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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



During the late afternoon, all the boys were confined to their rooms. All except Brad and JTT, who seemed to be up to something.

Stian walked into Cody and TJ's room. "Hi."

"Hey Stian, whatsup? Thought we were supposed to stay in our rooms."

Stian just smiled, "Sneaked out. Got tired of jacking off. Listen, I've got to head back home tomorrow."

"Yep, we will all need to start making a move I think," said TJ

"I need you guys to promise to stay in touch." said Stian, "I am hating the thought that we might never see each other again."

"Hey Stian, you know we'll stay in touch. That's the nice thing about the net. We can be as close as ever - well maybe not that close, but at least in touch."

"Cody when do you go back to South Africa?"

"Oh, in about three weeks I guess. I'm never gonna be the same again. Not after all the adventures that we've shared."

TJ laughed, "What fucking adventures? It's you that keeps getting us into shit."

Cody jumped on TJ and wrestled him on to his back on the bed. Cody pinned his arms down. "Now, take that back." Cody smiled.

"Never." said TJ

"Hey Stian, do me a favour huh. Pull my shorts down for me."

Stian smiled as he pulled Cody's shorts down. Cody's cock stood erect in front of TJ's face. "Take it back TJ."

"Never," smiled TJ again.

"Okay Stian, push my cock down into his mouth. He can suck on it while he's thinkin."

Stian pushed Cody's stiff cock downwards towards TJ's mouth. TJ opened and Cody pushed his hips forward. His cock slipped into TJ's mouth.

"You take it back?" Cody asked TJ

TJ shook his head. Cody started to fuck TJ's face. TJ was enjoying having that 6-inch muscle in his mouth though.

Stian was behind Cody. His fingers pulled Cody's buns apart and his tongue explored Cody's crack. He was driving Cody wild.

In no time at all, he had pulled his shorts off as well. Cody could feel his hard head at his crack. Stian's finger was rubbing spit into his hole.

TJ was sucking hard on Cody's cock now. Cody felt like his cock was splitting its skin, it was so hard. Then he felt Stian's cockhead at his hole. He felt as the rock-hard muscle slowly slid into him. He tightened his ass muscles and heard Stian groaning behind him. The cock thickened inside of him and it was painful but it felt good as well. He felt as the cock slid out and then back in.

TJ sucked as hard as he could. Cody felt like his cock was going to disappear down his friend's throat. His balls were up tight in his crotch. He felt like there was electricity going through him as he was being attacked from both sides.

In a split second he felt the rush inside of his gut and it gushed out of his cock in torrents. TJ's mouth and throat worked overtime to swallow every last drop.

Then Cody felt a sharp pain as Stian pushed his cock in as deep as it would go. He held on to Cody's hips as his juice erupted. Cody felt the warm juice spreading inside of him. Stian was gasping and breathing heavily behind him. As he removed his dripping cock, Cody could feel the warm juice dripping on his crack.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck - that was too much - oh fuck," Stian was saying.

Cody and Stian bent down on either side of TJ. TJ kept his arms up above his head as his friend's tongues started to lick him. Under the arms, across his pecs, the nipples, his belly button, his pubes - not an inch of his body was spared.

Cody went down between his legs and opened his mouth over the balls. TJ's balls were tight and hard - Cody's tongue massaged them - he could feel each round ball perfectly on his tongue.

Stian worked on TJ's cockhead. He managed to get half of TJ's cock in his mouth before starting to gag. Cody wrapped his mouth around the base of TJ's cock.

The two mouths worked on that muscle for a while and it wasn't long before they felt TJ stiffen and his cock danced as he erupted into Stian's mouth. Stian let some of the juice dribble out of his mouth and run down TJ's cock, towards Cody's waiting tongue.

The three of them collapsed in a heap on the bed and dozed.

They woke up when Brad came into the room. He was carrying a pile of clothing. "Here you guys, you need to get dressed into these. I'll callya when to come down."

After Brad had left, Stian looked at the pile of clothing on the bed. "What the fuck is this stuff. It looks like something out of ancient Greece."

The boys scratched through the pile and found that each of them had to wear a white cotton pouch, which covered their cock and balls and was similar to that worn by the ancient Greeks. Over that they had to wear a silk wrap-around which started just above their pubes and just covered their butts and the pouch.

After getting into the gear they looked at each other. They looked pretty damn hot, like they were Greek gods reincarnated.

Cody stared in the mirror, "Wonder what Brad and JTT have got lined up. If all the guys are wearin this stuff I'm gonna have a ragin' boner all night."

The door opened, "You guys ready?" It was Brad, he was wearing the same gear, "WHOA!! Fuckin rad. You guys look great. Let's go down."

They followed Brad downstairs. Everyone was waiting downstairs. And everyone looked fantastic. It was a display of teen hunkiness with flat stomachs, muscles, and bulges, all in the right places.

Brad led the way out of the house and passed the pool area. They came to a small entertainment reception area and then they were all led downstairs into a huge open room. The room had been decorated to look like a Roman building. There were huge scatter cushions all over the place. In the center was a oil wrestling ring. Bowls of fruit and jugs of juice were all over. Young girls, wearing very short Roman style skirts were all over.

As the boys sat down, the girls started to offer them fruit and silver goblets of juice.

"I've died and gone to heaven," smiled Cody.

"Damn this is awesome." TJ puffed out his chest a bit more and pulled his stomach in even further. Cody looked at his friend who looked like a Greek god.

The boys sat close to each other. Paul took a goblet of juice from a beautiful young girl with long blonde hair that flowed down over her tanned back. Her tits were like two puppy-dog noses sniffing the air. "You Yankees sure know how to do things," he smiled.

Bruce and JC were huddled together talking. They looked fantastic in their outfits. JC's blonde hair looked really cool against his dark tanned skin. He had spent most of the time at Brad's house, in the pool.

Even Bruce was starting to get a tan and was looking really fit and healthy. His dark black pubes just trickled over the top of the wrap. His stomach muscles were tight and well defined, making tight creases against his gut.

After a short while, large platters of food were brought out and the boys gorged themselves. "I'm gonna bust," said Ryan, pushing out his stomach, his six-pack still clear to see.

Once the food had been eaten and given time to settle, Brad stood up and said that they had some entertainment lined up.

Two beautiful girls, one with black hair and one blonde came into the room. They were wearing bikini bottoms. Brad stood on the oil-wrestling mat and the girls joined him.

They laid down on the mat on their stomachs. Brad knelt down between them. He poured some oil on their backs and the back of their legs. He gently rubbed it in. Then they rolled on to their backs.

Cody could see Brad's bulge growing as he rubbed the oil into the girls' tits. When the girls were all oiled up, they went on their knees. One of them undid the wrap around Brad's waist. He was left wearing only the cotton pouch holding his cock and balls.

He lay down on his stomach and the girls started to oil him up. Then he rolled on to his stomach. Both girls wanted the pleasure of oiling up the pouch. Brad might as well have been naked because his cock showed through the oiled cotton clearly.

Once Brad was fully oiled up, he went on his knees and faced the two girls. They were also on their knees. Then a bell rang. A referee appeared from nowhere. The match was on.

The idea was to pin your opponent on his or her back for a count of three. The oil made it helluva difficult.

Cody looked down. He had a wet sticky spot in the front of his wrap, where his precum had seeped through. Watched Brad's almost naked bod being handled by the two girls was getting to be too much.

While Brad was on his knees, one girl grabbed him around the neck, from behind. She pulled him over backwards. He put his hands up above his head to try and grab her. The oiled muscles stretched. The other girl, seeing her opportunity, put her hands down in the pouch and neatly slipped the pouch off. Brad was now completely naked.

Much to everyone's delight, his cock immediately stood to attention. It was rock hard from all the handling by the girls.

Within a few seconds, the girls had him spread-eagled on his back for a three-count. Brad stood up, his chest and stomach heaving from the exertion and his cock standing straight and hard. He had a huge smile on his face.

"Okay," Brad said, out of breath, "You're each gonna get a turn to wrestle with the ladies. Any of you who win will get a chance to fight our oil wrestling champ - just for fun though. I've asked him not to break any bones or anythin." Brad laughed.

Cody's ears pricked up, "Him?" Cody thought, "I must win this thing."

The guys all got harder and harder as each of them got a turn to wrestle with the different girls that came on. The girls all managed to get the guys pinned. The last one to go was Cody.

Cody's hard six was prominent as he walked on to the oil-wrestling mat. The girls removed his wrap and the huge wet patch of precum had seeped through the cotton pouch.

Cody enjoyed oiling the girls, making sure that he got extra oil around their nipples. When it was his turn, he thought he was going to explode when he felt one of the girls rubbing the oil up his crack. One luscious blonde seemed to take great pleasure in rubbing the oil into his boner, through the cotton pouch. Cody might as well have been naked. He felt good though. He looked down and could see his muscles shining with oil.

He felt the one girl grab him around the neck, from behind and pull him backwards. He felt his stomach muscles stretch. He used all his force to pull himself forward. The girl behind couldn't hang on and the force of her falling forwards made Cody land on the other girl. He managed to get her pinned by accident.

He was disappointed, he was just enjoying the feeling of naked skin against his. Damn!

Brad stood up, "Yeah Cody! Okay bud, you get the chance to fight the champion."

Cody had forgotten about that in all the excitement. Great. Cody watched the curtains part on the one side of the room. His eyes went huge. A muscular giant came through the curtains. His thighs were as thick as Cody's waist. His pecs were huge. The muscles on his arms and legs bulged as he walked. He was wearing a mask over his face. He was also wearing a cotton pouch over his cock and balls. His cock showed through huge, he was already oiled.

Cody felt weird because the guy never spoke at all. He stood there.

The gong sounded and Cody flew into him. The guy didn't budge. He lifted Cody up and slapped him down on the mat. Cody slipped in the oil as he grabbed the guy around the legs. The big guy lost his balance and fell down on to his back. Cody jumped on to of him. It was like climbing a mountain.

Cody tried to pin him down and then felt himself being lifted high as the big guy picked him up by his thigh and shoulder. He flew across the mat.

All the guys watching were laughing as Cody tried to get the big guy down. Cody was only about half his height. It was like David and Goliath.

The big guy picked Cody up and lifted him way above his head. Cody's hand went down and pulled off the mask.

"Fuck," he said, "I don't believe it."

The big guy looked up at Cody and smiled, "Hasta la vista, Baby." Then he dropped Cody down on to his stomach.

Cody stood up and faced the guy, "Arnold Schwarzenegger. No wonder I couldn't getya down. You're the best man, nobody can."

The huge square jaw split into a big grin as Arnold smiled at Cody. "Call a friend to help you."

Cody looked across at the group, "TJ? You wanna help me here?"

TJ grinned as he walked on to the mat. It turned into a huge joke as Cody and TJ tried to get Arnold pinned. After a while, he eventually got them both down, one under each arm. They both stayed down for the three count.

Everyone cheered as Cody and TJ stood up next to Arnold. They took a mock bow and left the room to go shower.

The three of them showered together. TJ and Cody had huge boners.

"Don't those things ever go down?" Arnold asked, looking at their cocks.

They laughed at him.

Arnold joined the whole group for the rest of the evening. They spoke about the movies that he, Brad and JTT had made. How much fun it was a lot of the time.

Each of the boys got a Los Angeles/Hollywood T-shirt signed by Brad, Arnold and JTT.

Arnold could hardly believe the story about the canyon, the Ranch and the fights. He said that he had contacts in pretty high places and would ensure that the Ranch was closed down and Sarkis arrested. He said that someone should write the story and make it into a movie.

The party carried on until the early hours of the morning. The boys were dead-tired by the time they got into their rooms.

"Another shit day when we wake up huh?" Whispered Cody. He was lying with his head on TJ's chest. His fingers were tracing lines around TJ's stomach and pubes.

"Yep, it always is when you say goodbye to people, especially friends."

"Except for the Ranch, this has been such a rad trip. Especially meeting all our friends. I mean net friends that we never thought we would meet, Bratman, Ryan, Ecosys, Stian. It has been so cool. And Bruce and JC too."

"I know what you mean buddy. I'm not going to enjoy saying goodbye to you either."

"Let's rather go sleep now TJ, I don't wanna think about that right now."

LAX airport was chaotic. People were coming and going in their thousands. Bruce and JC were the first to leave. Bruce was wearing the same hip-hugging black Levi's that he first wore when Cody met him, and his white T-shirt.

Bruce and JC had tears in their eyes. Bruce came up close to Cody, "I've never met anyone like you or TJ before Cody. I don't know what to say to you. This is shut a shit, leaving." He had to stop as his voice faltered.

Cody put his arms around Bruce's neck, "I'm gonna miss you guys. You've got my email addy though. Keep in touch huh."

Cody's eyes were full of tears when he stepped back. He and JC hugged each other. "JC you get back to school, finish huh."

JC just nodded. He would have cried aloud if he tried to say anything.

Bruce and JC gave each other others a hug. All the guys had tears in their eyes.

"I fuckin hate goodbyes," Cody whispered to TJ.

TJ put his arm around Cody, "I know buddy, I know."

The next to go were Ryan, Bratman and Teddy.

Bratman winked at TJ, "It's been a fucking pleasure meeting you." They hugged each other.

"Thanks for your help Brat, we couldn't have done it without you."

Brat smiled tears in his eyes, "Well, you know the drill. Shout for Bratman whenever you're in trouble."

They watched as the three boys went through the control for their flight.

Cody felt heavy, he was so sad. Then an English accent interrupted his thoughts, "Hey Cody, it's not that bad you know. We'll meet again, someday. All of us. It has to happen. TJ says that you're always getting into shit."

Cody laughed through his tears. "Hey Eco, fuck you've always been such a good friend. It's been great meetin ya."

Paul smiled, "Likewise buddy, likewise."

TJ had been trying to hold back his tears all the time. When Paul hugged him he just let them flow. They ran down his cheeks.

"Thanks Paul, you're a real friend."

Paul didn't say anything. His bottom lip was quivering. He lifted his hand in a salute and walked through the control point.

Brad, JTT, Cody, TJ and Stian were quiet as they left the airport building and went to the car park. They stopped at Stian's VW Bug.

Stian turned to them, "I'm not going to cry this time. I know I will meet you again." Even before he finished talking, the tears started to roll down his cheeks.

They watched as the bug made its way out of the lot.

Cody and TJ turned to Brad and JTT.

TJ took Brad's hand and then hugged him. "I don't know what to say to you two guys. What you did was really special. I will remember it for the rest of my life."

Brad gave a crooked smile, "You see? Us stars aren't all stuck up huh."

JTT smacked them on the back, "If you guys are ever back in LA, give us a shout."

TJ laughed, "We definitely will. I want another party with Arnold."

"Hell yeah," agreed Cody.

Cody and TJ watched as Brad and JTT drove off in the red sports car.

"What now?" Cody asked TJ.

"Need to hire a car." said TJ

They walked over to the Avis kiosk. Cody looked through magazines while TJ was busy.

They walked out towards the Avis car lot. "So, what are we drivin?"

"You'll see," said TJ.

They walked around the corner. There, in front of them, was a beautiful black Dodge Ram.

"Way fuckin cool!"

TJ laughed as Cody jumped in.

They drove out of the airport.

"So, Bowling Green here we come." said Cody as he moved closer to TJ.

TJ put his hand on Cody's leg, "Yeah, On the road again"



TJ and Cody's Adventures continue SHORTLY

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