foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


The next day after classes, Cody and Stian had the pool. Old man Kennedy was working their case - hard. They could bitch but only under their breath because they knew that Kennedy would probably have them tow fucking bricks through the water.

TJ was sitting on the bleachers watching the training session.

"Hi Teej." It was Mark.

TJ never looked around, "Hi, surprised to see you here."

"Hey look, I know I acted like a jerk. It's just that we always hang out together and I hated the thought of Cody being around."

"So, what's changed your mind."

"YOUR SWIMMING SUCKS!!" Old man Kennedy was shouting at the two in the water.

Mark sat down, "Cody changed my mind. Pity it happened the way it did though. He seems pretty cool. Must think I'm a jerk though huh."

"Nah, Cody's weird like that, he doesn't hold grudges. Anyway he thinks you should be a fucking TV star cos you look 'hot'."

Mark laughed, "Really? Well I suppose he has got good taste then."

Kennedy called Cody and Stian out of the pool. They came up to him.

"Listen, are your guys finished fucking around in the water now huh? Are you going to swim for me or do I walk out of the gate?"

"Mr. Kennedy it's just that I've been outta swim trainin for weeks now. I'll get back into it, I promise." Cody was looking down at his feet.

"You promise? Well, that's not good enough - I want to see you guys work your butt off NOW, not tomorrow or next fucking week - talking about next week - they're having the school trials I hear. Now, they only pick three guys for each event. So your promises are no fucking good to me. You get back in that water and you swim. Butterfly - 200 yards - I'm timing you, MOVE!"

Mark shook his head, "Old man Kennedy is going to kill those two."

"Well, we don't have much choice."

"Hey, the Elliott clan." Ross was standing behind TJ and Mark, with his friends.

TJ stood up and faced him, "Hey Ross, Tellya what, why don't you and me go under the bleachers huh - just the two of us."

Ross looked at the pool, "Why don't you guys save yourselves a whole lot of embarrassment and send your two friends back where they came from huh."

"YOUR TURN IS UP TO SHIT" Old man Kennedy's voice came up from the pool.

Ross laughed, "You guys must be fucking desperate to have that has-been for a coach. Let's get outta here." He nodded his head to his friends and they moved off.

"Hey Ross!" TJ called after him.

Ross turned around.

"Watch your back huh."

Ross laughed as the group left the pool area.

Mark looked on as they left, "Bad fuckin news that mob."

"Ross on his own is a fuckin chicken shit. He doesn't dare move without his buddies."

The movie house was crowded. James Bond was as popular in the States as he was back home thought Cody. TJ, Mark and Stian were standing at the popcorn machine. "Hey Cody," TJ shouted, "Want some popcorn?"

"Yeah, a huge box."

They sat watching the movie as James Bond was doing his normal running, jumping, shooting and destroying every bad ass around. Mark sat on the one side of Cody and TJ on the other. Stian sat next to TJ.

"Hey Cody," Mark leaned over to Cody, "Got anymore popcorn there?"

"Yeah sure, help yourself."

Mark put his hand into the popcorn box on Cody's lap. His hand stopped as it felt the wet end of Cody's boner inside. Cody stiffened even more as he felt Mark move his hand down to the base of it, almost like he was exploring, to feel what it was like.

"Pretty neat one Cody." he laughed.

TJ almost cracked laughing when he saw what was happening next to him.

Mark took Cody's one hand and moved it over the seat on to his crotch. Cody could feel Mark's boner through his jeans. Mark pulled his zip down with his one hand. His other hand was still stroking Cody's boner, paying particular attention to the head.

Cody put his hand inside Mark's fly and into his boxers. Cody's heart was beating like crazy when he felt the smooth hard skin of Mark's boner and he started stroking it as well.

After a few minutes Mark got up from his seat, "I need a piss." He moved through the seats.

"Me too," said Cody and he got up as well. TJ smiled as he saw his friend leave.

"Hey Mark?" Cody called as he got to the men's room.

"In here."

Cody followed the sound of the voice and found the cubicle that Mark was in. Mark unlocked the door and let Cody in. He stood on the toilet seat and Cody pulled his jeans and boxers down. His boner was standing straight up, almost hugging his gut. The head was glistening with precum. Cody pulled it down and the tip of his tongue found the pisshole.

Mark closed his eyes as Cody went to work. Cody's hands started moving up under Mark's T-shirt. He could feel each muscle of Mark's six-pack as his hands glided up to his pecs, which were perfectly defined. The feeling of Mark's hard muscle inside his mouth was fantastic. The taste of precum and spit was driving him crazy.

Then he felt Mark's hands grab his head and Mark started to fuck his face like a steam train. He felt like gagging but managed to control himself as Mark's hard cock slid in and out of his mouth. Then Mark held his head tight against his crotch. Cody felt the cock stiffen even more in his mouth and lift up to the roof. The eruption seemed like it would never stop. It shot out like a train from a tunnel, Cody wondered if it was ever going to stop.

He felt Mark let go of his head and Cody let his boner slowly out of his mouth, his tongue cleaning it.

Cody smiled up at him, "So, how was that?"

Mark was out of breath, "It was fucking awsome."

After movies the four of them went to the Pizza Hut, about a half block away. The streets were busy as people went about window shopping and coming out of restaurants and cinemas.

The Pizza Hut was packed with students.

"Whoops, the bad guys." Mark waved his head over to where Ross and his group were standing, talking to some girls.

"Jerk." TJ said "Look, we can go somewhere else if you guys want."

"What, and let him know that we are going to disappear every time he shows his face." Cody moved towards the counter. TJ, Mark and Stian followed him.

"You guys can go and find a table. I'll get the pizza." said Cody.

Cody ordered a large size pizza, with everything. Damn he would have to walk past the motley crew to get to their table - why the fuck did they have to get a table there? Oh well, maybe they wouldn't even see him.

TJ and the others were laughing about what had happened in the movies. Cody collected the pizza and slowly moved down the counter and towards the table. As he walked past Ross and the crew he didn't notice the foot come out.

He tripped and went flying across a table - the pizza box left his hands and the pizza left the box. It landed neatly upside down on the floor.

Cody got up and faced Ross. Ross put his hands up, "Whoa, the alien - maybe you need to watch where you're going. Here, let me give you a hand."

Ross picked up the pizza - he held it in his hands and then slowly placed it on the top of Cody's head. Well, it would've been hilarious under other circumstances as the cheese and other stuff started sliding off of the pizza and on to his face. Cody was mad as hell as he lifted the pizza off his head.

"I'm gonna whip your ass in the swim comp."

Ross laughed and his friends joined in, "Yeah, fuckin right!! You little moron."

TJ came up to the group, "What's going on?"

Ross looked at him, "Your alien buddy here didn't look where he was going."

Before Ross realized what was happening, TJ was behind him and had twisted his arm behind his back.

Ross shouted, "Fuck off you're going to break my fucking arm."

"I will too. Now tell your buddies to back off and one of them to go and buy a large pizza - with everything."

As they waited for the pizza, TJ put more pressure on Ross' arm. "I'm telling you for the last time, back fuckin off - the next time I'm gonna break your arm in two."

Ross started rubbing his arm as TJ let him go, "I'll tell you what TJ. If your friends even make it to the finals, I'll treat the whole Elliott clean to pizzas. If they don't then I want this little cunt here," Ross pointed to Cody, "On his own"

"I don't know what Cody's done to you, but hey, who am I to refuse. If he doesn't make the finals he's all yours."

As they got back to the table Cody turned to TJ, "You hate me or somethin? That dude will mince me."

"Hey Code, it won't happen. You guys are gonna make the finals of the comp. We are gonna eat pizza." TJ laughed. Cody and Stian looked at each other, they weren't that sure.

Early the next morning TJ woke up and went to the window and opened the curtain. The sun streamed into the bedroom. He looked across the field and saw someone sitting in the tree.

"Hey Code, whatsup?"

Cody was sitting up in the middle of the tree, daydreaming.

"I'm just worried TJ. You're such a good friend and all and the thought of lettin you down with the swim comp is worryin me sick."

"Hey buddy, come down here."

Cody climbed down and stood in front of TJ.

"Listen, whatever happens in that comp - you're still gonna be the best friend I've ever had. Okay?"

Cody looked up into TJ's blue eyes and smiled.

TJ lifted up Cody's T-shirt and took it off. Cody did the same. They took off each other's shorts and lay down on the ground. TJ went down on his hard boner and started to suck him in. He moved around so Cody could get to his. Cody moved his hands up and down TJ's stomach and then around his buns as the two of them sucked each other. It was not too long before they each shot a load and then they just lay under the tree, naked. Cody put his head on TJ's chest.

"I suppose I better start trainin harder for this damn comp then huh. I fancy some more pizza."

TJ laughed "Well, you've just had the extra cheese."

"Trials are on Friday."