foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


TJ's house was on a large piece of land, more like a small farm. The house was enormous. The surrounding countryside reminded Cody a lot of what he had seen when he had watched "Wild America", a video that TJ had sent him.

It was a hot day and the three boys were walking around with shorts and no shirts. They all wore hiking boots.

"Hey TJ, who's this Ross guy?" Cody asked

"Well, first off he's a prick - let me get that straight out. He thinks the whole fuckin world owes him a favour cos he's the best swimmer in the county in his age group. He's won every single age group title that he's taken part in and last year won the State title for the 15-year-olds. Every fuckin girl in town gets wet panties when he walks past cos he looks like one of the Brewer twins. You'll recognize him, don't worry."

Stian joined in, "And you think we can beat him in swimming?"

"Tellya the truth - no I don't. But I'd like to see him beaten."

"Why? Sounds like you hate the guy." Cody stretched his arms up above his head and soaked in the sun, his stomach pulling flat as he did that.

TJ slapped him in the gut with a flat hand, "Cos he walks around with a bunch of goons who think they're his fuckin bodyguards. I pushed him once and they jumped me, outside of the movie house."

"Beatya up?" Cody was concerned.

"Let's just say that I felt like I'd been doing 1000 sit-ups - they just fisted my gut while some fucker held me. Ross just stood there smiling."

Cody grabbed his crotch, "Bet he was gettin a fuckin boner watchin them workya over."

"Just be careful. You'll know him when you see him. Just stay away from him."

"Hey, look a juice tree!"

"Huh?" Stian and TJ looked at Cody.

"Over there, it's just like the tree I pictured when I wrote that hikin story about us. Don'tya remember - THE JUICE TREE!!"

TJ laughed. He had enjoyed the story that Cody wrote about the two of them meeting on a hike.

They ran up to the tree. Cody reached for the lowest branch and lifted himself up. The other two followed suit. They climbed to the highest branch they could find. The branches were thick and they could almost stand on them. Cody took off his boots and socks and threw them to the ground. Then he took of his shorts, he was wearing nothing underneath, and dropped that to the ground too. Stian reached up and touched his cock and his boner came to life right away.

Cody wrapped his fist around his boner and started jacking. "Hey, you guys gonna help me juice this thing, or what?"

The other two got undressed and soon, the three of them were standing on the branch jacking off. TJ watched as Stian's foreskin rode backwards and forwards over his cockhead as he moved his hand.

Stian was the first to shoot his load. His juice came out in one long stream and seemed to float in slow motion away from him. It hit the branches as it made its way to the ground, the last bit staying on the bottom branch. He smiled at the other two.

"Okay, so is this tree mine now?"

As he spoke, both TJ and Cody erupted and their juice shot out from the boners like a volcano erupting. First one, then two... until they were done.

All three boys looked down at the lower branches and the juice from the three of them could be seen clinging to the branches.

"This is so fuckin way cool." Cody lay on the branch on his back with his hands behind his head, like some tree animal.

TJ sat on another branch looking out, while Stian was lying on his stomach across another one.

"Yeah," said TJ, "I wish that this moment could last forever."

The boys spent most of the morning up in the tree, sitting naked, talking about the things that boys talk about, and the swimming competition, and Summer school.

"Hey, you guys want to go down to the mall, get a burger or something?" TJ broke the moment.

They all got dressed and then ran back to the house, trying to trip each other up on the way. They ran upstairs to TJ's room and grabbed some T-shirts.

To Cody, Bowling Green was a huge town, but to TJ and Stian it was a small American town, like thousands dotted all over the United States.

TJ smiled as he saw Cody's face take in all the things that there were to see, although he couldn't see what the hell Cody was fascinated about.

They walked into a burger joint.

"Hey Mark!" Mark was standing with some friends, waiting for burgers, when TJ saw him.

Mark looked over at the three and carried on talking with his friends. TJ went up to him and patted him on the shoulder.

"Hey cous. Want to meet Cody and Stian?"

"Not right now TJ, okay."

TJ grabbed his arm, "Hey come on, it'll take a minute."

Mark pulled his arm away, "I fuckin said not right now okay."

"Hey, what's up with you? You sounded strange on the phone and now you're acting like a fuckin jerk."

Mark and his friends collected their burgers off the counter. "You're the fuckin jerk TJ, now just leave me alone okay. Why didn't you fuckin phone when you got home huh?"

Cody was watching what was happening. He recognised Mark from the pics that TJ had sent him. Cody remembered jacking off to those pics because Mark looked like a teen movie star and he had a hot bod, like his cousin. On a chat one day Mark had been around and made it clear to TJ that he didn't like Cody. Mark and TJ had been good friends all their life - unlike a lot of cousins who spend their life fighting with each other.

TJ went outside and caught up to Mark, "Listen, I was fucked when I got home okay."

Mark looked inside to where Cody and Stian were standing, "Yeah, I bet you were."

"Hey, it's not like that okay."

"Like fuck it's not."

Mark walked away with his friends.

"What was that all about?" Stian asked TJ as he walked back into the store.

"My cousin's acting like a jerk, he'll be okay."

"Mark still doesn't like me huh?" Cody looked at TJ.

TJ smiled at him, "Hey Code, don't worry, when he gets to know you he'll have better reasons not to like you."

They all laughed.

Bowling Green High was fairly new. Cody and Stian stared at the huge grounds and sports fields. They went to the school bulletin board in the entrance hall and looked for the information about Summer school.

TJ pointed, "Okay look, you have to take at least one academic subject plus a subject of your choice. You can then register for the Summer sports program which is one month long and the swimming ends with the county swimming champs."

Cody stepped back, "Whoa - COUNTY SWIM CHAMPS?? I thought it was just a school swim competition."

"Okay, so I lied."

Stian looked at TJ, "Hey TJ, I'm not sure that Cody and me are good enough for a competition of that size."

TJ grabbed some registration forms off of the board and started walking out, "Of course you are." He giggled as he left the building.

"You up to this Cody, Stian?" Mr. Elliott held the registration forms in his hand. As a host he had to sign the forms to sponsor the two boys in the Summer school.

Stian looked across at TJ's dad, "TJ seems to think that we are."

"Well, I'm asking the two of you. The County Swim Champs? I reckon that you are both going to come up against Ross Maguire. He's an ass kicker in the swimming pool. Pay no mind to what TJ says, I'm asking you."

Stian and Cody looked at each other. "Yeah, let's kick some Kentucky Blue." said Stian.

Mr. Elliott signed the forms and handed them to TJ. "Tommy, can I see you for a minute."

He walked out of the den followed by TJ.

"You sure that you want your new friends to be embarrassed by that Maguire kid? I wish it would be the other way, but you know that little jerk is a legend in this town."

"Dad, I saw them swim. I just need to find a coach for them for the next few weeks."

"What about old man Kennedy?"

"Dad! Old man Kennedy hasn't coached in like ten years."

"Still the finest coach I've ever met, ask him."

"He's a grumpy old fart."

"Well son, the way I see it, that grumpy old fart is the only choice you got."

Stian straddled TJ's chest, his boner was resting up against his stomach. TJ gently pulled it down and dragged the foreskin back as far as it would go. His boner was thick and straight and smooth. TJ pulled it towards his mouth and Stian leaned forward with his hands against the back of the bed. His eyes were closed as he felt TJ's lips close around the head. He felt the tip of TJ's tongue find his pisshole. He gasped.

Cody was laying head to toe next to TJ and was admiring TJ's six and a half. TJ's fist closed around Cody's six. Cody went down on TJ and let his tongue ride the hard muscle ridge on the underside of his cock. Cody's one hand was laying across TJ's stomach, holding the base of his cock while his other hand searched for the pink hole in TJ's crack. He felt his finger go in. He pushed it in slowly.

Stian was fucking TJ's face like a steam train, his breathing coming in gasps. Cody's head was going up and down on TJ's boner while his finger worked TJ's hole.

Stian gasped as his boner lifted and hit the roof of TJ's mouth, his juice erupting down TJ's throat. Cody felt TJ lift his hips and he pushed his finger in further as TJ's juice filled his mouth - he swallowed it slowly, enjoying every bit of the taste.

Stian bent down and grabbed hold of Cody's dripping wet boner and put his mouth around it. Cody's breathing went faster as he felt Stian's tongue ride his ridge. He could feel TJ's finger searching for his hole and he lifted his one leg. He felt the finger go in and he erupted. Stian swallowed fast - he was going to show everyone that he could swallow every damn drop.

"Still never been fucked Cody?" TJ was lying on his back, his arms were around Cody and Stian, who were lying with their heads on his chest. They were both stroking his cock as it lay across his stomach.


"Well, we're gonna have to sort that out before you go home huh."

Cody lifted his head and smiled at TJ