foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


TJ was waiting outside as the boys left the gym building. "So, how did it go? Hey Code, what the fuck happened to you?"

"Huh? Why?"

"There's some blood seeping through your T-shirt at the back."

"Oh that, it's nothin, really."

When they got home, the boys went to shower. After the shower Cody laid on his bed, on his stomach with his towel wrapped around his waist.

TJ came over and sat next to him. His fingers probed the little pin prick blood spots that were appearing again. "Let me put something on that."

He left the room and came back with a tube of antiseptic ointment. He slowly started putting the ointment on to the little cuts. Cody winced slightly.

Cody asked about Ross' brother.

TJ looked down at him, "Timmy? He's a pretty cool kid. Great little football player in junior high as well. His brother treats him like shit though."

"Is there anyone that Ross doesn't treat like shit huh?"

TJ pulled the towel off of Cody and rubbed his hands across Cody's buns. He spread them and his one finger slowly found the pink hole and slid in.

"Fuck TJ, that feels cool."

TJ smiled. He often thought of fucking Cody, but he didn't want to hurt him. He played with his finger in the hole for a while. He could feel Cody tightening his ass muscles and this excited him.

Cody rolled over on to his back. TJ got undressed and lay on top of him. Their two boners were hard next to each other. Cody wrapped both of his hands around both boners and started stroking them together. TJ lifted his gut slightly to enable Cody to get a better grip on both of them. The mix of precum from the two boners soon had Cody's hand sliding smoothly up and down.

Both of them lay there with their eyes closed as Cody's hands continued it's magic trip. Cody felt TJ's nuts swell against him and he knew that they were gonna cum together. In a few seconds he was right. The warm sticky lava shot in between them. TJ moved around and rubbed the love juice into them.

He opened his mouth and his tongue explored Cody's lips. Cody opened his mouth to allow his friends tongue access. Their tongues danced their own dance as the two kissed.

TJ moved off of Cody and lay next to him, on his side. His one leg and arm were draped over his friend. The two of them fell asleep. Stian had been watching the activity from his own bed and didn't want to interfere with what he was seeing.

He lay on his back and pulled his covers off. His boner was hard, at a 45-degree angle from his stomach. His pink head was reaching out through his foreskin. He grabbed it and started stroking. He shot his load across his stomach. He didn't bother to clean himself. He fell asleep on his back with his boner still in his hand.

The following day, Thursday, was a free day for everyone. Tonight there was a big happening in the school gym. Cody had never seen a build up to a big sporting event in the States and he was looking forward to it.

They had breakfast and decided to go into town for a walk around.

The town council had erected huge banners across the main entrances into Bowling Green - "Welcome all Swimmers to the County Swimming Championships"

As they walked down the Main street, they could feel people staring at them. A couple of giggling girls came up to Stian and started talking to him.

They walked past a game arcade and Timmy came running out. "Hey Cody!"

"Hey Timmy, howzit goin?"

"Hey, it's goin cool. I'm sorry for what my brother did toya back."

"That's okay. What's with your fat lip?"

Timmy reached up to his swollen lip with his one hand. "Uh - It's nothin. I gave Ross some lip, is all."

Cody looked at the lip, which must have looked a lot worse last night. He boiled inside.

TJ looked down at Timmy, "You must have made him really mad."

Timmy laughed, "Yep - I said that Cody and Stian were cool. He got mad as hell."

Cody knew what TJ was thinking. If Ross were around now he would get his own lip thickened for him.

"Hey Timmy, we gonna see you tonight at the big bash then?"

Timmy beamed "For sure!"

As they walked around, even some adults stopped and spoke to them. They wanted to know about South Africa from Cody and about Norway from Stian.

Buses from schools around the county started arriving in the afternoon. Students would stay at the local hotels and some of them would stay with relatives. By late afternoon the town was swarming with people.

Everybody headed for the Bowling Green High gym in the early evening. TJ's folks were there and all his brothers. Old man Kennedy was there. The only people who were not there were the visiting students from the other schools. They must have known better.

The school band was entertaining the people while the swimmers stood in the locker room waiting for the signal to march out.

The swimmers could hear the school principal start his welcome speech and then the band started its fanfare and the signal was given. The swimmers paraded into the gym in single file.

The crowd went ballistic as their star swimmers entered. TJ and Mark were screaming at the top of their voices. Cody and Stian were beaming from ear to ear as they marched in with the school team. All the names were read out over the PA system as they entered the gym. When Ross' name was mentioned it sounded as if the roof was going to lift off the building. It was a colorful sight.

When they were all in, the names were read out once again and each swimmer was presented with a Bowling Green High tog bag. Inside the tog bag were two towels, a tracksuit, and two pairs of Speedo's - the correct sizes for each swimmer. The swimmer's first name was printed on everything, including in the front of the Speedo's.

"No swapping your Speedo's this time huh Ross?" Cody whispered to Ross, who was standing next to him.

"Shut up Cody. You're a fuckin freak. Just stay outta my way."

Cody looked across at the junior swimmers and caught Timmy staring at him. Timmy had a huge grin on his face - he was finding this incredibly exciting.

The swimmers then had to each put on their track tops in front of the crowd. The noise started again.

Then the war cries started.

The cheerleaders started "Who's the best you've ever seen?"

"The stars, the stars, of Bowling Green." the crowd chanted back.

And so the evening went, with one war cry after another.

Stian flopped down on his bed, "That was incredible."

"I agree," said Cody, "I am buggered."

TJ and Mark looked at the two of them.

"Hey," TJ smiled, "the least you guys can do before you go to bed is to model the new Speedo's."

Both Cody and Stian stripped down and stood naked in front of Mark and TJ. Stian passed Mark his Speedo's and Cody passed his to TJ.

As Mark and TJ pulled them up, both Cody and Stian got boners.

"Hey TJ, just be careful how you tuck that thing in huh." Cody laughed.

"You've gotta be joking. I'd have to break its neck to tuck it in here."

With their Speedo's on, both Stian and Cody went through a series of body building poses for Mark and TJ. The Speedo's were lycra with a narrow waist. The names across the front looked really great. Across their backsides were the words "Bowling Green Swim Team".

Before long, Cody and Stian were fast asleep. They had a big day tomorrow.

Mark and TJ were lying in TJ's bed. Mark looked at TJ , "So, what do you think of their chances?"

"I think they're gonna make the finals of every single event."

Friday. The whole day would be taken up with the heats of the various events. The schools were all sitting grouped on the grandstand. The swimmers were sitting at the bottom.

It was a really hot day. The noise was deafening. Each event brought on another bought of noise and screaming and noises from the various whistles and instruments in the crowd. Special interest was being shown in the Bowling Green 16-year-olds - the word had spread about the two visiting swimmers and everybody knew that Ross could not be beaten. It looked like an impossible task to beat Bowling Green 16s this year.

Cody and Stian went down to the pool as the 13-year-old events were starting. They saw Timmy standing, talking to one of his friend. He was wearing his Speedo's and a track top. He was busy doing stretches. Cody watched as the muscles in those strong legs worked.

"Hey Timmy, howzit goin?"

Hey Cody, hey Stian. It's goin totally rad - I'm feelin super confident. Hey this is Johnny."

"Hey." Johnny lifted his hand in a sort of a wave.

"Hi." said Cody and Stian.

"Well, we're gonna be rootin for ya."

Timmy's face beamed, "That is so damn cool. Thanks."

Timmy managed to be placed within the top three swimmers in all his events and went through to the quarterfinals. He had a lot of support from Cody and Stian who shouted at the top of their voices. After every event, Ross went up to him and gave him a huge hug. Cody felt good that Timmy obviously had a lot of support from his older brother.

Old man Kennedy was there when the boys were warming up for their first events. "Hey you two."

"Hey Mr. Kennedy, howzit goin?"

"It's going okay Cody, how're you guys feelin?"

"Good." Stian said as he pulled off his track pants.

"Listen, when I first started training you guys, I didn't think you'd make it to this event. You're both fighters to have made it this far. I just want to say thanks for co-operating. I got you this far - from here on it is going to be your own doing."

All eyes were on Cody at the start of the first heat for the 100-yard freestyle. Even Ross was watching him.

"Go Cody!" It was Timmy shouting from the competitor's stand.

Throughout the swim Cody felt strong and relaxed. His arms didn't get tired and he pushed himself, but not too hard. He came in second in the event.

Stian was just as successful. The two of them made it to the quarterfinals. They were as happy as if it was Christmas.

It was a long day. Early evening saw the start of the quarterfinals for the different events. Little Timmy made it through all the events, which put him into the semi finals on the Saturday morning.

Cody and Stian watched as Ross clobbered the competition in all of his events, winning by long distances. The two of them managed to swim well to go through to the semi-finals.

As the evening was winding down, Cody looked over at where Ross was sitting on a seat. Timmy was on his lap with his head on Ross' chest. He was fast asleep. Cody smiled - he had had a good day.

It was late when they arrived back at home. Everyone was excited about the days swimming. Mrs. Elliott made some hot chocolate for everyone. TJ opted to rather have some Pepsi.

Cody and Stian showered together, soaping each other up and making sure that the boners were well soaped up and clean. Cody felt as Stian's finger found his crack and went in. Stian turned Cody around and Cody felt the head of his boner enter his crack. He pulled away.

"Hey Stian, I've never had that before and I'm kinda savin that moment for someone special. Hopeya understand huh."

Stian was disappointed because he had been dreaming of fucking Cody and he thought that this would have been the perfect opportunity.

Cody saw the look on his face and then knelt in front of him. Cody grabbed Stian's boner and stretched the foreskin away. He pulled the foreskin over his tongue and let the tip of his tongue play with Stian's pisshole. He felt as Stian tensed up.

Then he pulled the foreskin back and let his lips close around Stian's cockhead. It felt perfect and round - his tongue moving around and around it. Slowly he sucked Stian into his mouth. He managed to get him all him. He felt Stian's pubes against his nose. His left hand played with Stian's nuts, which had pulled up tight into his crotch. His right hand moved around Stian's butt and he put his finger in.

Then Stian grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him as tight as possible into his crotch as he offloaded his juice. It came out as one long jet of cream. It shot into the back of Cody's throat and he swallowed.

He kept Stian's cock in his mouth for a while afterwards, just letting Stian relax.

Cody wanted to dry himself cos he wanted to lie with TJ and talk. He just wanted to be so damn close to his friend right now.

He dried himself and wrapped the towel around his waist. He walked into the bedroom. TJ was lying across his bed, wearing CK boxers. He was asleep.

Cody sat next to him. TJ's stomach muscles were being pulled tight as he was lying down. Cody kissed him on the belly button, letting his tongue play in the little inny hole.

"G'night my friend. I loveya."