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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



One of the cops grabbed Cody. Cody thought that it was one of the surfer guys and he turned around and hit the cop in the jaw. TJ saw what happened, "Oh fuck Cody, now you've done it," he said under his breath.

Two other cops grabbed Cody and shoved him on the ground on his stomach. His arms were brought behind him and he was handcuffed.

All the guys that were fighting were handcuffed and a third car was called. They were all taken to the precinct station, booked and locked up.

Cody ended up in a cell full of black guys. They started to wolf whistle as he was put in the cell. They must have been about the same age as he was, some of them a lot younger.

"Oh wow! White meat!" said one.

"Lay off Leroy." One of the guys walked across to Cody.

"Watch your back in here boy."

Cody was close to tears. "Don't you fuckin cry in here. These guys will eat you for fuckin breakfast if they know you're a weak shit."

Cody nodded his head. The black teen put out his hand, "Frank is my name. So what you doin here?"

Cody accepted Frank's hand, "My name's Cody. Fightin."

"Hey, where you from."

"South Africa."

Frank laughed under his breath, "Don't let the dudes in here find that out. They'll rape you for sure."

TJ sat in a cell with the other guys that had been fighting. He was rubbing his cheek. He asked one of them, "Why would they put Cody in a different cell?"

"He hit a cop. Your friend is in big shit dude."

"Yeah, but it was an accident."

"No matter. I reckon they put him in a cell full of black guys that are gonna fuck his ass broken."

TJ went ice cold at the thought. He knew what it was like to be raped. He could almost still feel Zack's massive cock in his ass. He had to try and contact someone, but who? The aeroplane-boarding pass was in their room.

Cody sat in the corner of the cell.

"Hey Frank, your friend is wearin real neat sneakers."

Frank leaned over to Cody, "Just give them the sneakers Cody."

Cody took his sneakers off and threw them across the cell.

"Thank you suh!" a voice said.

A well-built black teen walked over to Cody. "Hey man, can I have those neat shorts of yours?"

Cody ignored him.

Cody felt his foot being kicked, "I'm talking to you white boy."

Cody looked at Frank and Frank just nodded.

Cody stood up and slowly took his shorts off. The wolf whistles started again.

"Shut up," shouted Frank.

Cody sat down. Frank looked at the outline of Cody's cock through his briefs. "That is a big dick for a white boy."

Cody whispered to him, "Can't ya just get them to stop askin for stuff."

"Nope, I can try and control them but that's all. You are gonna end up naked by mornin - believe that. If I try and stop them I make myself a target. At 16, I'm too young to do that."

"16, fuck - with all those muscles and you're so damn big - I thought you were about twenty or somethin."

Frank laughed, "Fools a lotta guys dude. How old are you anyways?"


"You're a short shit for fifteen."

The next morning there was a rattle at the cell door. Cody woke up, he had been sleeping against Frank.

"Taronto!" called the cop.

Cody stood up, he was buck naked and had a piss boner. The whistling started again.

"Hey Frankie, got a pair of shorts to lend this boy?"

"Yeah sure officer." Frank dropped his shorts. Cody's eyes went huge as he saw Frank's cock. It was thick and massive. He threw the shorts to Cody. "Hey Cody boy, take care huh."

Cody pulled the shorts on, they were miles too big for him. He tied them tight around his waist.

"Thanks Frank." Cody smiled as he walked out.

TJ, Cody and the others, stood in front of the Judge. He was a big man and glared down at them over his spectacles.

"You kids enjoy your night in the cells?"


"Who is Mister Cody Taronto?"

"Here sir!" Cody looked up at the bench.

"Mister Taronto, do you know the penalty for hitting a policeman?"

"It was an accident sir." Cody stammered.

"Fighting is no accident. As a visitor to this country you should be more careful to stay out of trouble."

"Yes sir."

The blonde surfer stifled a giggle. The judge turned to him.

"As for you. I've had enough crap out of you and your friends at Venice Beach. I do believe the policeman would not have got hit if you hadn't started the trouble."

The smile disappeared from the surfer's face.

"You and your friends can spend some time here while we contact your parents. Mr. Elliott, please control your friend in future."

"Yes sir," TJ said, seriously.

As they walked down the stairs of the courthouse, TJ suddenly burst out laughing, "Cody, where the fuck did you get those shorts? And where are your sneakers?"

Cody told him and he laughed even more. He reached out and felt Cody's cock under the shorts. "Your briefs too? Fuck they must have been desperate." TJ couldn't stop laughing.

Cody laughed with him, now that the pressure of being in a cell was gone.

They made their way to the boarding house and packed their things. "So, where do we start looking for Damian?"

Cody went into deep thought, "I've got an idea, why don't you contact Brad Renfro. Let's find out if he knows Damian."

"I'm not so sure Cody. Brad Renfro is no ordinary person."

"Heyo, Brad here." The voice came over the phone.

"Hi Brad, this is TJ, from the airport, remember me?"

"Fuck yeah." the voice came back, "Mr. America."

TJ smiled, "Listen me and my friend Cody, we need a favour."

Rodeo Drive was a mass of people and cars. Cody and TJ looked in amazement at the familiar shop names that they normally only see on TV.

"There it is." said Cody, and pointed to Planet Hollywood.

They walked inside and it was noisy with people, music and movie soundtrack noises. Huge video walls showed movie clips.

"Hi can I help you guys?" A cute blonde with nice tits asked.

"Yeah," said TJ, "A friend is here waiting for us."


"Brian Roberts."

"Oh yeah," said the blonde, with the nice tits - damn TJ couldn't keep his eyes off of the tits. Concentrate boy. "Come this way."

TJ and Cody followed the girl upstairs and were taken to a table near the window, overlooking the street.

Brad Renfro was wearing a checkered shirt, loose over a white T-shirt, which was hanging loose over black Levi's. He stood up when he saw them coming over.

"Hey TJ," he put out his hand. TJ's palms were sweaty as he took Brad's hand.

"Hi," said TJ, "This is Cody."

"Hi Cody." Brad smiled.

Cody's knees went weak. He had seen "The Client" and had thought then how great Brad looked. He looked exactly as he looked in the movie.

Brad ordered a lunch of burgers for them. He asked if they wanted something to drink. He ordered a Scotch for himself and fruit juice for TJ and Cody.

He looked at the two of them, "That stuff is gonna killya."

TJ felt like an idiot. He wished that he had known what Brad was going to order for himself. But he never drank so it would probably make him act really stupid.

After the meal they walked back out into the street.

"I thought you would be surrounded by bodyguards or somethin." said Cody

Brad laughed, "They're probably running around looking for me right now. I managed to get rid of them by taking public transport."

"Don't folks recognise you though?" asked TJ

"Nope, every third person looks like a Brad Renfro in this town." He put on his sunglasses. "So, you guys wanta come to my place?"

The ride in the taxi seemed to take ages. They drove out of the city into a green, forested area. All the houses had huge properties, many of them with high walls.

They eventually came to a gate and the taxi stopped. A man came running from the gate and looked inside, "Mr. Renfro, Cason is as mad as hell. He has had an army out looking for you."

Brad told the driver to carry on through the gate. They drove along a long driveway up to a big ranch house. They got out and Brad paid the driver.

The entrance hall was huge, a staircase went up on one side. TJ and Cody followed Brad up the stairs.

"TJ, you can take this room, next to mine. Cody you can take the room next to TJ."

TJ saw the disappointment on Cody's face.

"You guys wanna swim?"

They both nodded. They were dumbfounded at the size of the house.

After a few minutes, they were down at the pool. TJ and Brad were wearing baggies, Cody was in his Bowling Green school Speedo's.

"Hey Cody, don't those things giveya a headache, crushing your balls like that?"

Cody laughed and dived into the pool.

Brad sat next to TJ on the lounger. His hand went out on to TJ's leg. "So, what are your plans while you're in LA?"

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