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The Adventures
TJ and Cody

These stories were written by, and are the property of Cody Taronto. You may post them and link to them but you may not edit them or change them in any way.

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!

The police car stopped outside the clothing store. The officer came to the truck and told TJ and Cody to step into the store.

When they walked into the store, Cyril was sitting on a chair, still holding the T-shirt that TJ had passed to him.

"Oh fuck," TJ whispered to Cody.

The officer walked over to Cyril, "These the two son?"

Cyril looked up at us and nodded his head; "Those are the two dad."

"DAD?" TJ shouted, "what the fuck is goin on here?"

The officer looked at TJ, "Now you just shut your mouth boy. Turn around." He removed the handcuffs from his belt.

Cody stared as the scene unfolded in front of him.

"No fuckin way, I want to contact my dad now." TJ moved away towards the door.

The officer moved his hand towards his pistol, "Now you stand where you are boy. You don't want resisting arrest on top of your theft charges."

"Run Cody" TJ shouted at Cody and he made for the door.

As Cody started for the door, Cyril tripped him and he went flying headlong into the display window of the counter. The officer pulled him up by his hair and then smacked him.

"What's your fucking name cunt?"

Cody started to get frightened, "Cody."

The officer’s fist hit him in the stomach, "OFFICER SIR! YOU LITTLE FUCK. Your fucking chicken friend has left you to fry." He flat handed Cody across the face. Cody could taste the blood in his mouth. Tears started rolling from his eyes.

"A woos, I've got a fucking little woos." He turned to Cyril, "so where do you want him."

"Up in the loft."

Cyril locked the front door of the store and him and the officer marched Cody up the stairs leading to the loft. It was filled with boxes with an open area at the back behind all the stock.

"Take your shirt off boy."

Cody hesitated. The officer backhanded him and he went sprawling against the boxes, "TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKING SHIRT."

Cody did was he was told.

"Put your hands together and hold them above your head."

The officer pulled a rope down from the ceiling and tied Cody's hands up in the air. Cyril pulled on the other end of the rope and Cody could feel himself being pulled off the ground. Cyril stopped while Cody could still stand on his toes.

The officer came up to Cody and undid his belt and then dropped his jeans.

"Nice briefs." The officer rubbed the palm of his hand over Cody's crotch. Then he pulled Cody's briefs off. "Where does a youngun like you get such a huge cock?"

Cody was sniveling.

"Stop that fucking whining." The officer grabbed Cody's balls in his hand and squeezed them. Cody cried out at the pain. Then he took Cody's cock in his hand and started massaging it.

"Hey Cyril!"


"Get it off boy."

Cyril undressed himself. He was skinny and his skin was pale. His cock was about four inches long and skinny as well. His balls hung down lower that his cock.

The officer got undressed. He had the build of a bodybuilder, not unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger. When he dropped his pants he had a ten-inch cock which was thick. He started stroking it. Cody started getting a semi and tried to stop himself.

Cyril bent down in front of his dad and started working his mouth around the monster cock. Cody's eyes bulged as it got harder, longer and thicker.

After a while Cyril laid over one of the boxes. His dad took his cheeks in his hands and spread them. He put some spit on his finger and dug them into Cyril's crack. Cyril winced because dad was being his normal rough self. Then dad pushed down his cock which now looked like a thick piece of hard steel and aimed it for Cyril's butt. He put the head in line with Cyril's crack and, without any warning, pushed his hips forward and pushed his now 12 inch cock all the way in. Cyril cried out from the pain and arched his back.

The officer grabbed Cyril's hips and started fucking him. Cody watched as the 12 inches went in and came out. The pain obviously never let up because Cyril started crying. The officer started moving faster and faster, his breathing sounded like a wild animal and then he pushed his cock in and held it there. He snorted as he offloaded into Cyril.

After a short while he pulled his cock out of Cyril's ass and Cody could see that there was some blood on it. If he wasn't scared before, he was terrified now.

The officer got dressed; "I'm coming for you tonight boy, once Cyril here has finished with you." Then he left.

Cyril was still laying across the box and slowly stood up. Cody could see that he was in pain.

TJ had run out of the store and run into an alley opposite. He found a staircase leading to the top of the building and ran up it. At the top he moved on hands and knees to the front facade of the building and looked down, across the street into the store. He saw the door being closed and he saw Cody being led away from the window. He waited, not knowing what to do. It was obvious that he couldn't go to the police or anybody else in the town for that matter. TJ watched the building and about a half later later saw the police officer leaving. He waited for five more minutes before moving down.

"So, what's the story Cyril, what’s gonna happen to me?"

Cyril walked slowly over to where Cody was hanging. "Well, I'm going to rape you, after sucking out every bit of juice you've got. Then tonight my dad will come and get you and take you out to our smallholding. There he is going to rape you, like he does to me, except that he is going to do it all night and maybe tomorrow night. Then he is going to kill you and bury you."

"TJ will have called the police by now."

Cyril moved up against Cody and started licking him, "Well, I'm afraid that TJ is dead. He can't get far out of this town and if he's still here, he's dead."

Tears started rolling down Cody's cheeks. Cyril was putting more weight on him and the rope was burning his wrists. Cyril moved his mouth down and then took Cody's cock into it. He was good and got Cody hard in no time. His fingers started going in and out of Cody's crack. While he was doing this he was jacking himself and it wasn't long before he erupted on to the loft floor. Cyril was in ecstasy with his eyes closed as he sucked Cody. Then a tap on his shoulder.

He turned around and TJ hit him. His naked body went flying away from Cody. TJ hit him again and then kicked him in the face as he tried to get up.

TJ untied Cody. They hugged each other. "Oh fuck TJ I was scared shitless."

"Hey didya think I would just leave you here? Let's get outta here, where are your clothes?"

As they walked past Cyril lying on the ground they both kicked him in the face. Cody pulled his jeans on and carried the rest of his clothes in his hand.

The truck was parked outside the store and they ran across to it. They lay on the floor of the truck.

"How are we gonna get outta this place TJ?"

"I'm not sure but I think we're gonna have to make a run for it."

TJ sat up and started the Ram. The engine roared into life and he pulled away, slowly to avoid attracting attention.

"Cody, stay down until we're outta here."

TJ drove down the main street slowly, looking out for any blue lights. He didn't see any. He accelerated.

They were two miles from the interstate when TJ saw the blue lights in his mirror. "Oh fuck."

He put his foot flat on the accelerator and the truck lurched forward.

"Hey TJ reckon we can make it to the highway?"

"Even if we did, he'll catch us easy in that car of his."

TJ took a sharp right turn on to a dust road that was heading towards the mountain. The police car did the same, sliding sideways into the bend.

The truck handled the road easier than the police car and TJ handled it around the narrow mountain road like a professional racing driver. Cody felt proud of his friend as he concentrated on getting them to safety. They rounded a sharp turn.

"Hold tight Cody."

TJ turned the wheel sharply and Cody thought they were going to go over the edge. The truck came to a stop, blocking the road. TJ switched it off, "Let's get out of here, up into those trees."

They could hear the police car coming up the hill as they hid behind some trees.

The officer was furious that they had got away. He was looking forward to enjoying Cody's ass and his fucked up boy Cyril let them escape. He accelerated into a sharp corner and then his eyes grew big as he saw the Ram blocking the whole road. He turned the wheel the wrong way to avoid hitting the other vehicle.

Cody and TJ watched as the police car left the road and started rolling down the hill. It bounced against some rocked and then started cartwheeling and rolled to a stop against a tree. Smoke was coming from what was left of it as they looked down the mountain. Then they saw the door open and someone fall out.

The officer dropped out of the vehicle. He stood up painfully - it felt like every bone in his body was broken. He looked up the mountainside to see to people peering down at him.

"Fucker uses a seatbelt." said TJ as he touched Cody's arm and they climbed back into the Ram. TJ carefully reversed and turned the truck and started down the mountain road.

It was starting to get dark when they got on to the interstate.

"Hey Cody, I think we need to find a place to sleep the night. I'm pretty fucked out." TJ looked across at Cody.

Cody had his head on TJ's shoulder and was in dreamland.

TJ smiled.

"Welcome to America buddy."