody, stop bein so fuckin quiet okay. I'm also going to miss Stian. So where do we go now?"

Cody looked at TJ, "Hey, that's a good question, where the hell are we gonna go? I wouldn't know where to even start lookin for Damian."

"Well his dad's a movie producer, what about Beverley Hills?"

"Nah, he lives out in the bush somewhere cos he does his karate trainin on a mountainside by his house."

"Well, he surfs, where does he surf?"

Cody shook his head, "I'm not sure."

"Fuck Cody, this was your idea. So now we're here what are we supposed to do. LA isn't your average African village, there are more than ten people here."

"Malibu - yeah, let's go to Malibu beach. He could be there."

"Malibu is on the other side of the city."

"Yeah, but just follow the highway."

Cody leaned back in the seat and put his left hand on TJ's leg. He moved it up slowly to TJ's crotch.

"Fuck Cody, I'm already so damn horny."

Cody leaned over and ran his hand up and down TJ's leg. His jeans were tight and showed off the well developed thigh muscles.

"Venice Beach."

"Huh?" Cody came out of his trance.

"There's a turnoff to Venice Beach coming up."

"Cool, I've seen it on the movies. Let's take a detour down there. We can get something to eat as well."

Venice Beach was alive with hundreds of people walking up and down. The beach was a hive of activity. People were playing volleyball. Cody stopped and watched the guys pumping iron.

They joined a group of people watching a busker, singing and playing the guitar.

Venice Beach is like another world. It was hot and people were casual and relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Cody and TJ took off their T-shirts and tucked them into the side of their jeans. A few girls, and guys, watched the two athletic muscled teens, as they joined the throngs of people down the walk.

"Burger Cody?"


They went into Carl's Junior for a burger and a Pepsi. Then they sat on the beach, watching all the activity.

"This place is unreal." said Cody, with a mouthful of burger. "I feel like I just wanta stay here forever."

TJ smiled, "You don't want to be anywhere near the city after dark Code. It can be pretty dangerous. Venice should be pretty cool tho." TJ watched the little creases from the ab muscles that formed on Cody's stomach as he sat. His pecs looked bigger than usual because of the way he was sitting.

TJ stood up, "I think we should try and find a place to stay the night and try and find Damian tomorrow."

"That's cool, where?"

TJ looked around, "I kinda thought that maybe a room here at Venice should be quite an experience."

Cody smiled, "Hehehe, I think so too."

They found a room right on the beachfront, at a small Bed and Breakfast place. They walked into the room which had a huge bed and a bathroom.

"No shower?" Cody looked into the bathroom, "Shit!"

Cody felt two strong arms grab him around the chest and he was flung on to the bed.

TJ jumped on top of him and pinned him down, sitting with his knees on Cody's arms.

"Fuck TJ, that is sore."

"Stop bitching." TJ reached behind him with his one hand and started undoing the belt of Cody's jeans. He rubbed across the bulge and could feel Cody getting hard.

Cody struggled but the weight of TJ sitting on his chest and the knees pinning his arms down kept him from succeeding. He tried to lift his legs to get them over TJ's head, to pull him over, but TJ was expecting it and leaned forward.

TJ eventually got the belt and zipper on Cody's jeans undone, He reached into Cody's briefs and smiled when he felt Cody's hard boner. He started to stroke him. He watched as Cody closed his eyes and started to enjoy the feeling.

Then he left Cody's boner. He undid his own belt and zip and pulled his boner out. He aimed it for Cody's mouth.

Cody clamped his mouth shut, "Beg." He said, through clamped teeth.

"Oh yeah," TJ smiled. He started to tickle Cody under the arms. As Cody opened his mouth to laugh, he found it stuffed with a mouthful of TJ's monster cock.

TJ got on to his knees and pulled his jeans and briefs down. This made it easier for Cody to keep the boner in his mouth.

TJ went back to work on Cody's boner behind his back.

TJ felt the rush starting in his groin and quickly pulled out of Cody's mouth.

They both got undressed quickly. Cody was a little faster than TJ and jumped on his back before he had got his briefs down. They were around his ankles and he tripped as Cody jumped on him. He went sprawling forward on to the bed. He felt Cody's hard boner riding up and down his crack.

He tried to lift Cody but Cody had grabbed the mattress and was pinning TJ down on his stomach.

"Fuck Cody, you are FAT and overweight." TJ laughed.

Cody giggled - he felt his cock stiffen more and get thicker.

TJ felt the rush of warm Cody juice up his crack and on to his back.

"Fuck." said Cody, he was hoping to spill that into TJ's mouth.

TJ laughed, "That's what happens when you're horny and don't know how to control yourself."

Cody reached under TJ's stomach and started to stroke him.

TJ started to struggle, "Oh no, you don't. You are going to swallow."

Cody had his fist wrapped around TJ's boner and was stroking faster. He was laughing the whole time.

He felt the muscles on TJ's back and shoulders as he pushed up, using all his strength. Cody was lifted.

He wrapped his legs around TJ's waist and clung to him.

"I'm gonna get you Cody."

TJ grabbed the muscle behind Cody's legs and squeezed them. Cody quickly loosened his grip.

TJ then grabbed him and put his head in a headlock, aiming Cody's mouth at his cock. With his free hand, he grabbed his boner and pushed it into Cody's mouth.

It felt like a vacuum suction as Cody sucked him in. He let go of Cody's neck - he knew that Cody was enjoying himself now.

He sat on the bed and went down on his elbows. He watched the mop of black hair as Cody went down on his boner.

He felt Cody's hands under his nuts. He lifted his hips slightly to give Cody easy access.

After a while Cody felt TJ's cock bounce once and then the rush of juice hit the back of his throat and he swallowed.

They had decided to spend the afternoon walking along Venice Beach. They wore sneakers and shorts. It was too hot for shirts. Most of the guys on Venice didn't wear shirts.

"Are you gonna phone Brad?"

"I'm not sure."

"What the fuck you mean you're not sure?"

TJ looked at Cody, "Code, what the fuck are you gonna do while I visit him huh? Any case he's a big fuckin star, what the hell would he want with me anyway?"

"Well, I got the number of that Bruce dude that I met on the plane. And hey, we might have found Damian by then anyway. I wonder if Brad is gay huh?"

"I doubt he's gay. Bi? Maybe. I've got a horrible feeling that we're not."

Cody stopped walking and faced him, "Not what? Gonna find Damian?"

"Yep, I mean, he was always so secretive about where he lived and stuff."

Cody looked disappointed, "Are we even gonna try?"

"Hell yeah."

Cody and TJ joined a few guys playing volleyball on the beach. It was hot and the perspiration ran off of their bodies. Cody thoroughly enjoyed himself. He had often played volleyball on the beaches in South Africa.

TJ was amazed as he watched Cody dive for a ball and hit it up, just before it would have hit the sand.

Early evening at Venice is magic. The light of the setting sun, mixed with the street lighting cast a magic spell on the area.

Street bars and cafes started to come to life. The Beverley Hills well to do mixed with the not so well to do from East LA. Cody and TJ found a small bar, which was filled with a young crowd.

A couple of drunken teens sat at a table next to them. They were loud and aggressive, passing comments about the patrons as they came in.

"Hey, got a light?", one of them asked Cody. He was a surfer type, tanned and muscular with shoulder length blonde hair.

"Sorry," said Cody, "don't smoke."

The surfer looked at Cody, "Hey, you South African?"

Cody smiled, "Yeah."

"Well fuckoff outta here."

The other guys at the table laughed.

"Huh?" Cody asked

"You heard me dude, I don't like South Africans, fuck off outta here."

Cody and TJ sat and looked the other way.

The blonde surfer came up to Cody and tapped him on the shoulder, "Hey, you fuckin deaf? Get outta here."

TJ stood up, "Hey, we're not bothering you, just leave us alone okay."

"Get your friend outta here then you won't have any trouble."

TJ laughed at him, "Trouble, from you?"

TJ didn't expect the fist that connected him on the cheek and sent him flying over the table.

Cody flew sideways into the surfer.

The friends at the table got up and tried to grab Cody. TJ got up and hit the first one into the street. He wrestled another one to the ground.

The surfer had managed to push Cody off of him.

The sirens were loud as the two cop cars stopped at the cafe.

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