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Author's Note:

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

AUTHOR: (TeenTales)

It was this story of Cody that first gave me the idea to write "The Adventures of Cody and TJ".   It has everythin that you want in a story and I hope thatya enjoy it.

The story is printed with permission of TeenTales.

You can write to him at:

Chapter Seven

I was totally exhausted as I pulled into the driveway. I hate conferences to begin with and this one was one of the worst. Even the opportunity to be in San Francisco could not make up for the long boring hours listening to new product specifications and corporate sales people. My mind wasn't in it anyway because of my concern for the boys. I had left both Tyler and Cody with my thoughts but I had no idea how they would be acted upon.

When I entered the front door I was shocked but mildly amused by the disaster that confronted me. A trail of empty pop cans, potato chip bags, candy wrappers, pizza boxes and assorted clothing led me to the back of the house. I suppose I should have known what the place would look like after leaving two and most of the time three teenage boys to fend for themselves for four days. They didn't disappoint me. Besides the condition of the house, two other waves hit me simultaneously, one the cool flow of sea air racing through the house and the other, the happy playful voices of teenage boys jostling in the backyard.

My stomach made a gulp as I thought about my return. They had been having fun, finally, and now the person who had prevented it for the past three weeks was re-entering the picture. I sighed and braced myself for the impact my return would have on the guys. I set my things down in one of the few bare spots in the family room and walked out into the back. All of them were there, Cody, Tommy and Tyler - frolicking in the pool, splashing and carrying on in abandoned youth. They saw me before I could say anything.

"Hey Jeff!" Tommy yelled, a broad grin flashing in my direction.

"Dad!" Cody screamed and hoisted himself out of the pool. It was a good thing I was wearing Dockers and a golf shirt because I was drenched by a wet, naked fourteen year old who raced up to me and gave me a huge long embrace. My arms returned the hug, feeling his lean tight muscles in the small of his back.

"Hi Jeff," Tyler said. He too was unclothed and wet. He walked over to me slowly before reaching out and shaking my hand. I looked at him directly in the eyes and he returned the look and then without warning, I was in his huge embrace, feeling his head next to mine and hearing him whisper softly, "Thanks Uncle Jeff."

I was stunned. It was like a pall had been lifted off Vista. I was greeted happily by three perfect examples of adolescence all of whom seemed genuinely glad to see me. I almost broke down in tears with relief. The boys were back to normal or maybe even better than before. Tyler seemed to be a part of them now, he seemed happy. I felt the need to apologize for my behavior again.

"Oh shit guys," I began, "I am so glad to see you and so sorr...."

"Shut up, Dad!" Cody interrupted. "You are the best and if you say you're sorry one more time, the three of us are going to dump you over the cliff!"

I knew I was bested and frankly I was relieved to let the events of the past month drift into the archives of my memory. I ran my hand through Cody's wet hair and then looked at Tyler. "You're welcome, I guess," I said with a wink at him. "Well I'm bushed, guys. I'm going to hit the shower and while I'm in there, would you all mind doing something to the house so that I can see what color the carpet is and perhaps if I still have tile on the kitchen sink?"

The three boys looked at one another and then with a laugh Cody announced, "The tyrant is back!"

The next few weeks were pure happiness. Summer was winding down but I was blessed with the joy of having these boys around almost every day. Tyler and Cody were obviously closer than they had ever been and Tommy graced us so frequently that his mother would call every once in awhile to inquire if he was any trouble and ask if I would like him to move in. Little did she know that I would have jumped at the chance to have Tommy as part of our family if she had been serious. I realized that Cody and Tyler sometimes shared their rooms with each other and I knew now that something rather than nothing was happening. Somehow the happiness that flowed through the house removed any jealousy on my part. I guessed that I was finally allowing Cody to be himself and I found I loved seeing him happy more than anything in the world. So it went until the day before my birthday.

"Hey Dad?" Cody approached me as I was getting ready to leave for work.

"Yeah?" I said admiring him as I always did.

"Can you take tomorrow off?"

"Why?" I asked.

"Well it's your birthday and Tyler and Tommy and I want to spend the day with you."

I could see that there was a lot more buried in this innocent request than met the eye. "You guys aren't planning something embarrassing are you?" I asked, knowing how Cody's mind worked.

"C'mon dad, would we do that? We just want to have a day with you and give you a happy birthday."

"Oh no. You guys wouldn't do that. Innocent as lambs, you are!" I said with a grin recalling my surprise with Tommy at the theater. "What do you have in mind?"

Cody's infectious smile beamed. "Well, we thought that for your birthday you could take us for Mexican food and just hang with us."

"I don't need to take the day off to go to Fidel's," I answered.

"We don't want to go to Fidel's," Cody said. I could feel the plot thickening.

"Oh?" I responded.

"We want you to take us for Mexican food in Mexico!"

Now I was beginning to see the plan. "Go on," I said.

"Well Tyler only has a couple more weeks before he goes home. And I've never been to Tijuana. Tommy has, but he was a little boy. We thought it would be fun if you would take us. We've saved some money, we'll pay for stuff."

I thought about the request briefly and knew I was doomed. Besides what better way could I spend my birthday than showing three young Adonis's around a town I used to go to regularly before Cody joined me. "Just what I wanted to do for my birthday," I said enthusiastically.

When I got to work, I informed Ms. Stanners that I would be taking the next day off. She recognized that I was happy and knew that my mood had greatly improved since returning from San Francisco.

"It's your birthday tomorrow," she said.

"Exactly," I said.

"We sort of had something planned for you here," she said appearing a little disappointed.

I felt a little badly. "I'm sorry. I should have thought. The boys want me to take them to Tijuana. I didn't think about you guys planning anything."

Ms. Stanners smiled. "It will wait a day. Those boys need you and you need them. You have a good time."

"You're the best," I said to her wishing I could give her a hug. She was more than a secretary, she was a friend who watched over me as well. My dad had hired her but I think he selected her more for her ability to watch me than for her excellent secretarial skills. I knew he called her more frequently than he called me to check up on things. I didn't know how much she told him, but I never felt any negative vibrations from him when we talked. I trusted her completely.

The next morning, although I had been up for two hours, Cody rose early and wandered into the family room. His hair was a bit disheveled but even in disarray he was beautiful. He had on only his underwear and the sight of the sleepy boy stretching, pulling all his upper torso muscles tight, caused me to feel a bit aroused. He came over to me and since Tyler was not yet around, he gave me a hug, quick but full mouth kiss, and a small squeeze at my midsection. "Happy birthday, Dad. See you're glad to see me," he said noting my bulge.

"Thanks," I said blushing a little.

Tyler arrived about five minutes later and gave me best wishes with a warm hug. Tommy was there thirty minutes later. With all the boys finally dressed, they presented me with my ticket to the Coaster that we would take to downtown. Then I was informed that the trolley would take us the rest of the way to the border. I guess I had shared my hatred of driving into Tijuana enough times that they had already made arrangements for us to walk.

Within an hour and a half, we were getting off the trolley in San Ysidro. The boys were happy and so was I. As much as I didn't want to be a year older, I couldn't have planned a better way to spend the day. It was still morning as we crossed over the line of cars on the walkway leading to the border gate. I experienced a small pang of sadness only momentarily as we crossed the spot where River Phoenix had played the last scene in Little Nikita. Down the ramp we walked and then through the first of the two clanging turnstile gates that would thrust us into another culture.

The teens were immediately accosted by the sight, sound and smell. We ran the gauntlet of Taxi barkers and pressed our way up the street past the small food stands which proclaimed five tacos for a dollar. The smells were wonderful and I knew that the guys would be instantly hungry. I had to force them past the stalls telling them I knew exactly where we were going to eat and it was my birthday, they should do what I wanted.

"Almost free!" the vendors shouted as we walked by shops in the first plaza before crossing the Tijuana River. Poor women with dirty children begged on the steps of the overcrossing, holding out a paper cup and looking pitiful. I noticed that the boys were a little stunned by these women and children. One little boy of about six was sitting in the middle of the walkway strumming a toy guitar and trying to sing at the top of his lungs for a hand out.

It took us about fifteen minutes to reach Avenida Revolucion. This was the main street and tourist Mecca. Shops selling the same things lined both sides. Everything thing that could serve as a souvenir was on display in every shop, switchblades, hats, ponchos, blankets, watches, ceramics and silver jewelry. And each shop had someone out front encouraging us to come in and have a look. After a few shops, Tommy pronounced that they were all the same.

In all my years of visiting Tijuana, I have never stopped to have my picture taken on a zebra painted donkey. Of course, true to form, Cody insisted and so there I was sitting among three beautiful boys wearing sombreros in a cart attached to a bored donkey with Cody commenting to the photographer about what a "nice ass" he had. I will cherish that picture for ever.

By the time we got about half way up the avenida, I knew we were all ready to eat. Like an old hand, I turned down a narrow flight of stairs and led us into La Especial. We sat down at a table for four and were instantly served chips, salsa and marinated vegetables. We all laughed as Tyler choked on a jalape–o soaked carrot.

"East coast," Tommy said in mock disgust, downing a carrot followed by a chip covered with salsa.

Tyler was about to use an expletive but thought better of it. I ordered Pepsi's for my charges and a Bohemia for myself. Our meals came quickly and it wasn't long before we were all happily full. True to their word, the boys paid the bill. They even managed to embarrass me further by having the Mariachis play Buen Complea–os while we ate.

By mid-afternoon, the street was jammed with tourists and we must have gone into every shop. I taught the boys how to say no and when we did make some purchases, I demonstrated the fine art of bargaining. As we walked back to the border in the late afternoon, each boy proudly sported a twelve dollar Rolex and wore a coarsely woven poncho. Out the corner of my eye, I saw Cody pass a few coins to an older begging boy. In my mind's eye, I saw a similar boy on the roadside 1500 miles north. I was proud of Cody, his love was always in the forefront. The dirty boy in torn clothing looked at him sorrowfully but gratefully.

It was close to five o'clock when we finally poured through the door to Vista. We were all covered in dust and exhausted. After consuming large quantities of water, we excused ourselves to shower. I wondered if any of the boys would shower together. I was seeing their lean bodies pressed together lathered with soap. I felt the beginning of an erection as I washed most of Mexico off my skin. How lucky I had been to spend the day with them.

Apparently the day was not over. About an hour after we got home, three giant pizzas from the Pizza Port arrived and I found myself again surrounded by ravenous boys. We laughed and joked. I was the brunt of most of them with references to age and inability to perform like I used to. I was a little embarrassed by all this especially when Cody shared the theater incident with Tyler. None of the boys seemed bothered by it but under normal circumstances I wouldn't have thought Tyler would have been privy to that.

"Maybe we could have some popcorn later," Tommy suggested with a wicked smile.

"Or maybe we could go down to Nordstrom's and try on clothes," Cody chimed in knowing only I would know what he was referring to.

"Or maybe I could drive you all to Indio and roll you out on the steps of the CHP office," I said with a knowing grin of my own.

Tommy grinned at that remark but Tyler was mystified. "Okay old man, you win! I give up," Cody said hitting me in the arm playfully.

I thought I would need to wrap up the remaining pizza but I forgot who I was dealing with. What remaining pizza? The boys disappeared briefly as I cleaned up the kitchen. I felt so warm and happy as the sun began it's slow descent into the Pacific. I was right with the world.

Cody returned to the family room carrying a cake followed by Tyler and Tommy. My eyes instantly left the cake as I was stunned by the three teens. Each of them wore his poncho from our day's outing and each of them wore identical bikini underwear. The ponchos fell open and perfectly formed bare chested boys were exposed from neck to the elastic of the briefs - hard, surf toned, sun tanned bodies in the prime of adolescence.

"Time to open your presents," Cody said with a kind of fourteen year old giggle that was snickered at by the other two.

I looked at him with some curiosity. I saw nothing other than the cake. I knew something was up again. "Okay," I said, "That would be fun."

"More fun than you might guess," Cody laughed. "Pick a number, one, two or three."

"Two," I said, having no idea what I had just chosen.

"Yes!" Cody exclaimed with a yip.

"Yes, what?" I asked.

"We got you three presents," Cody explained. "We each drew numbers to see who's present you'd unwrap first. Two was my number."

I guess I was still looking dumbfounded so Cody continued while the other boys just grinned.

"You'll notice there are no candles on your cake," he said.

"I'm glad," I laughed. "Wouldn't want to set the place on fire!"

"No that wasn't it. We just figured there might something else around here you'd rather blow."

It was beginning to dawn on me now.

Cody climbed on my lap and straddled my legs facing me. "Unwrap your first present," he grinned.

I was instantly erect. I needed no instruction now. I peeled back Cody's poncho and exposed his perfectly formed chest. His nipples were hard and dark. For the first time in over a month, I ran my hands over his tight torso, shivering in the pleasure touching him again brought me. The other teens simply watched although I noticed that they both rubbed huge bulges under their bikini briefs. I pushed the poncho further back and let it fall. I could see that Cody also was hard as a rock.

"Well that was fun," I said. "Thanks."

"Fun my ass!" Cody shouted. "Get on with the unwrapping. You have three candles to blow out!"

I knew that would get to him. I pulled the bare chested boy toward me and kissed him on the lips. Then I held him back and looked down at his loins.

"You know what I'd really like?" I said.


"I'd really like to unwrap all my presents first and then start blowing out the candles. I might even need some help!"

"It's your birthday," Cody said with a wide smile. He stood up in front of me, the outline of his boyhood tightly pressed against the restraining cloth.

I leaned forward, pulled the elastic toward me and down exposing the hard cock of a perfect teen. It was pressed rigidly against his stomach. I slid the briefs down his long lean legs and allowed him to step out of them. I gave his boyhood a soft kiss on the underside as I pulled them down.

"One!" I shouted.

Cody backed out of the way and Tyler moved into position. I had never touched him sexually before. He was so tall. I stood up and looked him the eyes. "You sure Tyler?" I asked.

"More sure than I've been about things in a long time Jeff, thanks to you," he said softly.

Repeating the process, I pushed back his poncho and let my hands explore his firm torso for the first time. Although he was older than the other two, his body was not yet that of a man. He was tight and smooth and beautiful. I kissed his right nipple and instantly saw goose bumps form. My hands wandered down his stomach and traced the outline of what felt to be a huge full grown cock. Pulling the elastic back, the meat leapt into view, hard long and perfect. I knelt down in front of him, kissed the wonderful instrument then took his briefs to the floor.

"Last but not least," I grinned at the shimmering tan surfer who was the only "present" left to unwrap.

Tommy pranced forward and for the third time, I disrobed a hard teen body, stopping to let my lips touch the center of his boyhood.

"I'm first!" Cody announced pushing Tommy out of the way and presenting his swollen penis to me. "Start blowing out your candles!" he commanded.

"My pleasure, but I can tell you right now that if I'm to finish blowing out three candles, I am certainly going to need some help," I looked at Tommy and Tyler. "Would you guys mind getting started on each other to help me out, but I get to finish each of you, okay?"

"Right!" Tommy shouted. He grabbed Tyler and pulled him to the floor. I watched as the two boys positioned themselves in the 69 pose, Tommy's tight small ass facing me. I sat on the edge of the couch and pulled my boy to me. I surrounded his hot meat with my lips and began to suck. It felt so wonderful to have his youth in my mouth again. As much as I had been trying to avoid this kind of activity with him, I had so desperately wanted it. I could feel him shiver as he stood in front of me and thrust his hips back and forth with the motion of my sucking and licking. I wanted to taste him again badly. I was so excited now, I wanted to taste them all.

"Mmmmm," Cody moaned as I felt him begin to tense a little. My hands caressed the cheeks of his firm ass as he rocked his body as much fucking my mouth as I was sucking. His eyes were closed and his beautiful body was responding as it used to - moving in total abandonment to the feelings shooting through his being.

I could hear the other two boys moaning some too, intermingled with slurps. I hoped that I wouldn't miss either of them but Cody was first.

"Ohhh man, Jeff, get ready. I have to do this so bad!" Cody moaned.

I kept sucking his hot shaft waiting for the wonderful taste of my boy's cum. It had been so long.

Cody thrust forward and stopped. My hands ran up his sides as he exploded in my mouth. I held him still, feeling the hot product of his loins fire wave after wave of boymilk into my gently sucking mouth. His whole body shook. I knew he was feeling an intense orgasm and I wanted all of him. He moaned softly as he writhed in ecstasy. I loved him and I loved making him feel this way. At last he stopped and slowly pulled back, allowing me to clean every drop of his cum off the still hard shaft. I kissed the tip as it passed out of my lips.

"Wow," he said as he collapsed on the couch.

Suddenly, Tyler lunged away from Tommy and quickly ran over to me. I knew he was ready too. Cody recognized the situation and quickly rolled onto the floor to continue with Tommy. Tyler was huge. There had to be over seven inches of meat staring me in the face. I knew he couldn't wait and I opened my mouth widely and sucked it in. The seventeen year old was thick and tasted stronger than either Cody or Tommy. As I sucked the quivering meat, I realized that this was more like a man. Tyler was at the point of no return. He had been ready when he leapt up and I knew that I would not have to wait long.

"AAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhh!" he groaned as he shot the first volley into my mouth. His cum was thick and hot. The taste was strong and the velocity of his explosions was incredible. I tried to hold him still but he kept trying to pound his huge penis deeper into my mouth. I tried to keep from gagging as he emptied his love in huge shots, one after the other. At last he too was done, and like Cody, he pulled away and fell on the couch to my side. "Thanks," he said breathlessly.

Fortunately for my mouth, I had about a two minute break before Tommy impaled my lips with his own boyhood. I loved the way he came and I was anxious to feel it rather than observe it. I didn't have to wait long. The hot blond soon reached his point of no return and began his own donation to my swallowing throat. Unlike Cody or Tyler, he simply flowed, almost like a continuous river of boy cum, oozing into my mouth like slow moving lava, rolling over my tongue and under it, never seeming to break strand. It was like having a fifteen second stream of continuous boymilk. He tasted of youth, more like Cody and he seemed to shiver as he poured out his depths into my tired but happy mouth. At last he too was finished and now I was surrounded by beautiful, naked and spent teens, all wallowing in the afterglow of allowing me to blow out my candles.

"That was a great present," I said licking my lips and smiling at the boys.

Cody was first to recover. "Oh we forgot, there is one more before we have the cake."

"Oh?" I said.

Cody reached to the side of the couch and produced a black bandanna. He got up and tied the cloth around my head so that my eyes were covered. "Just relax and trust us," he said with a slight laugh.

"Oh right!" I said sarcastically but he knew I would.

I closed my eyes under the cloth and I felt hands beginning to unbutton my shirt. I felt another pair of hands removing my shoes and socks. Still more hands began unbuckling my belt and lowering my zipper. I leaned forward and allowed whoever it was to take off the shirt. I lifted up my hips and felt my pants and underwear being lowered down my body. In moments I was blind and naked. Six hands roamed all over my body. I was hard as nails and I couldn't wait to see what would happen now. I didn't have long to wait. I felt the breath of a boy in my right ear, blowing gently then sucking the lobe. I shuddered with delight. I felt lips begin kissing and sucking my left nipple and within three seconds, I felt warm lips sliding down my begging meat. My whole body was being inundated with sensory impulses. The blindfold added to the excitement because I had to see in my mind what I was feeling. I tried to figure out which boy was doing what but the pure pleasure of this full body treatment kept me from focusing too much on that guessing game.

The sucking on my raging cock was wonderful, up and down, suck and tongue, a hand grasping me occasionally so that the head could be licked and slid around on moist lips. My nipple was being gently chewed and sucked and the boy on my ear had moved away and was now kissing me with abandon, his tongue buried deeply in my mouth. I was in heaven.

After about 45 seconds, my right nipple began to be serviced, a new pair of lips covered my mouth and I felt a different set of lips begin sucking my cock. The technique was different but every bit as sensual. I knew now that it was Cody kissing me, that was unmistakable but I had no idea which of the other two boys was doing what. This was truly one of the most unique sexual experiences I had ever felt. And so it went. I recognized the familiar sucking style of Cody when his turn on my hard meat came but it wasn't until the fifth rotation of this sexual boy massage that I reached the point of no return. My lips were wet, my nipples were wet and my cock was buried deeply in some boy's mouth.

"Ah guys, man!" I whimpered. "Ah man this is the finest thing I've ever felt!"

No boy stopped doing what he was doing.

"Ummmm, okay guys, I don't know who is down at the Y but he'd better get ready for an explosion!" I announced.

Then the finale began. I felt three sucking mouths moving over my cock, one right after the other. It was impossible to tell which boy was sucking since the timing between each suck was less than 2 seconds. Three different sucks in succession. I was agonizing, trying to hold back to feel this incredible sensation. I could hold out no longer.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh," was all I could manage as I shot the wildest load of my life into the mouth of whatever boy was sucking at the time. My hips thrust up and I felt wave after wave of pent up orgasm leaving the end of my cock and firing into the moist recesses of one of the sucking boys. I had never felt anything so intense in my life. I shivered and quaked until at last I was spent. I was panting like I had run a marathon by the time I finally relaxed and felt the boy pull away.

The blindfold was pulled away and in unison, three beautiful, naked teenagers beaming huge smiles shouted, "Happy Birthday, Jeff!"

I was speechless for fully a minute. All I could do was look at them with this stupid grin on my face and continue shivering in the afterglow of this last present. Finally I looked at them emotionally and managed, "That was the most incredible birthday party I have ever had!"

The boys laughed and surrounded me on the couch. "Time for the cake!" Cody announced. Not unusual from the chairman of the Bottomless Pit Club.

So, in all our naked splendor, my cake was devoured amidst happy voices and snide remarks.

"Who ended up taking it?" I asked.

The three teenagers looked at each other and then each said, "I did!"

To this day I never have known which of them took my final shot. I do know that I had never been happier. Happy not because of the sex but because I really felt loved and appreciated by three of the best boys that ever graced the Earth. The magic had truly returned to Vista and my life.

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