foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


TJ stood under the shower and let the water run down his body. He turned as he heard the shower door open. It was Cody.

"G'mornin' TJ."

"Hey." TJ smiled as Cody stepped into the shower.

Cody grabbed the soap and started to work the soap into his hands. Then he stood behind TJ. TJ lifted his arms up to enable Cody to easily get his arms around. He felt the warmth as Cody stood close to him. He could feel Cody's hard six resting tight against his crack. He closed he eyes as he felt Cody's hands start to rub the soap into his body. He felt the hands at his collarbone and then gently work their way across his pecs, meeting in the middle. He felt his nipples harden as Cody's fingers massaged them. Cody's hands came back up his chest and up to his shoulders.

Cody could feel the hard muscles under his fingers as he slowly and gently rubbed the soap into TJ's body. He moved his hands from TJ's shoulders and across his arms. He felt the hard round muscles of the biceps. Beneath his chest he could feel the muscles of TJ's shoulder blades contract as his arms lifted slightly. Then he moved his hands down to TJ's stomach. Underneath the smooth silky skin he could feel the hard definition of TJ's abs as he slowly explored every ridge and valley.

He felt the wetness as his precum slowly flow from the head of his boner, down TJ's crack. His hands moved down to the curly bush of TJ's pubes. TJ's boner was at a 45-degree angle. He ignored it for the moment and went down to the top of TJ's legs.

TJ felt as Cody's hands skipped his boner - damn it to hell. He smiled, he knew those hands would be back. He could feel Cody's warm breath against his neck and his hard pecs against his back. He felt the wetness in his crack from Cody's precum.

Cody moved around to the front of TJ and faced him. TJ took Cody's head in his hands and their faces drew close. Their tongues met and they explored each other's mouths, their tongues doing the intimate dance. Cody's hands moved down and then he took TJ's now bouncing boner in both his hands and started stroking it, as they kissed. TJ's strong arms wrapped themselves around his friend and the two strong muscular bodies entwined themselves.

Slowly, Cody went down and opened his lips and allowed TJ's boner in. TJ gasped as he felt the head of his boner being caressed by Cody's tongue and then the strength as Cody slowly absorbed that hard muscle into his mouth. When Cody could not take any more in, TJ felt the tongue going the rest of the way, all the way down to his nuts. He felt his nuts tighten as his juices screamed to explode from him, but he controlled himself.

Cody loved the feeling of that hard muscle as it slid in and out of his mouth, the head banging the roof of his mouth with each inward stroke. He felt as TJ's boner thickened, hardened and lifted and waited for the eruption but he knew that TJ was holding on as long as possible. Then he felt the tight grip of TJ's hands on his head and he felt his head being pushed tight into TJ's crotch, he was ready to gag but managed to control himself as wave after wave of TJ's thick white juice erupted into his mouth and down his throat. Cody's mouth and tongue continued to soak up the juice. TJ's head was back and he arched as he shot his load into his friend.

When Cody's mouth had released TJ's still semi boner, TJ grabbed his wrists and then held them above Cody's head as he held Cody against the wall of the shower. Cody gasped as he felt his friend's tongue go to work, exploring his body. He felt it glide across his chest, giving each nipple the treatment. He felt the smooth silky touch as the tongue moved down his stomach - his stomach pulled in tight as his bellybutton was explored. Then TJ's face buried itself into his pubes. Cody could feel his boner being touched lightly by the warm tongue. He gasped a breath of air as he felt his boner started being taken into TJ's mouth.

TJ gulped down half a glass of Pepsi with a mouthful of apple pie. "It's Saturday, you sure old man Kennedy said you're training TODAY!"

Stian shrugged, "He said that we have to now train twice a day to get ready for the County Championships."

"That sucks man, I thought we could go for a long drive out to the mountains or somethin."

Cody smiled at TJ, "Hey Teej, who's idea was it to get us into this swimmin stuff huh?"

"Now now boys, quieten down. TJ, the competition is next weekend. Cody will still be here for a couple of weeks after that. Stian, how long before you go home?"

Stian looked at Mrs. Elliott, "I suppose that I should start moving on the Monday after the competition. It's a long way back to California."

TJ beamed, "Hey I have got a really cool idea. How about I drive you to California and then Cody could see a whole damn lot more of the country."

Mrs. Elliott shook her head, "Forget it TJ, your dad will never allow you to drive that distance."

If Cody and Stian thought old man Kennedy was going to let up on his training they had another thing coming. If anything, the training was harder than it had been before. The training now involved a lot of weight training in the school gym before swimming.

Cody had showered and dressed and met TJ and Mark outside.

Stian was rinsing the last of the soap off of himself. A young blonde kid was just getting into the shower. Stian recognised him as one of the school swimmers. Stian had beaten him in all the events he had entered.

The boy looked at Stian, "Hi, you're that foreign kid that whipped us right?"

Stian laughed, "Whipped is not a good word huh."

"Hey Dane, what did he have to do for you for you to let him win huh?" It was Ross. He had just come into the shower room with his group.

Dane ignored him and started soaping himself up. Stian turned off the tap and got out of the shower.

"Hey alien, I've got an idea to make you go faster in the water." Ross walked up to Stian

"You going to give me and idea of how I can swim faster? I doubt it."

Ross smiled at him, "No, seriously. You see that skin hanging over your dick - all that extra drag in the water - I'm sure you can do without it."

Stian looked down at his dick, his foreskin had flowed over his cockhead and had closed up. He laughed, "Not to worry, I can manage with that bit extra even."

"Nah, come on, let us give you a hand here." Ross waved his head at Darren. Darren grabbed Stian from behind.

Ross moved up to Stian and lifted his cock. He pulled Stian's foreskin back. Without wanting to, Stian started getting an erection. He felt his cock stiffen in Ross' hand.

"Good grief, do I have that effect on you?"

The other guys laughed. Ross took a Swiss army pocket knife out of his pocket and opened the blade. He passed the knife to another boy, "Here, I'll pull that piece of skin forward and you cut the damn thing off."

Stian started to shout at them to stop.

Dane came out from under the shower. The water running off of his smooth, tanned, muscular body. "Leave him the fuck alone."

Ross turned and looked at Dane. "Dane, you're a fucking loser. Butt out."

"Ross, you're fuckin crazy, you'll kill him."

"I'll tellya what, you little loser, you can suck that piece of skin off. You're a little cocksucker aren't ya?"

Before Dane knew what was going on, two of Ross' friends had grabbed him and brought him to Ross.

"Kneel, cocksucker." Ross snarled at him

Dane tried to fight off the two boys but couldn't. "I SAID KNEEL, YOU LITTLE CUNT." Ross brought the pocketknife up to Dane's ear and nicked it. A small spot of blood formed.

Dane kneeled. Darren moved Stian so that his cock was at Dane's head height. "Now suck it." Ross held the pocketknife where Dane could see it, "or I'll make you bleed some more."

Dane opened his mouth. Ross lifted Stian's cock and put it into Dane's mouth. "SUCK!!"

Dane's mouth slowly started sucking Stian's cock. He felt it stiffen in his mouth. Stian closed his eyes. He knew that he had no control over his cock now."

The boys were all laughing as Dane started gagging with the ever-stiffening cock getting even bigger in his mouth. A couple of them started getting hard as they watched Stian's hard muscle moving in and out of Dane's mouth.

Stian tried to control himself but he couldn't. He gave an involuntary gasp and started shooting his load of boy juice into Dane's mouth. Dane gagged and the juice dribbled out of his mouth and down his chin. "So how does it taste huh, you little loser?"

Some of Stian's cum had shot over Dane's face and it was running down and off his nose and chin.

Ross laughed, "I think he needs a wash guys, actually they both do."

The two boys were moved back into the shower cubicle. They sat against the wall. Ross took out his cock and the others followed. In no time, five streams of piss shot out and started covering the two boys in the shower. They tried covering their faces with their hands but the piss ran off of their hair and into their face.

Ross tucked his cock back in his track pants, "Come on, let's get outta here. Enough of this crap. These fuckers aren't worth it."

"What the fuck took you so long?" TJ asked Stian when he eventually joined them. "Hiya Dane." he called when he saw Dane leaving the building as well.

Dane just lifted his hand and walked on. Stian was looking miserable. TJ looked at him, "What's up, you and Dane have a fight in the shower room or something?"

Stian just shook his head.

"Hey Stian, you okay?" Cody was getting concerned.

Stian burst into tears.

TJ looked at him, "What the fuck is goin on here?"

Stian told them what had happened in the showers. "I don't want you to do anything TJ." Stian said.

"Well not right now maybe, but he'll get what's comin."

Ross sat around the table with the selectors for the school team to enter the County Championships. He read out the names of the boys he wanted in the school relay team.

The head swim coach looked at him, "What about those two new kids who are here for Summer school. They whipped the ass off of all those kids except you."

Ross glared at him, "They're not part of the school, I don't think they must be in the team. I don't even think they should be entered into the competition at all."

The coach shook his head, "Well, they are in the competition and I think they should be part of the relay squad. There isn't a school in the county that will beat us with them in it."

"There isn't a school in the county that can beat us with me in our team." Ross argued.

"Ross, you've had too much damn say over who plays and who doesn't. Enough is enough, those two kids are going to be in the relay team, whether you like it or not."

Ross got up from the table and threw his pen down, "Well it's fuckin obvious you don't need me here."

The coach got up and a flat hand flew and connected Ross on the cheek. Ross rubbed his cheek, which was bright red, "That's assault."

The coach glared at him, "I am not one of your gang. You show the people and me in this room some respect. Just remember, you're a student here."

Ross stormed out of the room.

Cody laid back on his bed, "So when do the teams get listed?"

TJ looked across at him, "Probably tomorrow."