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The Adventures
TJ and Cody

These stories were written by, and are the property of Cody Taronto. You may post them and link to them but you may not edit them or change them in any way.

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


The sun was up high and it was the temperature was high, especially in the cab. Cody had taken his T off and TJ looked as the perspiration ran down between his pecs and his abs and felt a stirring in his jeans. Cody's chest was well defined and stomach was flat although his abs were not that well defined. He had a pair of muscled legs, which filled his jeans, and TJ could see that Cody's mind must have been on something special too, judging by the bulge in his jeans.

"What are you thinking Cody?"

"I'm thinkin about the very first time we ever met each other - it was on the net. I didn't think we would ever meet in person and I couldn't believe it whenya sent me the air ticket. I usedta lie awake at night thinkin about just lyin naked next to ya and strokin your bod and smellin ya and just havin ya right there to talk to."

Cody was looking out of the window as he spoke. TJ smiled.

The two of them were special. It's not many friendships that survive the net but theirs had blossomed into something incredibly special. They were like brothers - the best of friends.

"Hey Cody, there's a river up ahead. You want to go for a swim before you take over the drivin?"

"Yeah - way fuckin cool." Cody smiled.

TJ stopped the Ram under a canopy of trees. The river reflected the heat as the sun beat down on its slow flowing water.

TJ watched as Cody stripped and then the tight ass and muscled back and legs as Cody ran down to the river. Cody dived into the water and then turned and watched as his friend came down to the waters edge, his 6 and a half inches looking magnificent because TJ had a semi. TJ jumped into the river and then stood in shallow water, splashing water over his head and face. Cody watched the biceps of his muscled arms as he threw the water up.

TJ swam towards Cody and stood in front of him. Their two semis seemed to be reaching for each other. TJ put his hands on Cody's shoulders and then pulled his friend against him.

"I loveya so damn much TJ."

"Me too buddy."

Then they kissed, their tongues dancing inside each other’s mouths. Their hard muscular bodies entwined in the water. Cody moved his right hand down to TJ's boner while his left hand caressed TJ's chest. TJ did the same and he played with Cody's nipples and felt them go hard in his fingers.

"I want you TJ." Cody whispered his hot breath against TJ's neck.

They moved to the bank of the river. TJ leaned back on his elbows and Cody went down on his boner, now dripping with precum. Cody opened his mouth wide and went as far as he could before he closed his lips around TJ's hard muscle - his tongue reached down the rest of the way. Then he kissed TJ's nuts and took them gently in his mouth, letting his tongue massage them. His mouth went back to TJ's boner and he worked his magic with his lips and tongue as he sucked it.

"Oh fuck Cody this is fantastic."

Just before TJ was about to cum, Cody took his boner in his hand and stroked it. He wanted to see his friend's juice shoot out of that magnificent boner. TJ gave a grown and Cody could feel the boner thicken and jump in his hand.

TJ shot his boy juice up to his chest and, when it was spent, Cody licked and sucked it clean. Then he used his tongue to clean his friend’s chest and abs.

"You ever fucked a guy TJ?"


"You got some condoms on ya?"


Cody remembered that TJ always went on about using condoms.

TJ held Cody's face in his hands, "Hey Cody - there'll be time enough for that - don’t hassle 'k?"

Cody kissed him and then lay his head down on his friend’s chest.

They looked like two Greek gods lying, sleeping on the grass bank of the river. The sun reflecting off of the two well-muscled bodies.

TJ was showing Cody how the gearshift worked. "OK you got that?"

"Yeah, easy."

Cody put the Ram into first gear and TJ gritted his teeth as the gears grinded. "Oops, sorry." Cody looked at his friend out of the corner of his eye.

"OK, now gently off the clutch and accelerate."

The tires squealed and the Ram bucked and jerked as Cody took his foot off the clutch and floored the accelerator. TJ went flying backwards against the seat.

"Fuckin hell Cody, have you driven before?"

The Ram's engine was screaming as it went down the dusty road.

"Second gear Cody - SECOND GEAR."

Another scream from the grinding gears and the Ram bucked again. TJ put his face in his hands. Cody's face looked like it was Christmas and he'd just received his first Christmas gift.



"Over here we drive on the right side of the road."

"Oops - sorry."

The Ram skidded as Cody turned the wheel - just a little too hard.

"Is that okay?" Cody looked across to his friend.

TJ looked worried as he turned to Cody, "Yeah, that's fine", he said nervously. But when he saw the look on Cody's face he cracked laughing.

"Fuckin hell Cody, you are something else, y'know that?"

The both laughed.

The stopped at a small town to buy some things for lunch. They had planned to stop along the road and make a fire and cook.

The young girl behind the counter smiled at TJ and TJ smiled back. He felt the stirring in his jeans.

"Hey Cody, would you take this to the truck. I just need to make a quick phone call."

She was very attractive, with perfect blonde hair and blue eyes. She lifted TJ's T-shirt off and kissed his chest. He lifted her T-shirt off and she had perfect round breasts. They took off their jeans. TJ's erection was bursting. She went down on it and her tongue went up and down the side of it. She unwrapped the condom and held the end over TJ's boner and then slowly she unrolled it down onto TJ's jumping boner. The condom made him even harder as the opening tightly gripped the base of his cock. She straddled him and held his boner as she slid on to it. TJ felt the muscles of her pussy close around his boner and he closed his eyes and laid back as she moved up and down on his muscle. Her one hand reached behind her and she massaged his nuts as he lifted his hips to push himself deeper and deeper inside of her.

"Oh fuck you are so big and hard." she whispered as she rode him.

She groaned as she felt herself reached a climax and TJ could feel her muscles contracting on his boner. He never tried to stop himself. He arched back as he erupted inside the condom.

She got off of him and then removed the condom off of his still hard cock. Her mouth cleaned him and then they kissed.

"So, who didya call?"

"Phone was bust."

Cody was still driving - it had improved with TJ's coaching. "Was she good TJ?"

"Hey Cody, don't panic. She wasn't near as good as you. Not in a million fuckin years."

The Ram belted across the dusty road up into the mountains. The scenery looked magnificent in the setting sun.