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Author's Note:

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

AUTHOR: (TeenTales)

It was this story of Cody that first gave me the idea to write "The Adventures of Cody and TJ".   It has everythin that you want in a story and I hope thatya enjoy it.

The story is printed with permission of TeenTales.

You can write to him at:

Chapter Six

Athough it seemed like everything was back to normal after my breakdown in my office, I noticed that the atmosphere around Vista was obviously more subdued. Cody is a wonderful kid and tried to get me involved but I perceived that his attempts to initate some activity between us were more out of duty than interest. I dismissed him with a tousle of his soft hair and comments like ‘Cody I'm fine. I want you to be with your friends.' This of course was logically true but emotionally I was starved for his attention and longed to be one of those companions his age.

The damage I had done seemed to spread to Cody's friends as well. Tyler moped around the house even though he was aware that Cody had told me of his attraction to boys. He never brought it up and I knew it was not my place to broach the subject. Besides, I began to feel like more of an outsider in the lives of all the boys at Vista. Tommy was there frequently but from what I could tell, his activities with Cody were limited to surfing and playing computer games. Tyler too would join them but I was sure that Cody and the other two boys were living in self-imposed celibacy just because they did not want me to be hurt. As a result, I became more disgusted with myself and more saddened at the atmosphere my tirade three weeks before had created. I determined that I must figure out a way to return the joy to our household and I decided that the only way to do that might be through Tyler.

It was a Satuday afternoon and for some reason, Tommy and Cody had gone surfing while Tyler decided to stay at home. The tall 17 year old chatted on the computer for awhile and then came into the family room to watch pre-season football. I was seated in my overstuffed chair and Tyler flopped on the couch.

"Hey nephew," I greeted.

"Hey," Tyler responded simply.

I sighed and took a deep breath. "Tyler do you mind if we talk a bit?"

The boy looked over at me and from his expression, he looked as though he knew what the topic would be before I began. "Sure," he said.

"I need your help," I began. I turned to face him. "I know you know what happened in my office a few weeks ago."

"Yeah, sort of," Tyler said.

"Tyler, I was wrong. What I did there was wrong and although we have struggled to return to normal around here, it hasn't happened."

"Seems okay to me," Tyler shrugged.

"Tyler, don't bullshit me here! I really need your help. For once will you just let go and talk to me?"

The boy shifted a little nervously but looked me directly in the eyes and said, "What do you want to know?"

"I want to know how to get all you guys back into being comfortable around here."

"I don't know what you mean," Tyler said.

"Fuck it Tyler! You know as well as I do that you guys don't horse around here anymore. You are all quiet and reserved and I know I am the cause of it. I am sure that Cody is doing that to protect me. I don't want the protection, Tyler. I want you all back to normal!" I was becoming frustrated with Tyler's lack of communication. I looked at him with some anger in the mix as well.

Tyler's beautiful brown eyes began to show signs of moisture. "I never have really horsed around here," he said with a betrayal of his own pain in his voice.

Just as I would have with Cody, I got out of my chair and sat down next to the teen. "I'm sorry, Tyler. I don't mean for you to be hurt. I just thought maybe you could help."

Tears were welling up as Tyler allowed me to put my hand on his knee. "Cody told you about me, didn't he?"

"If you mean that you like guys, yes he did. He said you told him it was okay."

"Yeah I did," Tyler said wiping his eyes before a tear could roll.

"And so?" I questioned. I had started this thing but it had quickly taken a different turn and I wasn't sure where this was heading.

"So, Cody has done nothing but talk about how great you are and how gentle and understanding and how you saved his life. I guess I finally thought I had come to a place where I might get to know what I was about. I thought I might be able to talk to you or Cody but since that day, Cody has avoided anything like that, even with Tommy. My time here is running out and I am still on the outside."

"Oh god, Tyler," I said puting my arm around his shoulder, "Look what I have done. I'm so sorry!"

Tyler pushed my arm away in frustration. "I know it was Cody being in my room with me that caused that. We didn't do anything, Jeff!" he screamed. "We didn't do anything! Dammit,dammit, dammit!" he began to sob softly.

"I know you didn't Tyler. I know that now," I said trying not to break down myself.

"Fuck it Jeff! You don't understand, we didn't do anything! Cody crawled in with me and I was about to get up the courage to try and discover myself when he said all he wanted to do was sleep! The next day, you flipped out and the whole world here turned to shit!"

I was stunned. Tyler had never said these kinds of words to me with this much emotion. I was speechless.

"I needed Cody," he went on. "I was awake most of that night, feeling him next to me and wanting to know so much more. I had been a real asshole to him and still he was there to comfort me. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to show him how much I appreciated him. And then, bang, the door got slammed. I'm as lost as when I got here. Maybe more!"

"Shit Tyler," I said. "I have really screwed things up. I'm so sorry."

"Oh it's not all your fault," Tyler said sniffing back some tears. "I was the one who behaved like a prick when I got here. That night with Cody was a shock to me and really special. I was determined to try to get to know him and show him I cared, Jeff. I'm not just talking about sex, I'm talking about really getting to know him. I'm sorry to be so blunt, I just feel like it's all slipping by me and I'll be heading home always wondering what I missed."

I looked at the seventeen year old and saw someone much younger, someone who needed to be held so badly, someone who needed to find himself in a safe environment and I was the one who had destroyed that opportunity.

"Take it easy Tyler," I calmed him. "I owe you and apology and I owe Cody one as well. Don't give up yet, please. I have to try to undo what I have done and I have to talk to Cody. Please tell me it's okay to try." I put my arm around him again and gave him a brief hug. This time he didn't push away.

Tyler nodded and tried to force a small smile. Before I had seen him as sort of an unwilling house guest but now I was seeing a vulnerable young man and I loved him. I knew what I had to try and do.

Cody came back in the house just before five o'clock. His hair was matted with salt water and his lean, surf hardened body was covered only by swimming trucks. I knew his board and wet suit would already be outside. Tommy had left him at the beach so he was alone.

"Hey Cody," I said as pleasantly as I could.

"Hey Dad," he said easily.

"Can we talk for a little bit?" I asked.

"Sure. Okay if I shower first?"

"Great - I'll meet you out by the pool if that's okay?"

"Great," he said with a flip of his wet hair and he glided off to his room.

I was waiting by the pool when my beautiful boy walked out and flopped in a chair facing me. "What's up Pop?"

I smiled and studied his striking beauty. I never got tired of looking at him but now was not the time for admiration, I had a mission to accomplish.

"Cody," I began, "I have really fucked up and I need you to help me make up for it."

He looked seriously at me. "What, Jeff?"

"After my office display three weeks ago, things aorund here have really changed."

Cody started to say something but I raised my hand. "Let me try to get through this okay. Then help me out."

He nodded and focused his attention on me.

"I talked to Tyler this afternoon and I have really screwed things up. That night you were with him, I didn't realize how much damage I had done to both of you."

"We didn't do anything!" Cody said.

"Oh shit, do I know that!" I said with a sigh. "That's the problem. What you did was a pure act of kindness and care and I fucked it up. Did you know Tyler was awake most of that night?"

"No," Cody said with a question in his eyes.

"He told me how he felt like an asshole to you and you did nothing but give him support. When you crawled into bed with him that night, he said he wanted to love you and you went to sleep. I think he was finally coming to terms with himself and hoped you would help him. The I threw my fucking tantrum and everything around here changed."

"Nothing's changed," Cody said softly.

"Horseshit, Cody!" I reached across and held his hand. "You have tried to make me feel better by suggesting we fool around. After what I did, I couldn't let you do that. It would be like a duty for you. I couldn't handle that. And you stopped joking around, the humor dried up between you and Tommy. And of course anything that you might have done with Tyler was lost too. I am such an asshole Cody."

I felt Cody's hand squeeze mine and saw a faint smile come to his face. "So what do you want me to do, Jeff?"

"I want you to go back to the way you were. I want to see your naked ass in the pool with Tommy and Tyler! I want you to dream up those crazy stunts you used to pull like at Nordstrom's and at the theater! I want Cody back here at Vista and everything that goes with him!" I was almost shouting, more like pleading.

I was not prepared for Cody's next move. He got up, leaned over and planted a full open mouth kiss on my lips. I felt his tongue dart into my mouth and at the same time felt his hand lightly rub my crotch. "Ok Pop, I guess I did close it down. I didn't want you to get hurt again," he said after our lips parted.

"That's MY problem to deal with," I said with a smile. "And I'll give you 20 minutes to knock off that kissing stuff!"

Cody's bright smile beamed and he planted another wet long kiss on my mouth. I felt tension leave me like a wave.

"Think you can get that old thing of yours up again?" he quipped.

"Not right now," I said wishing I could haul him off to the bedroom and just play. "I think you have a cousin in there who needs you more than I do right now."

"So you want me to rush right in there, pull his pants down and suck his cock,huh?"

I shook my head in mock disgust. "You know, you can be a little prick sometimes!"

"It's getting bigger every day!" he responded.

I watched Cody walk off, the spring of life had come back to his step and I truly believed that I might just have turned things around - that things might return to the joyful place they had been before I went stupid. The next morning, I flew off to San Francisco for a four day conference, leaving Cody and Tyler to fend for themselves.

"Hey Tyler?" Cody shouted sticking his head into the older boy's room. "You gonna sleep all day? Surf's up!"

Tyler yawned and stretched, the sheet fell back from his young lean body, the stretch pulling tighter what was already tight.

"What's up with you today?" he asked sleepily. "You never get me up!"

"I've never tried but I'll bet I could," Cody teased.

Tyler was a little taken aback. Cody had never kidded like this with him much either. He looked the fourteen year old squarely in the eyes. "Jeff talked to you didn't he?"

"Yep!" Cody confessed. "So what? Get your ass out of bed and let's get this day going!" Before Tyler could say anything else, Cody vanished to the kitchen.

Tyler appeared about five minutes later and pulled up a stool at the counter. "So what did you and Jeff talk about?"

Cody's brilliant eyes flashed at the seventeen year old. "Well I guess Jeff told me he'd been an asshole. Then he told me I'd been an asshole. Then he told me you wanted to jump my bones that night I crawled into bed with you!" He smiled a wicked wide grin.

Tyler was ready for a serious conversation but Cody had totally disarmed him. "Well Jeff was right about two things," he said.

"What's that?"

Tyler grinned, a smile that was more genuine than Cody had ever seen from him. "He's an asshole and so are you!"

The unbridled laugh of a fourteen year old echoed off the walls. "Ah come on Tyler, you know I'm irresistable!" Cody turned away from his new cousin, dropped his underwear and mooned the older boy.

Tyler laughed. "Like I said, ‘asshole'!"

"Want to swim," Cody suggested.

"Sure," Tyler agreed.

The two teens raced out to the back yard and for the first time in weeks, tossed off their clothes and dove in. The stress and tension of the past few weeks seemed to be washed away by the wild horseplay in the water. After fully a half hour of exhausting roughhousing, the two beautiful boys hauled themselves to the steps of the pool and sat with water around them only from the waist down.

"Thanks," Tyler said somewhat breathlessly.

"For what?" Cody asked looking at the boy sitting next to him.

"I don't know," Tyler said appearing to blush, "Just thanks."

Cody smiled and his hand reached below the surface of the water and surrounded the flaccid meat between Tyler's legs.

Tyler started a little but did nothing to prevent Cody from holding him. "You don't need to..." he started to say but Cody interupted him.

"Just shut the fuck up, Tyler. For the first time since you've been here I don't want you to talk! Besides Jeff said I could!"

Regardless of what Tyler was going to say, his perfect boymeat began to grow instantly at Cody's touch. In seconds, seven and a half inches was at full attention and Tyler closed his eyes as Cody began to stroke the hard shaft.

After a few seconds of stroking, Cody swam away to the side of the pool. "Swim over here," he ordered.

Tyler was disappointed that Cody had stopped but did as he was told and swam over.

"Sit on the edge," Cody commanded.

Tyler hoisted himself up and as soon as he was seated, Cody resumed stoking the older boy's huge penis.

"That feels so good," Tyler said as he placed his arms behind him to brace himself as he leaned back.

Cody just smiled and continued to watch the hard wet meat slide up and down his grasping hand. It dried quickly in the warm sun and soon only a drop of precum glistened on the hard flesh of Tyler's boyhood.

The fourteen year old knew where this was going next. Like he had done to Jeff when he had first arrived at Vista, he positioned himself between Tyler's legs and sucked the hard cock into his mouth.

Oh fuck!" Tyler exclaimed as he looked down to see his boymeat disappear into Cody's mouth. Tyler had never felt anything like this in his life. He couldn't believe that a boy who would have nothing to do with him yesterday was now giving him his first blowjob. He closed his eyes and wallowed in the sensations created by Cody's sucking and tonguing.

Cody was virtually an expert at this now and he was enjoying the sensation of having the largest cock of his life between his lips. He tried to get as much of Tyler's huge shaft in his mouth as he could but seven and a half inches was impossible for him. Tyler wasn't complaining anyway. Cody's head bobbed up and down the hard flesh and Tyler produced goosebumps from the sensation. The seventeen year old wanted this to last forever but he knew he couldn't hold out much longer.

"Ah shit Cody, that feels so awesome," Tyler said softly. "Ahhh man!"

Cody just continued to suck.

"Okay Cody, you'd better stop now. I'm gonna cum really soon," Tyler warned.

Cody continued to suck.

"I mean it man!" Tyler said with more urgency.

Cody never slackened his pace on the throbbing meat between his lips.

"C'mon Cody! Shit I'm gonna cum in your mouth if you don't stop! Ahhhhhhhh shit, sorry man, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Cody felt the cock pulse and then sucked lightly as the first wave of the older boy's molten cum flowed into his mouth. The boymilk was strong and Cody tasted every volley that Tyler produced, holding his lips tightly around the spewing cock as wave after wave of cum poured into his mouth. At last the eruption subsided and Cody pulled slowly back up the shaft until he finally let it part his lips. The fourteen year old swallowed.

Tyler's tight stomach was heaving breathlessly. His body was shivering and he was overcome with the effects from his first blowjob. "I can't believe you did that!" he exclaimed looking down at the boy in the pool.

Cody smiled, "I promise I'll never do it again then."

Tyler smiled. "That's I promise I hope you break all the time! That is the most incredible thing I have ever felt.!"

"Glad you liked it," Cody said and he swam to the other side of the pool, taking a mouth full of water and swishing it around in his mouth before spitting it out.

"What's it taste like?" Tyler asked innocently.

"Pool water," Cody laughed knowing exactly what the older boy was talking about.

"Fuck you! The cum?"

"Oh it tastes exactly like cum," Cody quipped.

"Thanks a lot," Tyler grinned.

"Only one way to find out," Cody said with a wink.

Tyler's mind was still reeling from what had just happened and now he knew that Cody was suggesting he return the favor. He hadn't even jacked Cody off and now he was going to suck him off and swallow his cum? Tyler wanted to try it but he was afraid he wouldn't be able to do it. His mind was whirling when his thoughts were interupted by a loud "Hi" coming from the back door of the house.

Tommy pranced out into the yard and noticed that he was the only one with any clothes on. "What's going on here?" he said with a grin.

"Oh I was just sucking Tyler's cock," Cody said with a grin.

"Any good?" Tommy asked with a smile.

"Very tasty," Cody returned.

"Where's Jeff?" the gorgeous tanned blond boy asked.

"San Francisco," Cody answered.

"While the cat's away huh? We back to normal for a few days then?"

"We're back to normal period," Cody said. "Jeff and I had a talk. Everything's cool. As a matter of fact, Jeff encouraged it."

"About fucking time," Tommy replied pulling off his shorts and allowing the wonder of his youth to be exposed in all it's glory. His boyhood was at full attention.

"I see you're glad to see us," Cody laughed. "Anything we can do for you?"

Tommy jumped in the water and swam over to Cody. "Want to suck another one?" he asked, his hand encircling Cody's erection.

"Pretty sucked out," Cody said closing his eyes briefly as he felt the blond's hand massaging his dick.

Tyler was absolutely speechless at this whole change in the morning. Here he was considering sucking Cody off and now another naked boy was in the pool holding his dick. The older boy just sat on the edge of the pool, his flaccid meat dangling between his legs and watched the interplay between the two fourteen year olds.

"Was he any good at it, Tyler?" Tommy asked admiring the boy's endowment.

Tyer tried not to blush. "Awesome!" he grinned.

"Yeah he's not bad, needs a lot more practice though!" Tommy laughed squeezing Cody's rigid shaft a little harder.

"I hope I get to give him all the practice he wants," Tyler said finally relaxing and adjusting to the turn of events.

"Yep, bet you do," Tommy said and then turned to Cody. "Well cocksucker, there are some pretty good waves out there this morning but I can't go anywhere until I take care of my problem here."

"Me too," Cody said still wallowing in the sensations priovided by Tommy's right hand. He felt the boy's left hand wander into his crack and press against his asslips.

"Feels pretty good there too," Tommy said. "How about letting me try it out?"

"What are you going to do for me?" Cody retorted.

"I'll figure something out. I need to fuck your tight little ass. It's been weeks since we've done anything!"

Cody gave a fake sigh and said, "C'mon then. Let's get this over with!"

The two erect Adonis's emerged from the pool and headed into the house. "You coming?" Cody shouted at Tyler as they went in the French doors.

Tyler was still amazed by what had just taken place and now he was being invited in to watch Tommy fuck Cody? He got up and dutifully followed the other two into the house.

"Where's Cody?" Tyler said studying the amazing beauty of Tommy.

"Gone to get the stuff," Tyler said matter-of-factly.

Cody energetically bounded back into the room carrying a bottle of baby oil. "C'mon Tyler give us a hand here," he said with a grin.

"What do I do?" Tyler said confused.

"Lube us up! It's time you got your hands dirty"

Tommy could tell that Tyler still wasn't sure. "Take the baby oil and oil up Cody's asshole and then you put some on my dick. Makes it easier for me to get in."

Last night Tyler had done nothing, less than a half a day later he had been given his first blowjob and now he was about to smear baby oil all over two younger boys. Cody was leaning over the couch. His beautiful tight butt was facing outward toward the center of the family room. Tyler poured some of the oil in his hand and then tentatively touched Cody's flesh.

"Come on, Tyler!" Tommy commanded. "I am so horny I can't stand it. Make sure you run some up his ass too."

Tyler gently smeared the oil along Cody's crack. The slippery liquid spread easily. "You have great hands, Tyler," he said as he felt the older boy's fingers massage his tight buns.

Tyler couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to be exploring Cody's young butt. Without anymore instruction he knew that he had to let his finger press softly into the 14 year old's ass. He pushed in deeper and deeper until his slippery finger was buried.

"Okay Tyler," Tommy exclaimed, "That ought to do it! Now oil me up and get out of the way dude!"

The older boy didn't want to stop but he knew he must. He poured another splash of baby oil on his hand and turned to face the blond surfer. Tommy's proud cock was rivited at attention. Tyler was motionless for a a few moments before he finally reached out and grabbed the hard meat. He was hard again himself. He began to coat Tommy's boyhood with the oil, feeling every ripple in the engourged penis. It slid easily up and down his palm, radiating hot sexual heat.

"Whoa!" Tommy said. "You do have great hands. Better let go before I miss my target here. By the way, that is one nice dick you got there. How come you been hiding it all these weeks dude?"

Tyler blushed and let go of the hard boy. He didn't know what to say so he just said nothing. There was no stopping Tommy now. He kneeled down behind Cody and began rubbing the tip of his cock between the cheeks of the brown haired boy's ass.

"Fuck I love your ass," Tommy said as his erection slid into position for entry.

Cody laughed feeling the hard meat pressed against his opening. "You mean you love to fuck my ass!"

Tommy laughed too. "Yep and I can't wait any longer!"

Tyler moved to the side feeling his own cock as he watched Tommy slowly press forward. He noticed how long Tommy took to move a little way forward.

"You okay," Tommy asked Cody.

"Feeling great here," Cody announced as he felt the hard intrusion into his body.

Tyler couldn't take his eyes of the process as Tommy grabbed either side of Cody's narrow waist and pushed determinedly deeper into the boy. His rigid boymeat slowly disappeared between Cody's cheeks until Tommy's loins were pressed firmly against ass, dimples showing on Tommy's ass from being thrust forward.

"Damn that feels good," Tommy announced.

"You gonna talk or fuck?" Cody said looking back over his shoulder and giving a wink to Tyler.

"You asked for it!" Tommy grinned and he began to pump in and out of Cody's tight body. Tyler could see that the blond boy was using his hands to rock Cody forward and back as he allowed his cock to come about half way out before pressing back in again. The slap of flesh to flesh could be heard as Tommy slid in and out of his friend's receptive boybutt.

Tyler noticed that Cody seemed to be enjoying this as much as Tommy although he had no idea why. He fondled his hard seven and a half inches as the show proceeded.

Tommy was right about them not having done much over the past few weeks. And as a result, it wasn't long before the closed eyed boy began to moan with each forward thrust. The glistening meat pistoned in and out and the speed and velocity of the thrusts increased. Still Cody braced himself allowing his friend to move at will.

"Ah shit Cody, get your butt ready, I'm gonna cum like I've never cum!" Tommy announced breathlessly. "I'm gonna shoot so hard I'll hit your brain!"

"You mean you're going to drool so hard," Cody kidded referring to the way Tommy came.

"Fuck you," Tommy said never stopping his motion.

"That's what you're supposed to be doing," Cody quipped. "Let me know when you've started dude!"

That set Tommy off and with a huge thrust which did cause Cody to wince, the blond rammed his cock deeply into Cody's depths pulling the boy's loins tightly against his own.

"Ahhhhh uhhhhhh!" he moaned and, buried completely to the hilt, Tommy poured out weeks of pent up boyjuice into his best friend's body. Waves of cum flowed and coursed inside of Cody. Both boys were motionless. Tyler was transfixed by the whole event and simply stared at the flesh of one boy pressed against another.

At last Tommy, shaking with sensual electricity, stopped spewing his love. Not withdrawing, he simply collapsed over Cody's back panting and sighing. Finally he pushed himself up and pulled his oil and cum covered cock out.

"Oh fuck that was good," Tommy exclaimed. "Hand me that towel will ya dude?" he said to Tyler.

The older boy woke up from the trance and did as he was asked. Tommy gently cleaned Cody's ass then he wiped his own boyhood off.

Cody rolled over and scooted himself up on the couch. His hard nipples were red from the friction of flesh to fabric during Tommy's session. His perfect penis was still at full attention and he was the only one who hadn't been satisfied.

Although Tommy was still feeling aftershocks from his own orgasm, he knew that Cody had to get his turn. He moved beween Cody's legs and without a moment's hesitation popped the boy's hard meat into his mouth.

"Mmm," Cody moaned as Tommy's practiced lips went to work.

"Can I try?" Tyer asked tentatively, surprising even himself.

Cody grinned and Tommy backed off. "He likes to be sucked hard and wants lots of tongue motion," Tommy instructed.

Tyler almost dove between Cody's legs. He was now hungry to try it. He quickly slid the hot boymeat between his lips and began sucking and bobbing up and down like an oil rig.

"Easy!" Cody said putting his hand in Tyler's soft hair. "Just slow and easy. Ohhhh, yeah like that! Ummmm. Now you got it."

Tyler followed the direction and sucked hard, slow and as he continued tried to get more and more of Cody's cock into his mouth. He studied his own feeling and realized that having this boy's hard boyhood gliding in and out of his lips felt wonderful. The taste of his precum was was light and sensual. The head felt wonderful to his tongue as he explored the sensitive underside. Tyler was back in a trance, sucking and licking and moving up and down as if in a dream. This was wonderful.

Tyler was not the only one feeling wonderful and Cody could feel his own climax beginning to build up under the attention of Tyler's previously virgin lips.

"Uh, Tommy, I'm getting really close here. Maybe you'd better finish up," Cody announced assuming that Tyler would not want a load of cum on his first outing. Cody had no intention of being jacked off to climax.

"Okay Tyler," Tommy said, "You must be doing pretty good, the dude rarely gets there this quick.

Tyler brushed Tommy back and focused even more on the wonderful hot shaft in his mouth. He hadn't been sure when he started but now he knew he had to go all the way.

"Ah shit Tyler, you don't let Tommy in there, there's no backing away!" Cody threatened as he felt the first tingle surge through his body.

"Okay dude, you asked for it! I gotta cum like crazy! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

Cody thrust his hips skyward forcing more of his dick into Tyler's mouth almost to the point of gagging him. Then he exploded!

Tyler tried not to gag as Cody held his head firmly down over his erupting meat. The cum fired hot and forcefully into Tyler's mouth and the older boy had no choice but to swallow as the foruteen year old continued to shoot wave after wave of his milk. Tyler held still, feeling a little nausous but knowing what Cody was feeling. He would not pull away. At last Cody's climax was over and Tyler felt his target's loins relax back down into the couch. He still held the cock in his mouth not quite sure when he should let go.

Cody lifted Tyler's head up, allowing his boyhood to flop out of his mouth. Tyler's lips glistened with saliva and just a hint of cum. "Damn fine blowjob, dude!" he said almost in a whisper. "You sure you never done that before?"

Tyler smiled and wiped his lips. The feeling of perhaps being sick had passed and he made his final analysis of the event to himself. He liked what he had just done and he didn't mind the cum. "Only in my dreams," Tyler said.

Tommy and Cody both laughed. "We aim to make your dreams reality a whole lot over the next two days," Cody said, rubbing his hand across his flat still heaving stomach.

Three awesomely beautiful boys were oblivious to the the stares they got from beach goers as they bounded into the Pacific Ocean and paddled out to the waves in the late morning sun. Each of them was happy and each of them was reveling in the joy of being young and together.

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