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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody

Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


TJ whistled, "Fuckin hell, this is fantastic - a holiday home?"

Ross laughed, "Yep, my folks do have some money."

TJ stopped the truck in front of the door. It opened immediately and an attractive young Spanish girl walked out.

"Master Ross, your father said to expect you and some friends."

Ross got out of the truck and kissed her on the cheek. "Hi Maria, these are my friends."

The guys all got out of the truck and looked around. Timmy jumped out and gave Maria a big hug.

Maria escorted them all into the dining room, where a huge feast of snacks was set out for them and tankards of fruit juice.

"Got any Pepsi?" TJ asked

A few minutes later, a young Spanish boy, about 14 years old, brought the Pepsi to TJ.

Ross introduced Pasi, Maria's son.

Cody and Stian were standing at the window overlooking the grounds. There was an olympic size swimming pool. To the one side of the pool was another building.

"That's the gym." said Timmy, when he saw Cody and Stian looking out.

Their thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a helicopter. They all walked outside to watch it land.

"It's the doctor," said Ross, as an old man got out of the helicopter and walked towards them.

"Hi Ross, your dad said you needed a doctor quite urgently."

Ross led the doctor through to the bedroom where he had told Ethan and Jody to go. Jody was lying on the one bed, Ethan was just coming out of a shower. Ross left the doctor with them.

"Hey TJ, I think the doctor needs to have a look at your nuts."

"No fuckin way," TJ backed away.

Cody came up behind TJ and put his hand between TJ's left and just poked his nuts with his finger.

"Aaaagggghhhh! You cunt!" TJ screamed, in pain.

Ross laughed, "The doctor will look at that."

TJ had to stand in front of the doctor, with his legs spread apart. He still had a semi, the cream hadn't worked off yet. The doctor gently cupped TJ's swollen balls in his hand, "How did this happen?"

"We were playing around and Cody kneed me in the nuts." said TJ

Cody glared at him.

"I could have done with a good massage," said Ross, "Normally we have a masseur in the house, when my folks are around."

"Well, ask Cody," said TJ, "he does a pretty good job."

As it happened, Cody didn't mind in the least. Ross said that he was going to shower first.

They all decided that they need a hot shower. The only clean one was Ethan. Jody was told to rest up in bed for 24 hours. The doctor had given him a pile of tablets to take.

After showering, the guys were all pretty quiet and decided to sleep for a few hours, it was already early evening.

Ross was wearing a towel around his waist. "Hey Cody, feel like giving me a massage? TJ says you're pretty good."

Cody gulped. He could have kissed TJ's cockhead right then "Yeah, sure - where?"

"Well, there's a massage table down in the gym. Want to go down there?"

"Yeah, sure."

Ross and Cody walked over to the gym. It was like a health club - there was a small indoor heated pool, a complete weight lifting section and a cardiac circuit. The massage room was next to the sauna and steam room, on the one side of the building.

Cody thought to himself, "Fuckin hell, it's fuckin amazin."

Cody looked at Ross, who was standing with his back to him. His strong neck connected to strong shoulder muscles. Even relaxed, the biceps on his arms were clear to see. His wide shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist, every movement showing off his strong back muscles. The towel just covered his butt. He looked like a Roman god with his shoulder length blonde hair. His strong muscular legs nicely tanned.

Ross got up on to the massage table and lay on his stomach. He put his head down and put his arms up next to his head.

Cody wet his fingers lightly with the rose oil that was in a bowl on a table, next to him.

He started on Ross' arms, rubbing gently into his biceps. He could feel the hard balls of muscles under the smooth skin. Then he put his hands over Ross' shoulders and his thumbs massaged hard and deep. Cody could feel the tension in the strong shoulders.

"That feels so damn good." Ross whispered.

Cody rubbed gently into the shoulder blades, each muscle responding to his touch. He felt his boner coming to life, pushing out against the gym shorts he was wearing.

"Hey Ross, why were you such a jerk when me and Stian arrived at the school huh?"

"I don't know. I guess I just felt threatened. Anyway, I'd never had anybody stand up to me before. And strong friends always surrounded me. You and Stian looked like weeds compared to the friends I had."

"Weeds?" Cody made a muscle with his arm and felt pleased when he saw the ball of his biceps form perfectly on his arm.

"Yeah well, that was before I saw you in your Speedo's. You've got a pretty muscular and strong bod."

Cody giggled, "You fancy it huh?"

"Piss off. You know what I mean."

Cody put a hand on each side of Ross' lats and slowly moved them down. The lats felt like steel rods. The tips of his fingers went around to Ross' stomach, just above the towel. He felt Ross' muscles ripple.

Then he started on the backs of the thighs. The strong leg muscles were hard under his touch. Then the calves.

"Hey Ross, you wanna roll over?"


Ross had dozed off.

Cody moved his hands up Ross thighs again and under the towel. He lifted the towel up to Ross' waist. He had two perfectly round buns. Cody gently massaged them. He could see Ross' balls and desperately wanted to touch them.

He gave Ross a hard slap on the backside and quickly pulled the towel down.

"Huh?" Ross opened his eyes.

"You wanna turn over?"

Ross rolled over. Cody's boner grew even harder when he saw the bod from the front. The towel that Ross had, had a huge bulge. Obviously he had got a bit excited with the massage.

He put his arms back over his head and his stomach muscles stretched. It was perfectly flat with a clearly defined six-pack. His pecs were almost square, with edible nipples.

Cody started to massage his pecs. Ross closed his eyes. Cody slowly explored Ross' hard muscular body as he massaged him. He worked the thigh muscles. He heard Ross start snoring.

He slowly moved his hands inside of Ross' thighs and he felt the nuts. He undid the towel and opened it up. Ross' cock was rock hard and standing up away from his gut. Cody looked at it - perfect with that hard muscle line that ran from the cock head to the base. It tapered slightly at the base, giving it a plug shape. The head was pink and round. His nuts were two perfect balls and were pulled up tight into his crotch.

Cody cupped his nuts in his hand and then moved his fingers up the hard cock. The precum was glistening at the top. Cody gently picked the precum up with his tongue and tasted it.

He closed the towel around Ross' waist. Then he slapped him on the leg. "All done!"

Ross' body was shiny from the rose oil and looked and smelt fantastic.

"Thanks Cody, that felt so damn awesome. You must do that for me again sometime."

"Any time." smiled Cody

"We going to have a swim challenge while you're here Cody?"

"Sounds good."

TJ was fast asleep when Cody came into the room. The covers were off and he was lying on his back on the bed. Cody looked at his nuts, which were still pretty swollen. He sat down on the bed and gently massaged the nuts. He could feel how hard and swollen they were.

"Hey buddy." TJ opened his eyes.

"Hey TJ." Cody smiled, "How you feelin?"

"The nuts are feeling a lot better. Just tired."

Cody took the shorts off and lay down next to TJ. He put his head on TJ's chest.

"Hey Cody?"


"I'm so happy that you're here."

"I'm so happy to be here TJ, especially right here, with you."

They both fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Mark woke up to find Stian's leg across his chest. He gently moved it off. Stian was on his stomach. Mark rolled over and lay on top of him. "Gotcha!" he whispered in Stian's ear.

Stian smiled. He opened his legs wider to enable Mark to lay with his legs between them. He lifted his hips. Mark got the signal and put his head gently into Stian's crack. He waited for the precum to start running and he gently rocked his cockhead in and out of Stian's crack. As it got more and more lubed up, he slid his cock in deeper. Stian sighed as he felt Mark's hard cock glide into his ass. He tightened his ass muscles gently and felt his ass swallow Mark's cock even more.

Mark slowly started to move his cock in and out of Stian's crack. Stian lifted his ass to give Mark easier access. The cock felt huge inside of him. Mark kissed him on the neck and his hands wrapped themselves under Stian's chest and stomach. He felt the muscles harden under his touch.

He started to fuck faster, his balls slapping into Stian's crotch. He moved his hands around to Stian's boner and started to stroke him.

Mark felt the rush up his shaft. Stian gasped as he felt the warm juice flow inside of him.

Every muscle in Mark's body tensed as he offloaded his lava into Stian. He pulled Stian tighter into him - he wanted to keep his cock in that tight crack forever. Stian's ass muscles tightened around Mark's shaft. Mark was still stroking Stian.

Awkwardly, Mark kept his cock in Stian's crack and they rolled over. Mark on his back and Stian on his back on top of him with Mark's cock bending strangely out of Stian's crack. Stian stretched his arms as far back as he could - every muscle in his chest and stomach straining. Mark carried on stroking him and soon Stian arched back and wads of boy juice flew through the air, landing on his chest and stomach. Mark used his flat hand and rubbed the cum into Stian's chest and stretched abs - it felt fucking fantastic - his cock got rock hard again, still inside of Stian. Stian sat up and started to ride Mark's boner. Mark looked down his stomach and watched as Stian lifted up and came down and his thick hard muscle slid in and out of that tight crack. He lifted on to his elbows and then moved his hips forward to shove his thick boy meat further into Stian. His stomach muscles hardened into a perfect six-pack as he pushed his hips forward as Stian came down. Then he threw his head back and screamed as he offloaded a second helping of lava into Stian. Stian was jerking himself again and his juice ran down his hands on to his balls and into his pubes, some running down on to Mark's leg.

After a few minutes Stian lifted himself off of Mark. Mark's cock came out of his crack with a popping sound.

Stian lay on his back. Mark climbed on top of him and straddled him, sitting on his chest. Mark's beef was still semi, waving in front of Stian's face.

"Fuck Mark, your cock is fantastic." Stian took Mark's cock in his hand and played with the head, running his fingers around the ridge. Mark's balls were resting in the gap between Stian's pecs. Mark lifted himself on to his knees and moved closer to Stian's face. He lifted his crotch over Stian's face. Stian opened his mouth wide. Mark slowly lowered himself and his balls went into Stian's mouth. He gasped as he felt Stian's mouth close around them and his tongue start massaging them. He wrapped his fist around his boner and slowly started stroking himself again.