foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Cody and Stian walked towards the change rooms. "Cody, who are the Speedo's for?"

"A friend." Cody smiled

While Stian was getting changed Cody walked around to where Ross' locker was. He took the clip out of his pocket and stuck it in the lock. It took a little while and the lock sprang open. Cody looked inside, "Fuck, empty. Only a towel hangin in here."

He heard voices and recognised Ross talking to somebody. He quickly closed the locker and put the lock back on. He moved down to the bottom of the row of lockers and looked around the corner.

Ross was waving to someone and then he walked down the row and put his bag down in front of his locker. Cody watched and followed him. He was going to the urinals for a piss.

Quickly, Cody went around to where Ross' tog bag was. He opened it and carefully searched through the clothing and towels and then he found what he was looking for.

He replaced Ross' Speedo's with those that he had bought. He had guessed the size correctly. He checked, damn - Ross had his name inside his swim briefs.

He closed the bag and disappeared around the corner just as Ross returned.

Cody sat down on the bench in front of his locker. Stian stood in front of him, naked. He pushed his cock into Cody's face, "Here, want a taste?"

Cody's tongue lashed out at it as Stian moved back and laughed, "Later, Cody."

Cody lifted up Ross' Speedo's and held them to his nose, the smell was there - that musky smell of cock.

The crowds had gathered quickly. You would think it was a final because of all the people that had arrived to watch.

The swimmers went through the program in their various age groups. Eventually it was the time for the first freestyle event. Cody and Ross lined up with the other swimmers. "Damn, those fit him even better than his own." Cody looked at how well the new Speedo's fitted Ross, hugging his butt, hips and bulge in front.

They climbed on to the blocks for the 100-yard freestyle. The buzzer sounded and they were off. Cody's concentration was not what it should be and he was in 4th place at the 50-yard turn. Ross was way ahead of the pack. Cody swam as fast as he could, but couldn't improve on his position. Cody finished five seconds behind Ross, but in 4th place. The swimmers were in the water, waiting for the signal to get out of the pool. The first three places were displayed on the scoreboard lights. Cody looked to where old man Kennedy was standing, shaking his head.

The signal came and the swimmers got out of the pool. A roar of laughter erupted from the crowd and everyone looked around to see what was happening. Ross looked towards the grandstand and saw that everyone was looking at him. He looked down and saw that he was NAKED!

Ross dived back in the pool in a flash. Cody collapsed laughing. Up in the stands TJ and Mark realized what was going on and now they knew what the new Speedo's were for. They couldn't control themselves.

Cody threw a pair of Speedo's into the pool. Ross lifted the Speedo's up and looked in the back - they were his. He looked up at Cody and glared. He put the Speedo's on and got out of the pool. He went straight to the competitors stand and grabbed Cody by the hair and fisted him in the face. Cody tasted the blood as his lip split. He laughed at Ross.

Some of the students came from behind and stopped Ross from hitting Cody again.

Ross was mad as hell - he glared at Cody, "You are fucking dead! You hear me? Dead!"

The remaining training went off without a hitch and even Ross seemed to have forgotten the incident, swimming as well as he always did.

All the swimmers were called together. The school coach read out the riot act to them. "Right, listen up - I don't want any shit at this initiation tonight. You guys are on your own. If anyone gets out of hand, he will not be on this team tomorrow. Do you all understand that?"

A low murmur of agreement came from the swimmers. Ross smiled at Cody, "You're going to get it tonight fucker. You and your Viking friend here." he nudged Stian in the stomach.

The boy's initiation took place in the boy's locker room. A table had been set out and all the seniors were seated at the table. Ross was seated with the seniors because of his high esteem on the school swim team.

The remaining team members sat on benches down the side of the room. Cody, Stian and Timmy, a 13 year old, stood in front of the table.

The captain of the swim team looked at them. "Okay, this is your initiation. You are expected to follow all the instructions you are given without hesitation. Failure to follow the instructions will earn you a punishment. You are not to get an erection during the proceedings - this will also earn you a punishment." He nodded to three senior boys at the table.

They got up and moved towards Cody, Stian and Timmy. First they removed their T-shirts. Then they removed their sneakers, then their track pants. They were left standing in their briefs. Then the three seniors slowly slid the boy's briefs off of them and they were left standing naked.

Timmy, although he was small, was extremely well built. He had strong shoulders and arms and a good pair of legs. His chest was well developed and it sloped down to a flat well-carved stomach. His blonde hair was cut into a buzz and he looked like a miniature GI Joe.

None of them felt like getting an erection, they were too nervous for that.

The captain of the swim team came up to them. He was carrying a small cane. He first went to Cody and lifted his cock away from his balls, using the cane, and seemed to inspect them.

"YOU EVER WASH BOY?" he screamed at Cody.

Cody nodded.

"YES SIR!!" he screamed at Cody.

"YES SIR!" Cody screamed at him.

He walked behind Cody and Cody felt the tip of the cane in his crack. "YOU DIDN'T WASH PROPERLY BOY."

"YES SIR!" screamed Cody.

Ross sat smiling.

"MR MAGUIRE!" the captain shouted.

Ross jumped up - he knew what was coming because he had arranged it this way. "YES SIR!" he shouted.


A group of seniors grabbed Cody and took him to the showers. His hands were tied at the wrists and then to a pipe overhead. He was standing on his toes.

One of the other boys took the hose that is used for cleaning the showers and turned on the cold water.

Cody gasped as the icy cold water hit his body.

Ross smiled. He picked up a scrubbing brush and started to scrub Cody's chest. Cody winced at the pain of the course brush being roughly rubbed on his body. His skin was turning red.

"You're going to wish you stayed the fuck away from here, you little prick." Ross whispered to him.

Ross rubbed harder across Cody's stomach and then moved around to Cody's back. Cody's body felt like it was on fire. He dare not cry or even moan. Suddenly he felt like a fire had been lit in his balls as Ross lifted his cock and started scrubbing them. He moaned slightly.

Then Ross pulled his cock and started scrubbing across it. Cody couldn't remember when last he had felt pain like that. His eyes were watering.

Ross moved his face right up to Cody's and smiled.

When Ross had finished, Cody was led back to the main room. There were scratches on his back that were bleeding. The captain of the swim team glared at Ross - that was not the intention of the initiation - it was intended more as a fun welcome for the new swimmers than a torture session.

The swim captain moved up to Stian. He looked down at Stian's uncircumcised cock and stuck the cane into the hole. Stian pulled back slightly as he felt the cane go in the hole and the end of it touch his piss hole.


"NO SIR!" shouted Stian

He moved around to the back of Stian. Stian felt the cane finding his crack and going up it. He felt his cock stiffen at the sensation.


Stian wanted to say something but the swim captain gave him a swift tap on his semi and the pain caused it to go limp quickly.

The captain then put a bean on the top of a Pepsi bottle.


Stian nodded.


Cody thought that this was actually quite fun. He watched as Stian squatted over the Pepsi bottle. He went down on it and closed his ass cheeks around the bean. He stood up and walked.

Cody wanted to crack at the way Stian was walking, but he shut up rather.

The swim captain walked around Stian and took his cane and pushed the bean into Stian's ass. It disappeared.

Next, it was the turn of the 13-year-old. He only had a couple of pubes.


"THIRTEEN SIR" the boy said, but there was a quaver in his voice and it sounded like he was close to crying.

"THEN YOU ARE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE THESE THINGS!" The swim captain moved the cane across Timmy's pubes. Then he lifted Timmy's cock, which was about three inches. Timmy immediately got a boner and his cock stayed, pointing up to his chin, hard.

There were a few sniggers around the room. The cane came down and slapped Timmy's boner but it stayed up there. He slapped it again - still it stayed hard.

"STUBBORN, AREN'T WE?" the captain shouted in Timmy's face. The tears started streaming down Timmy's cheeks but he said nothing.

The swim captain then passed a battery shaver to Ross, "SHAVE HIM MR. MAGUIRE."

Ross pushed Timmy's boner down and started to shave off the few pubes that Timmy had. Timmy was sniffing and the tears were running down his cheeks. Ross stood up and Timmy was hairless. Ross grabbed Timmy's nuts and squeezed them slightly, "Stop whimpering, you're a fucking embarrassment."

The swim captain shouted, "That's enough Ross, leave him alone."

Ross glared at Timmy as he walked away. Timmy was looking down and the tears were dripping off the end of his nose.

"Hey guy, look up!" Cody whispered to Timmy. Timmy slowly lifted his head and looked at the table.

The next thing the boys had to do was the elephant walk. Timmy was in front. He had to hold his dick with his left hand and his right hand went behind him and took hold of Cody's dick. Cody's left hand was on Timmy's shoulder and his right hand went backward and grabbed Sven's dick. Sven's left hand grabbed Cody's shoulder and in his right hand he held a feather duster for a tail.

Then the three of them had to leave the locker room and walk around the gym building. It was common knowledge that students, especially the females, used to wait and hide - so that they could watch the elephant walk and size the guys up.

Cody felt lucky. He could feel Timmy's fist firmly wrapped around his dick, which was getting harder by the minute - and he was sure that Timmy was noticing. He could feel Stian getting hard in his hand was well. What he couldn't see was that Timmy's erection was back on track and leading the way.

When they had marched around the gym building they ended up back in the locker room. The three of them stood there with their erections pointing skyward. There was a trace of a smile on the faces of the senior boys.

The captain of the swim team walked up to the group and held out his hand to Stian, "Congratulations Stian, you have passed the initiation test. Welcome to our swim team." Stian stuck out his hand with a broad grin.

He did the same with Cody and Timmy.

The three of them had got dressed and were sitting on a bench. Cody looked at Timmy, "Hey Timmy, need a lift home?"

"He's going home with me." Ross was standing at the bench.

"Hey Ross, you've had your fun for tonight. Just backoff now okay?"

Ross smiled at Cody, "My brother is going home with me."

Cody stared at Timmy and then he saw the resemblance. Timmy Maguire - fuck. And his brother let him go through all that shit.