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The Adventures
TJ and Cody

These stories were written by, and are the property of Cody Taronto. You may post them and link to them but you may not edit them or change them in any way.

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!

"Over there Cody." TJ pointed to a pullover under some trees.

Cody gently turned the Ram into the spot TJ had pointed out.

"You're learning fast boyo."

Cody smiled. He was enjoying driving the big truck. It gave him a feeling of power. And having his best friend next to him was way fucking cool.

They collected some wood and then Cody started the fire. TJ had a barbecue grill in the back of the truck and he brought it to the fire.

"So, what didya buy to eat Teej?"

"A coupla steaks and some beers and Pepsi for you." TJ smiled at Cody.

"Fuck that, you're the Pepsi freak, I want a beer."

"Ever drink beer Cody?"


Cody waited until the flames had subsided a little and then put on the steaks. The immediately sizzled as they sealed in the flame that grew up and grabbed them. The smell started both of the teens salivating.

Cody turned the steaks and in no time they were ready.

They ate them off of the grill as they each drank a beer.

TJ leaned back against the tree. "This is the fuckin life. If it hadn't been for those two jerks we wouldn't have come this route."

"TJ, you know somethin? I feel like I've know you all my life. I've never had a friend like you."

"I feel the same way Cody. I can't believe that the two of us are sitting here under the stars, sharing beer, steak and a great fire."

TJ got a groundsheet and blanket from the truck. He spread the groundsheet and then put his rucksack down for a pillow. The two of them lay down, not bothering to undress. They cuddled up to each other under the blanket, and fell asleep.

Cody woke up first.

"Hey Teej, there's a car comin."

TJ woke up, "That's not a car, it's a pickup."

They quickly packed up the kit. Cody kicked sand over the fire and made sure it was out. The sound was getting closer.

TJ walked back to check the campsite when the lights came around the bend.

Cody was packing the beers into the front of the cab.

The pickup stopped next to the truck and in what seemed to be a split second; someone had grabbed Cody and rammed him against the side of the truck.

"Found you, you fuckers. Thought you could get away from us huh."

TJ hid behind the tree. His pistol was in the cab of the truck and he felt useless.

"Where's your gunslinger fuckin friend?"

"I dunno." Said Cody and he felt the butt of the pistol against his bandaged arm. He screamed out and almost fainted from the pain.

"Oh look, a bullet wound." The man holding Cody tore his sleeve and then undid the bandage around his arm.

He looked around into the darkness and shouted, "Hey friend, if you don't come out here I'm gonna put another bullet into this ready made hole here."

He put the point of the pistol against Cody's wound and pressed.

TJ remained quiet, he was thinking. He heard Cody scream as the pistol dug into his wound.

"Actually friend, I'm gonna put a bullet in your friend's fuckin ear if you don’t come out here now." He pulled the hammer back on the pistol.

Cody felt his piss run down his leg as his bladder emptied.

The other roughneck was walking around the campsite, looking for TJ. TJ moved around the tree. He almost tripped over a small branch. He picked it up.

TJ crawled around the bushes, holding the branch. He came up slowly behind the pickup. The man holding Cody had his back to him. Cody was facing the Ram. The pistol was had his head. TJ had to think quickly, he didn't want to cause the guy to shoot Cody if he got a fright. TJ could see the puddle of piss at Cody's feet.

TJ smiled, "Well, if Cody shat himself now, that dude would probably move off in a hurry."

TJ moved quietly around the pickup to behind the gunman.

"Hey." TJ almost whispered.

The gunman turned around and was immediately connected by the wood that TJ had in his hand. The force of the blow broke his jaw and the blood flew out like it was from a fountain, all over TJ. He collapsed and dropped the gun.

Cody sat down next to the truck.

"Not so fuckin clever asshole."

TJ felt the pistol dig violently into his spine and he was shoved forward.

"You're dead, fucker." He turned TJ around and stuck the pistol in TJ's mouth. TJ saw that it was his pistol. The fucker must have got it out of the cab. He pulled the hammer back.

"Hey dick!" Cody called to the man holding TJ. He looked down at Cody as he pulled the trigger. His kneecap disintegrated as the bullet went right through it. He collapsed in agony on the ground.

"Hey Cody, we've gotta get these dudes to a hospital."

"Leave them to fuckin die TJ, they were gonna kill us."

"Can't do that Cody. You gonna fuckin help me or what?"

Cody knew a bit about first aid and bandaged up the damaged knee and put a bandage around the broken jaw to keep it in place. They put the men into the back of the truck, tied up.

"I've got an idea." TJ looked at Cody - we can get back down to that small town pretty quick and phone from there. They can send a helicopter to pick these guys up."

Cody smiled, "You've become attached to that town huh."

A few hours later TJ was banging on the door of the house behind the store, where he had met the girl.

Her father telephoned the police and they contacted 911 in the nearest city. It would be a while before a helicopter would get there. The town doctor was called in.

He looked at the knee and broken jaw and also cleaned Cody's arm and put on a clean bandage.

The girl came out, "Daddy says you boys can sleep in our spare room ifya want."

"Hey TJ you gonna shower first or somethin?" Cody turned as he asked. TJ was on his back on the bed, fast asleep.

Cody undressed his friend. He took great pleasure in exposing every inch of TJ's body. When TJ was naked Cody moved him under the covers and then climbed in next to him. He put his arm across TJ's chest and fell asleep.

The girl made them a huge breakfast of bacon, sausage and eggs before they left the next morning.

They waved as TJ drove off in the direction of the mountains.

They were two miles out of town when they had to stop because of a car blocking the road.

TJ got out and went to the teen leaning against the car. "Hey bud, whatsup? Need a hand? We need to get past."

The teen leaning against the car stood up to his full height. He was as tall as TJ. "Mah girl says ya fuck better than I do."

Just then two other boys came from behind the car; they must have been sitting down against the wheels so as not to be seen. They were about 15 and 16. The dude facing TJ was also about 16.

"Fuckem up Jay." The shortass shouted.

TJ looked at Jay, "Look, we don’t want no trouble. Just let us get outta here."

Jay spat a big green slimy gob ball into TJ's face.