foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Cody opened his eyes. He sat up and looked around. Where the fuck was he? He looked over to the other side of the room. TJ was lying fast asleep on his back on top of his bed covers.

Oh yeah, he was in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA. He was on holiday with his best friend. The trip from Miami airport had been filled with some crazy hair-raising adventures. And where was the Viking boy that they had met, what was his name again - oh yeah, Stian. He looked across to the third bed and Stian was fast asleep - oh, there he is.

Slowly Cody remembered. They had found Stian at a diner after he had been kicked off of a bus for not having enough cash on him.

Cody, 15 years old, was from South Africa. Him and TJ met on the net in one of the chat rooms. TJ had invited Cody to come and spend Summer with him - it was Cody's Winter. Both boys were bi-sexual and had the most amazing cyber adventures. Cody was 5 feet 6 inches tall with a mop of black hair and hazel eyes. He was on his school swim team and had the build of a swimmer.

TJ, 16 years old, was almost 6 feet tall, blonde/brown hair. His body was well shaped and muscular because of hard work - he was always helping his dad and his uncle with building and snow shoveling when he still lived in Michigan, before moving to Bowling Green.

The boys met Stian at a diner. He was returning home to California after having been on a hiking tour through Tennessee. His family moved from Norway when he was 9 years old, He had blonde hair and blue-green eyes. He was 16 years old but had the body of a boy a lot younger. He had already demonstrated to TJ and Cody that their sexual preference did not worry him when he blew both of them at the motel where they met.

A pillow against the head knocked Cody out of his trance.

"Hey Cody - whatsup?" TJ scratched his piss boner through his CKs.

Cody never slept with clothes on - he threw the covers off and showed TJ his six-inch boner, "Guess."

TJ licked his lips.

"Woody time." Stian woke up and looked at the two boys with their boners.

A knock on the door, "You boys up yet?" it was Mrs. Elliott, TJ's mom.

TJ looked at all the erections around him and giggled, "Yeah ma, we're just gonna shower quick."

"Well hurry up TJ, breakfast is almost ready and your brothers want to meet your friends."

"Ok ma."

TJ walked to the door and turned the key to lock it. "Shower time."

Stian was the first in the shower. Cody grinned at TJ and he grinned back. The two of them followed Stian into the shower.

"Hey Stian, put your hands on your head" TJ grabbed Stian's wrists and put them on top of his head. His flat hands moved down Stian's stomach to the bush of pubes above his cock.

"TJ?" Stian looked down at TJ as he opened his mouth to suck Stian's cockhead.


"I needta piss."

TJ moved his head away quick and stood up, "So fuckin do it then."

"Me too." said Cody as he turned around to face TJ.

The yellow stream left Cody's boner in an arc and landed neatly on TJ's chest and ran down.

"Fuckit Cody!"

"Damn, sorry." Cody couldn't control himself and burst out laughing - his piss coming out in little spurts.

Cody grabbed some soap and soaped up his hands. Then he started to wash TJ, taking his time as his hands glided over TJ's chest and stomach and down to his pubes. TJ's boner was pointing up at a 45-degree angle and Cody grabbed it in both of his soapy hands and massaged it well. He could feel it pusalting in his hands. He moved his hands down to TJ's nuts and played with them for a while.

"Okay, my turn," Stian put his hands back up on his head.

Cody went behind him and TJ went to the front.

TJ bent down and grabbed Stian's rock-hard boner and pulled it down. He pulled the foreskin forward and over the tip of his tongue. Then his tongue started to play with Stian's cockhead.

Stian's eyes closed as he felt TJ's tongue inside his foreskin and that warm wet feeling around his cockhead.

Cody put his arms around Stian's chest and held his pecs and his fingers played with the nipples. His boner was resting in Stian's crack and he could feel the firm buns as he pressed against him.

TJ pulled the foreskin back and started to suck Stian's head and then slowly sucked in his full hard five and a half inches, his nose taking in the scent of Stian's pubes.

Cody's hands moved over Stian's pecs and his abs. Then he moved away from Stian's butt and his hand came around to find the crack. His index finger went in slowly.

Stian arched back and groaned - he had never in his life felt anything like this before.

"I'm gonna cum," he groaned.

TJ sucked faster and harder and Cody's finger played in his crack.

Stian couldn't control himself anymore. He grabbed hold of TJ's head and pulled it as tight as possible against him. TJ was starting to gag and then Stian offloaded. TJ felt the rush up Stian's boner as the warm boy juice filled his throat and he swallowed.

Stian was puffing like a steam engine.

Slowly TJ let Stian's cock slide out of his mouth, cleaning it as it came out.

Stian's eyes were still closed, "I have never felt anything like that, ever, in my whole life. It was incredible."

"What about your girlfriend?" Cody asked.

"You can have her." giggled Stian.

A loud knock on the door interrupted the boys. "Breakfast is nearly ready, you guys coming?" It was Jake, TJ's 17-year-old brother.

"Coming right out!" TJ shouted.

The boys quickly got dressed and went down to the kitchen.

Jake was sitting at the table eating a breakfast of flapjacks. He waved, "Hiya little bro, so who's who here."

TJ introduced Cody and Stian.

"Whoa Cody, I know you almost like I know my own little bro here. Hi Stian."

Mrs. Elliott brought plates of bacon, eggs and sausage to the table, "Now sit down and eat before this stuff gets cold. Your dad and the other boys had to go out and do some work. What are you boys planning today?"

TJ had a mouth full of food, "Dunno yet. Show Cody and Stian around. They want to register for Summer class so they can enter the swim competition."

Jake looked across at his brother, "Whoa, you gonna put them up against Ross and his gang of clowns?"

Ross was the 16-year-old swimming champion at Bowling Green. He was also the class bully, as long as he had his friends around - a lot of them on the school football team.

"I reckon both Cody and Stian can take him and his goons out," said TJ

"Hey TJ", Cody looked worried, "Er.. I don't thinkya must make us out to be that good huh."

Jake nodded, "Cody ya right, Ross has held the championships in every age group he's been in."

Stian joined in, "Actually, I think we can do it."

"Yeah well, you need to get into classes first. What were you gonna register for?"

TJ replied quickly, "I told them to go for Phys Ed, it's a Summer school subject."

"TJ, Mark's on the phone." Mrs. Elliott shouted from the den.

"Hey Mark, howzit going? Thought you would come around last night when we got back."

"Hi TJ, I thought you would phone when you got back."

"Yeah well, time just sorta ran out on us."

TJ could hear that Mark was not happy, "Hey TJ, I've missed you bein away. I shoulda come with you."

"I coulda done with you being there. We had quite an adventure."

"Who? You and the Safrican?"

"Cody, Mark. He's name's Cody."

"Yeah, fuck - whatever."

"We're going to go into town, want to come along?"

"Nah, I've got some chores."

"Chores? You? That's a new one."

"Look TJ, I'm just gonna be busy okay. Seeya." Mark put the phone down.

TJ looked at the phone. He had never heard Mark get that upset before and why? He knew that Mark didn't like Cody when they used to chat, but surely if they met it would be okay. He slowly replaced the receiver.