foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Old man Kennedy was busy pottering around in his garden. He was about 60 years old but looked a lot younger and he still looked quite fit.

He looked up at TJ, "Foreigners? You want me to coach two foreign kids so they can whip the ass of one of our local boys? And not just any local boy - Ross Maguire."

"They're my friends Mr. Kennedy and my dad said to ask you. He said you're the only person who can get them to win."

Kennedy stood up from the garden bed - he was well over 6 feet tall and TJ could see that he had been a swimmer. He had massive shoulders and even the years hadn't given him the tummy that most people his age had.

"I need to speak to these two kids, can you get them here?"

TJ smiled, "They're in my truck, I'll get them now."

Cody and Stian rattled off their swim times to Kennedy. They were both nervous. Kennedy had not smiled once.

He looked down at them, "mmm So you both swim the same events as Maguire but your times are between 10 and 20 seconds off the mark on all of them." He turned to TJ, "I'm sorry son but I don't do miracles. Your friends here - well their times are okay but there are at least three boys in the school who'll whip their ass. As much as I would like to help, I think it's impossible. Sorry."

All three were quiet in the truck on their way home. TJ had hoped that he could get his friends in the swim comp but he knew that without a decent coach, they would end up losing and losing badly and then they would probably hate him for it.

Stian was the first to speak, "Hey TJ, organize a time for me and Cody to train in the school pool. I think we can do it on our own."

Cody beamed, "I think he's right TJ, we can do it with or without a coach."

TJ smiled at the confidence being shown by his two friends. "OK, I'll arrange a time when we get home. Tomorrow is the first day of Summer school as well."

Summer school was popular in Bowling Green. It gave students a chance to take up activities, which were out of their normal study stream and enabled them to brush up on skills for the next school year. For those who had not done as well as they liked at the end of the semester, Summer school exams could be counted towards a better grade. The big highlight with Summer school though, was the sports program.

Both Cody and Stian were nervous as they arrived. There were 800 students registered for the Summer school program and they felt like outsiders. They were both in the Maths program and had their first class together. TJ had opted out of registering for Summer school. He worked for his dad while Cody and Stian were in class.

During the break Stian had decided to look around the school while Cody went to the cafeteria. Cody bought himself a burger and shake and sat down at one of the tables. He couldn't believe how organised the school was.

At a table not faraway he saw TJ's cousin, Mark, sitting with some friends. He couldn't help staring. Mark was one good-looking dude with a body to match.

Mark saw him staring and got up and walked over to him. Cody got up and put out his hand, "Hi."

Mark glared at him, "What the fuck you staring at?"

"Nothin really, I recognised you that's all"

"I hear you're entering the swim comp."

"Yeah, TJ asked me and Stian to."

"Well, tell my cousin that I think he's fuckin crazy. Ross Maguire is gonna whip your ass and that other fuckin foreigner."

Cody started getting mad, "Hey, you got a problem with me not being American?"

"Nope I've got a problem with the weird fuckin friendship that you and TJ have. What the fuck you come over here for anyway?"

"TJ and me have become pretty good friends. He asked me to come over."

"So tell me, does his cock measure up to your expectations?"

Cody's face went red. He lost his temper. His right fist flew out but he was too slow. Mark was expecting Cody to do exactly what he did and he ducked and his right fist moved like lightning up into Cody's gut. Cody went down on his knees, coughing. Fuck, he felt like a steamroller had hit him.

Just then, Stian walked into the cafeteria and saw the commotion. "What's up? What's the prob?"

Mark looked at Stian, "Seems like American food doesn't agree with your friend." He walked away.

Stian helped Cody to his feet. "What's going on?"

Cody looked around, there were hundreds of faces staring at him, "I think he likes me."

Cody smiled as he held his stomach. Stian shook his head, "Yeah, right!"

Cody and Stian were swimming laps. TJ was sitting up in the bleachers watching them. He felt someone sit down next to him.

"They're pretty good." It was old man Kennedy.

TJ smiled, "But not good enough huh?"

Kennedy looked at him, "I can see a few problems with both of them which I can iron out - not ten seconds worth - that they're going to have to work their guts out for."

"So you're gonna do it?"

"Your dad phoned me. I owe him a few for favors he's done for me in the past. I'll give it a bash. One thing TJ -"


"Tell your friends they are in for a nightmare training under me."

TJ smiled a broad smile, "Yes, Sir."

After two hours of doing freestyle laps, just to get back into the right frame of mind, Cody and Stian went to shower.

"He hit you pretty damn hard huh." Stian walked over to where Cody was showering. He ran his finger over Cody's stomach - there was a red mark from where he had been hit.

Stian felt Cody's stomach muscles tense as he touched them. He moved his fingers down slowly to Cody's pubes. He could see Cody's cock start to straighten up and the skin tighten around it. He watched as the water ran down Cody's stomach, into his pubes and then down his cock and off of the head.

Cody watched as Stian went down and opened his mouth to catch the water running off of his cock. Cody's boner stood to attention. Stian brought his mouth closer and his tongue reached out. His tongue gently tasted Cody's nuts, they were pulled tight under is boner. Then his tongue rode the hard ridge up the underside of Cody's boner.

Cody's eyes closed as he felt the Viking boy's tongue caressing him. "Oh fuck that feels good," he said under his breath.

Stian's finger rode up Cody's nuts and then gently wrapped around the base of his boner and pulled it down. Cody watched as his boner disappeared slowly into Stian's mouth and he felt the electricity go through him as Stian's mouth went to work. Stian's finger went around Cody's buns and he felt as the finger found his pink hole and went in. It was too much. He shot his boy juice into the Viking mouth. Stian swallowed every last drop and then took Cody's shaking boner and cleaned the tender head.

"Ever been fucked Cody?"

Cody was still out of breath, "Nope, that I'm saving for TJ."

"Does he know?"

"I think he does, yeah, I'm sure he does."

Cody turned off the faucet and grabbed his towel. Stian watched as Cody's muscled back and tight butt moved away from him.

TJ came into the change room to see why they were taking so long, "Hey Cody, where'd you get that bruise, I didn't see it earlier."

"Nah, it seems like the hot water just made it come up more."

"So, where didya get it?"

"From your cousin." Stian walked into the change room.

TJ looked at Cody, "From Mark?"

"Hey TJ, it was nothin okay. Drop it. I don't want any more shit okay."

TJ heard Mark's voice as he came to the phone, he sounded irritated, "What the fuck you want TJ."

"Hey. listen, I miss you cousin, can I come around for a few."

"The fuckin United Nations coming with you?"

"Nope, I just need to be with you alone, want to meet me somewhere?"

TJ could hear Mark's voice lighten up, "Hey TJ, listen, what about the old barn outside of town."

"Cool." TJ put the phone down. He knew the place well.

TJ told Cody and Stian that he had to go out. They didn't mind. After their first day at Summer school they were trashed - all they wanted was their bed.

The barn was about ten miles from TJ's house. Mark's car was already there when he turned the truck under the trees.

As TJ went inside, Mark stepped from behind a stall. "Hi TJ." He came up to TJ and hugged him.

TJ slowly lifted up Mark's T-shirt. Mark was as tall as TJ, dark hair, well defined pecs and a hard flat stomach. He had the good looks of a teenage movie star and his teeth would flash when he smiled. He also stood on two powerful legs.

Mark removed TJ's shirt and they hugged again, enjoying the feeling of each other's strong bodies against each other. They undid each other's belts and slowly removed their jeans and their boxers.

"Remember when we were little kids, we used to tie each other up and then tickle each other and pretend we were in a dungeon?"

Mark's face lit up, "Yeah fuck those were great times."

"Want to do that now?"


They walked over to the post that they had always used. The ropes for the hands and the feet were still there.

Mark lifted his arms up above his head and TJ secured his wrists to the post. TJ ran his hands lightly down Mark's chest and his stomach, which was being pulled flat - his ab muscles clearly defined.

Then TJ secured his ankles. TJ started tickling Mark's body and in no time he had a raging boner which was dripping precum that ran down the length of his thick, cut six and a half inches.

TJ knelt down and took Mark in his mouth. Mark was moaning out loudly as the shocks of excitement shot through his body, his muscles tensing.

"aaaggghh.. Fuck TJ, I'm going to shoot."

TJ stopped and stood up. His fist raced towards Mark's gut and hit into it as Mark's first load of boy juice left his boner. Mark cried out with the pain. His cock just kept on squirting his boy juice, some of it landing on TJ.

TJ went right up to him and said in his ear, "Don't fuck with my friends again."

TJ started walking out of the barn.

"TJ COME BACK HERE, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING?" Mark's cum was still hanging off of the end of his dick and some had dripped down his legs.

As TJ climbed into the truck he could still hear Mark screaming.

TJ picked up the cell phone and called Mark's girlfriend.

"Hey Kath, listen I got a strange call that Mark was stuck out in the old barn and he needed some help. I can't get out there right now, reckon you could go and see what's happening?"