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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



TJ looked down at the hand on his leg. It felt fantastic. There must be a million people who would give their life savings to be this close to Brad Renfro. TJ looked at his face.

"Well, we came here to try and find a friend. Doubt we're gonna find him though. We don't know where to even start."

Brad was good looking but he looked tough as well. It was exactly as TJ had remembered him in 'The Client', except that he had got a little bit older. He was probably more good looking now. Although his muscles were not that well defined, his body had a good shape. He had strong legs, arms and shoulders. His brown hair hung partially over his face.

Brad looked at TJ with his piercing eyes. "So, you want to hang around here for a while? What's the story with Cody. What is he to you?"

TJ watched as Cody ploughed through the water, the back of his Speedo's visible as he swam.

"Cody is a very good friend. We've been through a helluva lot together the last coupla weeks."

"Could you lose him for a few days?"


Brad was serious, "I don't mean like 'lose' him. I mean, isn't there someone else in LA that he could stay with for a few days?"

TJ was deep in thought, "Shit, I dunno. Cody's a really good friend. He's gonna think I'm being a big shit if I try and get rid of him."

"Look, it's just for a few days." Brad rubbed his hand along TJ's leg. It's just that I thought we could have some time to get to know each other better. But hey, it's up to you. I've got a film shoot tomorrow, maybe you could have joined me."

Cody swam up to the side of the pool. He put his elbows on the side and lifted himself up. His shoulder and upper arm muscles stood as as he came out of the water. The water ran off of his head and his body in streams as he came out of the water. His muscles shone.

He had a huge grin on his face, "This pool is real neat." He looked at TJ's face, "Hey TJ, whatsup?"

Brad got up off of the lounger and looked down at TJ, "Your call TJ. I can give you a good time in the next few days." He walked away.

Cody stood up and grabbed a towel. TJ looked as his stomach went in and out with his breathing. A thin trail of water ran from his belly button to the top of his Speedo's.

"Cody, can we chat quickly?"

"Yeah, sure." Cody sat down on the lounger next to TJ.

TJ repeated the conversation that he had had with Brad.

TJ looked at Cody. He hadn't said a word. His chest was heaving. Cody was staring at his feet.

"Hey Code, look, it's okay. Let's just forget it huh."

"Nah, I know how you feel about Brad - you wont get another chance like this ever."

TJ looked surprised, "Yeah, but where will you stay?"

"Well, that Bruce dude that I met on the plane gave me a contact number, and there's always Stian." Cody carried on looking at his feet.


Cody turned to look at TJ. There were tears in his eye and TJ could see he was biting his lip.

"Cody? You sure about this."

Cody shook his head, "Nope. Not really." His voice was shaky.

Cody took the stuff out of the closet and packed it into his tog bag. He had just showered and had a towel wrapped around his waist.

TJ came up behind him and put his arms around him.

"We'll get together in a few days Code. I promise."

Cody felt his stomach flip as TJ's hands glided across his chest and down his stomach. TJ's fingers hooked into the towel and it came off. He felt as TJ's hands caressed his boner and he turned around to face him.

He grabbed TJ's head and brought it closer and they kissed.

Cody's hands undid the tie on TJ's shorts and it fell to the ground. TJ's cock was standing at perfect attention and Cody started to stroke it.

Cody's mouth took his friends boner in. He felt as his own boner disappeared into TJ's mouth. The sound of sucking was all that was to be heard. They played with each other's nuts as they sucked each other. TJ was on top and Cody's hands played with his tight ab muscles and then his legs. Cody felt as the hamstrings tightened under his hands. They had learnt to control themselves and the lovemaking went on for a long time.

Each time one was ready to erupt, he would stop fucking. The other would find another area to caress as his friend prepared for another assault.

After they had both erupted inside each other's throats, they lay next to each other. Cody had his head on TJ's chest, his hand running up and down the inside of TJ's leg.

"Cody, should we rather just go, huh?"

Cody smiled, but he knew that if he said yes, that TJ would always wonder about Brad Renfro and what it would have been like to spent time with him. An opportunity that most teens would almost kill for.

"Nope. Bruce gave me his address and I'm gonna take a taxi down there. He sounded pretty excited."

Cody gave TJ the contact number for Bruce. They hugged each other before Cody climbed in the taxi.

TJ walked back into the house. Brad was sitting in the den, with headphones on. He took the headphones off when TJ walked in. "So, Cody gone?"

TJ felt really shit, "Yeah. We'll meet in a few days."

Brad came up to TJ. He unbuttoned TJ's shirt and ran the back of his fingers down TJ's chest. TJ felt like a bolt of electricity was going through him.

Brad looked at him, "I think we're gonna get to know each other pretty damn well in the next few days."

Cody sat in the back of the cab. He had really mixed feelings. He was excited about meeting Bruce again, but sad that he had left TJ behind. He looked around at the various scenes of LA. He had never seen so many people before.

TJ and Brad were swimming in the pool. They were both naked. They were grabbing each other and play wrestling. He felt how strong Brad was. Every time he grabbed TJ, he made sure that his boner would rub up against him. He knew that he wanted TJ, from the first time he saw him at the airport.

Nope, he wasn't gay, but he enjoyed sexual physical contact with guys as well. And TJ was great. He was strong, good-looking and had a great bod.

He grabbed TJ around the waist and dragged him down to the bottom of the pool. He knew that he was stronger than TJ but he felt every muscle revolt under his arms. He had to struggle to keep TJ from freeing himself.

At the bottom of the pool he opened his mouth and TJ opened his. They joined and breathed for each other. One hand reached for the other's boner and they did a magical underwater dance as they kissed and stroked each other.

When they got back to the surface of the pool they were breathing hard. Brad pulled himself out of the pool. TJ looked at his well-developed, strong back muscles.

He walked across to a tray next to the loungers and grabbed a beer. TJ smiled, that explained his slight gut.

The cab ride had taken almost an hour. Eventually the cab turned into a narrow road and drove half way.

Cody paid the cab fare and the cab drove off. He stood in front of a huge building that looked more like a warehouse. He went to the door and rang the bell. Nothing happened.

He rang the bell again. After a few minutes a young guy, with blonde hair opened the door. He had a towel wrapped around his waist.


"Hi, I'm lookin for Bruce."

"Who's lookin?"

"I'm Cody."

"Oh yeah, the dude on the plane. Come on in."

Cody went inside and the blonde closed and locked the door behind him. They walked down a long, dingy, passageway. Cody walked behind the blonde. He could have been Cody's age. He had a very good bod on him and the towel was clinging to narrow hips.

Cody followed him into a bedroom. Bruce was sitting at the end of the bed, putting on his sneakers. He was wearing the same white T-shirt and black Levi's that he had on, on the plane.

"Hey Cody. Hi, didn't expect you to call dude."

The blonde teen wrapped the towel. He had a semi, which was shining with precum. He got on to the bed that Bruce was sitting on and pulled the covers over his cock. Cody felt his own cock waking up at the site of the well-developed chest and abs.

"Yeah, somethin came up."

Bruce laughed. "Yeah, I can see that." Cody blushed when he saw that Bruce was looking at his bulge.

Cody told him about TJ and Brad Renfro.

"Brad Renfro? You were in his fucking house? Fuck off, who do you think you're kidding?" The teen on the bed said.

Bruce stood up, "Oh, this is my roommate, JC."

Cody nodded, "Hi."

JC looked at him, "Hi."

Brad lay on the lounger. TJ was on the lounger next to him.

"TJ, you want some of this?"

Brad pulled his cock up and held it.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, do you want to suck this thing?"

TJ's mind was doing cartwheels. Brad laughed, "You're fuckin scared, aren't ya, huh?"

Brad walked over to where TJ was laying and sat down next to him. He grabbed hold of TJ's semi and then his head went down and he kissed it.

TJ's cock exploded to life and got rock hard.

Brad looked at him and stroked it, "This is pretty fuckin impressive."

TJ started to blush.

Brad straddled him and then pushed his cock down towards TJ's mouth, "So, suck it dude."

TJ didn't like being treated like a sex slave. He wanted to suck it desperately but also had to urge to push Brad off of him, on his ass.

He gently took Brad's seven-inch muscle in his hand and pulled it down to his mouth. His lips went around the head and his tongue found the ridge.

A loud bell made Cody turn. JC said to Bruce, "If that's George, tell him to fuck off, I'm not goin in front of any fuckin cameras today. I'm fucked."

Cody stayed in the room while Bruce went to answer the door.

After a few minutes, a bearded guy walked into the room.

"Bruce says you're too fucked to work today JC."

JC looked scared, "Er - look George, I just need some time off okay."

George pulled the covers off of JC and then pulled him out of the bed by his hair.

"Ouch," JC grabbed for George's hands, "That hurts, you prick."

George backhanded JC and sent him flying backwards on the bed. JC's hand went up to his face, which felt like it was on fire.

"I just need a day off okay."

George picked up JC's clothes and threw it at him, "Go tell that to your fuckin mother. Now, get dressed before I fuck you up. I fuckin own you, you little prick."

JC started to get dressed. George turned to Bruce, "Where the fuck are you going?"

Bruce was nervously backing away, "Nowhere, I just got dressed, that's all."

"Who's this?" George looked at Cody.

"Just a friend."

George lifted up Cody's T-shirt, "Pretty good, want to earn some cash boy?"

Cody shrugged. He didn't see Bruce shaking his head behind George.

"Okay, then you can come with us."

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